Chapter 5

Athos was sitting a few tables away from Cynthia Heroshi and Nicolai Anthorkie; they had just met and were only talking about the food. The agent sighed, why can't they just cut to the point? He thought. Athos had ordered some spaghetti and was eating it slowly

"The next batch is on the way, Nicolai. They should be ready in another month." Cynthia said, quietly. Not too quiet for Athos, though, because of his listening devise

Nicolai smiled, "Excellent. I trust Mr. Kino will be satisfied?"

"Of course," Cynthia said, her food being set in front of her. "but, last year when that Deck agent and Kyntak, two failed projects, destroyed our rig and did significant damage to our Head Quarters, we had to move Project Falcon."

Wait a minute; there are other of…me? That is against the Lab? Athos thought franticly. He thought he was the only one against the Lab. Obviously, he was wrong.

"Yes, yes. I know. The new tower is on the south side of the City, correct?" Nicolai asked, eating his steak slowly.

"Yes, about four blocks from the Sea Wall." Cynthia replied

Excellent. Now I know where they are. Athos thought but what about my brothers…? Athos looked around as he finished his spaghetti; several other Deck agents were at the other tables, all in civilian disguises.

I have what we need. Athos thought.

"Good, good. I'll be there next Friday, to check on your progress." Nicolai said, then stood and left. No Deck agents went to arrest him, they were only here for if things went bad.

Cynthia nodded and left also, but out the other door. She got in a ChaoSonic car and drove away. Athos smiled, paying for the food then getting the "pebble". Another successful mi- A large man grabbed him from behind and threw him into another table, breaking it with the force of the throw.

Athos looked up at the man, shocked; he had a long scar across the left side of his face, greasy black hair and dark eyes. The man yanked out a knife, but Athos quickly kicked his hand and sent if flying across the room, he kicked the man in the jaw with his other foot, then jumped to his feet. The man staggered slightly but stayed on his feet, he reared back to punch Athos in the face, but Athos ducked, landed on his back and kicked the man in the knees. Scar Face Man cried out in agony, doubling over slightly, Athos used this to his advantage. He grabbed a handful of the man's nasty hair and slammed his face and his knee together; breaking his nose and making blood ooze down his face.

Scar Face Man grunted but, swiftly punched Agent Four in the gut, knocking the air out of him. He followed the punch by getting Athos in a head lock and squeezing tightly. Athos shoved his chin down before the man got his arm around his neck, he elbowed him in the ribs, a loud crack resounding through the restaurant and then grabbed his head, flipping the man over him and slamming him down on another table. Plates and glasses broke under the man and impaled his back.

Athos kicked the man in his temple and knocked him unconscious. He was welled trained, but obviously not as well as me. Athos stretched, his back popping, and then looked around. The Deck agents were arresting a few other security guards that stayed to fight. Only about four total.

Agent Four of Hearts popped his neck and picked up the "pebble" again, this time getting to put it in his pocket. No one attacked him.

Mission successful.