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Chapter One

Groaning softly, Monroe struggled to open his eyes. "Ugh. It feels like I've been mowed over by a Siegbarstes." he moaned out. Even talking hurt. Finally able to open his eyes fully, he realized there was blood dripping down the side of his face, a headache was starting to form, and his lower back hurt like hell (damn weak point!). Trying to push the pain back, he started to look around to see where he was. Taking a whiff through his nose, Monroe wished he hadn't done that. Cringing, Monroe knew where he was instantly. The smell of garbage, waste, and other unpleasant things. He was underground, in the sewer. But why? he thought. As he struggled to remember what happened, Monroe realized he was chained up and sitting. His arms were bound behind him and his legs were chained to the legs of a chair. Dude! Seriously! What happened? ! All I can remember was me and Nick were…brown eyes widen in realization. Nick! Where's Nick? ! he thought frantically. Looking around anxiously and ignoring how it made his head ache, Monroe finally saw where Nick was. What he saw made his blood run cold.

The young Grimm looked horrible. He was suspended in the air by his arms. His wrists were tied to a poll hanging from the ceiling of the sewer by a chain. His face was drained of any color, making him look a sickly white. There were cuts on his face as well. One above his left eyebrow, across his right cheek, and he also had a split lip. All three were bleeding sluggishly. His clothes hadn't fared well either. The light brown coat he had been wearing was shredded. His black shirt, fortunately, had survived, with only a few slices into the fabric. However, in those slices, there were cuts and the blood was only starts to dry somewhat. His jeans were covered in grime and blood. Overall, it looked like Nick had been put through the ringer and had lost.

"Nick…," Monroe started to talk, but started coughing. His throat was so dry, and the coughing didn't help his headache. Swallowing, Monroe tried again. "Nick…Come on man. You need to wake up." Getting no response, Monroe kept trying, "Dude, you're starting to worry me here. And I have no idea why we're here or who we pissed off to be taken here." He still got no answer from Nick. Growling in worry and anger, Monroe exclaimed, "Damn it Nick! Wake up!" After a second of silence, Monroe heard a groan from the other man. Eyes snapping to Nick's face, Monroe could see the younger man struggling to wake up.

Groaning again, Nick opened his eyes slowly. Blinking few times, Nick looked around slowly. Finally, his eyes landed on the tied up Blutbad. "Mo…Monroe?" Nick asked in a scratchy voice. Looking the Blutbad over, he asked, "Are you ok?"

Monroe just sat in his chained chair in silence. Out of everything that was going on at the moment, the Grimm asked if he was ok? Stupid Grimm!Shaking his head in frustration, he exclaimed, "Am I…am I ok? ! Dude! You look worse then me and your asking if I'm ok? ! I should be asking you that!"

Grey eyes fill with confusion. "Wha..," only now did Nick feel the pain flooding his body. Gasping a little, he could only think, Oh. Gritting his teeth against the pain, Nick answered Monroe, "I'll live."

Monroe scoffed, "You'll live. Man, how many times have I heard that before?" After a second of silence, Monroe continued, "Do you know what happened? All I remember we were getting out of your car and headed towards the Pub, but after that it becomes blank."

Shaking his head to clear it from the pain, Nick began to answer, "We were attacked by…" but was cut off by a new voice.

"Us." came a raspy, dark voice. Three figures appeared out of the shadows of the sewer. All three were wearing black pants, black long-sleeve shirts, and black shoes. Their skin was pale, almost marble looking. Other than their skin and clothes, that's where the similarities ended. The one on the left had cropped, short, dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes. His body was built like a wrestler, all muscle (and hopefully no brains, thought Monroe). The one on the right was short, shorter than the other two. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes. The short one was smiling, but with a sickly smile. The one in the middle was tall and slender. He had black hair that stopped to his chin and black eyes. His face was stone cold. Compared to the other two, he gave off a foreboding aura. He's the kind of person you didn't want to meet in an alleyway by yourself.

"And who are you?" asked Monroe, with a bite in his voice. He knew they were Wesen, but couldn't tell what kind they were. There were too many smells interfering with each other for him to get a whiff.

"Monroe." there was a warning note in Nick's voice.

The one with the sickly smile spoke, "You should listen to your Master, Blutbad."

Bristling at these words, Monroe snapped back, "He is NOT my Master!"

"Monroe!" instead of the warning tone that had been there before, Nick's tone was pleading.

"You should listen to him Blutbad. You really don't want to piss off Reapers." The one that looked like a wrestler snapped.

Well crap. was all Monroe could think. Out loud he asked, "Why did you bring us here?"

The one in the middle moved away from the group. Against the wall sat their scythes. Grabbing his, the Reaper made his way towards Nick. Walking slowly, the dark one finally answered Monroe in a silky-smooth voice, "We're going to kill the Grimm and you're going to watch."

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