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Chapter 20

Derek's POV

Hallowe'en is once again upon us.


The one time of year where grown men can dress up in a ballerina skirt and blame it on the holiday.


The one time of year where parents take their children to knock on strangers' doors, despite the 'never talk to strangers' rule, asking for a treat and inadvertently threatening a trick.


"Derek, can you get that, I kind of have my hands full," shouts Karen from the kitchen after hearing the first of no doubt many knocks. Now usually I would be working or, at a bar/pub until well past midnight so I would be so lucky as to avoid these blasted knocks. This year, however, I'm at home with Karen cooking dinner. The whole being at home with Karen thing is splendid except now; now I am actually going to be home for these trick or treat knocks.

"Do I have to?" I groan while slowly pulling myself off from the couch.

"Yes and don't forget the sweets," she states while turning around to look at me.

"Fine," I sigh while making my way to the door where Karen has methodically placed the sweets.

"Trick or treat!" they shout all dressed up, except these weren't kids nor were they teenagers. They were Bobby, Sue and Jessica!

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask in an amused tone now smiling.

"Who is it Babe?" Karen asks after hearing my response, leaving no time for the group to form a believable answer.

"Why don't you come and take a look," I state calling back but keeping my amused gaze firmly on the group in front of me. All had in fact dressed up for the 'occasion' and I have to commend them on their costumes. Don't get the wrong idea, they were by no means good. They were just simply hilarious!

Bobby had dressed up in a grass hula skirt with a coconut bra and what looked to be gladiator sandals, (don't hold me to what shoes they were I don't exactly pay attention to the types of women shoes!). Meanwhile Jessica and Sue had dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, you know from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It's amazing how detailed their costumes were, they looked like the female versions of Matt Lucas from Tim Burton's adaptation of the novel - it's crazy!

"Guys, what are you doing here?" Karen questions laughing while walking over to stand by my side. "Derek, can you please go keep an eye on the food, the beef will be done in about ten minutes and the stir fry needs to be, well, stirred," she states turning to look at me. In other words that was my cue to leave, so I simply nodded my head and started sauntering to the kitchen. Thank goodness this apartment is open plan, I want to see what they are actually doing here!

"Well we were in the neighbourhood and thought we would drop in!" Bobby replies so self assured in his response that he started to slowly walk in.

"Shoes!" I shouted after seeing them all slowly edge their way in our apartment. Their reaction was amusing considering they all jumped, (other than Karen), obviously unaware to my observance.

"What, you're not going to kick us out?" Jessica asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh I will, I just want to hear the real reason as to your unannounced appearance," I retaliate, a smirk playing on my lips.

"Me too, there's no way you were in the neighbourhood and wanted to drop in!" Karen laughs while stepping aside to let them in.

"Ooo, so this is what your little love nest looks like!" Jessica taunts while looking around in awe.

"That's not answering our question!" I reply taking the beef out the oven.

"He cooks too!" Sue squeals while taking Karen's arm jumping up and down.

"Are you already plastered?" I ask coming out of the kitchen and leaning against the wall.

"What?" Bobby questions while getting cosy on the couch.

"Are you drunk?" Karen interjects receiving looks of surprise from our three house guests.

"Not quite yet, the evening has yet to begin. We can't risk forget what will become one of our most infamous Hallowe'en nights," Jessica responds before jumping on the couch and stretching her legs over Bobby's lap.

"What exactly will make it so infamous?" I reply still curious as to why they have shown up. I want a damn reply!

"For one you will be coming with us," Sue replies while joining her companions on the couch.

"Woh woh woh woh, what now?" Karen responds after checking on the stir fry.

"You will be coming with us," Sue re-states in a slightly patronising voice.

"Yeah we both heard that, but what exactly makes you so sure that we will come with you?" Karen replies crossing her arms with an amused look on her face.

"Love, I'm just going to pop out to get a bottle of wine, any preferences?" I ask desperate to avoid this conversation.

"Red would be good, your choice after that," she replies while keeping her gaze fixed on the three on the couch. All three were looking at us in awe as if this was the first they had heard about us. This was not in fact the first time they had heard about us but I suppose this is the first time they are witnessing us together. Oh well; they shall get over it, they' re all grown ups!

"All right see you in a bit," I reply giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out the door - coat and keys in hand. You know what a nice leisurely stroll seems like the way to go tonight; may as well experience the buzzing atmosphere that is New York on Hallowe'en.

As I headed down the bustling street I couldn't help but notice the spectrum of colours and costumes rushing past my eye every turn of my head that I take. As I much as I dislike the constitution of knocking of strangers' doors, I do enjoy observing the different costumes and personalities that come with those costumes. For example, you see a man dressed up as James Bond, he suddenly walks around like he could tackle you to the ground in a matter of seconds. Or, for example, you see a lady dressed up like Cat Woman; she suddenly acts like her reflexes are as sharp and precise as that who she portrays. When in reality these two people couldn't throw a straight punch even if you were standing a foot away from them with a big flashing neon sign that said 'hit here'! Although through this 'holiday' I can start to pick out those who may actually have a future in acting even if it is going go be just a one time thing.

Walking down the busy street, groups of children excitedly ran past me - some with little Hallowe'en baskets, others just with a plastic bag - going from house to house bumping into friends as they go. Their parents' were strolling leisurely behind, obviously realised that they weren't going to be able to slow down the over excited children even if they tried.

As each year passes there is always a group of teenagers who think they're too 'cool' to go trick or treating anymore and so decide to attempt to throw a party. It's almost as if throwing this party will seal their budding status as a socialite, when in reality all these people are turning up because they heard the words 'free' and 'booze' in the sentence. now whether that statement was: 1) there will be free booze or; 2) there will be free food but no booze allowed is a mystery only the hosts will know.

I wonder if London is this crazy nowadays? The last time I was back home on Hallowe'en was about 15 odd years ago and back then there were not this many trick or treaters! I do miss London sometimes, just to see the bustling of Camden Market. To head down to the local pub and be served by people I know and not get cornered by waitresses or bar tenders desperate to make it in the theatre industry. I didn't really live in London itself, simply because if I was working and living in the same place there was a higher chance of being cornered by wanna be actors/actresses. Therefore I lived about an half an hour to an hour away in Hertfordshire - out in the country. No, before you get the wrong idea it wasn't the country as in cows living on a farm, it was the country as in a small town with an awful lot of greenery. I miss that. I miss the quiet that was sometimes brought with living in the country. I miss the quiet walks I could take behind where I live overlooking hills and fields. You know what though, I wouldn't change anything that I have now. I have made myself a fantastic little life here in New York and while going back to England sounds like an idea, I think the way things are here I won't be going any where without Karen.

Finally walking out the shop with a bottle of red in hand, a man thin in stature pushed past me. "Excuse you," I state angrily causing the man to turn to face me. It was Tom. He had streams of tears rolling down his face so I stopped him and brought him to sit on a nearby bench. "Tom what's happened?" I ask weary of the answer.

"It's nothing really, I'm just being melodramatic," he shrugs while wiping the tears with the sleeve of his shirt.

"Well, it must be something if it has got you this upset," I reply still weary but now weary at the ambiguity of the answers that Tom is giving.

"Fine," Tom sighs while noticeably pacing himself before continuing. "Ellis turned up at the door while Ivy was round. I demanded that he left immediately, I don't want him anywhere near Ivy or the baby. Or us for that matter! Ivy, however, wanted to talk to him," he carried on now getting annoyed at who exactly was unclear but he was getting annoyed nonetheless. "We had an argument, Ivy and I that is, and I left needing some air," he finishes. Maybe he was being a bit over dramatic, but hey that is just my matter of opinion.

"Why don't you come back to mine for a bit and get your thoughts in order," I reply after coming to the decision that it is the right thing to do.

"Got anything stronger than a bottle of wine?" he asks chuckling slightly while pointing to the bottle in my hand.

"I do indeed," I respond while smiling and standing up. There's something that Tom is not telling me, there is something more to the story he was saying. I just can't put my finger on exactly what that is. I suppose I will have to figure that part out when we get back. I hope our three unannounced house guests have gone now, once again I'll have to see when I get back...

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