E/O Challenge WoW : Friday the thirteenth
Spoilers: None
Word Count : Just 100
Disclaimer : They're all Kripke's, dammit!

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The door opened, revealing a goblinesque Demon bearing an envelope. Sat at his desk, Crowley watched the Demon enter.
"Sir...It's Friday the thirteenth."
Crowley sighed,
"The Satanic Aptitude Test results Sir."
"Ah yes...The SATs. How many candidates?"
"109 Sir."
"Erm...8, Sir."
Crowley sat back, arms crossed.
"The failures?"
"Supplementing our fuel supply Sir."
Crowley nodded, looking thoughtfully into space. The demon shifted uncomfortably. Finally Crowley appeared to reach a decision.
"Instigate a new foundation course, immediately. Weed out the crap early."
"Yessir, right away. Er...the course title?"
"Hmmm...call it Demoning for Dummies."
"As you wish Sir."