This is my new story based off of The Vampire Diaries. Im addicted to the show now. Starting at Season 1, we find out that Stefan and Damon aren't the only Salvatore's. They have a sister. Cassandra. When she comes to Mystic Falls, she joins in on the fun of all the crazy things that are happening. Enjoy and make sure you review!

The Salvatore Sister: An Eternity of Pain

Chapter 1: My Arrival

RIght now, I'd prefer to be anywhere other then this dreadful town. Paris is nice this time of year. London too. But somehow I find myself breathing in the horrid smell of Mystic Falls. What the hell was Stefan doing here?

It's been about 17 years since I've seen my brother Stefan. It's all my fault that it's been so long. I chose the wrong lifestyle, but I'm better now. I want Stefan to know that, I want him to know I'm going to stick around this time around.

He'll probably be very surprised to see me at first but hopefully when it sinks in, he'll be happy. I think he'll be most happy to here how I've stayed away from Damon and that Im clean. Our older brother is the irresponsible one and I haven't let him influence me in a long time.

Sure, Damon always said that he was just looking after me, protecting his baby sister, but that's not how I saw it. Besides, I just wanted to feel human again. Remember what it was like. If Stefan got to do normal, so was I.

I walk into the high school and take it all in. The smell was disgusting, the people were naive, but mostly the smell of these teenagers was bugging me. I mean, I was a teenager too but i had a hundred plus years of maturity over these people.

After finally getting my schedule, I hit the halls again. The staring was annoying but I thought i'd be best to try and embrace it. I wanted a good social life and if the guys thought I was hot enough to look at, I'd take it.

I'm about 5'7. I have a tiny build but still got some muscles. I have long, dark brown curls. Green eyes like Stefan's and then a smile like Damon's.

It's funny because my brothers are complete opposites but I'm like a mix of both of them. I have Damon's cleverness but Stefan's compassionate side. I remember people use to say me and Damon looked a lot like our mom, but that was when she was alive.

Before my brothers became vampires, Damon was just 23 and back from the war. Stefan was 17 and it was 12. That's when that bitch Katherine had to come and ruin everything. They never aged after becoming vampires.

When all of the vampires and witches were being burned, I thought Katherine was doomed. I was 12 when my father died, but it wasn't until much later that I learned it was Stefan who killed him.

I was alone for five years until Stefan came back and turned me. I never forgot that day, I didn't even have a choice of staying human. So now I'm 17 forever. Turning was the scariest thing I've ever done. The whole wanting blood, the killing people, it was frightening. But we hunted to stay alive.

Right when we ran into Damon, was when Stefan finally admitted killing people was wrong and he gave me a choice. Stay with him and start living off of animals or join Damon. I chose Damon.

It took so long for me to realize that was a mistake. I left Damon in 1964. I was by myself for 45 years eating off homeless people and having fun with guys with low self esteem, sometimes feeding off them too.

My life just wasn't what it use to be. I missed Stefan so much. If my tracking skills are still as good as I thought, I'd say Stefan has been here for a couple of weeks by now.

Roaming the halls was getting annoying and I'm pretty sure classes would be starting soon.

"Are you lost?" I turn around to see a gorgeous guy giving me a smirk.

"Yeah, I'm looking for somebody." I say giving him a small smile. I'm going to have these high school boys wrapped around my finger soon enough.

"Well look no further, I'm Tyler." He puts out his hand to shake and I take it gladly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cassie. I'm looking for my brother though." I say as I take my hand back and he looks me up and down. Was he checking me out?

"What's his name? I could probably point him out." He seemed so confident and I loved it.

"Stefan Salvatore." His facial expression goes from smiley to upset in like a second. Stefan totally is showing off at this school, isn't he?

"Salvatore, huh? He transferred here about four weeks ago. And he's your brother?" I just nod and he sighs.

"You know what, I'll just keep looking." I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and walk away. I think I'm going to have fun at this school.

I didn't see him once at the damn school! Maybe I'd have better luck at Zach's. My so called 'uncle.' The Salvatore boarding house has always stayed in the family, and brought down for generations. He should be about 35 now. I did run into him maybe 18 years ago, he looked good.

I only had one suitcase so it was pretty easy entering the house. Since this was going to be my house too, I wanted to make myself feel comfortable.

It was just as i remembered it. Old.

I could sense he was here but I didn't get a chance to find him because it looked like he found me.

"Cassie?" His voice, I almost forgot what it sounded like. I look up to the top of the stairwell and see him, he looked absolutely the same. Maybe better hair and clothes though.

"Hi brother." I say smiling. He quickly appears in front of me. A smile slowly appears on his face and he embraces me in a tight hug.

"If you get normal, so do I. I registered at the high school this morning. I was looking for you." We let go and his smile just wouldn't leave his face. I missed it so much. It's been too long.

"I was held up today, what made you come back?" He asks with curiosity.

"Stefan, I'm clean. I've been clean and I really missed you. Why did you decide to be a teenager here though, it's so weird being back." I say and his facial expression turns more warm. The light bulb hits.

" A girl?"

He runs upstairs and grabs something. "Not just any girl." He hands me a picture and my eyes go wide.

"Are you kidding me?" How could he still be smiling?

"SHe's nothing like her. She's amazing." I sigh.

"Katherine ruined your life, Stefan. Not to mention Damon's. Are you sure this is a good idea?" He just shakes his head yes and I take a seat on the couch. This was crazy.

"Cassie, it's so great to see you. I do have some things I need to tell you though. And from what I found out, you're not going to like them." Was I going to need some fluid soon?

"Lay it on me, Stef." He takes a big breath then takes a seat next to me.

"Damon's in town." My stomach literally falls. I know it's been longer since I've seen Stefan but it was so much harder to leave Damon. I never said goodbye or anything but he knew exactly why. He brought it on himself. The amount of hatred I left towards him, I don't know if that will ever go away.

"Why is here?" I ask Stefan and he opens his mouth to say something but...

"Hello little sister." I didn't even need to turn around to remember who's voice that belonged too. I've missed him but I can never forgive him for what he did to me, ever.

"Damon." I turn around and face him. Nothing about him has changed. His same old smirk. His hair, his type of clothing. He hasn't changed at all.

He smirks. "I love family reunions."

I stayed up all night with Stefan. He caught me up on the important stuff. Look a like Katherine. With the whole Damon thing. With the girl named Vicki and all of the witch stuff. Hearing about Damon killing Zach was the hardest.

He always kills the people I care about most it seems. I still can't believe he killed Stefan's best friend, Lexie. Granted, I wasn't the girls number one fan, but she still meant something to Stefan.

I don't want to talk to Damon. Apparently he's sticking around town for some reason.

"I guess we should get ready for school." I say to Stefan as he yawns.

"You go, I can't. Tell Elena I'm sorry."

"What? I haven't even met the girl yet." I say protesting.

"Then introduce yourself. I have to stick around here and find out what Damon is up to. It's career day, go enjoy yourself." I shake my head as he smirks.

"Yeah right. Keep me posted." I grab my jacket and head for the door.

"And Cassie?" I turn around to Stefan.

"I really am glad you're here." I smile and leave for school.

I could tell he was hiding so many things from me, but I had to let it slide. It's been so long so I understand why he's hiding from me. I have plenty of my own secrets that I can't share with him either.

When I reach the school I realize how big this career thing was going to be. There were stations everywhere for everything. They go all out.

I've done a couple of crazy jobs over the years myself. Nothing I really liked though. My passion is singing but I don't get to do it often.

It didn't take long to spot Elena. She really was Katherine's doppleganger. I was about to go over there when someone slams into me hard.

"Hey, watch it!" I scream as the guy turns to me looking sorry. Boy, was he cute!

"Sorry! Are you okay?" He looks at me and I smile.

"Yeah, just keep your eyes on the prize next time." He smiles too. "Are you new?" He asks me and I nod.

"I just transferred here. I'm Cassie. You must be clumsy." I extend my hand and he shakes it. "Matt actually. Clumsy is my middle name." He's got a sense of humor? I love it.

"Sorry, I have a lot of things on my mind so I probably wont be looking up for a while." I smile.

"Just watch out for your fellow pedestrians, would ya?" He nods and starts to walk off.

"See you around, Cassie!" Oh my god so cute. Maybe school wont be so bad here.

I look over at the art station and smile. I walk over there and stand next to the cute guy from earlier.

"Wouldn't figure you to be the artsy type?" He looks up at me and smirks.

"It's just a hobby. You find a career?" I ignore his question and take a better look at his drawing of a creepy monster thing.

"Looks like you got a knack for this kind of stuff." I notice the signature on it and a light bulb goes off.

"Lockwood? As in founding family?" He just nods and I smile. "I'd say we were made for eachother then." He smirks.

"Is that so?" I just nod. "The Salvatore's and Lockwoods were very close." I could tell he was enjoying this just as much as me.

"You want to get out of here?" I nod as I see his teenage boy lust fill his eyes.

"WHy the hell not!" He grabs my hand and leads me to his car. That was the day I finally had sex with a Lockwood. It was just as I pictured it to be, he knew exactly what he was doing. The only thing I wonder now is if he knows about his family history at all?