Arthur started humming a song, leaning back in his chair and putting his feet on his desk, glancing out his window. It was a relaxing day today, since he didn't really have to do much. And he decided to stay in his room so that he didn't have people criticizing him for his friends, who were currently dancing to Arthur's tune.

Arthur let out a laugh when one fairy put a kiss on another's cheek and they both blushed. One of the fairies reminded him so much of Alfred. He was flying around, hyper, trying to mess with everyone else. Arthur was pretty sure he hadn't been still for two seconds in the past 2 hours.

Thinking about Alfred improved his mood significantly. It had been months now since he had last seen him. Maybe even a year, when he thought about it. A small frown traced his face at that thought.

It couldn't have been a year, could it? Arthur put his feet down from the desk and fumbled with the pile of letters he had gotten from Alfred. At least he was smart enough to date them, so Arthur found the one at the end of the pile, the first one he had sent him. It was dated for over a year ago…

"Jesus Christ…" Arthur muttered, staring at the letter. Over the past year, Alfred's handwriting and spelling had improved significantly, but he never really noticed before how many letters there really were.

"What's wrong, Arthur?" Flying Mint Bunny asked.

"I have to see Alfred," Arthur muttered, standing up. "I'm going to go find Ludwig and talk with him about clearing my schedual."

Arthur rushed out of the room and started walking quickly, not really seeing where he was going. Where would Ludwig be in the first place? Arthur never asked where he went when he wasn't around. Before Arthur got very far, though, he slammed into someone, making him fall on his butt.

"Oh, bloody hell," Arthur muttered.

"Je suis désole!" Francis' voice gasped. "Are you okay, mon ami?"

"I'm fine," Arthur sighed. Seeing a hand in front of his face, he took it and was helped up. "Do you know where Ludwig is?"

"I just got here, Arthur," Francis laughed. "You seemed like you were in a rush, what is wrong?"

"It will seem stupid if I say it," Arthur massaged his forehead.

"Is it in the name of amour?" Francis asked.

"Yes," Arthur shook his head. "It seems stupid, but I just noticed that it's been over a year since I've seen Alfred and I have to see him."

"Do you know where he is?" Francis asked.

"In his last letter he said he would be in that small town he took me to when he kidnapped me," Arthur muttered.

"You've been exchanging letters?" Francis gasped. "How romantic! I didn't know you had that in you."

"It was Alfred's idea," Arthur shook his head. "Anyway, I must find Ludwig to clear my schedule."

"I just got a wonderful idea!" Francis yelled as they started walking again. "Mon cher and I could go ahead of you a couple minutes and he will think the surprise is his brother, but then he will see you. Oh, it will be so romantic."

"If that weren't a good idea, I would hit you," Arthur rolled his eyes. "When did you start calling Mathew that nickname?"

"For over a year now," Francis smirked.

"Oh, so he's the one," Arthur glanced back at him.

"Oui," Francis smiled. "We both get a twin."

"That just makes it sound wrong," Arthur laughed.

"Oh, don't tell me you don't get kinky images-" Francis started, but Arthur cut him off.

"I am not listening to this," Arthur quickly placed his hands over his ears.

"I forgot you were so innocent, mon ami," Francis placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Excuse me!" Arthur snapped. "I am not innocent!"

"And yet you act like a petit garçon," Francis messed up Arthur's hair.

"Just because I can see them and you can't," Arthur sighed, "does not mean I act like a kid."

"When you stop giggling with them in your room, I will believe you," Francis laughed.

"Sod off, frog," Arthur pushed him lightly.

"I thought we were over the insults," Francis sighed. "But, since we are not, this means I can counter frog with Princess Iggy."

Arthur stopped. "No," Arthur glared at him. "No, you will not call me by that name!"

"But it is so perfect, non?" Francis laughed and started running when Arthur started after him.

"I am not a bloody princess!" Arthur yelled, charging after him.

"You are so slow at running," Francis laughed as he turned a corner.

"Shut it!" Arthur yelled in return, but slammed into Francis' back just as he rounded the corner. "Bloody hell! Again?"

"What were you two doing?" Ludwig's voice asked and Arthur looked up.

"Well you see," Francis started, a hand on his hip. "Mon ami simply couldn't bear the thought of never having a chance at me again, so he was chasing me down in hopes I would sleep with him."

"I did not say that, you bloody, perverted frog!" Arthur snapped. "And I was chasing you down for that infernal nickname! Did Alfred tell you that?"

"Non," Francis shook his head, smiling. "He told mon cher, and he was kind enough to tell me. Wonderful blackmail, isn't it?"

"I will bloody kill you!" Arthur lunged at him, but Ludwig easily kept him back. "Ludwig. Let me strangle this cheesy monkey."

"When did you two start behaving like children," Ludwig massaged his nose.

"See?" Francis mocked. "You do act like a child."

"That's it!" Arthur tried lunging again, but Ludwig still easily kept him back. "How strong are you, Ludwig?" Arthur marveled.

"Strong enough," Ludwig said simply.

"Alright, then," Arthur straightened himself out. "Do you know what my schedule is like for the next few days?"

"There's nothing important that I know of," Ludwig informed.

"Great, I would like for you to keep it clear for the next week," Arthur stated.

"Why?" Ludwig asked.

"You want to stay there for an entire week?" Francis smirked. "My, my, you may not be innocent by the time you get back."

"I am not going to-" Arthur started off yelled, but stopped to calm himself down. "I am not going to do…that."

"Scared?" Francis teased.

"I am going to bloody kill you," Arthur snapped, but Ludwig placed a hand on his shoulder to make sure he didn't move.

"Why do you need a week?" Ludwig asked.

"I am going to see Alfred."

Alfred whistled, walking through town. He had a lot of fond memories of this town, most of them from when he brought Arthur there. Back then, everyone was sick. But, thanks to Arthur having that research thing, everyone was fine. At first, when Alfred heard of all the things Arthur did to help Larkin, he didn't believe it. But he's making sure the forest stays protected now and he's been giving food and money, which was always desperately needed.

Alfred sighed, thinking about Arthur always made him sad. It had been almost a year since he had seen him. Sure the letters were teaching him how to read and write, but he missed Arthur horribly…

He couldn't think about that now, though, so he shook his head and kept walking with his head held high. He was here on business, at least that's what he told Arthur in his last letter. In truth, all he was doing was checking out the progress. Which was working out well. The houses were built nice and proud, made solidly out of wood. And the roads were finally carved out well, with most of the rocks taken out. There was even a shop or two in this small town.

Alfred looked down the road, and that was when he saw a simple carriage making its way down the road. Last time he saw that was when Francis and Mathew visited him a couple months ago. He had been writing a few letters to Mathew, maybe that was how they knew where he was.

Sure enough, the carriage stopped about in the middle of the town and, when the doors opened, Mathew ran out and hugged Alfred. Naturally, Alfred hugged back with all his might.

"Hey, Mattie!" Alfred smiled. "What are you doing out here?"

"We're just stopping by," Mathew said and Alfred noticed that his smile was abnormally huge.

"Francy pants being good to you?" Alfred asked.

"Should I take that offensively?" Francis asked as he, too, stepped out of the carriage.

"All I wanna know is if you're raping my brother or something," Alfred shrugged. "He still seems innocent enough."

"And you may never know if I have done the deed," Francis winked and Mathew flushed red.

"Francis!" Mathew tried to yell, but his voice cracked in his embarrassment.

"You guys on your way to Klinster or something?" Alfred asked, leaning an arm on his brother's shoulders, which was abruptly shoved off.

"Non, we just felt like dropping by," Francis smiled.

"So, do I have Mattie to thank for this visit?" Alfred laughed.

"Oh, no, this wasn't my idea," Mathew smiled hugely and quickly hugged Alfred again. Confused, Alfred looked over at Francis, but he just shook his head.

And that was when Alfred heard it. That familiar voice with the cutest accent he had ever heard. That could only have come from one person. Alfred turned his head to where he heard the voice, near the forest. And he saw a little boy talking to an extremely familiar king Alfred knew.

"This is Flying Mint Bunny," Arthur smiled softly at a boy. He was kneeling down to his level. The boy started laughing, looking like he was being tickled. "I think he likes you."

"Do you think I could keep some of the fairies around?" the boy asked hopefully.

"Only if you promise me that you'll be able to see them while you grow up," Arthur laughed and Alfred nearly melted. It had been ages since he heard that perfect laugh.

Finally, Alfred became unfrozen and started running as fast as he could towards Arthur. "Iggy!" he screamed and Arthur finally stood up, smiling. Alfred quickly wrapped him in a huge hug, picking him up and spinning him around in the process. And before either of them could catch their breath, he put Arthur down and pressed his lips against Arthur's feverishly, using the back of his head as support. Arthur slickly wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck and happily kissed him back. Alfred wanted to stay there forever, for the rest of his life if possible, but a stupid thing called air got in the way and they had to pull away.

"Hello, love," Arthur panted, smiling.

"Oh, my God, I missed you," Alfred pulled him into another tight hug.

"I missed you, too," Arthur laughed and Alfred kissed him again, this one maybe longer than the last. When they finally pulled away again, Arthur said, "And I am also starting to miss air."

"I don't need air as long as you're here," Alfred hugged him again, this time lightly.

"Yes, I feel the same way," Arthur leaned his head against Alfred's chest.

"Trés adorable, right Mathieu?" Francis sighed.

"Oui," Mathew muttered. Alfred and Arthur looked over to them at the same time.

"I do believe we were having a private moment, frog," Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Well, hello, Alfred," a familiar voice chuckled. Both of them turned around to look for the source, and Alfred found that woman who was pregnant the last time Arthur was there, Angie. Right now, she was holding a little bundle of blankets in her arms. "And, Arthur."

"Hello, miss," Arthur nodded politely.

"Hey, Angie," Alfred smiled. "I can't believe I forgot about your whole baby thing! What did it turn out to be?"

"It's a boy," Angie laughed. Alfred noticed Arthur smiling slightly at it.

"Well, whaddya name it?" Alfred asked.

"Alfred!" Arthur elbowed him. "That is hardly polite!"

"It's fine, I don't mind," Angie smiled brightly. "To be honest, I wanted to tell you two the second I saw you. His name is Arthur."

"Thank you," Arthur quickly bowed his head. "For giving me the privelege of being a namesake."

"That's so cool!" Alfred leaned over to look at the child. "It's like a mini Iggy!"

"Well, it can see the fairies," Arthur laughed and Alfred could see the baby moving his hands in the air, trying to grab at something.

"Hey," Alfred turned his attention to Arthur. "Tell me what they're doing!"

"What?" Arthur let out a laugh.

"The fairies and stuff!" Alfred nearly jumped up and down. "What are they doing?"

"Well," Arthur chuckled. "There's a small dragon that seems to like you, as it's been circling around you since I could see it. There are a few fairies trying to kiss you, since they've missed you. An elf is pulling on your leg, desperately hoping you will see it. And then there's the unicorn that's trying to push us together even closer than we already are."

"God, I missed them, too," Alfred laughed, kissing Arthur's forehead.

"If you want," Arthur smiled, "I do have an entire week here, we could go find that clearing again and you'll be able to see them, too."

"But I don't know where that is," Alfred complained. "We'll have to search forever and we might even get lost in the forest."

"Perfect," Arthur placed a short, chaste kiss on Alfred's lips. "Shall we get going, then, Mr. President?"

"Sure thing, Princess," Alfred winked and they started walking to the forest.

"Ah, l'amour," could be heard in the distance as they disappeared.

It is said that Klinster and Larkin forever remained allies in every war, no matter the side or time period. It always seemed as though there was a bond there, impossible to break, yet impossible to see.

It is said that the secret of how that bond formed lays in the Larkin forest. The fairies still talk about it to this day, but no one is old enough when they see them to understand what they're talking about.

Maybe you should ask.

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