Hello! This story has been in my head for at least 3 years, so I finally had to just get it out!

This fic is slightly AU in the fact that the original Experiment never happened, so Sam would never have heard of it. This is based on that experiment in the 70s, so the results will be the same.

Enjoy this first chapter, I really hope you enjoy it!

The weak spring sun rose lazily into the cool room, the blue painted walls shining as the light touched them. The cool breeze flew through the slightly open window, sending the petals of the roses in their vase blowing from side to side.

The peace and tranquillity of this modern day miracle was abruptly shattered by the raucous snorts and continued snoring of the occupant of the sofa bed. The blanketed figure turned in sleep, their hand flinging onto the floor, knuckles scraping the dark carpet.

It was 7.28, and the last few moments that Dean Winchester was allowed to sleep under his brother's rules, so he was making the most of it. His brother had been very clear about the house rules, even though he was only staying for a couple of weeks at most.

'Don't leave your underwear where Jess can see.' Was another of the rules, as was 'Make sure you turn the webpage off the screen if you use the desktop-Jess doesn't want to see what you look at on the internet.' And other things to protect his precious Jess. Where was the fun in that? He had only been with the girl a few months and already she was ruling his life.

Just as he found a comfortable position to put his arm, and his head was finally in a comfortable niche, the loud, incessant beeping of the frigging alarm starting ringing through his ears.

Dean groaned, arm flailing to find the damn snooze button, until he remembered that his idiot of a brother had tacked it to the opposite wall, knowing full well Dean would never let it ring for long before touching it; by which time he would be wide awake.

'Damn it!' Dean growled, before sitting up, letting the blanket fall away from him as he stood and stretched. He padded over to the wall and slammed the front of the alarm, activating the off switch.

'There-now will you just shut up!' Dean muttered, before walking back, scratching his bare chest idly as he went. He heard movement in the other room, so began the tedious task of folding up his bed things and making his bed look like a sofa again.

Minutes later, the door opened with a creak and his brother came into the room, followed closely by his girlfriend, who looked particularly hot this morning in a red nightie with a cream trim.

'Morning dude.' Sam muttered, ruffling his mussed hair as he pulled the curtains up, squinting in the sunshine.

'Morning, and good morning to you Jess, may I just say how gorgeous you look this morning...' Dean offered, grinning as the girl rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

'Dean leave her alone, and go get dressed, you can help me shop this morning.' Sam snapped, pulling his night shirt off and tucking it under his arm.

'Half an hour dude!' he called to his brother as he walked back into his room, leaving Jess and Dean alone.

'You know, this sofa bed is actually pretty comfy, if you wanna try it out sometime...' Dean asked nonchalantly, rubbing the sofa teasingly.

'Only in your dreams Deano.' Jess whispered, before turning and walking out after her boyfriend.

'Ouch...Deano...' Dean sighed, before hopping up and getting dressed.

Maybe whilst they were out he could knock some fun into his brother-but he doubted it.

'Come on dude, just one night, Jess won't mind!'

'Dude no! Just cos I let you stay doesn't mean you can lead me astray! Go to a motel if you wanna drink all night, because you're not going to be coming in at stupid o'clock in the morning and disturbing Jess, we've both got studying to do.'

'Come on, seriously? One night out will wreck all your studying? I thought college was supposed to be a fun time, not sitting around being boring'

'I think you've been looking at colleges all wrong dude.'

'Bite me, and just have one drink?' Dean rounded on Sam, stopping him walking any further.

'Just cos you haven't got any hunts to work on at the moment, or anything constructive to do, doesn't mean you wreck my only holiday time next week!' Sam said, trying to be patient, but it was getting harder.

'Just one! One Sammy, and then I'll walk you home, nice and safe, with no harm done-how's that princess?' Dean grinned.

Sam pouted, but grinned as well. 'One drink, and that's all?'

'Well, one Dean Drink...' he winked. One of Dean's Drinks often comprised of six or seven, but in Dean's mind they all counted as one.

Sam rolled his eyes but said nothing, he just simply dumped the shopping bags into his big brother's arms and continued walking, a grin now plastered across his face.

'Hey no fair!' Dean grumbled, before following his brother down the road.

The weather had turned warmer as the morning went on, with the cool breeze a welcome addition to the humidity.

They had been walking for five minutes in a contented silence, in which Sam had taken one of the bags off his brother, and where now walking on a road that was adjacent to the university campus. Sam had a day off lessons today, so they had taken the long way round back to the house.

Dean was just about to trip his brother up when he spotted a poster tacked up on the wall, and he leaned over for a closer look.

Sam realised his brother wasn't behind him anymore and stopped, frowning.

'What's that?' he asked, joining Dean and reading the flyer.

'I don't know...the Stanford Prison Experiment. Says a local professor is conducting an experiment to work out the psychologies of being jailed. They want volunteers to act as prison guards and the prisoners...hmmm, sounds like fun, doesn't it?' Dean muttered, turning eager eyed to his brother.

'What? Us? No way dude...' Sam said, but he tailed off as he read further. He was interested in the psychological aspects of situations, and it could be valuable experience for his course...

'It looks safe and bone fide to me bro, it says it's being funded by the US office of Naval Intelligence.' Dean muttered, shrugging. 'Says there's a meeting tomorrow, and it starts next week-how about it?'

Sam blew air out of his cheeks, and sighed. 'I'll have to ask Jessica, see what she says...'

'Why do you need your girlfriend's permission? Live a little and make your own mind up like a man, eh?' Dean goaded, knocking Sam's shoulder with his fist.

Sam shot his brother an angry look before nodding. 'Alright, we'll do it, but if this turns out shady and stupid, I'll never let you live it down, agreed?'

'Agreed!' Dean grinned, before they both started walking down the road again, their minds filled with excitement and curiosity about what the next week would entail.

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