Katey left her bed more tired than when she had entered it. At least, the most important matter was solved: she was friend with Daniel again. She could not forget Javier and she knew very well he would not let himself be forgotten but right now she needed breakfast. The rest didn't matter for now. She had forgot about her job, which was a disaster since she came for Cuba and now she could not even do her job, but had to sit in her room until she got green light from Andrés. It scared her how easy it was to forget her duty to her country and to human rights. But, then again, breakfast. A coffee would probably make everything clear.

They sat down at a table and ordered their usual breakfast. Katey sighed of happiness when she took a sip of her coffee.

"Only Cubans can make good coffee." Katey

"Is that so? Daniel said in disbelief. I believe, added he, that our home country is the best at making coffee. I think this is quite mediocre."

"You fool! You don't know how real coffee taste like!"

"Of course I do! I guess it is the water that makes it different. I wonder if they have better or worse water here."

They were not left with much time to consider it before something happened in the reception which made everyone turn their heads. Five police officers, with strict black uniforms and heavy weapons under their vests, were walking toward the dining room and especially, toward Katey and Daniel. One of them seemed to be the chief police, mostly because of the slight difference in uniform and that he was wearing a strange hat. They stopped at Daniel and Katey's table and the officer in strange hat pointed his finger at them. He started to scream in Spanish, incomprehensible for the Americans but his manners led to believe that they certainly had done something very terrible. All the other guests starred at them with disgust and contempt and one guest even spitted on the ground while looking at them. When the officer was finished, he gestured to the other four, who took each American and put handcuffs on them. Daniel and Katey had starred at the officer with chocked and confused eyes. When they were handcuffed, they protested wildly which made the officer very angry and the Americans felt a gun pushed against their backs. They had no idea what was going on and why they were charged but they knew, that whenever they had done, would have terrible consequences for them both and everyone they knew here in Cuba.

I know it is a short chapter but I think it is needed for the story. I love cliffhangers and the suspense it gives. I write when I have inspiration and it comes and goes. Besides, I am in a writing school where you don't have any occasion to write anything else. I learn so much about writing!

By the way, I am so proud of how this story develops, even I don't know how this is going to end. Exciting!