Avengers Assemble: Loki's Redemption

Chapter 1: Setting up to walk The Path of Redemption

"I could have done it father, I could have done it!" Loki cried as he desperately clung on to the end of Gungnir; his only lifeline that was being held be his brother, Thor. "For you… for all of us…" his voice trailed off. His looked at his father, staring into his one good eye; this look was like that of a small child and once again, Loki felt like the small boy that was trying to impress his father. He sent Odin a pleading look as if willing his father to say that he was proud of him.

"No, Loki" the Allfather said firmly, but a small amount of regret could be detected in his voice.

The God of Mischief's eyes widened, but then his expression seemed to change to one of understanding, but what Loki seemed to understand was wrong. He thought that because of what he had done, Odin didn't want him as a son any more. With one last look of regret into his brother's eyes, Loki loosened his grip on Gungnir, "Loki, no" Thor said, with a very worried expression on his face.

Loki then let go of the mighty staff and gave his brother an apologizing look before turning to fall into the abyss head on.

"NO!" Thor yelled, as he helplessly watched Loki disappear into the abyss…

Loki opened his eyes and sat up on the uncomfortable prison cell bed, his forehead was slightly sweaty; he'd been having this dream play out in his head since Thor brought him back to Asgard after his defeat a year ago and quite frankly, he was sick of it. The God of Mischief heard footsteps approaching his cell and glanced over to the bars to see who it was.

It was Thor.

I should have known, Loki thought. His step brother had come to visit him once again in his imprisonment, which has been after he had been stripped of his magic and his title as a prince of Asgard. The God of Thunder had come to visit his cell every day for the past year without fail and stay for a while, sometimes for quite a few hours. At first, Loki had ignored him completely, but after about a month, he began to talk to Thor, asking him about how things were in Asgard, since obviously he couldn't receive the day's news unless he was told. Even though he talked to his older step brother, Loki still held a lot of hate for him, since he still believed that he was and still is, loved more, but deep down in his heart, he had forgiven Thor and his father a long time ago.

The guard unlocked the door to the cell and opened it for the God of Thunder, who then stepped inside and walked over to Loki. "You are early today, why?" Loki asked.

Thor didn't answer for a few seconds; he was a little speechless and there seemed to be something bothering him, but then he found the courage to speak up, "Brother, our father he… he wishes to speak with you."

The younger God didn't seem surprised; he knew that this day was bound to come up at some point, but he had wondered why Odin hadn't requested his presence earlier, instead of locking him up in a cell for a year. Loki stood up and looked Thor in the eye, "He is not my father; he never was. Just like you are not my brother." The God of Mischief spat, before walking to the guard that stood holding the cell door open.

Thor was deeply hurt by Loki's comment and he kept on wondering how he could make up to his brother; he had been thinking about it since the incident a year ago and so far he'd had no luck incoming up with a solution.

The guard held up a pair of shackles and Loki held out his arms, waiting for them to be bound. There was no point in him struggling; Loki didn't have Thor's brute strength and he had been stripped of his magic when he had first got to Asgard a year ago.

Just before the guard put the shackles on the younger God, Thor spoke up, "Those will not be necessary."

The guard nodded and lead the two Gods out of the dungeons and to the throne room where Odin awaited.

As they walked up the great marble staircases of the Asgardian palace, Loki couldn't help but wonder what form of death the Allfather had planned for him. He had been waiting for his death for an entire year and that in itself has been torture. He wondered if he would he be brutally tortured until he gave in to death's cold embrace? Or perhaps he would meet his end at the hands of the man he had once call father? Either way, Loki had a feeling that his demise would not be at all pleasant.

Thor watched his brother ascend the great staircase; he still walked with an elegant step and a confident look, ready to accept what Odin was to say whatever it may be. Despite this, Thor could see that under all of the confidence that Loki portrayed, the God of Mischief was nervous about seeing Odin, no matter how much he tried to hide it. Loki had always been a master of lying; no matter what the lie was, he could always pull it off and fool everyone, with the exception of Odin, Heimdall and in some cases, Thor and Frigga.

Even though the Allfather had ordered Thor to retrieve Loki from the dungeons, he had not told the God of Thunder why. Thor had prepared for the worst and should Odin sentence Loki to death, Thor was prepared to do everything in his power to make sure that did not happen, even if he had to challenge his father for his crown.

As soon as they made it to the throne room, the first thing that Loki noticed was that every single citizen of Asgard was gathered in the great space. Silence swept across the room when the Asgardians caught sight of Loki and all eyes fell upon him, so it is to be a public execution? So be it, the God of mischief thought as he descended the small golden staircase.

Loki was forced to walk the full length of the silent hall with the whole of Asgard staring at him, their eyes filled with hatred; he hated it; the dead silence, the unwanted attention. Was this to be some form of torture before his true punishment was dealt out? Because if it was, then it was definitely working; they looked at him like he was some sort of monster; a creature that needed to be locked up or destroyed and void of all emotion. This is exactly what Loki considered himself to be, but for others to think that of him, hurt him deep down, although he would never admit it.

Loki stopped walking when he reached the other small staircase at the far end of the hall; the one that lead up to Odin's throne. He was forced down onto his knees by the guard that had collected him from the dungeons, who then took his place among the other guards that were stationed on either side of the aisle, feeling assured that the God of Mischief could not escape with the whole of Asgard around.

Thor, who was reluctant to leave his brother's side (he would always call Loki his brother, no matter what) eventually took his place. He stood on the steps just below Frigga, exactly where Loki himself once stood. Below Thor, stood the Lady Sif; Loki had never been best of friends with Sif, or the Warriors Three-who were standing opposite Frigga, Thor and Sif- for that matter, but they had a certain degree of friendship, but that of course had been crushed when Loki took the throne of Asgard.

The God of mischief looked up and stared at the Allfather, waiting for his punishment with a mask of indifference. However, anyone who knew well would be able to see the slight fear in his eyes at seeing Odin once again.

The Allfather stood up and looked down at Loki, ready to pass his judgement; he too wore a mask of indifference, just as he always did, but this time it seemed to be different; there seemed to be a miniscule amount of regret in his eyes, but Loki thought that he was just seeing things. "Loki… Odinson," the mentioned God opened his mouth to object to the false second name, but he was silenced by Odin, "Allow me to speak, my son."

Loki visibly cringed at the Allfather's words, but kept silent.

"Your crimes committed against both Asgard and Midgard, are punishable by death-"

"Then just sentence me already!" Loki exclaimed, "Sentence me to the death that you know damn well I that I deserve! Kill me, like the monster I am. I don't care how slow it is or how painful it is, just end my life. I know you want to." Loki paused for a split second, "Have I not suffered enough this past year, waiting for death's embrace? Waiting for you to announce my demise was torture enough, so just kill me now and be done with it!" the God of mischief yelled. A pained expression tore across his face; it was similar to the one that he'd had after he had yelled at Odin to tell him of his true heritage, but this time it was more distraught.

The Allfather looked into Loki's emerald eyes; they were pleading for death, a death that he had long expected. A death that Odin would not give, "No, Loki" the Allfather said. Thor felt utter relief wash over him, as did Frigga. A set of whispers broke the silence that had dwindled in the air for a few seconds. These whispers, however, were stopped by the sound of Gungnir tapping on the golden floor of the throne room. Silence washed over the room once again, "Your crimes may be punishable by death," Loki hung his head, "However, I am partly to blame for your actions."

A loud gasp that was shared by the Asgardians filled the throne room. Loki's head shot up so he was looking straight at Odin, "Allfather, you are not the one who should be blamed, I-"

"Silence, Loki" Odin commanded. The young God instantly obeyed, but kept his gaze fixed on the Allfather, "I am to blame. I should have told you of your true heritage a long time ago, instead of keeping the truth from you and having you accidentally stumble across it during your journey to Jotunheim. If I am correct, that is what filled you with hate and lead you to take the actions you took. Am I correct?" The God of Wisdom asked.

Loki muttered his answer and not even those who were nearest to him could hear it.

"Speak up, my son, it matters not what your answer is."

"Yes, you are correct," Loki said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Odin seemed to approve of his son's answer and looked like he was smiling ever so slightly, but this could have just been an illusion. Which one it was, Loki did not know, but he did not care for that, he was more focused on what Odin was going to say next.

"Loki," Odin began, "My son. I am deeply sorry for all the pain you have suffered at my hand, I should have known better; I was foolish in my actions and I beg for your forgiveness." The Allfather's apology was genuine and his expression was solemn.

Loki's eyes widened; if anything, he had not expected to receive an apology from Odin at all, let alone to see him give him an apology in front of the entire population of Asgard. "I… I forgive you" the Trickster said, as a tear slid down his left cheek.

"Stand, Loki, there is no need for you to kneel here."

Loki tried to stand up, but he found that he was still a little too shocked about this sudden turn of events and only made it up onto one knee. Only a small while ago was he locked in the dungeons of the place and now he was a free man? This is certainly something he hadn't anticipated.

Thor walked down the golden staircase and stood in front of Loki with his hand outstretched, smiling at him. The God of Mischief looked at Thor directly in the eyes, judging whether to accept it or not; the God of Thunder nodded, urging Loki to accept his gesture. The younger god smiled and grasped Thor's forearm.

Thor pulled Loki to his feet. The God of Mischief nodded his thanks and Thor clapped him on the shoulder with his left hand, before moving to stand next to him; the way he stood clearly told his father that he didn't want to leave Loki's side. The Allfather seemed to acknowledge this and a small amount of pride for his sons' re-established bond as brothers could be seen by his slight smile.

"Loki," Odin started. He walked down the small, golden staircase, his footsteps echoing in the ancient and silent hall until they came to a halt. The God of Wisdom stopped when he stood on the last step and looked directly at the God of Mischief, still smiling a little. "Odinson. In the name of my father and his father before, I, Odin Allfather, return to you your power." Odin tapped Gungnir on the floor.

Loki felt an invisible force hit him square in the chest. He staggered back a bit and looked at his hands; he could feel a slight tingling sensation throughout his whole body, but mostly in his fingertips. He felt powerful again with his magic coursing through him. His magic had a certain warmth to it, even though he was a Frost Giant and not even the coldest part of Jotunheim could eradicate that warmth. Loki looked up at Thor, who just smiled at him.

The younger God turned his gaze back to Odin, who signalled for a guard holding a large, black staff, which had a glowing blue crystal set on top of it, in between two extremely sharp blades that curved outwards. The staff wasn't just an ordinary colour of black, it was literally as black as the void; taking in all light and giving none in return. In a way this reflected what Loki had acted like a year ago, when he had all that hate and sorrow clouding his heart, but it also reflected what he seemed to be like now; lingering in the shadows to protect those who dwell in the light. This new staff would protect Loki and others with its dark beauty and would destroy any foe that it should come across.

"This staff, Loki is called Fróðleikr. Like Mjolnir, it was forged in the heart of a dying star and it's only equal in power, is Mjolnir. You are the greatest Sorcerer in the nine realms, Loki, I know you will use this staff to its full potential." Odin nodded to the guard, who walked up to the God of Mischief and held the staff out to him. Loki took Fróðleikr and held it delicately in both of his hands, while looking at it with disbelieving eyes. To Loki, this felt like a dream and any second now he would wake up from it. Deep down, however, he knew that what was happening was completely real.

The guard also handed Loki a belt, which he took with his right hand, holding Fróðleikr in the other. The belt had six throwing knifes sheathed on it; his old set of throwing knives that had been crafted for him by the Dwarves of Nidavellir. They truly were a beautiful and deadly set, especially when the God of Mischief channelled his magic through them. "I also return to you your throwing knifes, since I am aware that they are a formidable companion to you in battle. There is also one other thing," Odin said.

Loki's head shot up; he seemed to have come out of his small state of shock and was ready to listen to the Allfather.

"You are our son, Loki, and Thor's brother. Whereas we may not be bound by blood, our relationship as a family runs much deeper than blood. Therefore, it is only right that I should restore you to your rightful title," said Odin.

There were a few murmurs among the citizens of Asgard, but once again, they were silenced by the sound of Gungnir tapping on the golden floor. "As of this day, I, Odin Allfather, restore you to your title of Prince Loki Odinson, second son of myself, Odin Allfather and Queen Frigga and younger brother to Prince Thor Odinson."

The hall was silent for a few moments, until a single person could be heard clapping; that person, was none other than Volstagg the Voluminous. Every person present in the hall looked over at him. He got a little embarrassed and stopped clapping, only to discover that after he stopped, everyone else in the hall started clapping and cheering; even the guards joined in. It seemed that Loki was once again welcome in Asgard, but if he wanted the people's respect, he would have to earn it first.

Frigga descended the golden staircase quickly and elegantly. She went and hugged her Loki gently, who returned it instantly. After the Queen of Asgard had finished muttering apologies to Loki and telling him how glad she was about Odin's decision, the God of Mischief was then caught up in Thor's vice-like grip (which had been nicknamed by everyone who knew Thor personally 'the hug of death.) This only got worse when The Warriors Three joined in. Eventually, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg stopped suffocating the younger God (although, he was still being suffocated by Thor.)

The two brothers pulled out of the brotherly hug and smiled at the people of Asgard, who were still cheering for the fact that they once again has two princes. A few moments later, Loki felt the temperature in the room rise by an astronomical amount. He turned around, glanced behind himself and noticed a Fire Demon at the other end of the extremely large throne room, pulling back the string of a bow that had a flaming arrow attached to the bowstring. The arrow seemed to be aimed at Thor. Loki's eyes widened at this and he pushed past his brother just as the arrow was fired; he knew all too well that the long bows of Muspelheim fired arrows very quickly, due to their sheer size, but they took a while to load another arrow onto.

Loki stuck his hand out and stopped the arrow with his magic, just before it struck his palm.

Everyone in the hall gasped and looked over at the Fire Demons. The guards instantly took up a defensive stance, ready to protect the people of Asgard and their king. The Warriors Tree and the Lady Sif had been forced to leave their weapons on a table outside the throne room. Reluctantly, they ran out of a door located at the very back and far to the left, of the room to go and get their weapons.

Thor, who also was without Mjolnir, merely summoned the legendary hammer to him and took up a battle stance next to Loki, who then cancelled the magic, he was using to hold the arrow in place and everyone watched as it fell to the ground.


(I recommend listening to the Frost Giant battle theme while watching the fight scene watch?v=9974PHElCxA)

All hell instantly broke loose as around thirty more Fire Demons gathered behind the archer. They were nearly as tall as Frost Giants and stood at around ten feet tall. Their bodies were enveloped in a constant burning flame that would only ever die, when the Fire Demon itself died. They had eyes as black as the night and looking into them for long enough could make most feel like running in fear. The Fire Demons had swords made of a metal that was resilient to their fire, but it also channelled it as well, so their swords were flaming, just as their arrows.

The archer drew a short sword and then it, along with all the other Fire Demons charged at the Asgardians, getting to them very quickly due to their sheer size.

Thor, being the mighty warrior he was, charged at the closest Fire Demon to him, with Mjolnir raised, ready to do some serious damage. As soon as the God of Thunder was near enough, he struck the flaming enemy on the right side of its jaw with Mjolnir, snapping its neck and killing it. He then took a step forward and hitting another in the chest, causing its ribs to crack and pierce its lungs.

Thor then glanced behind his shoulder quickly to make sure everyone was alright. That's when he noticed Loki channelling his magic into one of his knives, before throwing it into the heart of one of the Fire Demons and summoning it back on to his belt. In any other circumstance, Thor would have smiled with pride at his brother; he noted that his already deadly accuracy with throwing knives had improved a lot in the time that they had spent apart. Unfortunately, the God of Thunder couldn't dwell on this thought for too long since he was on a battle field, so instead he went back to making sure that the Fire Demons didn't get close to any of the Asgardians.

Loki, who was now completely focused on the battle, looked around the throne room, assessing what form of attack would be best for him; his illusions were more or less not an option, the enemy had already seen him and his illusions wouldn't be able to lead any Fire Demons to their death like he had done with the Frost Giants. Leaning back so he would avoid decapitation from the flaming blade of a Fire Demon (which Loki noted was, very, very hot) and then throwing one of his knifes a very short distance in front of him to kill the flaming being, the God of Mischief also decided that using his throwing knifes wouldn't be the best form of attack either, since he was virtually next to his enemies. So that left Loki with one option; his new staff, Fróðleikr. He was not used to close combat with so many enemies around; he preferred one on one, but with the circumstance presented to him, that was clearly not an option. So, he decided to give his new staff a try and stabbed a Fire Demon in the chest with it. The blades at the end of it were far sharper than the one on the sceptre the Chitauri had given him. Smiling at the power of his new staff, Loki fired a blast of magical energy at another one of his fiery enemies, failing to notice how hot the room was now getting for him.

The Warriors Three and the Lady Sif charged back into the room, fully armed and ready for battle. They joined Thor and Loki at the head of the fight and started killing off the Fire Demons themselves, while a few of the guards were shielding themselves and the other Asgardians from some of the arrows that were coming down on them, the rest of them aided Asgard's finest warriors in fending off the attack.

Sif sliced one of the Fire Demons across the stomach with her double bladed staff, before whipping round to stab one in the gut. She quickly surveyed the situation; Volstagg was currently fighting two of the fiery enemies, but was fairing perfectly well against them. Hogun had just taken down a Fire Demon with his mace and was preparing to take down another. Fandral was showing off as usual, but thankfully, not in a way that would injure him, and he took down his opponent with ease. Thor, as usual, was beating his enemies into submission with Mjolnir, which was now being spun by the God of Thunder. The guard seemed to be fairing fine, although they were more focused on defence rather than offence. That just left Loki, who seemed to be very out of breath and his forehead was covered in sweat. Sif frowned at this; she knew Loki was way more of a sorcerer than he was a warrior, but he had never tired this quickly before, even when he was fighting multiple enemies at close range. Then Sif realised that the temperature in the room must be almost unbearable for Loki, because he was a Frost Giant and since she found the temperature very hot, she figured the heat may be physically hurting the God of Mischief.

Loki staggered backwards after blocking an attack from a Fire Demon; he knew that he didn't have Thor's strength, but he should have been able to take that blow a lot better than he did. He blocked another blow, but was knocked to the floor in the process. He tried to get up, but the Fire demon just knocked him down again. It brought its sword up to strike Loki through the heart, but that action was stopped by Sif, who struck the fiery enemy though the gut with her staff. She made sure that it was dead, before offering her hand out to Loki, who took it and was pulled up by the Goddess of War, panting a little. "Thanks," he said.

"You're welcome," Sif replied. She watched Loki pant a little, before going to pick up his staff, "You can't take the heat, can you?" she asked with genuine concern.

Loki walked a few steps past her, before taking one of his throwing knives from his belt, enchanting it and throwing it at one of the few remaining Fire Demons, and summoning it back so it was sheathed on his belt, "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"You are tiring quicker than you usually do, even by your standards," Sif explained.

Loki laughed a little, "You never have tired of criticizing my techniques in battle have you, Lady Sif?"

Sif impaled a Fire Demon with her double bladed staff, "I merely state what is true."

Loki scoffed, "Really?"

"Yes," said Sif.

The God of Mischief sighed and watched Thor dispatch of the last three Fire Demons by throwing Mjonir at them.

Odin stood up from his place on the throne; he had not anticipated this attack, but he didn't join in with the battle either, since he knew that it would be easily taken care of. He also wanted to see if Loki had improved his fighting skills and his magic, which he had and Odin knew that his choice to release Loki and give him Fróðleikr was a good decision. He could see that the hate had gone from his son's heart, but he knew this since his outburst earlier, in which he pleaded for death. Odin had seen right through that lie like it was a window and seeing Loki fight like this had just confirmed his loss of hate.

There was one thing that concerned the Allfather though and that was the God of Mischief's weakness to the heat that had consumed the room. He knew that it would become troublesome for the young God if it happened again. He also worried that the people would find out about Loki's heritage; only the royal family and those closest to them knew that he was a Frost Giant, but his weakness in battle could be covered up by telling the people that it was Loki's imprisonment that weakened him, but that would only happen if the people questioned it.

"Guards, I would like you, The Warriors Three and the Lady Sif to escort the people out of the throne room and protect them from any potential threats," upon Odin's command, the mentioned people began carrying out their orders. "Thor, Loki, you two will accompany me to the Bifrost Bridge," the two brothers nodded and walked out of the throne room with the Allfather. The king and the two princes then made their way to the end of the newly reconstructed Bifrost.

"Heimdall, do you know of how the Fire Demons entered Asgard? Surely they could not evade your eyes?" Odin asked, as he walked up to the all-seeing gatekeeper.

"I'm afraid I do not, my lord. They must have shrouded themselves from my gaze with some form of spell, like the one that Prince Loki has used in that past," said Heimdall.

Odin and Thor looked at Loki, before Thor spoke up, "But how did the Fire Demons enter Asgard? Surely not even their finest sorcerer has enough power to transport one of them to Asgard, let alone thirty of them."

"There are other ways to travel the nine realms," said Loki, receiving a few questioning looks, "In a certain part of each realm, save for Asgard there is a weak spot, which makes transportation through the realms with the aid of magic a lot easier. Midgard, being the middle realm, has the most of these spots."

Thor and Odin seemed to understand, while Heimdall remained neutral. The God of Thunder suddenly thought of something; the Fire Demons of Muspelheim are not ones who normally send a weak force to a realm, hoping to do damage. The only reason they would attack Asgard like this, is to distract Heimdall and the Asgardians from an attack on another realm; a realm like Midgard. "Is Midgard under attack from the Fire Demons, Heimdall?"

The gatekeeper paused for a second and then answered, "Yes."

"Then we must go to Midgard!" Thor said, stepping into the Bifrost, ready to be sent to Earth "Come, Loki."

The God of Mischief looked at his brother with a confused look, "Brother, in case you have forgotten, I tried to rule Midgard a year ago, I'm not sure they'll take me being back so kindly."

"They will see that you are redeeming yourself, Loki. I'm sure they will hold nothing against you for that," Thor said, trying to persuade Loki to come with him and evidently pleased with the fact that the Mischief God had addressed him as 'brother'.

The younger God thought for a second, before replying, "You want me to travel to Midgard with you, to save the mortals?" Loki asked. Thor nodded, "Very well… it should be a bit of fun at least."

Loki stepped forward and stood beside Thor. The two brothers then waited for Heimdall to activate the Bifrost.

Heimdall placed his sword inside the control unit for the Bifrost. As it activated, Odin spoke up to his sons, "Stay safe, both of you." The king said. "And Loki," the mentioned son looked over his shoulder at his 'father', "Do not cause too much mischief." The Allfather mused.

Loki smiled a genuine smile, and replied just before the Bifrost sent him and Thor to earth, "No promises… father."

And with that, the two Odinsons were whisked away by the Bifrost.

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