Chapter 1

Athos Bardia slipped through the night like a black snake, unseen and undetected. He was in full black, a M9 in its holster strapped to his side. Athos planned not to use the pistol on this mission; of course, he wouldn't unless he wanted to. His mission was to capture the leader of a high scale crime ring that's been going on for the past ten years, in the City.

Agent Four scaled the side of the building crawling in through a window, crouching low in the dark hallway. He scanned the walls and ceilings for any digi-cams. Athos smiled, not a single camera in sight, just like the blue prints. Good. He stood and walked down the hall, not making a single sound.

He rounded the corner into the adjacent corridor, and then jumped back behind the wall. Crap! I shouldn't have been so careless! There were two guards at the end of the hall, in front of the room his target was in. They were classic ChaoSonic security, Kevlar body armor, night vision goggles, silent boots, ChaoSonic buzz belts, Eagle assault rifles in their holsters. Alright, I've taken out six times as many guards. Athos drew his pistol, sliding a clip into it, tranquilizers.

Okay, I have a one inch spot on the left side of each of their necks to hit, before they see me and hit the alarm. One inch to the right and I kill them. Athos thought, "No deaths" King said. Never any deaths…He thought, then stepped out into the corridor and shot two trank darts into their necks, hitting the mark before they even see him standing there. The guards slumped to the floor.

Athos smiled, then holstered his M9 and continued down the corridor, slowly opening the door at the end. His target, Mr. Kino, was sitting at his computer, a glass of Scotch sitting beside him. Kino was tall, had a shaved head, and was smart. He knew how to work people, to make them believe his way was the only way. Athos shivered, men like this are the type of men that make him sick.

Time to get this over with, he thought. Agent Four, shut the door without a sound and silently walked over to his target. He swiftly hit the gland in the side of his neck and Mr. Kino slumped in his chair.

Mission Successful.