Check The Calendar, Dude

Fun at Dean's expense because it's what I love to do!

E/O Challenge Phrase: Friday the 13th – 100 words on the dot!

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"Not going to work Dean."

"Seven more years of bad luck? You should feel sorry for me."

"I do…"


"… because you're an idiot."

"That hurts, considering…"

"… the broken mirror, your mysterious run-in with a black cat and the accidental stroll you took under that ladder?"

"Right. Pretty weird huh? Hell, maybe there is something to all the superstitious, mumbo-jumbo, Friday the 13th crap."

"You'll be fine."

"C'mon dude, I thought you were all freaky about this stuff."

"Maybe, if you had planned your performance better."


"Kind of loses its effectiveness on Saturday the 14th, Dean."


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