This is the end! Yay, but boo...but yay
...anyway here it isss. the end. finally. woo.

Tony knocked on the door in front of him shyly. The loud music within suddenly shut off, a loud rumbling and tossing of items before the silver handle turned around and light flooded through. Loki peeked out, a smile brushing on his face when he saw Tony. Loki's eyes didn't glow in the unlit hallway like before, and instead they remained a soft mossy green instead of the vibrant emerald he knew them to be. His skin wasn't powered a flour white, and instead his flesh was a soft, almost olive tan, his cheeks reddening from the cold and rainfall earlier. His slick hair had curled from lack of care and Godly attendance, shortening from its long length and gathering around his skull.

"…we need to talk." Tony pushed past Loki, looking around the spare room to the Avengers Tower. Loki had made progress with the room Stark had given him, unlike the other guest rooms the walls were draped with dark green, the décor was jet black and sparkling against the light of the golden chandelier. Across the floor and a top the bed were many boxes, some of them opened while others remained sealed tight with Asgardian locks or Misgardian tape. In one of the open boxes Tony could see some of Loki's books; most of them black leather with huge rusted buckles and sown spines. Beside the books, a rolled up map sat, it was unfamiliar to his knowledge, nothing of this world no doubt. Tony tucked his hands into his suit jacket, only to have a pair of warm pale arms wrap around his torso. Loki's chest was pressed against Tony's back, the fellow mortal pressed his mouth to the black of Tony's head, the smirk on his face imprinting in his brown haired scalp.

"Don't I get a kiss for my good work?" The man purred, cackling ever so delicately as he did so. Tony swallowed the lump in his throat, stepping out of Loki's grip and turning to face the taller man.

"Your good work…?" He stepped closer, lifting his arms from his pockets and grabbing Loki by his neck. The man didn't stop smiling until he was inches from Tony's glaring eyes. "What the hell were you thinking?! We're you even thinking when you asked Odin Godfather to be banished forever?! Loki…you can never enter Asgard again, you're stuck here as a fragile bloody mortal…why did you do it?" Loki stared at Tony with large, round, blank eyes which switched between Tony's. He laughed once, his smile gathering just for a second before falling once again. Tony dropped his hands, closing his eyes and running his hands over his face. When he opened them again, Loki had edged closer silently, apparently he was naturally quiet footed.

"Well, I-I did it for us." He muttered cocking to the side. Tony blinked, searching Loki's eye for the glint of mischief, but it never came. Tony sighed, breaking free from Loki's weak grip.

"…I'm far too sober for this convocation." He ran his hands over his face, the weeks of sleepless nights finally taking their toll. Loki scoffed at Tony's muttered words. "What do you mean…us?" He motioned to the air between them. "…you were the god of mischief Loki-"

"-I know I was." Loki's voice was stern, a little louder than it had been for a few weeks. He remained smiling but grabbed Tony's hands, meshing his long tanned fingers with Tony's. "…but now that I am human, I am no longer a threat. Your team will no longer see me as the enemy which gives me the chance to do this." He grabbed Tony's chin, lifting the smaller man's head and leant forward, he pressed his thin lips to Tony's. Tony kissed back hungrily, missing the taste of the man. He untied his hands from Loki's, sliding them along his tall torso and wrapping them around his shoulders and trailing into his scalp, pulling at the soft, natural locks. He tasted…different. Instead of coldness numbing him he was overcome with warmth, so much warmth… A laugh fluttered from Loki's lungs, pushing the shorter man away. Loki rested his head on Tony's, trailing his hands over his arms and shoulders, creating warmth all over his bare and clothed skin. Tony fell into the man, hugging the mortal lover with much strength. "I love you Anthony Stark…" Loki purred.

"I love you too Loki…" He looked up at the previous God. "…marry me." The words fell from his lips before he even registered it. Loki's emerald eyes widened slightly before he finally laughed. He placed a hand on Tony's cheek, enjoying the sharp graze against his palms. With his other hand, he stroked his fingers through his growing black hair. He hummed before leaning forward, kissing the man briefly before purring.

"…A thousand times yes darling."