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Part 20


There was something about that time of night he loved. The celling lights were off and the only illumination was soft light coming from the fireplace in the family room and dimming wall lamps that decked the upstairs hallway.

Danica was usually in bed by the time this light was put into place, or on nights like this he was carrying her sleep riddled body to bed. There was always something so calming about this time, something so lucid and mysterious, and something that spoke of finality. Perhaps this was the time he used to savor his final moments of the day with Danica before she awoke to a new dawn. But whatever it was, whatever meaning that lurked behind the foggy light, it was beautiful.

It had been weeks since Christmas, they had finally rang in the new year only the night before and for the first time for this new year Mulder found both himself and Danica alone. Scully was at her own apartment living her own life - which wasn't uncommon. It had just felt so strange after spending the biggest family holiday of the year with her and the following aftershocks for weeks. Now it was just him, alone with Danica, a single father in his complete glory wearing flannel pajama pants and much to Scully's distaste only an undershirt. She kept warning him that in the winter months he was going to catch a cold or something worse. It hadn't concerned him in past years, and it still wasn't concerning him now. He had liked to tease her, only a little bit. But it seemed pointless now that she wasn't there.

With Danica tucked tight into her bed, Mulder wandered the house, locking the doors and turning lights off. When he reached the family room Mulder lent across the lounge in order to turn the lamp off, but was stopped when a tapping sounded against the glass of the backdoors. He stopped for a moment, frozen where he stood. Moving he reached for the door, recognizing the silhouette that stood there instantly. Pulling the door open he smiled at his small partner, slightly confused as she stood there in his backyard dressed in a little black dress.

Her feet swayed as the soft light lit up part of her face, her cheeks were blushed her eyes only seconds away of being flooded with tears. He didn't have time to ask her what was wrong before she swayed again as she looked up at him. "You know," She took in a long breath. "It's crazy, but Iwannahaveababywithyou." Her words were slurred, almost childlike in a way and when she finished she giggled like a school girl. Scully stumbled through the back door; she didn't get very far when Mulder grabbed her by the shoulders and lead her to the sink.

He picked up one of Danica's plastic cups, something he washed only an hour ago. "Is that so, Scully?" He chuckled at his partner, filling the cup with water he handed it to her to drink. "What happened to you?" He asked, bemused.

"Ellen" She mumbled as she completely ignored him handing her the cup of water and moved around the kitchen island. "She thought we should talk." She murmured as she moved for the lounge. "Her and I, and now you and I." She sighed as she dropped herself to the lounge. Pouting softly she looked up at the larger man towering in front of her, a bright pink child's cup in his hand. "I want a baby, Mulder." She sighed again her words tipsy, she pushed out her bottom lip in a deep pout, her eyes were wide as she looked up at him much like Danica did when she didn't get her own way.

Mulder just watched her – the infamous pragmatic Doctor Dana Katherine Scully sat in front of him, her bottom lip pouted, her eyes pleading. She was all dressed up, now with nowhere to go as she practically begged for something she couldn't have. There were no tears, only threatening glimpses of them as she pleaded, her body almost limp on this lounge.

He took hold of her forearms, careful not to hurt her as he pulled her up into a standing position telling her that she was going to bed and they would talk in the morning. She stumbled up the stairs, leaving Mulder to wonder how much this was taking a toll on her mind. Clearly enough that she had to go out and get completely wasted with Ellen before she turned up and said anything to him about it, he'd never seen her like this, never in the history of their partnership.

Reaching his bedroom - Scully had walked ahead of him and alas got there before him. - He found his partner stumbling around the large room as she tried to pull her dress over her head. He leant against the door frame as he watched her struggle for a moment before she finally got the dress off.

She called to him as she climbed onto the bed and smacked the side of the bed he usually slept on. He walked towards the bed slowly and put down the plastic cup on the bedside table, knowing that although she didn't want it now, she would want the water later. She giggled, angelically as he shifted her legs and tucked her into the bed covers. She whimpered when her foggy mind caught onto his game but snuggled into the blankets none the less. "Ohh, you are going to hate yourself in the morning." He mused as she hid between the thick sheets that smelt like him in so many ways.


"Before you continue to be far too sweet to me, what did I say to you last night?" Scully padded out of the bathroom wearing one of his t-shirts, her hair a mess and her face only capable of the disgusted look she held only for herself. Danica came into the room only an hour ago and promptly woke her up, since then Mulder had been up and down the stairs as he prepared breakfast in bed.

Mulder shook his head as he waited for her to get settled before he set down her tray of food. "You don't want to know and I'm happy not telling you."

Scully burned her head in her hands. "Just tell me Mulder." She didn't have the decency to even look at him. He shrugged as he put the tray to one side of the bed as he lent in to whisper her words into her ear. Scully gasped when he finished in the same low, mocking drunken tone that she had portrayed the night before. She used one hand to hide her face in his shoulder and the other to keep her balance. "Oh, Mulder. I am so sorry." She apologized profoundly, her head still resting on his chest. "I was probably acting like a drunken school girl."

Mulder hummed, "I wouldn't say that, exactly." He gave her a teasing smile as he pulled back. "What happened last night?" She shrugged.

"From what I remember, Ellen called she wanted to go out." He nodded. "I'm so sorry for what I said. I shouldn't of, it was stupid and irresponsible." She started to ramble, if it wasn't for Mulder's finger pressing to her mouth a bemused look on his face she probably wouldn't have stopped.

"If you wanted a baby all you had to do was ask." Her cheeks flushed under his bemused scrutiny. "You didn't have to get drunk to do it either."

"Mulder," She started to shake her head with a defeated sigh. "It's impossible" She told him as she looked up into his eyes, complete sorrow shimmered in her blue depths.

"I have to drop Danica off at her ballet class in fifteen minutes, but when I get back, we need to talk." She shivered at his words, nothing good ever came from "we need to talk". Her heart raced at his comment, as slowly she watched him get up off the edge of the bed and replace himself with the tray of food. "Make yourself at home, I'll be back soon." He gave her one last smile, something changing behind his eyes as he pulled out of the room. She called after him softly, wanting an explanation now, rather than later the panic was already starting to drive her mad and the hung-over headache was still pounding deep in her temporal lobe. He couldn't just leave her to sit there and not think about what he was going to tell her.

What did he need to "talk" about? Was there anything? And considering her words from the night before what more was there to discuss on that matter? Her mind couldn't find anything, there had been nothing, yet he felt the need to talk – Fox William Mulder, the man who shielded his feelings more times than he showed them. Sure over the space of five years she had seen him cry, she had seen him angry but none of these things were directed wholly at her, and yet again it seemed as though they wouldn't be, but something was definitely up and in a whole she was confused.


Danica ran into the small dance studio the same way she did every day; with a kind of manic panic. She was never late – that was a lie – she was late sometimes but not often and yet the girl always climbed out of the car and hit the ground running, literally. The little girl barely gave her father two seconds to think before she was dashing for the studio her black ballet skirt flying in the wind, he feared that the tied skirt would fall loose from her pink leotard covered waist.

She tapped her foot impatiently as she held the door open and waited for him, it wasn't as though she had too, nor was it as though she was actually late, it was quite the opposite actually. She was early, but only barely. Yet the girl felt the need to run like a whole two seconds after ten was the biggest deal in the world. Her ballet instructor didn't mind, not in the beginners classes anyway.

The minute he stepped through the door his ears were filled with the chatter of twenty-five five-year-olds, each of them as tall as the next, black and pink leotards, beige ballet slippers, an array of different colored skirts and tightly pulled buns of different hair colors filled his vision. Each child was different, yet in a crowed they seemed to merge together. There had been quite a few afternoon's where he had caught himself losing sight of his redheaded daughter; those were moments where he wasn't too proud of himself. But they could all look the same sometimes.

Danica ran ahead of him, her mind already forgetting that he was there as she found Molly by the mirrors and hugged her friend tightly. Smiling to himself as he watched his daughter, he pulled his attention from her to find Molly's mother on the other side of the studio. Slipping down next to her he spoke, "No Dylan?" he noted as he found the woman without her four-month-old son. Jessica smiled as she looked to him, shaking her head with an explanation towards her being without the child. "Are you okay to have Danica back after this today?" Jessica looked at him as she nodded her head – since classes started Danica went home with Jessica and Molly every second weekend. This was one of those such weekends and luckily too because he had wanted to get back to Scully as quickly as he could. It wasn't fair on her to leave her hanging like that, nothing good ever came from "we need to talk" – but he knew what he wanted to talk about, she didn't. He left her sitting there, hanging, most likely worrying in that silent way she did.

He watched half of Danica's class; he always did no matter who was taking her home he tried to stay as long as he could. He stayed until the short break they were allowed for a drink and to unwind before he slipped out, reminding Danica that she was to go with Molly after class and he would see her when he picked her up.

The house was silent when he walked in the door and for a split second Mulder thought Scully had left. Walking through to the kitchen Mulder found his partner at the sink, washing what looked to be the dishes he had used for her breakfast only an hour ago. "Sometimes I hate walking in there. Every single mother with a five-year-old in ballet looks at me like I am a piece of meat." He joked as he draped his jacket over one of the bench chairs.

She clashed the dishes into the sink with a deflated sigh. Turning to look at him, she kept her hands on the edge of the sink. "I washed the same dish four times." Another sigh left her lips as she lifted the soapy dish from the water. Mulder offered her a bemused expression with this own rendition of an eye brow raise. It was there as he stepped towards her that he realized she looked tired, for a second he wanted to blame it on her hangover, and then he realized that he left her on a statement he probably shouldn't have. "What do we need to talk about, Mulder?" Her eyes were wide and worried, instantly he felt bad.

He walked past her, his hand skirting her shoulder as he passed. Switching the coffee machine on he turned back to her. "I'm sorry for making you freak out." She shrugged, finally dropping the dish back into the sink and slipping onto a bench chair. "Last year, when you were sick, I found something." He began; he told her everything and almost stopped a few times when a look of pain crossed her face. She wasn't hiding what she thought; he had noticed that a lot lately. He thought nothing would crack that tough Scully shell, but a little something had seemed to be doing that, only in the smallest of ways. He had his daughter to thank for those little cracks of emotion that showed through a lot more freely. But he hated it when she showed her pain, he didn't like to see her hurt.

Her fast twisted, contorted as he spoke of the clones, of their birth mothers and finally her ova. Scully just stared at him. "My, my ova were stolen?" She asked, her brows knitted together. Mulder nodded slowly. "And you have some of them?" He nodded again, repeating that he had them stored safely, and had tests run to check that they were okay. "But they're not viable." For a third time, a nod. "So why did you tell me?"

It was Mulder's turn for a deflated sigh. "Scully, you never give up. I know you. You'll want a second opinion." Looking down at the now empty coffee mug in her hands Scully nodded.

"You're right." She nodded as she slipped off the chair. "I want a second opinion." Mulder grinned, that was his Scully. "Right now." Correction, that was his Scully. Scully headed for the stairs and stopped short just as her foot hovered over the step. "I don't have any clothes here do I?" She asked over her shoulder realizing that she was still wearing his shirt.

Thinking about it for a moment, Mulder recalled having a pair of her jeans and a shirt or two somewhere in his room. "Actually you do, upstairs in the wardrobe … somewhere." He shrugged as she tossed him another look over her shoulder before she finally moved to climb the stairs.


He watched her in this flurry, as she called phone numbers and spoke to doctors over and over. The way her eyes blazed when she heard something promising was almost magical, she stood straight the entire time, never let her spirit completely falter but every now and then there was a flicker of loss in her eyes. When they came across Zeus Genetics they had been searching for four hours, trying to find that one clinic that could make this ambition of hers a reality.

They had been sitting in the waiting room silently for half an hour, neither spoke but every few minutes they inched closer to the other. Scully crossed her legs but with the angle she was sitting at her calf rested on top of his knee leaving Mulder to either pull away or move closer. He had chosen the latter. Both were stuck deep in their thoughts, their hands only inches from holding the others', why not, they had come this far? "Mulder," She turned to him, her voice soft in the almost empty room. "If this works. If Doctor Parenti finds my ova viable. I'm going to need a donor." She paused when he looked at her, his hazel eyes filled with something she had seen a lot, something that was directed at Samantha or Danica, not admiration of this kind that was directed at her. This was Mulder at his best, his eyes filled with loving admiration and a lazy smile across his lips. She had to stop, to think and breathe before she finished her next words. "Iwantthatpersontobeyou." She said far too quickly for anyone to understand.

Cocking an eye brow, Mulder looked at her with the same lazy smile. "Scully, breathe." He instructed as he watched her take in a slow breath and exhale. "Okay, now start again." He watched her breathe slowly for a second, her eyes closed in concentration. She had his complete undivided attention, and that terrified her.

"If this doctor finds my ova viable, I'm going to need a donor." He nodded his head slowly a little unsure as to where she was going. "I would like that person to be you, Mulder." He sucked in a breath only to choke on it the second he inhaled. "You don't have to, I just, this is the only chance that I have and I want to start as soon as I can." She paused for a second and watched the emotion slide across his face. She couldn't read any of it and that sent her heart pounding. "What I mean to say," She sighed, knowing she was digging herself a hole, but there was no way that she could stop. "I see the way you love and care for Danica, you drop everything to rush to her side Mulder, and I think any child would be lucky to have that devotion. You are an amazing person as well as a father. But there are these traits you carry – your tenacity and aptitude, not to mention that you have this endearing quality about you that makes you so charming and compassionate, you have bouts of buoyancy that I think would be beneficial to any child and-" She went to keep going but he stopped her with a small chuckle.

"Scully, what did I tell you – breathe." Suddenly finding herself out of breath, she did as he asked. She apologized, her voice uncharacteristically meek. "That's a lot to ask a guy." Her face fell, instantly her hopes shattered on the ground like delicate crystal. "Scully," He turned his whole body to face her as he reached out to her hand before she could turn away from him. He laughed at her face softly, she was trying not to let her emotion through and for the moment she looked like Danica when she was upset. "Scully, I'd love to do this for you." Her face lit up like a Christmas tree for the first time every year, it elicited wonder over his own features that he could pull such a reaction out of her.

The sheer force of her shock had Scully leaning over the chair and pressing her lips to his in a loving kiss. She pulled away from him his face full of wonder making her grin. "Are you sure?" She asked, the lingering insecurity begging her to do so. Mulder nodded swiftly, he had words to accompany his action but he was interrupted by the doctor calling Scully's name.


"Look Papa!" Danica dragged her father though Molly's house as she attempted to get him to come into the living room.

They had arrived to pick her up after things went smoothly at the doctor's office, the ova Mulder had found, by accordance to Scully's doctor were viable and together they had booked an appointment for the next afternoon. Mulder didn't dare say it out loud but he had wished that his partner would take it easy, that she would take the fact that her ova were viable and give it a few weeks, not a few hours. But it was her life, this was going to be her baby. But they only had two shots at getting it right. He just didn't want her to rush it before she had barely begun to think about it.

Scully was talking to Jessica as they lazily followed the insistent Danica and her father who was being dragged along for the ride. "He's lovely." Danica dropped down to the floor next to the four-month-old infant and pointed at him for her father to see. He reminded her to be gentle as she stroked the baby's cheek. "He's lovely, Papa." She told him again watching the baby with complete admiration.

"She's been like that every time I've put him on the floor." Jessica commented as she and Scully stopped a few feet away from the little girls, the giant man, and the tiny infant.

"She's completely smitten with him." Scully observed.

With a hum Jessica agreed. "It's adorable to watch, she's a lot more gentle than Molly. Are the two of you thinking about giving her a sibling?" Usually that was the moment that Scully froze and Mulder found an excuse to avoid the question. But this time it was the other way around, Mulder froze on the floor unsure of what to say and Scully answered with;

"Um, actually, we are thinking about it." Jess' face lit up.

"Really?!" She was almost as excited as Danica. Since Molly and her parents moved to D.C. and the little girl started going to the same daycare Jess and Scully had gotten along quite well and Mulder got along greatly with her husband Robbie. He wasn't surprised towards the other woman's excitement, it was more that he was surprised towards Danica's inability to hear the commotion. He was glad for it though. He didn't want Danica to know until they were sure that everything was going to go according to plan. Doctor Parenti had explained to Scully the risks and chances that it wouldn't take or the chance of a miscarriage. Mulder had a feeling that she hadn't listened. He didn't want Danica to get hurt at the end of this, for her hopes to rise and only have them shattered in seconds.

He could see it happening. He only wished it wouldn't.


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