Rizzoli and Isles

Competition: Let the Good Times Roll

The two of them together can be quite the tease.

Disclaimer: Janet Tamaro use whatever you want!

Detective Jane Rizzoli, Vince Korsak, Barry Frost, and Dr. Maura Isles laced up the clown-like bowling shoes in the neon darkness.

After a successful resolution to a hostage situation, thanks to Rizzoli and Frost, the local owner at Lucky Lanes graciously extended a lifetime of free bowling and half price drinks to the homicide unit. With the latest case closed, the group decided to treat themselves to a night of fun, and a little competition.

Korsak grunted heavily, pulling himself back up right.

"You ok there, gramps?" Barry asked, slapping his back.

"Watch it kid," Korsak grumbled.

Jane laughed at the two men then turned to Isles. Jane paused for a moment as the blonde finished lacing up a clean pair of personal bowling shoes.

"Maura, really?" The medical examiner looked up innocently at the brunette detective.


"The shoes," Jane noted.

"Storm Women's SP2-601, with upper full grain leather, including S8 sole, H5 Saw Tooth heel, T3 sole, a H2 UB heel, the soles and heel systems are interchangeable." Maura stood, toeing the pale gray shoe with a strip of turquoise, wiggling it in a displayed fashion.

Jane looked at her in utter disbelief, but it truly wasn't that difficult to believe.

"Wait, don't tell me," Jane's voice rasped, "You got a ball too."

The exuberant smile faded from the blonde's face and a dejected pout appeared as she turned and held up a bag.

"Why am I surprised? I shouldn't be surprised." Jane said to herself aloud. Frost and Korsak chuckled lightly.

Maura looked puzzled at the three of them.

"I'm sorry, did we or did we not just receive a lifetime of free bowling?" She asked rhetorically with an underlying smugness.

Jane tried to fight a smile. She liked the seldom-sassy side of the practical medical examiner. She enjoyed rousing it whenever she could.

Lucky Lane's cyberbowling was a hip attraction at the alley. LED lights flashed along each lane, while lasers danced across the walls, ceiling, and floors. The amplified percussions of each song thumped through the alley, drowning the words of each song and patron. There was a lingering scent of butter-covered popcorn, beer, smoke, and sweat. The distinctive crashing of pins reverberated sporadically at each passing moment.

Korsak sat at the computer screen, typing in the bowlers: Frost, Doc, Korsak, Rizzo.

"Let's make this interesting," Korsak said, calling over the noise. "Ladies versus Gents, losers buy lunch for the week."

"You're on Korsak," Jane accepted, her competitive nature taking precedence.

"And change my name," she gestured to the overhead screen. Korsak glared at her playfully, "Party-pooper."

Coming to the other side of the table, Jane took a seat in the swiveling chair in front of Maura.

"Uh, Jane," Maura said, leaning closer so she couldn't be overheard.

"Yeah?" Jane asked over her shoulder, watching as Frost took a bowling stance, eyeing the pins. The young man took three building strides before lunging and releasing the ball from his grasp.

"I don't know how to bowl." Jane turned sharply at Maura's confession. The sound of Barry's bowling ball barreling towards the pins foreshadowed an eminent defeat before the first pin had fallen. The thunderous crash of Barry's strike validated Jane's next statement.


"Alright Doc," Korsak said.

Jane turned back to Maura, a slight look of panic in the doctor's eyes.

Surely Maura knew how to bowl or at least how to throw a ball. Just because she wasn't a professional didn't mean she couldn't, right?

Maura looked between the detectives. She opened her mouth, trying to figure out what to say.

"Well, to be honest, I was hoping to improve my form, you know learn by observation."

Barry and Korsak shared another chuckle.

"Nonesense," Korsak insisted, "go on. Show us what you got."

"Uh, alright," the blonde said as she stood.

Walking to the wooden floor, the fitly, wrapped slate-colored fabric hugging the petite woman came to life under the iridescent bulbs. The soft waving tresses of honey blonde cascaded down her back, coming to lie flush with the back strap of her bra. Her shoulders drew back confidently as she carried the ball in a curled fashion, stretching the fabric tighter against her body. Small glowing intricate patterns stitched on the back pockets of the dark-washed skinny jeans enlivened the already captivating curvature of the doctor.

The three detectives watched in awe, entranced by the vision in front of them, paralyzed and unwilling to blink.

Slowly, confidently, Maura approached the lane, the sway of her hips causing the patterns to dance sensuously in time with the pounding bass. She came to the foul line and stopped, giving a subtle toss of her hair; the tresses bounced, undulating against her back.

Jane glanced to the two men across the table. Each remained fixated, hypnotized, mouths slightly open, eyes unwavering. Jane closed her mouth and swallowed, realizing she probably looked the exact same way. Turning back, Jane waited to her how screwed she really was.

The blonde inhaled deeply then exhaled, widening her stance, the ball coming to rest against her abdomen.

"Oh no," Jane murmured.

The famous "granny style" Maura implemented took on a meaning of its own. In one fluid motion, Maura bent her knees, pressing her backside tightly against her designer jeans, and lowered the ball to the floor. Crouched in a pose halfway between squatting and downward facing dog, she extended the ball through her legs. With the grace of a ballerina and the sheer sex appeal of a pole dancer, Maura thrust her hips forward and sent the ball down the lane.

The three detectives' mouths fell open.

The ball gradually crept along.

Maura stood to watch, the sultry tigress replaced with a puerile onlooker.

As if in slow motion, the three pins on the left side slowly gave over to the gentle nudge of the ball. The gate came down and cleared away the residual pins, setting the remaining seven back.

Maura turned and smiled like that of a delighted child conquering a new feat, searching for approval and praise.

A cheshire smile spread across Korsak's and Frost's face. Korsak eyes gleamed as he belly laughed.

"You can do it, Doc." he encouraged. Maura smiled a little wider.

Jane stared at the older detective confoundedly, her mouth still agape. Frost gave another chuckle.

"What?" Korsak asked. "Lighten up, Rizzoli." He laughed once more before all three looked back to Maura.

"Try rolling it a little harder," Frost offered in an amused tone. Maura nodded her head, her face becoming serious.

"Try bending a little deeper," Korsak half jokingly suggested.

"Korsak," Jane chastised.

The two men smiled but refused to laugh.

Once again, the blonde prepared herself. This time, however, her movements more exaggerated. The two men exhaled loudly.

"I could watch this all night," Korsak whispered to Frost over his left shoulder, so Jane couldn't hear.

"Ow!" Korsak hollered, after Jane's hand smacked against his right arm.

"Last warning," she hissed through clenched teeth, pointing her finger at him.

Scampering back to her seat, Maura fluttered with a bounce in her step.

"I got five Jane." Maura announced triumphantly.

"That's great!" Jane smiled back to the blonde. She turned to Korsak, her face somber.

"Old man," she gestured to the lane. He stood and readied himself to bowl.

"How was that Jane?" Maura asked as the two of them watched the older detective launch the ball down the lane.

"Good, good," Maura smiled again. "But." Maura's face fell slightly. "You've got to learn how to bowl for real. Okay?"

Maura nodded her head, "Okay."

"Rizzoli, you're turn," Frost announced after Korsak picked up his spare.

Jane grumbled under her breath as she stood. Ironically, the black v-neck shirt gave no indication of the black light but her faded Levis did.

Grabbing her 12lb. bowling ball, she approached the lane and centered herself. Closing her eyes, she accrued mental momentum, each pin a bullet, fired by the triggering ball. Her posture was strong, bordering on the edge of rigid. Her slender form toned but not bulging as her muscle strained. Striding forward, she swung back the green ball; two fingers buried, thumb resting against the smooth surface. Lunging to her right leg, Jane released the ball from her left hand with tremendous force.

Thud, rumble, rumble, rumble, crash. Six cosmic pins exploded in the cavern. Pins seven, ten, three, and five remained.

Jane punched the air.


"Woo, yeah Jane!" Maura hooted from her seat. Jane turned sheepishly and smiled in appreciation.

The neon danced and flashed about. The buzz from her drink relaxed Jane enough to find some enjoyment in the variant stimuli bombarding her senses. She cracked her neck and grabbed the green sphere. Again, she inhaled and exhaled, visualizing. Winding up, Jane rushed the approach and flung the ball.

Thud, rumble, rumble, clack. Seven and three collided, earning Jane eight for the frame.

If she and Maura were going to win, she needed to teach the blonde the proper form.

Frost and Korsak hooted and clapped as Jane returned to her seat.

"Losing your edge?" Frost teased.

"Nah," Jane answered grabbing her beer, "just setting up for a comeback."

"Right," Frost countered as he stood to bowl his second frame.

Maura took a sip of her beer.

"This one tastes different," Maura stated.

"It's Fosters," Jane answered.

"Oh." Maura looked down, a subtle frown on her lips.

"What?" Jane asked with a laugh.

"I'm just trying not to, you know, articulate a list of facts."

"I appreciate that." They shared a gaze in the dim light.

"Booya, Nine. Doc." Frost bowed.

"Come on," Jane said, grabbing Maura's hand, "I'm gonna teach you how to bowl." A flightful giddiness washed over Maura.

"I feel the effects of my alcohol," the blonde confessed as she stood incredibly close to the brunette at the ball return. Jane looked at her bemused.

"What? You haven't even had a whole beer yet."

Maura blushed under the light, her glowing shirt illuminating her face.

"I may have 'pre-gamed' before arriving," she said with a sheepish shrug. Jane beamed.

"Here," she handed the ball to Maura then gently guided her to the lane.

"You'll take a few building steps, bringing your arm back, then lunge- with control, swing your arm forward and release."

Jane mimed the movements as she said them.

"Yeah?" Jane asked.

"I think so," Maura answered, focusing on the task at hand.

Stepping closer, Jane pressed her body flush to Maura's, the petite blonde molding perfectly to the tall brunette.

Ghosting the motions, Jane grasped Maura's right arm and instructed in her ear.

"Building strides, arm comes back." Jane pulled it back. "Lunge forward and release." Jane's other hand came to rest on Maura's hip while her right guided Maura's hand forward.

Maura's focus wavered as she fought the urge to nuzzle into the warmth coming from behind. Jane wrapped her arms around her.

"Go ahead and grip it." Maura looked down to the ball as Jane's hands guided hers steadily. She watched as her two fingers plunged into the orifices. She swallowed.

"Use your thumb," Jane's heated breath wisped passed the outer shell of Maura's ear. Her eyes lulled shut as a shiver convulsed through her body, the suggestive imagery causing her to hum lightly.

"You got it?" Jane asked.

Maura licked her lips, tipping her head to the side.

"We're going to win," the blonde stated smugly.

Jane smiled. "Good." With a swift pat, Jane spanked Maura's back cheek. Then the heat was gone.

In a blissful alcoholic and sexually charged haze, Dr. Maura Isles was not only going to win for her and Jane, but she was going to win over all.

Like before, Maura's movements possessed a sensual quality, though previously unknown. However, now there was a certain demeanor, a purpose behind each movement. And that purpose was to render every man and woman to an incoherent pile of sexually frustrated goop.

With Jane just a few paces behind, Maura could practically feel her eyes, as well as the boys, glued to her form. Consciously, Maura balanced her magnetism while focusing on bowling.

Performing the motions just as Jane had described, Maura managed to accomplish good form, knocking down eight pins. She turned around to Jane; a coquettish smirk graced her pink lips, a glint of complacency in her eyes.

By frame five, the medical examiner's initial heat tapered, which reflected in the scores. Barry was in first with an uninspiring 56 points, Maura second with 48, while Vince and Jane tied for last with 44. Alcohol, adrenaline, endorphins and testosterone coursed through each bowler's veins.

Jane watched with amusement as Maura's bowling improved with each frame. She watched the way the blonde's body moved, the way her face contorted in concentration and beguiled expressions through the smoky darkness. Jane noted the small beads of perspiration that glistened on her forehead, and the few matted strands sticking to her face. Jane wondered if that was what she looked like in the thrones of ecstasy.

Where the hell did that thought come from?

At the sixth frame Barry earned a spare, Maura nine more pins, Vince eight, and Jane a spare. The girls were slowly making a comeback. It was the seventh frame when Maura stoked the smoldering embers, igniting a dangerous fire within the loins of each of her colleagues.

As she approached the lane, AWOLNATION's "Sail" filled the hazy bowling alley. While the intro started, Maura walked to retrieve her ball, swaying as she bent over.

She recklessly bowled a spare and celebrated as the undulating synthesizer pounded in their chests. Her hazel eyes locked on to the brown ones looking back. As if the scene were in slow motion, Maura sauntered to the brunette detective.

"Is this seat taken?" She asked in a husky tone. Jane lowered the neck of the bottle from her lips.

"No ma'am." Maura turned on her heels and slowly lowered herself into the detective's lap. Jane gazed, transfixed by the supple goddess in front of her. Settling back, Maura pressed herself flush against the beautiful raven-haired woman.

The sensation of another body on top of hers sent a rush of tingles through Jane. She could feel the radiating heat from the blonde and the proportional, well-toned backside pressing against her lap. Maura's head came to rest against Jane's shoulder while Jane's breasts pressed to her back. Reaching back, Maura managed to thread her fingers through Jane's soft locks. She turned her head, her mouth lingering next to Jane's ear.

Jane could hear, could feel her breathing heavily against her ear. Her mouth went dry. Absentmindedly, Jane snaked her arms around the blonde, firmly keeping her in place.

"Play with me?" Jane's eyes closed as Maura's breath entered her ear and took residence at her core. She bit her lip to suppress a groan.

"Maura," Jane said breathlessly, turning to face the angelic beauty in her lap.

Their eyes locked in an intense gaze; Maura's eyes half hooded, Jane's fixed on the fierce hazel pools.

"Ahem," Korsak's gruff voice broke the trance. "Rizzoli."

"I gotta, um," Jane swallowed, "I gotta bowl."

"Okay," Maura purred before slowly arching away from her, her eyes never leaving Jane's. The blonde winked.

The gears in Jane's head revved full throttle at the realization of what Maura was doing.

The two detectives across the table froze. Korsak pulled at his collar.

Crash. Rizzoli X.

"Boys," Jane said returning to her seat.

Frost stood, shaking his head, trying to compose himself. But as he steadied to bowl, the image of his colleagues plagued his mind. He managed three pins. Korsak held his hands in a questioning gesture.

"Frost!" Korsak berated his teammate. "What the hell was that?"

Frost simply waved his hand and sat down.

The arrow on the screen pointed to Doc.

The two looked over to the ladies, Maura having placed herself right back in Jane's lap. Without hesitation, Maura stood and swiftly made use of her bowling ball; no lavished movements, no wasted time.

Doc X.

"Looks like you're up Korsak," Jane's teased before taking another sip of beer. He glared at her, accepting her challenge.

Thud, rumble, rumble, crash.

Korsak X.

"Yes!" Korsak pumped his arm in celebration.

"If you get a spare," Maura's voice entered Jane's ear, "I'll dance for you."

Jane smiled. "You're on."

The scoring was still a tight race, only 6 points separated 1st from 4th; Frost having dropped to third because of his last bowl and Korsak two pins above Maura.

At Jane's second bowl, only two pins in the left corner remained. A grin spread across Jane's face; she had this in the bag.

Thud, rumble, rumble, crash. Rizzoli /.

"Last one guys, think you can handle it?" Jane hollered over the music.

Frost met her in the lane, ball already in hand.

"Don't choke," Jane taunted.

Thud, rumble, rumble, crash. Seven pins down. All Frost had to do was knock down one more pin to ensure victory for he and Korsak.

Walking to Maura, Jane leaned down, resting her hands on either side of the blonde.

"I believe you owe me a dance, Miss." Maura smiled demurely. Slowly she rose from the chair, coming toe to toe with the tall detective. Their gazes locked. Maura sauntered around her, their glaze intense. The delicate hand of the blonde came to rest against Jane's chest, settling clumsily between her breasts. Maura pushed, sending Jane back into the chair.

Frost waited at the return. He stopped and watched the scene unfold in front of him.

Korsak felt his mouth go dry, both men swallowed.

The tempo shifted as the next song boomed through the alleyway. The distance female voice mixing with the acoustics, the LED lights and lasers spinning and flashing in an erratic manner, penetrating the think haze of smoke, sweat, and sex.

Every night, every day, I've been working too hard lately. The amplifying synthesizer bass echoed through the open darkness. I get no sleep, I get no rest, I need to relax baby. The lasers strobed in time with the beat. Maura's shoulders began to sway in time with the music. So let's go out. Forget this stress. We think too much. Forget this stress. We work to hard. And have no time. So let's go out. Relax our minds. The lights swept along Maura's sharp features. Her eyes dark, clouded in lust, vibrant with need. Can you feel it? Maura's hips swayed with each echoing beat, her chin tucked, eyes boring into Jane's. We can escape and feel so free. The curls danced over her moving shoulders. Maura rolled her hips in one circular motion and bit down on her lips. If you believe. It will be yours in a heartbeat.

Jane gazed at the woman in front of her. White heat shot through Jane's veins, her mouth watered, her jeans becoming ungodly comfortable against her heated thighs. Slowly, Jane leaned back in her chair, opening herself to the blonde in front of her. Maura smiled, still biting on her lip as she moved her hips a little fuller.

Leaning down, Maura propped herself on Jane's knees. Her lips, shined with gloss, began to mouth the words, the honey tresses falling into her face.

Can you feel it? Maura's hands pressed their way up Jane's thighs. We can escape and feel so free. Jane gasped, her hips lifting from the chair. If you believe it. Maura looked down as her hands toyed with the seams on the inside of Jane's Levis. She looked back up. It will be yours in a heartbeat.

As the throaty breaths and hisses echoed from the speaker, Maura drug her hands back down Jane's thighs. Glancing momentarily to the man across the table, Dr. Isles blew Korsak a kiss and winked; his face beat red, eyes unwavering.

Maura stood and turned around, her back now towards Jane. Her hands threaded through her own hair, lifting it from her flushed face as she looked over her shoulder. The woman's shapely hips began to move again, emulating the rhythmic thrusts of intercourse, rolling and undulating, begging to be touched. Fighting back a moan, Jane reached out and grabbed the denim-clad hips, pulling them closer as Maura continued her tantalizing oscillation. Jane ran her hands down the heated dark-wash, caressing the flexing muscles beneath. She needed to feel this against her heated flesh, her arousal thoroughly wet and pulsating. With an authoritative tug, the dancing blonde landed firmly against the detective's lap.

Maura heard the sharp inhale from Jane. Swallowing her own moan, Maura grinded her hips purposefully against the slender woman's apex. A primitive groan ripped through clenched teeth.

"Maura." It was lustful, praising, reprimanding, wanton.

Jane's hand gripped her tighter, one hand slipping closer to the intersecting end seams. Maura bucked out of surprise, gasping at the pressure against her core. She arched as her hips jerked, seeking more.

Maura's hands squeeze Jane's thighs, the power shifting momentarily between the two women. Their bodies pressed together, still moving, possessed by the erotic beat.

"Oh, Jane," Maura moaned as the last of the song reverberated through the neon darkness. The two coercively stilled against each other. Jane pressed her burning face to Maura. A sheen layer of sweat coated her body; everything was hot, uncomfortably, painfully, and utterly sexually, hot. Jane panted, trying to cool herself. She could feel Maura's labored breath and pulse thumping.

Maura, seemingly less effected by the exchange, regained composure more quickly, nonetheless, her own sexual frustration bordered the line of public indecency. Licking her lips, Maura exhaled and looked to the young detective.

"Last chance, Detective Frost," Maura chirped in her customary buoyant voice.

The young detective remained still, eyes clouded. He stood rigidly, almost angrily like. He picked up the bowling ball and tossed it across his body from where he stood. The iridescent ball rolled promptly into the gutter. He turned and returned to his seat before the ball disappeared into the cavern.

"Why Jane," Maura chirped, "I do believe we just won." Jane groaned.

The lights danced and flashed through the thick air, oblivious to the activities harbored at their lone table. No one moved as the techno music thumped in time with their rapid heartbeats.