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Dean looked at himself in the only mirror in the room, a sick feeling right in the pit of his stomach.

He was now dressed in a uniform made up of white undershirt, khaki shirt and dark green trousers, with steel capped boots to finish it off. He looked sideways to gauge his physique; still looking trim and sharp. He chuckled at himself, patting his pockets absent-mindly.

He stopped when his hand hit something solid. 'What the…' he muttered as he fished out a pair of sunglasses. He unfolded them and put them on, before staring back into the mirror.

'Hah, mirrored sunnies!' he muttered to himself, watching himself in the lenses.

'Pretty cool, eh?' Jack said, walking up to Dean in his own uniform. Dean had to admit he looked quite the part; even his walk had changed, he quickly noted.

'Yeah I guess….when does this all start then?' Dean asked, stowing his glasses back in his pocket.

Jack shrugged, before reaching toward a table and picking up two long objects.

'When the prisoners get here I guess…though I wouldn't like their roles!' he chuckles, handing Dean one of the objects.

Dean looked, wide-eyed, at the object he was given. It was a slim baton, like a baseball bat. 'What the hell is this for?' he asked, frowning around the room- everyone was waving them around, all smiles and laughter.

'You really that stupid?' Jack grinned, but his smile dropped when he received a glare. He blew air through his teeth, lowering his own baton. 'I don't think we need to use it; it's just for the image for the other guys, I guess….' He said quietly, averting his eyes when Dean fixed his own on his face.

'Well I certainly won't be using it!' he stated, banging it on the table and turning away, feeling sicker with every passing second.

He ignored movement beside him as Jack sidled up to him. 'Why did you sign up for this in the first place if you're gonna chicken out before it's even started?' he heard him say, before he heard him walk away, heavy boots clunking.

Dean sighed and wiped a hand down his face. 'Good question.' He replied to the wall.

Sam was shepherded into the corridor, his blindfold being mercifully ripped off before he got passed the door. The light hit him first, and then the shadows inside the room caught his attention.

The small, long corridor was packed with about ten men, all looking as worried and nervous as he felt.

He didn't immediately recognise anyone, but then faces started to appear- he remembered the big guy from the meeting; he was the one with the small, wiry looking man….

Suddenly everything kicked into place. How had he been so stupid? He knew what this was now, what was going on- this was that experiment he and Dean had signed up for. How had he not realised? He now felt like a complete idiot, and thankful Dean wasn't around for once. A flush crept up his neck, but he held it back, feeling angry inside his head.

He stopped looking when someone pushed into his side. He turned to see it was a guard, along with a couple of others, all with the same look on their faces- like they meant business.

'Shuffle up!' one roared, making Sam wince. He was pushed further into the corridor by the guards, along with everyone else, until they were just a mass of bodies in the middle.

'Right, everybody line up against the wall! One beside the other!' came another order, and there was a rush of movement as everyone obeyed.

Sam walked over to the wall, between a guy with a shock of blonde hair and another with two missing front teeth. He didn't say hello, merely nodded quickly, back against the wall.

'Well, here you all are, ready for the Jail!' a guard shouted, walking slowly up and down the men, dark eyes glaring. 'You've probably all figured out what's happening- but don't think this makes it an easier!' he yelled, amid a flurry of muttering as the pieces fell into place for everyone as well.

'You are prisoners. You are going to Jail. You will obey us!' each statement was a shout in a different guy's face. The man walked down the last couple of men to Sam. He stopped at the youngest Winchester, who stared coolly back- he wasn't afraid of this jerk. Not anymore.

'What are you going to do?' the guard spat, eyes level with Sam's mouth, the height difference was so great.

Sam didn't answer, merely stared into the opposite wall. Suddenly the guard grabbed his shoulder and yanked him down to his eye level. 'WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?' the guard yelled right into his face.

Sam resisted the urge to head-but the son of a bitch, but settled on giving him a wavering smile. 'Obey?' he asked, eyebrows high, sarcasm laced in his voice.

The guard didn't move back, but a smile creeped into his own face; his eyes almost twinkling. Like he had been waiting for someone to talk back.

'Take off your shirt.'

My w-what?' Sam stammered, taken aback slightly.

The guy stepped back, his smile wider. 'I said take off your shirt.'

'No.' Sam replied, snorting as he looked around. Nine stony faces looked back.

'You think it's funny? Talking back? Being a jock? I know your type- I also know your type don't get very far here…..now, everyone- strip!' he yelled, turning around at everyone else.

Eyes wide, they all looked at Sam, then at each other.

'If you don't all start stripping, none of us are going anywhere! I told you you are all going to obey- SO OBEY!' the guard yelled, smacking the end of his baton on the filing cabinet next to Sam's head.

'That means you, pretty boy!' he smirked, before turning away.

Sam looked down the corridor, at all the guys slowly taking off their shirts and trousers, trying not to look around at anyone else.

Sam felt nerves kick in again. This really wasn't what he had expected. But he had to play along he guessed. Slowly, he began to unbutton his own shirt, eyes on the guard at all times.

Once everyone had their uniform and equipment, they were all led into another corridor, then down some stairs and into a smaller, cramped room, with a huge glass window dominating the wall.

'This is going to be the officer's room, where you can watch the prisoners, but also relax, and meet to discuss things.' A guy told them, an unreadable expression on his face.

Dean looked across at the window. He guessed it must be one sided, like the ones in a jail.

Jack was stood next to him, and Dean saw he had a worried expression on his face. 'You ok?' he asked, nudging his side.

Jack looked at him and half nodded. 'Not too keen on confined spaces- good job I wasn't a prisoner!' he whispered. Dean saw his hands were shaking slightly. 'You'll be ok dude.' He promised, before turning back as they were led out and into the mess, where there were ten camp beds all in one row.

'You will sleep and eat here. I'll leave you to get settled, and then we'll start the experiment.' The man said, before walking out the room, closing the heavy wooden door behind him.

Dean sighed, before spying a couple of beds nearest one corner, and walking over, dumping his bag on one, and sitting on the other. He lay back, staring at the ceiling. A shadow crossed his eyes and he opened them to see Jack lying on the other bed. 'Thanks for keeping this for me.' He muttered, eyes closed.

'No problem, like you said; we should stick together.' Dean shrugged, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, mind on Sam. What was happening to him?

'What's up? You're always looking worried every time I look your way.' Jack asked, moving onto his front.

'It's nothing, family issues.' Dean waved the question away, not willing to talk about Sam taking part too- he had to deal with that, no one else.

'Uh huh, I get you….' Jack nodded, before turning back. 'I'm gonna try and get some sleep before everything starts, wake me up?' he asked, grey eyes meeting green.

'Sure.' Dean nodded; lying back down once more, now feeling more wide awake then he had ever done in his life.

It was strange how you can notice so much coldness in a room once you're naked, Sam vaguely wondered as he stood in the corridor with nothing on at all. Everyone was looking straight ahead, their cheeks slightly red as they fought against looking around.

Sam looked at a faded poster opposite, shaking slightly as a breeze made goose bumps erupt on his skin.

'Now, was that so hard?' the damn guard was back, sarcasm dripping from his voice. The two guys behind him were carrying what looked like sacks. They dropped one in front of every naked man, before coming to Sam at the end.

'We had to specially make one for you, big-boy.' A smaller guard grinned, flinging it on the ground, where it made a heavy sounding clack on the wooden floor.

'Pick them up. Put it on.' The main guard ordered. As one, every man stooped, picked up the material and looked at it, wide-eyed, before finally looking at each other, inhibitions all but out the window.

Sam almost laughed. It was like a dress, but scratchier looking. There were no leg holes, just a space for his head and some slits for arms; it was like a smock.

'You gotta be kidding….' He muttered to himself as he put it over his head. He was mildly surprised to find that it actually reached his shins, but it wasn't the size that bothered him- none of them were wearing underclothes.

'Now, don't you all look so fine?' the guard spat, looking around at the guys in dresses, a warped smirk on his face.

'You are all about to reach the jail! And when you do, you're going to wait in the same line until the guards appear, who will lead you to your cells, understood?' the guard shouted, before pointing further down the corridor. 'Walk that way, now!'

And so, as if in procession, every man turned and walked, one after the other, with Sam bringing up the rear.

The guy had mentioned guards. That must have meant Dean. It must've done.

With an insane hope fluttering in his belly, Sam started to walk, merely grateful for being able to move whilst actually seeing, not being dragged by strangers.

He walked through the door, and into a large, open hall, and stood up next to the others, waiting for the guards to arrive.

There was a flurry of noise and movement as Dean opened an eye. He sat bolt upright as he saw people tidying up their uniforms once more, and fixing the stupid glasses on their noses.

He swung his legs from his bed and jolted Jack awake. The younger guy jumped a mile, almost falling off the bed altogether.

'I was having a good dream, why'd you wake me?' he complained as he stood, grinning.

'Bite me princess.' Dean laughed, before stopping- that was his insult for Sammy.

He caught Jack's confused face for a fleeting second as he turned away from the guy and walked away into the throng of people.

He stopped by the door as it opened, and they all walked out, back into the corridor, by the door to the hall.

'The prisoners are just beyond this door.' The man began. 'When I open this door I will give someone a list and a letter, and I will ask them to read it out when we are all ready, am I clear? You are not to speak to the prisoners, or engage in any other conversation.' He finished with a smile, and opened the door, beckoning everyone forwards.

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