Someone needs to stop me from starting more new series. Especially after watching movies. Like, the influences on this fic from a movie I watched recently- not hard to guess which one, if you've seen it- are so obvious, it's not even funny. This is getting ridiculous. But the friend who told me to write this said she liked it, so I decided that I'll go ahead with it.

When you thought about it, there really weren't that many reasons for standing on the edge of a bridge at three in the morning. In fact, the only one that came to my mind in that moment was the one that happened to be my reason for doing so. My hair was blowing all around in the freezing winds of January, yet I didn't bother to sweep it away. It was a unique feeling, and when you are in the last few moments of your life, you begin to notixe small, insignificant things such as that.

The other thing that you notice is just how many thoughts are running through your head. Pure adrenaline courses through your veins, when you attempt to convince yourself- is it really worth it? Cold whips around you, but you don't care. All that matters is the next few seconds, the one where you-

On second thought, I really can't do this.

In some cases, this realization hits you like a ton of bricks. You snap back to the real world, noticing the freezing temperatures, your location, and even your bangs slapping against your forehead. You shiver, and move away from the edge, barely making it to the side of the road before you crumble, all those tears you thought you got rid of in your lifetime flowing out, hitting the pavement and instantly freezing.

You stay like that for a while, feeling absolutely terrible as you realize just how close you were to doing something terrible, something you could never take back. Eventually, you raise to stand on shaky legs, and with your mind on autopilot, you walk. You really don't care where you're going. Anywhere but here is fine, really. You walk for several blocks, before it finally hits you where you need to be. You can't return home, people would undoubtedly hear you return, and the resulting questions of where you had been would undoubtedly bring you to another breakdown. So finally, you make up your mind.

I need help, don't I.


The first thing that shocked me about the hospital was its sheer size. Sure, it was big enough from the outside, but the inside was little more than a huge maze, threatening to lose you somewhere inside. If I wasn't with a doctor, leading me down the twisted halls, I would never have made it out.

But there I was, sitting in the examination room the doctor had led me to. He made no attempts at small talk before getting down to the inevitable questions, maybe because he had even less of a desire to be there this late than I did. His tone was bored, maybe even a little snappish.

"So your name is Ryou Bakura?" I nod my head. "What brings someone like you here at a time like this?"

I was silent, choosing my words carefully before answering. "I wanted to kill myself tonight," I finally answered. "I almost did it, too. I was standing on the edge of Domino Bridge, ready to jump. But I couldn't do it. I-I figured if I came here, I could get some help."

There were a flurry of questions following my statement, but all I could really focus on was the truth, finally sinking in. I had really just tried to kill myself. Sure, it was something I had considered before, but I never thought that I would attempt it. The guilt and self-loathing running through me briefly made me want to run out screaming, head back to that bridge, and try again to end it all.

A few more people were brought in for me to talk to, and it must have been a couple hours or so before they finally said the words I had been expecting, yet somewhat dreading.

"We're going to admit you to our psych ward."


I was led down to the third floor of the hospital by a different doctor, who continued talking despite receiving no response. He showed me all of the places where I would be spending at least the next few days of my life. At this point, I was so exhausted that I barely paid any attention, hoping that each stop we made would be the entrance to my new room, where I could attempt some sleep. Not that it came easily to me even at home.

Finally, we approached a numbered door that was undoubtedly going to be my room. The doctor opened the door slowly, I assumed because I wasn't the only one who would be staying there. Sure enough, in the early morning rays of light, I could see a sleeping figure in the bed on the far side of the window.

"This," the doctor said, gesturing toward the person, "Is Malik Ishtar. He'll be your roommate. Now, breakfast is at eight, so you can sleep for a bit, but make sure you're there." I nodded, and I was left alone, save for my snoring roommate. I made my way to the bed, and fell asleep almost the instant my head hit the pillow.


That night, I had a dream. It wasn't unusual for me. Hardly a night went by where I didn't see something as I slept. But tonight's dream was almost terrifying, in a way. My family surrounded me on that bridge, begging and pleading for me to come back. Father was there, despite the fact that he was in Egypt. Even mother and Amane, who had been lost so long ago, were there. I don't quite remember what they said, but I think I ignored them, jumping into the water, over a hundred feet below.

I awoke drenched in a cold sewat, with an unfamiliar face looking over me.

"So you're the new kid, huh?" he said, his eyes moving over me a couple of times. "Damn it, they could have at least asked if I wanted a new roommate…"

"You must be Malik, then," I murmured, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "Nice to meet you, too." He nodded.

"They must have told you who I was, then. Yeah, I'm Malik. Now, I would suggest getting out of bed, if you don't want to miss breakfast." I paused. It was rare for me to have an appetite this early in the morning, anyways- I usually made up for it later in the day.

"I'll be fine," I finally said, curling back up in bed. "I had kind of a late night last night, so I really just want to sleep-"

"Wow, you really are new here, aren't you?" Malik snorted. "It's not exactly optional. They'll deduct points if you don't show up and eat something."

"I don't care," I said into my pillow. "A couple points aren't important."

"Damn, kid, did they explain anything to you?" Malik laughed. "You'll be stuck in here forever, with that attitude. And take it from someone who knows- being in this hellhole for an extended amount of time? Not a good experience. So come on. Get up, and we can go eat something. If you're lucky, I'll even let you sit at my table."

"…Fine." I sat up, and climbed out of bed. Malik led me to the cafeteria, pointing out people he knew, also on their way to breakfast. Then, when I assumed we were almost there, his eyes lit up, and he dragged me toward someone I assumed was his friend. Although, it was strange- in appearance, the person wasn't too different from me.

"Bakura!" he called out. Even his name was the same? This was a bit creepy, but I could deal with it. "Good morning! Hey, look! We have a new guy!"

"Fuck off, Malik," the man grumbled, his voice low, with a hint of a British accent not too different from my own. "It's too early in the morning to put up with your bullshit." His gaze shifted over to me. "Oh, he wasn't lying. There is a new kid."

Malik also looked at me. I stiffened, not used to this much attention. "Oh yeah," he said, "I never did get your name."

"R-Ryou," I said, unsure of why I was stuttering. "Ryou Bakura." The man whose name was apparently Bakura as well looked at me strangely for a moment, but shrugged it off.

"Bakura Sennen. And as you may or may not already know, this idiot is Malik Ishtar."

"Nice to meet both of you," I said quickly, only wanting to get the spotlight off of myself. "Should we go, then?" Malik and Bakura looked at each other.

"We probably should," Bakura said. "The assholes who work here don't like when we're late. Take away points, and all that bullshit." Malik nodded solemnly in agreement.

And so we walked, toward the cafeteria. And as Malik and Bakura- the first two people I had met in this place, who seemed as though they could be friends of mine- bickered over something useless, I let out a small sigh, as I realized just what I had gotten myself into.