Title: Choke

Characters: Kreacher and the Giant Squid.

Summary: Chained forever to hope and darkened walls; you are bound for eternity. (But not to each other). Squeacher freeverse.

Notes: And this, my dears, is what happens when I accept a dare. And another dare. And merge them both into the same piece of poetry. Squeacher belongs to M&MWP, and I sincerely hope you enjoy!

One slinks in the darkness -

you mutter under your breath

about mudbloods

and blood traitors,

like dear Mistress taught you.

The other hides in the darkness -

you watch, from your cavern,

the muggleborns

and purebloods,

like those who passed you years ago.

You are just doing

what you were told,

and they just don't understand that that's

what you were both born for.


One of you, bound in slavery;

the other, simply bound.


destined to spend the rest of your days

serving a master you hate.

And the days after,

destined to be spent mounted on a wall.

The other,

fated to spend the remainder of your days

under the waters, alone.

And the days after,

even if you live forever,

fated to be spent, still, under the waters, alone.


Is this the end?

Is this your life?

Alone, in places you detest,

amongst students and teachers,

because ultimately,

you are both so alone it just doesn't matter.

Is this just the beginning?

Is this your death?

Together, in places you can suffer with,

with each other,

because ultimately,

you are both so in love it just doesn't matter.


Then, of course,

you both slink back into your darkness,

as if you belong there,

amongst the Blackness of the Black house,

and the blackness of the Black lake.

Don't you realise

that this air is choking you?

Don't you realise that no good has come

from darkness;

especially not love?

Chained forever to hope and darkened walls;

you are bound

for eternity.

(But not to each other).


Both of you, hated and scorned

for things you can't control.

Bound and trapped -

so trapped -

so breathe, darlings;

breathe in that lake water,

breathe in that Dark dust,

until you choke on it.

Only then will you realise what you're missing;

each other.