Chapter 16

The Mirror

Demona watched through her binoculars as the security guard for the New York Museum of Natural history walked out the front door, before he turned and locked it, then he walked away to his car, and drove off down the street.

"Perfect." she muttered as she placed the glasses down by her feet and took a flying leap over to the roof of the large building. She stood up straight and gazed down into the sky light, the object of her desire was just underneath her, completely unguarded save for the red velvet rope around a small square that held the mirror for entertainment to please the minds of humans, "How the humans do not know of the power this mirror holds is beyond me, just more proof of how idiotic and dimwitted the humans truly are." the red haired Gargoyle shook her head in shame for the race, before she crouched down, removed the glass from the window, then jumped down and landed only a few feet away from what she came here for.

Standing up straight again, she smiled greedily and started to make toward it.

"Hello, Demona."

The blue skinned Gargoyle swiftly turned her body around at the sound of the voice. There, leaning up against the large doorway, her arms crossed, and looking at her with cool blue eyes; was Quinn, her wings wrapped around her shoulders like a shawl and her tail flicking every so often by her feet. She was dressed in a dark green long sleeved shirt that hung loosely on her incredibly small form that just didn't fit her age. She had dark blue skinny jeans and black combat boots as well. That same silver ring hung around her neck.

Demona stood up straight and smiled at her in a friendly way, "It is good to see you, Quinn. What are you doing here?" she asked, already knowing why she was there in the first place.

The other red haired female examined her nails in a fake act of boredom, "I'm pretty sure you know damn well why I'm here. You won't get your claws on that mirror no matter what you do." Quinn finally turned her body towards her, already getting in a defensive position in preparation for the fight that was sure to come.

Demona felt a strong sense of pride at the stance, though she didn't show it to the young girl, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, my dear; but you won't be able to stop me." she said, cocking her hips to one side and resting her hands on them.

"Possibly not." a new voice spoke up from the darkness and Goliath stepped into the light to be seen, "But, that is where I come in." he finished.

Demona looked at her ex-mate coolly, then looked to the girl, before she decided to let her lackeys handle the task of getting the mirror, and turned and fled the scene, heading in the direction of the gardens that lead out to open area.

"Dad, she's getting away!" Quinn cried as she came away from the doorway and ran off after the female Gargoyle, reaching into her jeans pocket as she went and pulling out a retractable metal bo staff of her own design.

Goliath took off after her, caping his own wings to look like a normal being from the window, "Quinn, wait for me!" he called to the girl as he left the exhibit the mirror was in.

"They're gone, let's just grab it and get out of here before those other two come back!" one man told another as they ran out of the shadows of the doorway opposite the exit, dressed as cat burglars, and ran at the mirror they had been instructed to get.


"You should just stop where you are, Demona!" Demona turned her head swiftly behind her and kept running when she saw the half blood girl and her ex-mate right on her tail.

Making a split decision, she rounded a corner, jumped up, and glided away from the museum, leaving her followers to watch as she left.

Quinn gritted her teeth as she watched the blue skinned Gargoyle glide off into the night, raising her bo staff in the air defiantly, "Coward!" she called, "Your only evading the inevitable!" before she put her hand down dejectedly and looked at Goliath when he placed one of his large hands on her shoulder, "I thought we'd get her this time.." she sighed.

The lavender Gargoyle gave his intentional daughter a reassuring smile and a pat on her shoulder, "Do not worry, my child. We will get her at a different time. For now, let us return home." he said.

Quinn looked up at him, sighed once, then nodded her head as they both stretched out their wings, jumped up, and glided back in the direction of the Clock tower.


"So, I've been wondering, guys," Cody started as he lounged at the foot of the stairs with Bronx at his side, "what type of girl do you guys like? Hair, eyes, body, etc.?" he asked the trio.

Hudson had heard the question, but he refused to be a apart of this discussion, there had only ever been one love in his long life, and she had died laying Broadway's egg (A/N: In case you guys don't get it, he's implying that he is Broadway's biological father. It's actually a true fact from the entire series of Gargoyles that I read on the Gargoyles fans website.), so, instead he distracted the young Mutate known as Tanya by turning on the television to some show that he knew would catch her attention, while the young males went on with their conversation.

Broadway chewed thoughtfully on the spoonful of fried rice he had been eating as he contemplated his answer, "I like nice girls I guess, I haven't really been around enough females very long to know what I want." he said as he took another huge bite.

Lexington raised an eyeridge as he looked up from the book he was reading and at his Rookery Brother, "What about Quinn? Or Katie? Or, even Victoria?" he asked, not even thinking about placing his own secret crush's name out there for fear that Broadway would say someone like her. He flinched when he received deadly glares from Brooklyn and Cody, they must've been fearing the same thing.

Broadway shrugged, "They're okay, I'm just not a big fan of those type of girls. I mean, Q is more like my little sister than anything else, Victoria is already practically Goliath's, and Katie.. Well, I'm just not into her like that." he explained as he finished his rice and stood up to throw the container away, leaving the other three to continue.

"What about you, Bird?" Brooklyn sneered at the name the human called him, "What type of girl do you look for?" Cody asked the red Gargoyle.

Brooklyn leaned back and rested his hands behind him, looking elsewhere, "I like a girl who is.. different. Honestly, there's no other way to describe her." he said as a certain girl's features entered his mind's eye, which he welcomed.

Lex smirked at Brooklyn's expression, "Please." he said defiantly as Brooklyn turned to him with a warning glare, "I happen to know for a fact, that you like certain little red haired girls with blue eyes and a fighting personality." he laughed at Brooklyn.

The red Gargoyle let him laugh for the moment, before his own beak stretched out into a smirk all of it's own, "Oh yeah? Well, I happen to know that you go for the girls with cat-looking qualities to 'em." he laughed as he watched Lex's large eyes shift over in the direction that Tanya and Hudson were sitting in, then a slight dusty blush covered his cheeks as he hid behind his book again.

Feeling satisfied that he had gotten the last word in that conversation, he turned to Xanatos' son, who looked like he had been laughing at Lexington as well, "What about you, kid? Got a specific type?" he asked.

"Oh, he likes the tall brunettes with freckles and hazel eyes, as well as a love for old plays." a new voice spoke up and upon looking up, they saw Quinn and Goliath walking into the Clock tower.

Quinn walked over to them with a smirk on her face, "Or do you just stare at Katie because she seems like a challenge?" Cody glared at the girl.

"Shut up, Quinn. No one asked you."he said as he stood up and walked away from them to go see what Tanya and Hudson were watching.

Brooklyn stood up and hugged Quinn for a moment, "How'd it go?" he asked as he pulled away.

"While I wish we could have caught her, we managed to stop her from taking the mirror." Quinn sighed as she walked with Brooklyn over to the kitchen area.


At an old Victorian house on the outskirts of New York City, a red van pulled up to the Gothic looking gates with a red sign that read 'Keep Out'.

The driver of the van rolled own his window, "Oberon sent me." he said as the gates opened and they were allowed admittance. They drove up the driveway until they made it to the front door that was covered in mold, both men stepped out of the van and went to the back to get the mirror. After getting out from the van, they carefully walked up the steps to the door and placed it on the porch.

"Geez, who lives here? Dracula's daughter?" the driver's companion asked as he surveyed the Gargoyle head on the door that served as the knocker, before he grabbed the handle and knocked twice. Almost instantly, there was a snarl that erupted from behind the door, and the companion took a step back in slight fear.

The driver shook his head at him and held his hand up reassuringly, "Relax, I dealt with the Lady before now." he said, before an envelope slid out of the mouth of the Gargoyle head.

"Take the money and go," they heard a female's seducing voice from the other side, the driver reached up and took the envelope as she finished the sentence, "while you still can." with that, the two thieves turned and fled back to the safety of their van, then down the driveway and out onto the road without looking back.

Demona stepped out onto the porch and glared in the direction the two humans left, "Imbeciles." she said as she lifted the mirror with ease and took it back into the house she had started taking refuge in for the past few months.

She stood it up straight and removed the covering the thieves had placed over the mirror, marveling at the sheer glass reflection of herself, from her golden tiara to the shock of firey red hair on her head, before she moved away to grab the chains she had gotten for this occasion, "Wouldn't want him to escape now would I?" she said to herself as she carefully wrapped the heavy set chains around the length of the mirror, as if binding arms down to their sides if it were a person.

Demona stood back to admire her handywork, her reflection had turned into a dark silhouette thanks to the chains, the mirror seemed to sense when something was about to happen, "So far, my plans have been thwarted," she says, "one after the other. But tonight-I take control." she grinned evilly as she turned to the table that stood beside her and lifted up a silver bell with a copper ring.

She held the bell by it's handle and chimed it four times and spoke something in Latin, then she reached back over to the table, placed down the bell and ring, before picking up a white feather and facing the mirror once more, finished the incantation and blew the feather at the glass of the mirror.

The feather flew at the glass, and instead of bouncing off of the sheer surface, it sunk inside and seemed to float in a completely different dimension. When the feather disappeared completely, the mirror shown brightly with a blinding green light that Demona had to shield her eyes from.

When the light cleared, she moved her hand from her eyes and saw a child sized being with pointy ears and long white hair, dressed in brightly colored clothes that reminded her of Castle Wyvern's court jester.

The being was chained where he knelt on the ground, his head was bowed. Demona smiled maliciously at him, "Hello, Puck." she purred as the being looked up at her with cold blue eyes.


"...Lads and lasses," Hudson addressed the newly arrived Katie and Victoria, "we may have a problem with the mirror." he said as he raised the volume on the television up where he had the news turned on.

"In other news, it has been recently discovered that the mirror of Queen Titania was stolen not too long ago, alerting-" that was all he allowed them to hear before he shut the set off and stood up to walk over to Goliath, who looked stunned.

He blinked at his mentor disbelievingly, "But, we stopped Demona from getting the mirror, and only she knows of the power it holds." he said.

Hudson shrugged his shoulders, "Perhaps the lass had help, Goliath. Do you honestly believe she didn't know you'd probably try to stop her?" he asked, and Goliath had the decency to look frustrated with himself.

Quinn raised an eyebrow as she caped her wings on her shoulders, "Who's Titania?" she turned to Brooklyn with her question.

"Titania is the Queen of the Third Race." he explained, wrapping one arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to discreetly smell her hair: strawberries and chocolate, 'Mmm..' he hummed in his mind.

Katie stepped closer to them to listen, "'Third Race'?" she questioned with a puzzled expression.

Broadway nodded, "Yeah, you know- Gargoyles, Humans, and Oberon's Children." he said it as if she should have learned this in class or something.

Lex, who was standing beside Tanya, looked mildly surprised, "I thought everybody knew this." he interjected, looking to Tanya, who shook her head, she had no idea what Oberon's Children even were.

Brooklyn nodded, "Yeah-that guy Shakespeare wrote a play about them; A Midsummer Night's Dream?" he offered.

Victoria nodded from her place next to Goliath, "I've heard about that play." was all she said about it.

Goliath turned to look at the brunette woman, "Scotsman called them the Fair Folk. The Vikings called them the Dark Elves. They are changelings, shapeshifters, creatures of pure magic. And their possessions, like the mirror, are vessels of great power." he finished explaining to her, and she looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, before placing her hand on her chin and looking at the ground, making a very cute face that had Goliath's heart beating.

"So, you mean they're real?" she asked, finally looking back up at the lavender Gargoyle with wide blue eyes.

Hudson nodded, getting everyone's attention, "As real as I am," he turned back to the television after pressing the power button again to turn it back on, a picture of the mirror was showing again, "if the stories be true." he finished with narrowed eyes.


Puck grunted with much effort as he struggled against the chains this female Gargoyle had wrapped around his mirror when he came out, looking up at her, "Is this how you treat all your guests?" he asked sarcastically.

"You serve the humans, therefore you are no guest." she said simply.

The child of Oberon raised one finely shaped eyebrow, "Humans are fun. They have a sense of humor, you have none." he said before he struggled once more with his chains.


(A/N: I apologize for the multiple jumps into different point of views, I've been using the Gargoyles Episode Review site for the information on what happened in the episodes because it's been a while since I got the chance to rewatch them.)

"You know what would be great?" Brooklyn asked, catching everyone's attention once again.

Quinn pursed her lips, "Yeah, I can think of multiple things that would be great," she started, looking up at him, "which are you referring to?" she asked with a cheeky smile as he nudged her playfully with his arm.

He shook his head at her, "Being a shapeshifter. I mean, think of all the benefits to changing your appearance; you can go any place you want!" he exclaimed with an excited smile on his beak.

"Don't you do that anyways?" Victoria asked with a raised eyebrow, sharing a glance with Goliath.

The clan leader shook his head, "Not without the risk of being seen." he responded before he saw the younger beings gather together in this little group that they frequently got in, "What are they doing?" he asked Vivi.

The woman smiled as she saw the group, "They do that when they want to discuss something, or just to be there." she answered as she watched the girls glare halfheartedly at Cody for making some joke about shapeshifting.

"Just think about all the friends we'd make! Besides you guys of course." Lexington added the last part when he saw the looks he was getting from the four other beings standing with the Trio.

"You know, maybe if we were lucky enough, we might even find love if we shapeshift." Broadway sighed dreamily as his Rookery brothers remained silent, before sharing a brief glance, and looking at Quinn and Tanya for a swift second, then back at Broadway.

Hudson gave the blue skinned Gargoyle a sideways look, before he shook his head, "Be careful what you wish for, lad." was all he had to say on the subject.


Puck laughed at Demona's annoyed expression as he bounced around all over the large room they were in, an ecstatic smile on his face as her grimaced turned into something that looked like it would be permanent if she wasn't careful, "Now, mind explaining to me what exactly my purpose for being here is, hm?" the child of Oberon asked with a mischievous smirk gracing his lips.

Demona was about to give him her usual wish, 'Walk around in daylight.' but, then decided that he would probably twist her words around on her and couldn't decide what it is she exactly wanted him to do for her.

Puck stared at her as he tapped his foot in mid air, before he zoomed over to the mirror and touched it's surface, "What is it you really want?" he asked her as a picture of Goliath filled the mirror, "How quaint. After all these centuries, your still carrying a torch. Well, if that's what you want, I can make him love you again. Piece of cake given your charming personality." he said, resting his head against the mirror and looking at the Gargoyle with a smirk still showing on his lips.

Demona seemed to contemplate this and was about to tell him yes, when someone walked into the picture. Someone that had her forgetting her past love for the lavender Gargoyle, and as she pointed her finger at the being, she was certain that she had made her decision, "There! That's what I want! Take that Gargoyle's burdens away from her! That, Quinn Stryker." she finished with a delighted smile at thinking this demand up.

Puck scratched at his chin with a puzzled expression on his face, "Did you say 'that Gargoyle' or 'that Gargoyle'? Oh never mind, I'll figure it out. This just might be fun after all." he said as he moved to float in front of the mirror, his eyes glowing with a promise that was little to nothing about what Demona wanted, (A/N: Thanks to MonstarzGirl for helping with this poem, I was having trouble trying to come up with one. Thank you, hon!) "By sight doth Demona adore, but your burdens are making that quite a chore, so Puck shall hasten to abhor. Awaken, Quinn, human born, and be the way your true form." at the end of this, the mirror was glowing a dark green on the image of Quinn, who had left Goliath to sit on a step with a book of some sort, a slight smile on her face as she looked down at the pages.

Demona watched with anticipation as the image of the girl faded and the glassy surface of the mirror showed an image of her and the magical being, 'Finally.' she thought to herself as she walked away from the mirror, Puck's chain clutched in one hand, 'she shall be the Gargoyle she was born to be.' with this in mind, she smiled a wicked, evil, smile, and tugged on the chain to get Puck to float with her as she left the room.


"What are we going to do about the mirror, Goliath?" Quinn heard Victoria ask the lavender Gargoyle, before she looked back at the picture in the scrap book she had taken with her from Julie's apartment. It was the only thing she had to remember the very first family she had gone to live with when she was an infant. There was really only about ten pictures in there, since the parents died when she was barely even a year old, and all the pictures were of her in a grey blanket that she didn't remember having.

'What is that?' she asked herself as she noticed a blurry image on the edge of the blanket, she had a strange feeling that she should know what it was, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"..Of course, Quinn obviously has the attention span of a gnat!" she looked up and shot a deadly glare in Cody's direction as she snapped the scrap book shut, silently promising to come back to the image at a later date. She stood up and walked over to stand next to him, crossing her arms over her chest as she made it look like she was actually paying attention to what the others were saying, but she had the strange sensation that something was about to happen, but what? She didn't know.

She heard the sound of Lexington starting to panic about the mirror, so she decided to speak up, "Look guys, whatever happens, we'll g-" she was harshly cut off in her sentence when a sharp tug was given to her wings and tail, "Ouch!" she cried out as she attempted to reach behind her to massage the hinges of her wings.

She winced and shut her eyes as everyone turned their attention on her, "Uh.. Are you okay?" Katie asked as she studied the red head closely with her hazel green eyes.

Quinn started to nod, but at that moment, she felt an even powerful tugging sensation on to the same areas, only much worse than before. She cried out louder than she intended as she fell forward on her hands and knees. Vaguely, she felt everyone starting to gather around her and hold their hands out as if they were going to touch her, but they all pulled back at the sound of Brooklyn, "Don't! Look, she's glowing green!"

'..Green?' Quinn asked herself, opening her eyes in the slightest to look down at her hands, still resting on the ground. Sure enough, they were glowing a slight green tinge that couldn't possibly be healthy.

She squeaked in surprise when she was suddenly pulled forward and flown up into the air, her wings and tail stretching out to expose how long they were as the green light grew stronger until it was more of a black light with a green tinge to it. She was quiet for a moment, long enough to show that she wasn't really worried; then she felt a ripping feeling on her un-human features and she screamed in pain.

The pain was unbearable.

"Quinn!" she heard multiple people shouting at her in panic, but she couldn't answer back because of the ripping that was being done to her fangs.

Brooklyn watched as she screamed in pain again, shaking his head as if he were willing himself to not believe his eyes, he stretched out his wings and started to glide up to her, when someone grabbing his tail and pulling him back caused him to fall to the ground and land on his butt.

He looked up and glared accusingly at Tanya, who was still holding onto his tail as if to reassure herself that he would stay there, "What the hell?" he ground out as Quinn screamed again, upon looking up at her, he saw she was starting to cry.

Tanya was looking up at Quinn instead of him, "Whatever's got a hold of her might get you as well if you went up there and tried to be her hero, Brooklyn." was all she said before Quinn gave out a final blood curdling scream; everyone watched in silent horror and shock as her wings and tail vaporized before their very eyes, before a bright flash of light, and Quinn dropped to the ground, gasping for breath.

"Stay back!" Goliath called to everyone behind him as he rushed towards the still gasping girl. He crouched down next to her and cautiously placed one giant hand on her back, "Say something, Quinn. Are you alright?" he asked her, vaguely noticing that her wings weren't there anymore. He couldn't feel them through the fabric of her hoodie, and her tail wasn't there either, otherwise he would have felt it wrapped around her abdomen.

Quinn took in multiple shuddering breaths before she turned her head in his direction, "What the frak just happened to me?" she gasped out as she gritted her teeth; she was starting to feel the after effects of losing something, and it hurt like nobody's business.

Goliath shook his head as he saw her pointed ears were no longer pointed like he remembered, "I am not sure, my daughter. But.. do not panic.." he started.

"Why would I-" she cut herself off, something felt...missing.. Rising up onto her knees, she twisted her back around a few times to check something, then she froze; her hands in the places her wings used to bunch up at.

She took in a deep breath and slowly looked up at the lavender Gargoyle that was still crouched down next to her, "I'm not half Gargoyle anymore, am I." it wasn't a question, she was just confirming her thoughts. She clamped her lips shut and ran her tongue on the edges of her teeth, trying desperately to find her fangs, but failing when she met her old blunt canine teeth that couldn't possibly rip anything but paper apart.

At Goliath's silence, she looked away from him and to the other beings that were still in the room, tears were starting to form in her eyes, "Guys..?" she asked quietly, wanting someone, anyone, to just go ahead and say it. Just, tell her what she already knew so that she would be sure that it wasn't just a bad dream that she would wake up from in a matter of seconds.

Katie started walking over to her, "Now.. well, your just a human, Q." there. She had heard it. Now maybe she could stop looking so panicked and they could talk rationally about whatever just happened.

Quinn turned away from the brunette girl to look at the floor, before her hands flew to her lower abdomen and she raised her shirt ever so slightly to check for the tribal fire mark that had been there at one point. Nope. Nothing, all that was visible was a smooth plain of skin. No marks besides the end of the scar that was left after that incident where she was shot. Slowly, she lowered the end of her shirt and just chose to stare blankly at the floor she was still resting on, feeling robbed of something.

"Hudson, what just happened... It was the Mirror's work wasn't it." Victoria broke the silence that had descended upon the group.

Quinn finally shot her head up and turned it swiftly around to look at the eldest Gargoyle, watching as he nodded a single time. She grit her teeth together and glared at particularly nothing, "Demona.." she growled.



Lightning flashed once on the top of the World Trade Center, so bright that the people on the streets below had to shield their eyes and blink multiple times to stop seeing dark spots all over the place.

When the light cleared, though no one could see it, a mirror stood in the striking spot; it's glossy surface seeming more like an infinity pool than anything else. The smooth surface was disrupted as a snowy haired male wrapped in chains floated out of it, with a female Gargoyle holding onto the end of the chain as she followed him out.

Puck took in a deep breath and smiled, overjoyed, "Glorious fresh air!" he exclaimed before he looked out at all of the city, "Ah, what a lovely view." he sighed before Demona tugged on his chains again. Turning to look at her with icy eyes, "What is it?" he asked, annoyed.

"Are you certain that Quinn's burdens have been taken from her?"she asked him for what seemed like the millionth time.

"Yes." he hissed out, "I assure you, the Gargoyle, Quinn Stryker's burdens have been taken away from her." he responded, before he turned himself around again, trying to look everywhere else than at his captor.

"Good." he heard her say, "Because I know what I want now, Puck." Oberon's Child turned his head sideways in the blue skinned Gargoyle's direction, a finely shaped eyebrow raised in question.

"Oh? And what, per say, would that be?" he knew it was a bad thing when she grinned that way.


"Thanks for taking me gliding, Goliath. I really needed this." Quinn sighed sadly as she nestled deeper into the crevice between his bicep and forearm, stretching her neck up as far as it would go, which wasn't far; just so that she could feel the chilly wind of the night flowing through her firey red hair, which she just realized had gotten much longer in the past few months without a haircut. To her surprise, it went down an inch below her shoulders.

Goliath nodded, "You looked like you were about to have a.. I think humans call it 'panic attack', if you stayed in that spot any longer." he said.

It was true, had Goliath not come over and pick her up as if she were a little kid, then she would have started hyperventilating.

Quinn was silent for a few moments, perfectly content, before she noticed a strange light coming from the World Trade Center, "Goliath, we should probably land now." she called out to him as the light got brighter.

The lavender Gargoyle took a second to locate a rooftop that he could land safely on, before he touched down and placed Quinn on her feet, "What is it, child?" he asked as she rushed to the edge of the roof and placed her hands on the small brick wall and lean her head out as far as she could to try and see what was happening.

"Goliath!" both beings looked up at the sound of Victoria's voice, only to see her being carried by Hudson as he came in for a landing on the roof they were at; the others were gliding right behind them, Brooklyn holding Katie while Broadway held Cody as they followed Hudson.

When they landed, Hudson placed Vivi on her feet, and she wasted no time in running over to where Quinn was leaning, "Do you see that?" she pointed at it with one slender finger.

Goliath walked over to them, "I see it, but what exactly could it be?" he asked mainly to himself.


He was glowing with green fire surrounding his body, but he didn't notice it, "All humans on this concrete isle, Demona finds your presence vile. So do you now as I command, and be not woman, child, nor man!" he chanted as the flames around his body leaped out at the mirror and bounced off it's sheer surface, before heading outwards and making contact with a satellite dish; which prompted it to light up the sky in a green burst of light.


"What in the world is going on?" Katie cried out as she, Cody, and Victoria were suddenly glowing a green color that reminded her of Quinn losing her un-human stuff, which had her starting to panic a little bit.

The Manhattan Clan was forced to watch helplessly as the three humans were suddenly shrouded in a brighter green light; then in a snap, it disappeared and in the place of the humans, were three new Gargoyles.

Vivi groaned and rubbed at her head, her eyes shut tight as Goliath walked closer to her, "Victoria..?" he breathed as he placed one hand on the arm of her wing that was closest to him.

Victoria opened her eyes and looked up at him, smiling, "Goliath!" she exclaimed happily, throwing her arms around his neck, "Your finally a Gargoyle!" she finished.

The leader blinked a few times before he slowly reached up and gently took her arms off from around his neck, shaking his head, "I have always been a Gargoyle, Vivi." he used her nickname. He almost never used her nickname, "You are a human." he said.

Cody decided to butt in, he had webbed wings like Lexington rather than the wings that Katie and Victoria had, "No, we've always been Gargoyles, trust me. I think I would know if I were ever a human." he laughed at the thought as if it were some kind of joke.

The black haired boy looked over at Quinn, who had been gaping at them all with her mouth wide open, "OH MY GOD! QUINN, YOUR HUMAN!" he screamed as he pointed one slightly tan talon in her direction.

The red haired girl snapped out of it, "I know that, genius! This is not new!" she yelled at him with an annoyed expression on her face.

Katie stalked over to her very quickly, "Don't worry, Quinn. We'll find out who did this to you and get you changed back, I promise!" she said, attempting to give the annoyed girl a hug, only to be pushed away.

"Knock it off." Quinn seethed, glaring at her newly turned Gargoyle friends, before she walked away from them and over to the far side of Brooklyn, crossing her arms over her chest.

Broadway examined the wings that Katie was folding on her shoulders, "What did this?" he asked breathlessly as the brunette turned and flashed him a smile; Cody glared at the blue skinned Gargoyle for a second, before something on the ground caught his attention and he turned his head down that way swiftly.

As Brooklyn wrapped his arm around Quinn's shoulder, "I bet I have an idea." he said when he felt nothing that indicated her having wings at one point.

The red headed girl sighed and leaned closer to Brooklyn, "Why am I not surprised." she deadpanned before quirking an eyebrow and looking out to the Twin Towers, where the green light had just started fading, "I'll bet that's where she's at." she said.

"Then that is where we shall go." Goliath said as he jumped up and started gliding in the direction of the tower, the rest of the Manhattan Clan following him as he went.

Tanya turned to Quinn, "You need a lift?" she asked with a smile as she stretched out her white and spotted wings.

Quinn cast a look at the other three Gargoyles who had moved over to the edge and were looking down as if thinking about jumping off, 'They don't even know how to glide.' Quinn realized as she shook her head at Tanya, "No, and I don't think you should go either, Tanya. I think it might be best if we just stay behind and teach the newbies how to glide while they go and get Demona." she growled out her name when she finished this sentence.


"This is absolutely wonderful!" Demona cried with glee, "No humans within this entire Godforsaken city! Oh, this is only the beginning!" she was already thinking of going to the root of the problem. Turning around, she saw Puck lying on his back with his eyes closed, looking like he was fast asleep.

The female Gargoyle grimaced and prodded his side with the tip of her tail, "Lazy elf." she grumbled before a loud battle cry caught her attention. Looking up, she had enough time to register Hudson gliding straight at her before he barreled her backwards.

The two Gargoyles rolled around the roof of the tower for a moment or two, before she finally managed to throw him off of herself; crouching low to the ground, she growled, "Your too late, Old One." as she glared at him lying on the ground, attempting to pick himself up.

As the rest of the Gargoyles arrived on the building, Demona rushed over to the 'Lazy Elf' and grabbed him by the front of his chains, "Curse you, Puck!" she shouted as she ran over to the mirror, "This is no time to sleep!" with that said, she picked the mirror up with one hand and flung it over the side of the building, before jumping off and gliding in another direction, Puck in tow.

Hudson, who had finally gotten back on his feet, pushed past the other Gargoyles as he ran to the edge and dove off after the mirror. The wind flew past his grey hair as he went down as fast as his wings would take him, until he finally reached the mirror, grabbing it up when it was about a foot away from the ground.

The old Gargoyle looked up at the rest of his Clan, "Lads, go after Demona!" he called up to them as he slowly glided back up to the roof, the others following what he asked them to do.

Demona glided away from the scene as fast as she could, the seemingly passed out magical being hanging limply by his chains. The red headed Gargoyle chanced a glance downwards, only to cause herself to drop a foot in her shock, the humans had turned to Gargoyles.

She glared daggers at Puck as she continued to glide, "Dammit, Puck!" she cursed as she pulled her wings in close to her person, angled her body down towards the subway station and disappeared in it's dark shadows amidst the bustling 'Gargoyles' that were continuing their lives as if nothing had happened.

Brooklyn narrowed his eyes as he watched her shoot into the Subway, "She's in there!" he called to Goliath as he pointed a talon in the direction of the entrance where the 'Gargoyles' were currently either walking inside, or walking away from.

The lavender Gargoyle nodded and together all four of the Gargoyles shot downward and through the opening, slowly coming to a stop in an open area that was a little closer to the tracks than they'd care to like, but at least they hadn't stopped on the tracks.

The trio looked all around themselves, marveling at the sight of all the 'Gargoyles' gathered in one place while looking for Demona, "This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!" Broadway exclaimed in exasperation; before the sight of three female 'Gargoyles' walking in front of them drew their attentions away from their search.

One blonde, a brunette, and a red head standing there, mini-skirts and tank tops with assorted jewelry wrapped around their necks, 'talons', and ankles. Brooklyn found himself slightly repulsed with how much they were showing, 'Quinn would definitely never dress like that.' he found himself thinking. A quick look at Lexington's expression told him that his youngest Rookery brother was thinking the same thing about a certain spotted leopard mutate.

They walked right past them, but before the blonde left, she winked at them and went about her business.

"This," Lex started, searching for the right word to express what he was feeling, "is too weird." he finally got out after a moment.

Broadway hesitatingly smiled, "Kinda fun-but, definitely weird." he agreed, craning his neck out to catch one more glimpse of the female 'Gargoyles', but much to his disappointment, they had vanished within the flowing crowd.

Goliath placed his hands on Brooklyn's and Broadway's shoulders, looking at them with a grave expression, "With Demona involved it's more than weird." he started, also looking in the direction the female 'Gargoyles' left, "It's dangerous."


Puck watched happily as Demona paced up and down the length of an alley, her eyes glowing red with rage, as she blamed him for turning the humans into Gargoyles.

"I told you to get rid of them! Not to give them the gift of being a Gargoyle! And of course, of course, you were sleeping when those cursed Manhattan Gargoyles found us!" she rounded on him, causing him to flinch but smile as she glared at him in a deadly way.

"Hey! You'd sleep as well if you had to throw out that powerful of a spell!" he shot back at her as she shook her head at him, a snarl ripping through her throat, "Okay, okay," he relents, "I was just catching my breath." he says with a fake guilty expression as he jumped down from the top of the car that he had been perched on. He walked away from the front of the car and over to the side, ducking down, he smiled at his reflection in the rear view mirror, as if he knew something that not even Oberon himself would ever be able to figure out.

Demona sighed, exasperated, "Nevermind. Just, change the Gargoyles to Humans, Puck. Now." she growled as she turned and glared out at the street where a few 'Gargoyles' were walking.


"So, Demona had one of those, what were they called? Oberon's Children, with her?" Quinn asked as she looked at the mirror that Hudson had placed next to the ladder by the edge of the roof, Bronx leaning against her leg to be pet. He had managed to run all the way to them while the Gargoyles had been gone. He must've known something was wrong when their human friends were no longer 'human'. Quinn didn't look at him as she reached one hand down and scratched him behind his ear.

Goliath nodded in confirmation before he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the sheer surface of the mirror thoughtfully, "It was the Mystical Being Puck." he said in response.

Victoria raised an eyeridge, "Who's Puck?" she asked from her position next to Goliath.

"Puck is a trickster. Whenever he casts a spell, it always backfires on the person who wanted it done in the first place." Lex explained, his arms mimicking his leader's pose, "So, that raises the question, why did Demona summon Puck of all beings?" he asked to particularly no one. Which was good, because no one really had an answer for him.

Goliath suddenly nodded once and strode over to the edge of the roof, "We must continue our search for Demona and Puck." he said as Katie and Cody, who had been lounging on the brick of the edge, jumped off and scurried to the side so that he could pass.

Victoria walked over to him and looked down while he crouched on the ledge, before she yanked her head back into the safety of the solid roof as her vision started swimming, "I'll never get the hang of jumping off rooftops." she said as her hand flew to her head as if she had a headache, remembering Quinn teaching all three of them how to use their wings after the Gargoyles had gone off in search of Demona.

Goliath looked over at her with a soft expression on his usually strong features, "I'll always be there to catch you." he replied before he jumped off the ledge and caught himself with his wings before he could drop but two feet. He did a direct U-turn and swung back around to look at Vivi, "See?" he said, "It's easy." and he started turning around to do a few more laps.

The mirror had other ideas.

"Guys...?" Katie started cautiously as she saw the magical object spark one sliver of and emerald flame, before it irrupted. The flame leaped out from the glass, directly hitting all of the Gargoyles, minus Bronx, who had taken refuge behind Quinn's thin, jean clad legs; and with a bright flash of light that seemed all too familiar to the other beings on that roof, it disappeared.

Leaving behind, not five Gargoyles as they had been originally, but five humans in loincloths, unless it were Hudson, who still had on his battle armor and sword.

"Daddy!" Quinn cried out when she saw Goliath's wings disappear in thin air and he started to drop at an alarming rate.

Before he could get very far, he was caught by two fair skinned hands. Victoria grunted with the effort of lifting the heavy 'human' up in the air, her wings starting to struggle with the combined weight they had to support, but she held fast and slowly ascended upwards the five feet they had dropped; when they were close enough to the ledge, she shot one hand out and gripped it so hard, it left cracks in the stone. She shifted Goliath's tan, massive body to get more comfortable in her free arm as Hudson, sporting a good 'Old Human' look; reached down and tried to grab hold of Goliath, but his arm couldn't go that far.

Brooklyn, who, Quinn had to admit, looked very good with slightly tan skin and messy white hair, rushed forward with Broadway, who had a mop of blonde hair on top of his head; and together, they worked at getting the two beings up from over the edge and laid them down on the pavement of the roof, their backs against the brick of the ledge.

Goliath groaned in slight pain as he rubbed at his forehead with one hand while holding himself up with the other, "Oh, my head.." he trailed off as he opened his eyes and looked up at Victoria, "Victoria, you're back to normal!" he said happily, only to visibly deflate when the brunette shook her head a few times while Hudson covered the mirror with a sheet that had been draped over a clothes line.

Vivi looked at him with sympathetic dark blue eyes, she had been in the same situation he was now, not too long ago until Quinn and Tanya managed to beat the fact that she were meant to be human along with Katie and Cody, "Goliath, your the one who changed this time. Your a human." she said silently as he stood up. She silently marveled at the tan skin of his human form, finding the sight rather great...

She shook her head swiftly to the side for a second, a bright blush creeping up at her cheeks as she looked everywhere else but at him, "You fell because you don't have wings." she finished her thought.

Brooklyn walked up behind her with a sympathetic expression and an air about him that said he needs to speak slowly to her so that she understood something, "Uh, Victoria," he started as she turned to look at him, "We've always been human." he said with a shrug as Quinn looked at him quizzically.

"Aye," Hudson spoke up, gaining everyone's attention, "We've never needed wings to glide before." but at this sentence, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked up at the sky thoughtfully, almost as if he didn't believe his own words.

Lexington, who had fair skin and dark brown hair cut in a buzz cut, spoke up, "Um, wait a minute.. We must've used wings.. How else could we glide?" ever the intelligent one, Lex spoke as if he were a wise teacher, and Tanya smiled at him in slight pride that he was figuring it out so soon.

Goliath took one look around at the beings that were gathered on the rooftop, his eyes stopped on his 'daughter', "Victoria is right." he said as he walked over to Quinn and pat her a few times on the back to feel for her wings, "We are meant to be Gargoyles, just as Quinn is meant to be half blood, we we are not. Everyone else should be human, but thanks to Demona and Puck," he started in slight anger, "they're not."


Demona glared at particularly nothing as she drug a bouncing Puck around behind her while she left the alley way.

The female Gargoyle stopped dead in her tracks as she saw 'Gargoyles' walking around out on the sidewalk, nothing wrong with them at all. She growled low in her throat as she rounded on Puck, her eyes starting to glow red, "I thought I told you to change them back to humans!" she exclaimed in outrage, grasping the being by his thin shoulders.

Despite the position she had him in, the white haired male smiled at her, "I'm sorry, I thought you meant the other Gargoyles. You know, the Manhattan Clan?" he said this as if she had no idea who he was referring to.

The snarl that was directed at him told Puck that she was starting to grow more than a little irritated with his antics, but if she wanted something done her way, she shouldn't have summoned him.

He held his hands up in defense, the smile faltering slightly, "Calm down! Technically speaking, I did you a favor. The Gargoyles are no match for you as mere humans, your probably stronger than Goliath is now since your still a Gargoyle." he tried as reason with her.

It worked. He could tell by the way that she suddenly smirked at his reason and grabbed his chain again before she let his shoulders go. Turning around, she started stalking away from the alley opening, muttering as she went, "I could definitely use this to my advantage."


"HUMANS!" this scream could be heard from multiple different blocks as the 'humans' walked down the sidewalk, Bronx in front of them, and Hudson keeping a firm hold on the still covered up mirror.

They had left Quinn and Tanya with their 'Gargoyle' friends on the rooftop, saying that they still needed more practice before they could actually dare to leap from the building. Victoria's form had been all wrong, if she had held her wings a little closer to her body than they already were, she would have plummeted to her death with him. Quinn had protested, saying that she would like to, as humans say, 'Tear Demona a new one.' but Tanya held her back with a, 'They can bring her back here so you can beat her up.' and the red headed girl hesitatingly agreed.

Hudson watched the 'Gargoyles' scatter in different directions as they approached with Bronx at the lead, turning to Goliath, "Are yeh sure this is a good idea?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Goliath looked at him, "Demona must've done this to make us vulnerable to her attack," before he looked back at the rapidly retreating 'Gargoyles', "our only chance is to keep the battle here, on the ground. Where her wings will be of no use." he said this as he turned away and started running in the direction of the steps to get down to a terrace, where there were multiple tables set up with umbrellas stabbed at the center, as well as a fountain that looked like a God of some sort.

Once they had reached the ground, they gathered under the base of the fountain, Hudson placing the covered mirror on it's stands.

"Unwrap the mirror." Goliath said, gesturing to the slowly glowing green light that was emanating from underneath the sheet.

Swiftly, Hudson did as he was instructed, before he was forced to jump back with the others as bright green lights suddenly danced out from the mirror and at them like bullets, making them all duck and move around in various ways just to stay out of the light's path as they cried out in surprise.

As the lights' end came, Demona suddenly burst out from the mirror's glass, a rather large gun held in one hand, while Puck's chain was held in the other, the Magical being trailing out behind her as if he were her pet. Demona tossed him away from her as she opened her wings and used them to glide safely onto the pavement, before she held up the gun with the barrel pointed right at Goliath and fired.

Goliath jumped swiftly to the side as the blast hit the glass window display of old, out dated weapons behind him, making all sorts of antique equipment fall from it's display. As if he were Arthur Pendragon himself, Goliath slowly picked up a broadsword and a shield, prepared for battle.

Demona halfheartedly glared at him, "I would know you, no matter what your form, Goliath." she said as she raised the gun up again and shot at him once more, making him grunt as he ducked to avoid being hit by the red laser that came out. The female Gargoyle watched this, and remembering that there were others like him, looked to Puck for a split second, "Take care of 'em, Puck." she said once before she turned and rushed at Goliath.

Puck smiled widely for a moment, "As you wish!" he called to her as he suddenly jumped up into the air right as Brooklyn and Broadway brought down a spear and a mace, right on the spot where he had previously been; looking up at the white haired child of Oberon with wondrous expressions.

The Mystical being soared high above them all, coming to a stop on the outstretched arm of the fountain, he turned and held his hands out to his sides, his elbows still close to his person, "Humans love to battle hearty, so does Puck; c;mon, let's party!" he chanted before eh leaned his head down as light green flames burst from his eyes and went straight for the 'humans'.

The four beings on the ground used the weapons they were holding to block the flames, each one of them bending their heads down so that their faces didn't get hit. Broadway looked down at the spear he was carrying, it had suddenly started wriggling in his hands. He jolted when he saw it had been transformed into what could only be described as a giant sunflower. "H-hey!" he called when it broke free from his grasp and wrapped around his body, slowly tightening it's hold on him as he tried to push it back.

Brooklyn watched this, before his mace started sparking form the bottom of it's handle, and suddenly it shot to the side like a rocket, taking Brooklyn with it as it made it's way to an open umbrella, which, upon impact, closed instantly with the white haired male trapped inside it, struggling to break free.

Lexington was having his own issues with the battle ax he had picked up, and was attempting to hold it back by it's handle as it tried to slice him open. Just when it looked like he might be winning, the blade of the ax started spinning like a fan, getting closer and closer to his ducked down face that showed much fear of being killed in that instant.

Hudson saw this exchange and was trying to rush over and help them, when he found he couldn't move. Looking down, he saw that his feet were covered in something that looked and felt awfully like tar, and it reached up to his calves.

Puck, who was now down on the ground to watch this a little closer, was bouncing up and down in glee, much like a child looking through a candy store on his birthday. Before the sound of footsteps behind him made him turn his head around, only to see Bronx running at him full speed.

He turned his body around fully to face the Gargoyle beast, "Let's improve your look." he said with his hands held out at Bronx, they were glowing green. The light shot out from his hands and hit the beast, though it didn't even faze the now giant 'dog' as he continued to pursue Puck, barking madly at him. Puck looked taken aback as he turned and fled, "Well.. Should've tried the chihuahua." he said as Bronx followed him.

They ran through the mess of 'humans' trying to fight off whatever held them; Broadway's sunflower had planted itself in the ground and had raised the 'blonde' male up high in the air. Puck kicked the base of the plant before continuing his escape from the 'dog'; the plant base broke apart and Broadway found himself falling through the air, his arms flailing as he tried to find something to grab a hold of to keep from falling. He landed a little ways away from where Lex was still struggling with his ax. The part of the plan that had fallen with him, fell forward as he got free; it hit the ax blade and kept it stuck in the recesses of it's structure.

Lex smiled, "Ah." he sighed in relief as he got himself up off the ground and looked at the struggling blade stuck in the plant. Broadway suddenly grabbed his arm and led him away from the plant and ax as the weapon broke free and continued to spin as if a ghost were haunting it.

They ran through Brooklyn and Hudson's dilemmas, Brooklyn following them as he finally broke out of the umbrella that had trapped him.

They continued running even as Hudson reached his hand out to them, beckoning them to go back and get him out of the tar trap that still claimed his feet; but the Trio didn't notice.

Demona held Goliath up by his neck, an evil grin on her face, "Now to end this-" she was cut off as Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway suddenly rushed into her, knocking her away from Goliath, who fell backwards as she released her hold on him.

As the Trio wrestled with the female Gargoyle on the ground, the 'Gargoyles' up on the street were watching with horror, "Those monsters are attacking that woman! Let's help her!" one called out as they all started rushing down the steps to get to the terrace.

The trio were holding down a struggling Demona, when they heard something that they hadn't heard in a thousand years. An angry mob of 'Gargoyles'.

They stood up, "Wait," Lex started as Demona stood up and ran away from the three, "Stop! You don't understand!" the youngest Gargoyle said as the mob continued running at them at an even faster pace.

Demona stood up straight and squared off with Goliath, her gun pointed at him again, "Your no match for me as a pitiful human, Goliath." she sneered.

Goliath looked at her defiantly, "My strength has never depended on brute force, Demona." he said as a familiar battle cry resounded around the terrace, and upon looking up, they saw Victoria, gliding into view with Quinn held in her arms.

Quinn landed a powerful kick to Demona's chest, making the Gargoyle drop her gun and fall back with a loud grunt as she landed on her back. The smaller red headed girl landed flat on her feet, a furious expression her face as she glared daggers at the woman, "but on true friends." Goliath finished as Victoria landed next to him, followed by Tanya, Katie, and Cody.

As the angry mob advanced on them, the Trio backed up slowly, "No way we can take 'em." Lex said to his Rookery brothers out of the corner of his mouth as he saw all the 'Gargoyles' that were starting to advance on them.

Brooklyn looked at him as they kept walking, "Hey, we're the monsters, remember? So.." he said as Lex made an understanding face, and together, they started shouting and clawing at the air, going by any means necessary to scare them off.

It worked, such was proven as the mob stopped, turned, and ran away with horrified screams.

Demona groaned as she laid on the ground, "Who are to to-!" she gasped as she opened her eyes and saw Quinn standing there, not Gargoyle like she intended, but human, "Oh, Quinn.." she breathed out as she sat up on her haunches and looked up at her with sadness, before she ripped her head in Puck's direction, who was still busy with Bronx, "YOU LIED TO ME!" she screamed at him, before two small, pale skinned hands grabbing her and lifting her up by her arms got her attention, turning her head, she stared into the now stormy grey eyes of Quinn Stryker.

Quinn grit her teeth as she glared at Demona in a deadly way, "You did this to me! You took away the things that made me who I am; and now I'm gonna hurt you so much.." she growled as she reared her fist back to punch, before a much bigger, stronger hand grabbed it and held it in place. Looking up, Quinn saw her 'father' standing behind her with a disapproving look on his face, "Let me do this, dad." she growled at him and struggled with breaking her fist free from his strong grip.

Goliath shook his head at her, "She will do nothing now." he said as he looked down at Demona and saw she actually looked guilty about what she had done, "She has nothing." he finished. 'But, just to be on the safe side..' he thought as he nodded to Victoria, who nodded back, walked over, and grabbed Quinn around her middle, pulling her back and away from Demona as Goliath knelt down and grabbed her by her arms.

Quinn struggled, "This isn't necessary!" she cried, but everyone could tell by the look on her face, that if they let her go now, she'd attack Demona again, so Vivi held her tighter.

As Puck floated with his legs crossed and a smile on his face with Bronx growling at him from the front, Hudson, who had finally managed to break away from the tar trap, walked up behind him silently with an empty garbage can in his hands. Swiftly, he threw the can on top of the Mystical being, blocking him from any escape.

Brooklyn smirked as he saw this, "Party's over." he said, before he finally noticed Quinn struggling in Victoria's grasp as Goliath held Demona up by her arms, keeping her locked in place.

"Let me go!" Quinn shouted, kicking out with her feet as she tried to get away, but Victoria didn't relinquish her hold.

She only stopped when someone came over and grabbed her legs, opening her eyes, she saw Brooklyn with a small smile on his face, "Calm down, Quinn." he said, "We've got the mirror, Puck, and Demona. Now, we can work on getting you your wings back." he squeezed her feet slightly as she finally calmed down enough to be placed back on her feet. When she was standing, Brooklyn wrapped one arm around her shoulders and held her to him as they slowly started climbing the steps to get to a different place.


"Now, Puck." Goliath addressed the being after he wrapped Demona in chains, "If you change everyone back to how they were originally, we shall free you." he said as Victoria stood next to him with her hands on her hips.

Puck pursed his lips for a moment, before he nodded swiftly, floating over to the mirror, his eyes glowed green and shot out at the mirror, which in turn shot up and to the satellite dish on the World Trade Center, before it lit up the sky in a bright neon color.

At once, Vivi, Cody, and Katie were hit by the light, before it cleared and they were back to normal. Victoria had fallen on the ground during her transformation, and Goliath bent down to help her up, offering her his hand. She took it gratefully, and for a split second, their eyes locked, before he suddenly was flung backwards, landing next to the rest of the Manhattan Clan and Quinn.

"Goliath!" Brooklyn called, before they were hit with the same light. As the light cleared, they were back to normal, including Quinn; wings, tail, and all.

Quinn looked at Demona with pure hatred as Goliath bent down to unchain Puck, "Before you go," she started, walking slowly over to the chained up Gargoyle, "I wanna know something. Why did you do this to me? I mean, what did I ever do to you that made you want to take away all the things that made me who I am?" she demanded.

Demona shook her head as she met Quinn's eyes, "I wasn't trying to hurt you, Quinn! I was trying to help you!" she tried.

This only infuriated Quinn, "How in the hell would that help me?!" she shouted at her, her tail lashing out behind her in rage, "I can't understand you, Demona. I mean, you saved me the first time we met; you asked about me when you were with Brookie; you even aimed at something that wasn't me with a poisonous dart! Why do you do that?" she asked.

The Gargoyle said nothing for a moment, didn't even meet her eyes, then, she spoke so quietly that Quinn had to lean further to hear her, "A mother's love takes her to great lengths, Quinn." she said and Quinn jolted at that, hoping that it didn't mean what she thought it did.

"..What are you saying, Demona?" she asked quietly, vaguely aware of everyone starting to gather closer around them to hear this exchange.

Demona sighed as she looked away for a moment, trying to figure out which way to take this, before she decided to just go out with it, "Quinn, I am your biological mother."

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