Loki looked around the park, finding nothing to catch his attention except for the distant rumble of thunder and lightning followed by a mountain of heavy rain. He sighed before leaning against the wall, allowing his body to fall against it and collapse on to the earth below him. For a few moments he was left in peace, letting the rain hit his cold skin and drench his armour. Suddenly Loki was joined by another God soon joined him, bringing him out of his dazed relaxation; Loki opened his eyes and found his brother looking at him through the murky downpour, his golden hair drenched and his armour still glowing regardless of the grey skies and lack of sunlight. "Hello Thor." His brother smiled weakly but Loki couldn't return the gesture nearly as strong.

"Loki, you took my advice! Well this is a first…" and a first it was, Thor was known for his strength but not for his knowledge, so on the rare occasions Thor would give advice; it was even rarer for someone to take it, near on impossible if that someone was Loki. Odin was furious with his two sons for creating havoc a while ago with an ally, Loki forgets the name of the race but Odin's anger was still burning strong when Thor decided to give the advice to Loki that he should leave Asgard for a while, to relieve himself of Odin's anger and to get connected with himself once again. Loki didn't like to admit it but being around his father was very tiresome.

"Yes" Loki admitted to Thor. "Now that I am here, what would you have me do?" Thor looked at his younger brother with confusion. Loki frowned with annoyance, "Well, I can't walk around with my armour; I need to learn to…blend with the Misgardian people but I wouldn't know where to begin with that!" Loki looked at his brother for help, guidance, anything that could give him a head start to his next few months of Earth. But the blonde only smiled.

"Well brother, I wish you luck with your…blending." Loki rolled his eyes and Thor's lack of help. The blonde man span where he stood, walking down the ledge of the park. Loki barked out his brother's name, making the taller man turn slightly towards him.

"…You won't stay?" Loki coughed back the agony in his voice. Thor just shrugged at his brother, slowly pulling out Mjolnir and twirling the large structure in his hands.

"Someone needs to receive the All Fathers rage." He smiled weakly and Loki smiled back, nodding to his blonde brother, Thor waved with his free hand before pointing his equipped hand to the sky.

"Thank you Brother, I am in your debt once more." Loki spoke quietly to himself but Thor cackled heavily with his strong voice anyway, before a flash of lightning broke both of them of their sight. When the light faded Thor was gone, back on the Bi Frost by Loki's educated guess. He missed his brother already, feeling alone in the unfamiliar world, but excepting to his new fate and rather excited. He waited till the rain stopped before standing, looking over the large park. He caught sight of a man, wearing a dark green jumper lined with black and a loss fitting pair of jeans, his feet dressed in unfamiliar white clothing. Not a second later Loki was wearing the same. The jeans just clung to his hips, but the jumper travelled over the exposed flesh of his stomach, he pulled up the long sleeves till they reaches his elbows, finally feeling comfortable in the itchy clothing, he quickly walked out of the park, ignoring the people around him and he marched through the streets, wandering in circles aimlessly for hours until he was finally familiar with the area…he could get used to this world.

I know it's short but it's a work in progress!

Hazel x