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Connor woke up the next morning with a mild headache and a crick in his neck from sleeping at a funny angle. He rolled over, expecting to feel Abby's warmth on the other side of the bed, but instead fell onto the floor in an undignified heap. It was then that he realised that he must have fallen asleep on the sofa.

'You alright Conn?' Abby came out of their bedroom, her hair slightly mussed up and her pyjama top hanging off one shoulder. Connor got up and sat back on the sofa.

'How much did I drink last night?' He said, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead slightly.

'Umm about 4 beers and..' Abby counted on her fingers '...3 shots. You and Matt went to put the rubbish out and by the time me and Emily had finished clearing the kitchen you had passed out on the sofa. Look.' Abby fetched her mobile and showed Connor the picture of him asleep on the sofa, one arm dangling off and his mouth wide open.

'I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't budge. Pinched your cheek and everything. But you did look cute.' Abby giggled at the picture. Connor scowled and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her onto the sofa with him.

'It's a good thing I love you.' Connor looked into his girlfriends eyes.

'Love you too, but I'm still keeping this picture.'

'Oh really?' Connor raised one eyebrow.

'Well if you really want it...' she got off the sofa ''ll have to catch me.' With that Abby sprinted out of the living room and into her and Connor's bed room, Connor running behind her.


There was a small gap in the curtains in Matt and Emily's room letting a small stream of light into the room. Emily opened her eyes and then shut them again, letting the light warm her face. She rolled over but when she reached out for Matt, the other side of the bed was empty. It was also cold, which was a sign he had been gone for a while. Emily pressed her face into his pillow and inhaled his smell. She looked up and saw there was a note on his bedside table, along with a glass of water.


Went for a run, didn't want to wake you, will probably be back in time for breakfast.

Drink the water once you wake up, it will stop you getting dehydrated.

Matt x

Emily drank the water and then went into the kitchen, filling the kettle and making a cup of tea for herself. When she was pouring the water into the mug a key turned in the lock, and Matt walked in.

'How was the run?' Emily got another cup out of the cupboard and made Matt a coffee, an unspoken rule that had formed between them was that if one was making a hot drink the other would most likely want one aswell.

'It was good, not that many people. Thanks Em.' Matt took the coffee from her and placed it on the counter before wrapping his arms around her and was about to place a kiss on her lips when she pulled away and wrinkled her nose.

'You need a shower.' Emily said matter of factly, stepping back and taking a sip of her tea.

'Thanks for the compliment.' Matt said sarcastically. Emily just rolled her eyes and pointed to the bathroom.

'Shower. Now.'

Matt grinned childishly and before Emily knew what was happening he had picked her up and taken her into the bathroom with him. In the end they both had a shower.


Jess and Becker were sitting at the table in his small flat, having breakfast. They had only been going out a few months, and after the inital teasing from the rest of the team that it was about time (Matt's words were something along the lines of: 'Well done Jess, for doing something none of us thought possible. Getting Becker to stop being such an emotional retard.') the relationship was working well.

As it was a Sunday, none of the core team was needed in unless there was an anomaly alert so after eating Jess suggested they go for a walk down by the river. Walking along hand in hand Becker realised how lucky he really was. He never thought that he would get over Sarah's death but Jess brought out a totally different side to him. She could always make him smile, not matter how much of a mood he was in.

'What you thinking about?' Jess asked, a slightly puzzled look on her face.

'You.' Becker smiled and kissed the top of Jess' hand, making her blush slightly. They kept walking for a while, just enjoying being in each other's company when Jess pulled Becker up to her favourite chocolate shop and dragged him inside for supplies for her station.


Lester surveyed the control room through the window in his office, loving the silence. Sundays were the only time he could do paperwork without being distracted, however he did like to spend time with his family so didn't do it often. But since his mother in law was coming to visit he thought he could make an exception.

There was the odd soldier walking about, and a technician doing the weekly scan of the anomaly detector but all else was quiet, that was until the ADD's alarms sounded. Another day in paradise Lester thought, as he sent out the call for the rest of the team to get to the anomaly site.

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