Chapter 18

Eye of the Beholder

September 30 3:45 PM- Xanatos Inc.

"Cody, would you mind telling me what exactly is wrong with you lately?" Xanatos asked his son through the door to his room.

Ever since he returned home later than expected one morning, looking drained beyond belief, he hadn't been the same college student that his father remembered him as before. He hardly came out of his room in the mornings, only leaving the house to either go see Quinn, or for his college classes, but that was it. He didn't even stop to greet his father, who tried so much to get him to stop and eat something with him. Family meals had been for a family of one since Cody preferred to now eat in his room or eat with one of his friends; Xanatos had the sneakingest suspicion that he was hanging out with Goliath and his Clan, but said nothing.

From what he saw of his son, he looked fine. He was obviously sleeping properly, so he wasn't depressed. If that were the case, then Cody wouldn't come out at all.

He heard Cody sigh from behind his door, then a moment of silence before his door was swung open, and the black haired boy looked at him with an irritated expression, "Why didn't you tell me that Quinn was actually related to me?" he answered the question with one that he had on his mind for a while now.

Xanatos didn't answer for a moment, then, "How did you find out about your half sister?" he asked another question in an answer.

Cody narrowed his eyes, "Her mother blew the secret." he said, his fist clenching at his side.

Xanatos sighed, "Of course, can't trust Demona to keep something to herself for very long. The reason I didn't tell you about Quinn was because I honestly had no idea how you would react to that little bit of information. Obviously, not too well by the way you've been ignoring me." he said.

The boy glared at the man, "That's not why I've been ignoring you, dad. Its because you never bothered to even go out and tell Quinn about her parents, when you've known her longer than I've known you. Do you realize what exactly you put her through? Turning her into that weird human/gargoyle hybrid thing the way you did, I mean, you didn't even really give her a chance to tell you whether she wanted to be that way or not." he wasn't making a very good argument, he knew, but he just wanted this conversation to be over so that he could go back and hide in his room.

Xanatos raised an eyebrow, "It wasn't really my decision to make, son. When Quinn hatched from an egg that Demona laid, she looked like a regular human. Of course, you know how her mother feels about humans, so she turned to me for a solution. At that time, Quinn was much too young to change, so I told her that when Quinn was eighteen, I could make her look the way Demona wanted. She didn't like it, but agreed nonetheless after I told her that if I tried to change our daughter as a baby, it would be a major risk to Quinn's life." he said.

Cody leaned against the wall and hummed to himself, "If you were set to wait until Q was eighteen, then why did I end up meeting her in the Foster Care facility?" he asked, now slightly intrigued.

Xanatos crossed his arms over his chest, "To put it simply, I couldn't take care of a baby when Demona turned to stone during the day, so I gave her up one morning; then that night, told Demona Quinn had died." he said it as if it should have been obvious.

Cody's eyes widened at his father, "That's not right... How did Demona take it?" he asked in a low voice as if he didn't really want Xanatos to answer.

Xanatos looked down and away, "She was devastated. She kept saying it was all her fault, and how she sincerely wished she weren't a Gargoyle. But, you aren't asking me how I felt back then, why?" he said.

Cody suddenly backed up further into his room, one hand on the edge of the door, prepared to be shut, "I don't need to. You obviously didn't care enough about Quinn or her mother to bother keeping her; so I have my answer." he started to close the door, when his father stuck one foot in the space between the door and the doorway, stopping him.

Xanatos looked angry with his son, "You don't think I cared about Quinn? It broke my heart to have to give up another one of my children. And after all the things Demona brought herself down about after I told her our daughter had died, I deeply regretted even thinking of the idea in the first place. I even named Quinn. Her name was originally Leigh Maria Xanatos (A/N: I'm thinking about putting in a chapter somewhere that Quinn, who is eighteen and therefore able to do this on her own, changes her first name back to Leigh, but keeps Stryker as her last name because she doesn't want to be known as Xanatos. If your wondering about Cody's last name, he changed his original last name, Jax, to be his middle name and kept Xanatos as his new last name. So, anyways, let me know what you think of Quinn changing her first name legally to Leigh. I don't wanna hear any 'It's your story so do what you want.' no. I want to know what you guys think personally of that.). Of course, Demona didn't really see the difference in naming a child, she is a Gargoyle after all, they didn't name their young when they hatched. But, when I was signing papers for the Foster Care facility, I accidentally left her name as a blank. That gave the Strykers' free reign over what to name her. For some reason, they were big on Scottish names, and they picked Quinn." he sighed and took his foot out of the doorway, "I never wanted anyone to get hurt, especially not emotionally. How is Quinn doing after learning this?" he asked when Cody had opened the door a little wider to look at his father.

Cody didn't answer for a moment, "The night she found out, she disappeared until noon the next day. She didn't call anybody or say anything to tell anyone she was home. She just went to bed and didn't bother to wake up until almost midnight that night. Even then, she mainly stayed up in her loft and kept to herself. Broadway said she didn't even go down to eat something, and just to feed her, Brooklyn went up there and sat quietly while she ate." he said.

Xanatos flinched, "That bad, huh?" he asked, reaching behind with one hand to rub the back of his neck.

The black haired boy shook his head, "Worse. She only started speaking to everyone a few days ago. I'm not sure what she thinks the big deal is. I mean, yeah, she's related to two total douche bags," he took a silent satisfaction when his father grimaced at the name, "but, I don't see how it's so bad that she was basically anti-social." he said.

Xanatos sighed again, "I'm sure she'll eventually go out and tell everyone what is going through her head. Until then, just let her be." he cleared his throat and took in a deep breath, "Now, on a different note; that's not the only reason I came to talk to you, Cody." he said with a slight smile.

Cody raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And what else did you wanna talk about?" he asked curiously.

"What do you think about Fox?" Xanatos asked.

Cody crossed his arms over his chest and hummed to himself, "I don't really know her that well. I mean, she's definitely good looking, but other than that, I don't know what kind of person she is. Why do you ask?" he asked, looking up at his father.

Xanatos was smiling, "Because I plan on making her your new step mother, that's why." he turned away from his son's surprised expression, "I'm going to ask her to marry me tomorrow night at dinner, so you're going to need to find somewhere else to eat." he warned as he walked away and headed down the hall.

The black haired boy blinked and slowly shook his head, "Best of luck to ya, dad. Best of luck to ya." he muttered to himself as he finally turned around and headed back into his room, shutting the door behind him.


October 1 8:41 PM Xanatos Inc.

"Marry me."

The statement was so blunt, Fox almost choked on the forkful of food she had in her mouth as she looked up at him in surprise. Now, usually a woman who had been asked to get married would have been jumping for joy and shouting 'yes!' all over the place while the guy who proposed would sit in his seat and wonder just what the hell he got himself into.

"Are you serious?" but Fox was different.

David stood up and started walking towards her, "Why not? We're genetically compatible. Highly intelligent. And have the same goals." he reached forward and pulled her to her feet when she grabbed his hand, "I'd say marriage is a good option." he smiled at her.

Fox raised a finely shaped eyebrow and smirked, hesitating to open her mouth, "But what about.. Love?" she asked uncertainly, trying to go through her head about whether or not she actually loved David Xanatos. He was right. They really did have a lot in common, intellectually and somewhat emotionally. But, love? Was that something either of them was even capable of feeling? Or was it just another emotion that they needed to just ignore?

"Well of course we love each other. How would we exactly put up with each other if we didn't? All you have to say, my dear," he gestured behind him and moved to her side as Owen stepped forward with a mahogany box, "is say yes." he finished as Owen opened the box and exposed a beautiful bright blue gem set in a golden chain that swirled around it and made it look like an eye of some sort.

Fox's mouth opened and closed, surprised into silence. Then, slowly, a smile spread across her ruby red mouth as she reached over and took it gingerly. She looked at it for a split second, then up at David, the smile still on her face, "Proposal accepted." she said slyly.


October 30 7:32 PM Leaving the Costume Shop

"So, Quinn, Halloween's tomorrow night." Quinn raised an eyebrow at Katie's statement as they walked a few more feet away from the costume shop they had just searched through for Halloween. It had just about everything the girls needed for their Halloween costumes, as well as what the guys, Lexington, Brooklyn, and Broadway; had asked them to get for their own costumes. Needless to say, the girl's arms were heavy with the all the bags filled with everything they had purchased.

It had been about a month since Quinn found out, straight from her mother, just who her parents were, and honestly, she felt different. Not a bad sort of different, mind you. Yes, there had been those few days where she was basically unresponsive to everyone and everything around her, but that was because she was simply in shock over the news. She had finally stopped feeling that way back around two days before the end of September; now, the difference she was feeling was more like a fulfilling emotion. In a way, it was a pretty great feeling.

It helped even more that Goliath and Brooklyn, two of her favorite people in the world and two of the people that had been the most betrayed by her biological father and mother, didn't feel any different about her or her parents.

That was one thing she had been the most worried about.

Quinn looked over at the brunette girl, it was just the two of them at the moment, Victoria said she had already gotten her costume, and Cody was waiting for Quinn to tell him what Katie was going as, some new plot of his to go out with her, and then Tanya couldn't exactly walk out in broad light so the girls were told to pick out a costume for her, "I know that. What's your point?" she asked. The red headed girl was dressed in a simple pair of dark jeans, black sneakers, and an army green hoodie. Her blood red hair had gotten pretty long, the end reaching the middle of her shoulder blades. She had no idea how it grew so fast, maybe something to do with her genetic makeup or what, but she had it hanging in a low pony tail at the base of her neck, her bangs kept moving from the sides and over in front of her eyes, but she just blew them out of the way. And as always, her ring with the golden chain was still clasped at the back of her neck.

Katie grinned at her, the air was whipping her long, wavy hair all around her face like Quinn's bangs, "I'm going as Christine from Phantom of the Opera. What about you?" she asked her smaller friend. She was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans with a Digimon t-shirt underneath her ever present yellow and black Letterman's jacket, and a pair of black sneakers on her feet.

Quinn breathed heavily once, then she answered, "Myself. I figure that's scary enough." with a smirk on her face.

Katie smacked her playfully on her arm, "No matter how right you are, it's not enough for Halloween." she said, before she stopped where she stood when Quinn suddenly stood stock still and looked towards a darkened grocery store, "Quinn? What is it?" she asked.

Quinn turned her body towards the store and stayed dead silent, she had seen something moving in the uncharacteristically dark windows of the little store, she was tempted to go and check out what was going on in there, but she was thinking it might have been just the store's owner locking stuff up for the night; then another voice in her head told that idea to promptly shut the hell up as a loud, animalistic roar sounded from the inside the little building.

As the owner runs out of the building screaming in sheer terror, the red headed girl turned to her friend, who was looking at the store with fear in her hazel green eyes, "Stay here. I'll be right back." Quinn told her, placing the bags she had been carrying down next to Katie's feet, before she turned and rushed over to the store and through the open doors the owner had left them like that.

She slowed down to a slight walk as she crept around a few discarded store items, careful not to make any noises in case that alerted whatever had roared that loud. A can of some food item rolled out in front of her from an isle located in the back of the store; Quinn bent down to stop it from rolling as her ears finally caught the sound of some strange animal noises in that area, as well as clattering cans and other assorted things.

The girl reached into the pocket of her hoodie and pulled out her metal bo staff, making it pop out to it's full length as she slowly moved towards the back, Quinn could feel her wings and tail shifting underneath the confines of her hoodie, but she didn't want to take them out in fear that a regular human would pass by the window and looked in to see some strange hybrid girl holding a weapon. That would definitely be something to explain to the cops.

She stopped and stared at the monster that was devouring a fully uncooked turkey, ripping it apart in all directions and eating it hungrily, like it had never been fed in it's life.

Which really wasn't likely, seeing as how big it looked, about Goliath's height; and covered from head to toe in dark red, unruly fur. What really caught her attention, was the blue mark on it's right eye, it looked oddly familiar.

Quinn held her breath when the beast turned and roared at her, then ran in another direction around the isle.

The red headed girl let out the breath she was holding as she raced to meet the beast halfway, only to stop where she stood when it magically appeared in front of her. "Holy crap!" she yelled out in surprise, then she managed to gather herself long enough to hit the huge werewolf looking beast right in the muzzle, not even leaving a mark.

The beast growled angrily as it grabbed Quinn's staff and took it away from her hands and threw the weapon away from them.

Quinn gasped as she backed up until she hit the cashier counter, her eyes widening when the monster raised it's clawed hand to strike. Before it could hit her, however, Quinn moved swiftly over to the left as the paw came crashing down, making a split right in the middle of the counter.

The girl rolled on the floor, until she hit a big pile of bags of flour, one of them landing on the floor within arms reach of her. Quinn reached for it as the beast grabbed her up by her hoodie and lifted her in the air with ease, despite the heavy flour bag she was now carrying.

Quinn was raised up to it's eye level, they were glowing a golden color that was rather startling in the darkness of the store; she found her eyes traveling to the beast's neck, where a strange jewel that she had seen in her history book, was residing as if it belonged there.

The monster roared again, and out of impulse, Quinn hit it in the face with the bag of flour, making the powdery substance explode all over the two beings. The red headed girl was lucky enough when the beast was too shocked about the flour that it let it's grip on her hood go and Quinn was free.

She dropped to the floor and started crawling towards where she hoped her staff had been thrown, silently rejoicing when her outstretched hand touched the cool metal of her weapon. Quinn jumped back onto her feet and turned to strike the beast, which remained invisible in the cloud of flour she had created; then she had to blink in slight surprise when police sirens and flashing lights showed up suddenly outside the store.

Quinn retracted her staff swiftly in case the cops decided she was too young to carry something like that; then she looked up, and sighed in frustration.

The cloud of flour had cleared, leaving an empty space where the beast should have been.

"Dammit.." she cursed under her breath as she slowly turned around and started walking out the open doors.

"What happened in there? And why does it look like there's snow on your head?" Katie asked her after Quinn stepped out of the store. The brunette girl had run to the other side of the street after the police showed up, just to get to Quinn faster than anyone else; which hadn't been easy with all the bags she had on her arms.

Quinn shook her head, making a large clump of flour fall out of her hair, "You don't wanna know either answer to those. That thing got away before I could really do anything about it." she tried to blow her powder filled bangs away from her face, but there was always that one strand that refused to leave, and as it was slowly puffing flour onto her nose with every swipe, she found herself hating it very much at that moment, "Can we go back to your place? I feel like a shower is completely necessary right this moment." she glared at the strand again as Katie handed her back the bags she had placed on the ground.

Katie nodded, and as they started walking in that direction, a question came to her mind, "What exactly were you fighting?" she asked her smaller friend.

Quinn sighed, "The same thing that's been showin' up throughout this month. Um, can we run? I see Julie getting out of one of those cop cars, and I really don't wanna talk to her right now." she said, her eyes darting to the side when the blonde woman stepped onto the street with Matt and started walking towards the empty store; just as Katie nodded and the two girls broke into a run, with Quinn going at a much faster pace than Katie, thank you hybrid powers!


"It's been yet another sighting of this mysterious beast, when late last night, it attacked a small grocery store, leaving not even a hair to trace. Authorities-" the screen was shut off after that sentence, and the men that were watching the report stood in silence.

"Wonderful." Xanatos finally said as the door opened and closed, allowing plenty of space for Fox to walk into the room. She looked like a hot mess, her hair was undone and messy looking, like she hadn't taken a brush to it in weeks, and she had nothing on but a trench coat that was clutched up to her neck by her hands, "And where have you been hiding yourself, my dear?" Xanatos asked his fiance, and she turned around, startled at the sudden presence of the two men.

Fox seemed a little out of it, "I was, um. Out. For a... walk." she said hesitatingly.

David nodded thoughtfully, "I trust you are still wearing my engagement gift?" he asked her, and she looked surprised.

"Of course," she said quickly, "I-I never take it off." after this statement, she started swiftly moving across the floor, barefoot, to get to the door on the other side of the room, "If you'll excuse me, I think I'm coming down with something." she supplied as the only reason.

Xanatos and Burnett watched her go, then when the door was fully shut, Xanatos turned to his assistant, "Time for plan A." he said.


October 31 6:43 PM Police Station, clock tower

"Oh, man!" Lexington exclaimed in excitement as he jumped off from his pedestal after breaking from his stone sleep only seconds earlier, "Halloween! Tonight's the night!" he looked up at his Rookery brothers and grinned at them.

Brooklyn nodded and flexed his wings, shaking the last of the stone from them, "I can hardly wait! We can walk on the streets and no one will know who we are!" he said happily, as Broadway walked up behind him.

"Even better: no one will know what we are." he said, not noticing the narrowed eyes of Brooklyn as the door opened and out walked Tanya, "Who are you supposed to be?" he asked the cat like girl.

Tanya was dressed in what looked to be some sort of belly dancing outfit, minus all the jewels and weird sash thing on her pants. The bottom of her pant legs were puffy and seemed to pull themselves in closer to her ankles, and her top looked to be some sort of bikini looking top, the sleeves were resting on the sides of her shoulders. And her hair was done in a different sort of braid, at the base of her neck and without the purple ribbon, and right on her forehead was a blue band with a deep blue jewel in the middle. Also, apart from the five earrings that usually resided in her ears, there was a pair of huge, golden ball looking things. And on her neck was a golden necklace. The entire outfit was done in a pale blue color that looked rather pretty on her white and black spotted fur. Her wings were clipped to her shoulders.

Tanya smiled at them, "I'm Princess Jasmine." she said happily, doing a little spin to show off the entirety of her outfit, but with her wings blocking the back from view, it was a little difficult to see anything on the back side.

Lexington didn't mind, however, "Your always Princess Tanya, though." he said as he walked over to her and hugged her while heading inside at the same time, the others following close behind; Brooklyn and Broadway making disgusted faces as they went.

When everyone was inside, they all stopped to look at the other two girls in the room that could only be two people: Victoria and Katie.

Victoria was dressed in a pale pink, almost white dress that stopped just underneath her legs, and flowed a little bit out to give a slight breezy look. There was a big bow right in the middle of her chest, covering any cleavage that might have been showing at any amount of time, but the ribbons of the bow moved to the sides to rest about an inch under her shoulders. Underneath the ribbon strands, the sleeves went down until they stopped at her wrists. On her feet was a pair of beautiful pale pink almost white flats, obviously making it easier for her to move around than it would have been with a pair of heels. And finally, her brunette locks were curly, her bangs covering her forehead.

Katie was dressed in a light pink dress that went all the way down to the floor, covering her feet from their view. The Skirt was slightly puffy, and seemed to stick out further in the back where a beautiful braid thing being held together by rows of brighter pink flowers. The upper part of her dress was a brighter color of pink, and on the part on her chest was a very intricate lace design with multiple little roses all around it. The lace moved to her shoulders and hung there, just like Tanya's Jasmine costume. And she had white, lace gloves on her forearms, going down to her fingertips. On the waist of her top, on the left side, was a bright pink rose like the ones on the back of the skirt. Around her neck was a simple golden ring with a matching chain. Her freckled face had a slight blushing look on her cheeks, and her lips had pale pink lipstick on them. Her hair was up and out of her face, curled, and decorated with little pink roses. And in one hand was a light pink mask that went over her eyes, a bright pink rose on the side of one of the eyes.

Needless to say, the two women looked stunning.

The girls smiled at them, "Happy Halloween, guys." Victoria greeted happily.

Tanya looked at them, her head tilting to the side for a second, "I'm sorry, who are you guys again?" she asked apologetically.

Katie laughed a little, "I'm Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera." she said, doing some little twirl on the spot where she stood to show the entirety of her beautiful dress.

Victoria smiled and did a little curtsy, "Kim Boggs from Edward Scissor Hands." she said and stood up straight, "Quinn's currently getting changed into her costume, up in her loft." she pointed towards the loft above their heads as she said this, where everyone could hear an audible, "Fraking wings..." come out multiple times.

Brooklyn raised an eyeridge and stared up at the loft, "If she's cursing her wings now... Jalapeno, have mercy on us all.." he said somberly.

"I heard that, Brooklyn!" Quinn yelled down at him, sticking her head out over the side of the loft, her long red hair was pulled up in a very messy bun on the top of her head, including her bangs, they couldn't really tell if she was wearing makeup or not, because as quickly as her head appeared, it went away and more curses of her tail were heard by everyone below her.

As the red Gargoyle laughed at her, Broadway shook his head and turned to Katie, "Did you two get the stuff for our costumes?" he asked her.

The brunette nodded at him before she turned around and pointed at the pile of bags littered all around Hudson's chair, "You guys are just lucky Quinn and I managed to get these before that beast made Quinn get all sidetracked and act like a heroine." she clamped a gloved hand over her mouth after she said this, Quinn hadn't wanted the Manhattan Clan to know about her little scuffle with whatever had been inside the store; Katie hadn't understood why not.

Now that she looked at the faces of all six Gargoyles, including Bronx, she figured out why.

"What do you mean by 'beast'?" Goliath managed to get out, though he looked concerned and angry at the same time and at first, Katie thought that anger was directed towards her; then was proven wrong when Quinn landed in a crouched position on the floor and Goliath looked down at her in disappointment.

The red headed girl stood up and held her arms out at her sides in a 'Ta-Da!' position, "What do you think?" she asked excitedly.

She was dressed in an extremely sparkly corset looking top that was pretty low cut; and an equally as sparkly yellow half jacket with a black collar and jacket tails. She was wearing a pair of black shorts with stripes all along the legs colored entirely different colors of the rainbow. On her legs was a pair of silvery grey tights; and on her feet was a combination of light blue ankle high socks and black tap dancing shoes. Her red hair that was up in a bun, had disappeared underneath the sparkly, yellow top hat with a silver band around the middle. And what was just as startling as her costume was the fact that she actually had makeup on; pitch black eyeliner, and mascara showing off her blue eyes. Her cheekbones were defined by light pink skin color, and her lips were covered with ruby red lipstick, just about as red as her hair. While she was somehow hiding her wings and tail pretty well considering exactly just how tight that corset looking top seemed to be, she couldn't exactly hide her fangs and ears very well, so both of those traits were out in the light for the world to see. Around her neck was not only that same old necklace with the ring, but a big sparkly red bow on a black choker band.

She definitely looked completely different compared to her usual choice of clothes, and had her family not been angry and worried, they would have awed at her look.

As this was not the case, Goliath grabbed her by her right arm and turned around, starting to make his way to the terrace with the girl in tow, "We need to talk." he rumbled as they finally stepped outside.

When they finally made it outside and he had closed the door, he finally let go of Quinn's arm and looked at her sternly, "When were you planning on telling me about your little fight with this 'beast' as Katie called it?" he asked her with a slight growl.

Quinn had the decency to look sheepish, "When you were in a good enough mood..." she sighed, looking up at him with apologetic eyes, "Look, dad; there was no one else around the area when that thing attacked, it was either I did something, or nobody did anything and it would not only destroy something, but possibly harm someone. Sorry I didn't tell you about it earlier." she said.

"You could have been hurt, Quinn. You need to be more careful." he chided, placing one huge hand on her shoulder and looking at her like a father would.

Quinn nodded, "I know. I'll be more careful, dad, I promise." she said with a smile gracing her red lips.


Fox looked out the window of her bedroom at Xanatos Inc. with worry shining in her green eyes as she moved her gaze to her hands, 'Its going to happen again; I can feel it.' she told herself as the door opened behind her.

"Fox, I'd like to borrow your engagement gift; I want to have it engraved." David's voice rang out from the darkness behind her, and the auburn haired woman's eyes widened in slight fear when the necklace started glowing.

She moved her hands to cup the amulet in a vain attempt at hiding the light, but it leaked out through her thin fingers, "No, I-I can't bear to part with it." she responded in a strangled voice as the wind started moving her hair around in a sort of wicked witch sort of way.

Xanatos raised an eyebrow, "Oh, but I insist." he said and moved a little closer to her; he stopped where he stood however, when she suddenly let out an uncharacteristic animal growl and her left hand, which had let go of the necklace and went to her side, suddenly spouted dark red fur and long, dagger like nails, "Wha-th?!" he yelped in surprise at the sight.

He was rendered silent when Fox suddenly started breathing heavily; and when she turned around, her normally beautiful green eyes were shrouded by a yellow glow. Her hair was whipping furiously around her by the speeding wind, and the amulet was glowing far more brighter than it had been when he walked into the room.

Fox raised her clawed hand up to the amulet and gripped it, automatically making bursts of pink light jump out, hitting her at all different angles and making her scream. That scream slowly turned into an animalistic roar as her skin turned to dark red fur, and her face and body expanded themselves, taking the form of a Werewolf.


"Oh, this is gonna be great."Cody told himself as he examined the old fashioned outfit he had on.

He was dressed in a white, old fashioned long sleeved, puffy shirt underneath a black suit jacket and black tie. He had black suit pants and black dancing shoes on his legs; and a black felt cape with red on the inside that was clipped over his shoulders. His normally messy black hair was slicked back, showing off his face. Or, it would have been if there hadn't been the white mask that only covered his right eye and nose.

Katie was going to flip when she saw that he was going as the Erik to her Christine.

Grinning, he grabbed up the red rose he had gotten earlier that day and started walking out of his room, when he was abruptly thrown back into the closed door with a low growl and a hairy, clawed hand.

The half masked boy shook his head and looked up, his mouth automatically opening in shock and his black eyes widening at the sight of the Werewolf thing running down the length of the hallway and around the corner, disappearing from his view.

Cody stared in that direction for what seemed like hours but what was merely five minutes, then he shouted, "WHAT THE FRIK WAS THAT?!" and stood up so fast, his hair stuck up a little bit.

A moment later, his father and Owen ran towards him, "Cody, are you alright?" Xanatos asked him when they had reached the college student.

Cody ripped his half mask off his face and glared at them, "I'm fine. But, what the hell was that? And why did it have Fox's blue mark on it's eye?" he asked them; then his eyes got wide again, and he looked back in the direction the monster had gone in, "...That was Fox, wasn't it." it wasn't a question. He didn't need an answer anyways, the men's silence was all it took to have him racing down the hallway and into the staircase in record time, dialing his little sister's number on his phone as he went.


"Hey, dad!" Quinn called in the darkness of the abandoned library beside the police station, Brooklyn walking in alongside her; he had to carry her down from the tower because her wings were being held captive under her corset top and she didn't want to have to struggle with them again to get them back to being hidden.

They found Goliath sitting on top of a ladder that had been used at one point to get books from the top shelves, Victoria sitting a few steps below him with her legs clamped tightly shut together; they both had books on mystical beasts out for some reason.

The lavender Gargoyle looked up at the two other beings while Victoria continued to read the book, "What is it, my child?" he asked the girl who had dressed as Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"I just got off the phone with Cody, he was running down some stairs for some reason, but he said this beast thing, he gave it a name but I couldn't understand it; was out on the loose. It came out of Xanatos' place. Now, I'm pretty sure that we can track-" Quinn started.

"What makes you think your going to fight it?" Brooklyn interrupted her, looking at her sternly with his one eye that wasn't covered by the eye patch of his pirate costume.

Quinn hadn't let Katie pick out the things for Brooklyn's costume, mainly because she saw what Katie was getting for her own costume and got a little scared at the sight of all the pink in that dress.

He was dressed in a pair of white pants with the bottoms of the legs cut to look more like a pirate's pants, and instead of his torso being bare, he had a royal blue vest on with holes cut in the back for his wings to be free. His white mane of hair was pulled back by a pale red headband that tied on the side of his head and hung onto his neck. And he had a fake golden earring in his right ear.

The girl dressed in sparkles looked at him in a confused way, "What do you mean? I fought it before, I can fight it again. Plus, you definitely aren't going to fight it; you, Lex, and Broadway have been planning to go that street party since September ended. And Katie is taking her little sister trick or treating, Cody can't fight his way out of a paper bag, Tanya wanted to spend more time with Lexington, and this is Hudson's lazy night; basically, I'm the only one that can go with Goliath to get it." she said, then Brooklyn shook his head at her.

He moved a little closer, "You need to relax and have some fun tonight, Q. You never really do that; and I'm starting to think that you just might destroy yourself if you continue with the fighting without taking a break." he moved one arm around her shoulders to trap her in place when she looked like she was going to move away.

There was an audible snapping sound as Victoria finally closed the book and looked down at the beaked Gargoyle and the hybrid girl, "Exactly, Quinn. Which is why I'm volunteering myself to go and check it out with Goliath." she said, waving one hand in said Gargoyle's direction in indication.

The other three beings looked at her like she was crazy, "Uh, Vivi? No offense, but, do you even know how to defend yourself?" the red headed girl asked her after a few seconds.

The brunette woman shrugged, "I took a few defense classes before I started college, so I've got the basics down." she responded.

Quinn sighed and shook her head, "The basics..." she groaned, "The basics aren't going to be enough to handle what I fought the other night. Trust me when I tell you, you will get hurt if you go after it, Vivi." she said worriedly.

Victoria shrugged again and got down from her step to stand in front of Quinn, "Well, it's either I go, or Goliath goes alone. Which really isn't a good idea considering if what I just read is correct and this thing turns out to be much bigger than Goliath. Face it, I'm the only option here." she said, placing a hand on Quinn's shoulder and giving the girl a small smile.

The smaller girl looked around Victoria and at Goliath and Brooklyn, who both looked beside themselves, "What about Bronx, huh? He could go with you, dad." Quinn offered, but Brooklyn shook his head.

"Like Hudson, it's Bronx's lazy night as well; though I think he could use the exercise. Plus, whenever Lex, Broadway, and I take him out, there's always trouble; that's why he's not going with any of us to the street party." the red Gargoyle explained and Quinn sighed at his reasoning.

"Of course." she muttered, then looked back at Victoria. The woman looked surprisingly hopeful, as if all she wanted right now was to just be alone with Goliath no matter where they were going; even if that meant she would go along on a monster hunt on Halloween. Quinn sighed again, if they didn't get together by the end of the night, the red head would become her mother for sure, "Fine... But, I want you to take this to defend yourself, Vivi." she said as she pulled one of the sides of her jacket open and reached into an inside pocket that no one knew she had. The girl reached in and pulled out the small, thin cylinder that is her metal bo staff, "Just twist the middle and it'll grow to full size." she demonstrated it before she retracted the longer pieces and handed it to the brunette.

Victoria took it and smiled at her, "I'll give it back when we're done, okay? Thank you." she said as Goliath got down from the seat he had taken for himself, leaned down and grabbed Victoria up bridal style.

He turned to his 'daughter' and the red Gargoyle, "We will meet you at the party." his said in that deep, rumbling voice that could never be duplicated; then he turned and ran towards the back exit with Vivi holding on for dear life as she was jostled immensely.

Quinn watched them go with a look of longing on her face, "I wish I was going." she mumbled under her breath as Brooklyn wrapped his arm around her shoulder again and started pulling her towards the place they had entered from.

"C'mon, just forget about them for now, it's time for fun!" he exclaimed as he pulled her up and towards the tower to get the others.


"I've got a lock on her signal, Owen. She's not far." Xanatos spoke through the built in microphone in his helmet as he soared over the buildings of New York as the radar caught his fiance's signature.

So far, everything was going just as he'd planned. He'd gotten his son to see, even if it was by accident, Fox in her mutated form; and that prompted him to call his daughter and warn her about it. No doubt, Quinn would go and tell Goliath or one of his Clan about what Cody had said, and then the Gargoyles would be looking for Fox as well, saving him the trouble of hunting her down so much. Oh, Plan B was fool proof.

He landed on the roof of a meat depositing warehouse, that was where her signal was coming from, "As I suspected. Her accelerated metabolism is making her eat constantly to maintain energy." he said as he walked inside the dark, cold warehouse armed with a dart gun.

The light on his exoskeleton's shoulder swung around the room whenever he turned his body, looking this way and that in an attempt to find Fox, tracking her was easy with the tracking dart Owen had gotten her with, it was the finding her that was tricky.

A low growl got his attention, and he swung around towards a row completely aligned with cold meat products, his metal clad feet clanking loudly on the hard floor whenever he took a step forward, and he suddenly found himself cursing the fact that he made the exoskeleton out of metal.

He used his radar to look for her, but for some reason she wasn't showing up.

That was, until she popped up in front of his helmet and snarled at him.

She leaped up and latched her claws into his suit's shoulders and bit down into the wire around his chest. "Malfunction. Malfunction." he heard vibrate around his helmet as he shot a dart into Fox's stomach, causing her to toss him behind her and move away.

Xanatos yanked off the helmet and threw it away from where he sat against a bar of one of the racks with meat on it, shaking his head to clear it, he looked up at Fox.

David watched as she ripped the dart out of her skin and threw it away from her; roaring in rage, she pounced on him, making him hit his head on the bar and knock him out temporarily.

While he was knocked out, Fox leaned in for the kill, but something made her stop. 'This is David!' a voice told her from inside her head, 'Don't hurt him! You love him!' it said.

She growled at herself as she let go of the shoulder she had grabbed onto, and moved away from her. The voice was right, she couldn't hurt David. She loved him too much to do such a thing.

Xanatos opened his eyes when she suddenly growled and ran out the door they had both entered through.

Fox jumped through a window in the room, landing on the loading dock outside and was about to run back into the street, when something made her stop. A scent. Something she didn't know anything about. She was aware of David's scent, Owen's scent was no different since he spent most of his time with David, she even knew Cody's scent, but this one was very confusing.

Looking up, she yelped loudly like a pained animal when Goliath kicked her in the chest, sending her flying back into a pile of old crates.

The lavender Gargoyle placed Victoria down on the ground as he advanced on the beast he had hit. It came right back up, even after a blow like that from him.

Victoria reached for Goliath's arm, but missed it as he went to circle around the beast.

They seemed to be measuring each other up, as if thinking about how long it would take to knock either one out for good; then the beast surprised him by pouncing.

Goliath punched the monster right in the face before it could hit him, and went to punch it again and missed when it ducked, then lunged upward, catching him by the face and raising him taller than his feet would allow.

The leader growled, and with a grimace punched the beast once again, prompting it to let him stand normally once more as he grabbed it's arms and moved them away from his face. They started moving backwards, towards the bar of the dock, both struggling with the strength of their opponent.

Vivi, who had stood by and watched in awe at the fight that was taking place, seemed to snap out of her daze and twisted the middle of Quinn's bo staff, thinking she might be able to get the beast with a few good hits if she took careful aim and didn't get Goliath.

This didn't seem to be the case when both of them kept switching places on her, every other second Goliath would hit the bar, and the next second, the beast would take his place.

Vivi huffed in frustration, this wasn't going so well.

Finally, Goliath's eyes glowed white when the beast reached one hand toward his face; raising the monster above his head, the lavender Gargoyle tossed it across the landing.

The beast hit the garage door, leaving a dent and bouncing off when it's body didn't stay in the indention. The beast landed on the floor and rolled onto it's back, unconscious for the moment.

Goliath grimaced and moved closer to it, Victoria following close behind with the bo staff held in her two hands. When they weren't but a few inches away, they heard the sound of a rocket coming from above, and a few seconds later, Xanatos appeared at the head of the beast.

"Xanatos." Victoria gasped, remembering the time she was trapped inside one of his medical facilities with the mutates, her usually soft expression turned to a look of hatred as she threw the staff at him, "This is all your doing, isn't it!" she yelled when the staff hit him right on his exposed head.

Xanatos squinted his eyes and rubbed his head for a moment, glaring at the brunette woman who threw it as he crouched down next to Fox, "Let's just say I feel a sort of responsibility for it." he said and grabbed the amulet that had remained around her neck, screaming when it shocked him to his very core.

Victoria shielded her eyes from the light that came from the amulet, when she suddenly felt herself being lifted by strong, protecting arms and carried away from the scene as Xanatos went flying backwards into the same pile of crates the beast had hit when they had first arrived.

Looking up, Vivi stared up at Goliath, reading his eyes for a sign of an emotion that his face refused to show. A mixture of emotions were shining in his black eyes: anger, fear, protection... love.

So much love written all throughout the the darkness of his eyes, and Victoria found herself staring in wonder at them.

That is, until something in dark red fur shifted behind him, then she had to break eye contact, "Goliath, look out!" she yelped as the beast jumped onto his back and moved him over to the opening of the bars when the trucks would park in to unload.

Goliath growled and gritted his teeth and struggled to get out of the hold he was in, "You don't have to fight us!" he cried as he shot his wings out, making the beast let go of him and fall to the ground, "If Xanatos is your enemy, then believe me; we are your friends!" he said, turning around and trying to reason with it.

The beast was still for a moment, then it pounced on Goliath once again, making him lose his balance and fall back into the street with a thud.

When it saw Goliath was on the ground, it jumped off and started in the direction of the busy street at the end of the alley way, "Wait!" Goliath called with one hand outstretched towards it; but it was too late. The beast had gone.

As Victoria grabbed up the bo staff again, Xanatos stood up and fired up his rocket, "Hey, you have a lot of explaining to do!" she yelled at him as he started shooting up into the sky.

The tan skinned man shook his head, "A discussion that I have no time for, my dear Ms. Dawson. It'll have to wait." he said before he shot up and took off towards his home.


"Of course, Cody would be late. I don't think he could really ever keep up with time if his life depended on it." Katie muttered loud enough for Quinn to hear as they sat on a set of foot steps of an apartment building with Tanya and Melody, Katie's younger sister. Katie had apparently promised the little girl that she would take her out trick or treating for Halloween, and had forgotten until her mother called and reminded her.

The little girl was about five years old and looked almost exactly like Katie, only with less freckles and shorter hair. She was dressed in a Snow White costume, complete with cape and tiara.

Quinn blinked, before she face palmed herself, miraculously not screwing up her one time makeup; and realized she had never told anyone besides Brooklyn, Goliath, and Victoria about the phone call she had gotten from her half brother. She was about to tell her taller friend about it, before she remembered Melody was sitting right in front of her, there was no way she was going to relay what she had heard over the phone, it might startle the five year old, "I forgot to tell you, he called saying he was having a little trouble with his costume and would get here as soon as he could." she came up with something quickly.

Katie looked unconvinced, but nodded all the same.

"Smooth." Quinn heard Brooklyn's voice in her ear, and turned her head towards him and glared halfheartedly at the beaked Gargoyle.

"Hush, I'm not about to tell the truth with a child in my presence." she said in response as people started cheering when the music started playing. For some reason, the tune sounded very similar to Meatloaf's 'Hot Patootie and Bless my Soul' (A/N: I suggest you listen to it if you've never heard it/seen Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Tanya smiled prettily and reached down to grab Lexington's wrist, he was dressed as a fighter pilot, complete with goggles, aviator jacket, cap, white scarf, and khaki pants, Quinn and Katie had combined their skills and found all the stuff they needed for his costume; "Lex, come dance with me, please!" she said excitedly as she jumped down from her step and started in the direction of the dance floor with Lex stumbling behind her, a goofy smile on his face.

Brooklyn shook his head as Broadway, who was dressed in a simple trench coat and fedora, a detective; followed them out to the street, he saw a food cart, "Those two are practically mated." he said dryly and was about to cape his wings over his shoulders, but stopped himself. That would give away the fact that he wasn't really a human. If someone happened to notice he had complete control of his 'fake' wings, he'd be screwed for sure.

"And what does that make you and my sister?" Cody's voice came from a short distance away.

Katie turned around to yell at him for being late, but gasped when she saw he was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, 'How in the world does that lazy boy know about that story?' she didn't want to voice this question, instead choosing to glare right at him, and Quinn when he stepped closer to the red head girl, "You told him about my costume, didn't you." it was a statement that had Quinn looking worried for her safety.

Cody on the other hand, "No, I honestly had no idea you'd be Christine. I'm surprised." he said with a sly smile as Melody giggled at the look on her sister's face.

Katie took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, "Whatever. I'm taking Melody trick or treating instead of hanging out at the party, so it looks like your actually going to 'die of a broken heart' tonight." she said, getting up and taking the little girls hand as she walked down from the steps. She was about to walk in a different direction, when Cody said something that made her stop.

"That's cool, I wasn't going to the street party anyways. I can go with you." he smiled cheekily at her.

The brunette girl was going to decline, but a small voice piped up, "Can he! Can he, Kit-Kat!" Melody was shouting at her.

Katie made an unpleasant noise from the back of her throat, but nodded in a strangled way and continued down the sidewalk with a grinning Cody Jax Xanatos, and a happy little girl; both saying 'Kit-Kat' as they went.

"I feel so bad for Katie." Quinn said, then looked surprised when Brooklyn grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the dance floor, "What are you doing?" she asked him in surprise as he finally stopped pulling and twirled her around for a second before stopping her by placing his left hand on her waist and holding her left hand in his right one.

The corners of his beak turned up in a cheeky grin, "I think," he spun her around and stopped her again, "I'm dancing with a beautiful girl to a catchy song." at that, his cheeks turned a darker shade of red while her's turned a rosy tinge; she hid it well by making herself do another little spin without him being ready.

"That's so cute!" Victoria said happily as she and Goliath strolled into view, her arm hooked with his own. They had just gotten back from Xanatos Inc. figuring out that it was all a plan that Xanatos had come up with in a way to get them to do his dirty work. While they had been extremely shocked to hear that the beast they had fought was Fox under the Eye of Odin's power, they still had no pity on the man or his fiance.

… No matter how bad they felt about leaving them to deal with it on their own..

Vivi shook her head once, they were doing something good for themselves, for once they wouldn't have to play Xanatos' game; even if Victoria never really got to play in his game other than a few times, she had still participated. And hated every moment of it.

Turning her dark blue gaze up to the lavender giant holding her arm, "Whattya say we go have a little fun, huh? It's Halloween after all." she said with a smile as they walked over to join their friends on the dance floor.

Quinn saw them enter, and she was about to pull away, but Brooklyn swung her around and moved closer to where Lex and Tanya were dancing their hearts away; "What the hell, Brookie?" she hissed at him when he dipped her and held her in place.

"You are supposed to be relaxing and having fun, Quinn. Not asking how the fight went; and you dare say you were just going to say hi to them, I know you better than that." he growled in a slight warning at her as Lex dipped Tanya down.

"He's right, Q." she agreed with the red Gargoyle; above her, Lex nodded as well before he brought her back and up and twirled them both around.

Quinn merely sighed as Brooklyn brought her back up and twirled her around again.


Victoria smiled up at Goliath as they walked down a sidewalk to head somewhere a little more private after dancing so much, "Your a really good dancer, Goliath." she said and he smiled his thanks at her.

Suddenly, a growling sound caught their attention and Goliath pulled away from her swiftly when a were wolf came towards them. The lavender Gargoyle growled low in his throat as he advanced on the beast, which had gone still. His eyes glowing, he pounced, knocking the were wolf to the ground and making it's head pop off and roll to the side, revealing the startled human male underneath the mask.

He shook his head, "Hey, man. You need to chill out." he said as Goliath got off of him quickly. The human grabbed up his mask, and after a glare was sent in the Gargoyle's direction, he walked off.

Goliath shook his head as Victoria walked up behind him and placed her hands gently on his arm, "Fox still on your mind?" she asked calmly.

The leader sighed, "While I despise both Xanatos and Fox, I cannot help but want to do something about the threat of a mutated Fox on the lose." he responded.

Vivi looked down at the ground and sighed, leaning her head on the Gargoyle's arm, "Your going to help them, aren't you." was all she said, but when Goliath responded with a deep rumbling, "I have to." she wished she hadn't said anything when the one person she was truly annoyed with stepped out of the shadows.

"Good." Xanatos said as he walked closer to them, a trench coat on over his makeshift armor, his exoskeleton was in the process of being repaired.

"How did you know where we were?" the brunette woman asked the man, but quickly withdrew that question when he reached behind Goliath's shoulder and pulled off a tracking device neither of the other two had known were there.

"Old habits die hard. She's not far from here." the man said as he tossed the device away and started walking in a different direction, Goliath and Victoria following closely behind.


"Hey, Lex; catch!" Brooklyn yelled to his Rookery Brother as he tossed a pretzel at the khaki Gargoyle, who caught it without trouble from his position with Tanya holding onto his arm.

He took a bite out of it and offered some to the mutate girl, who got a small piece from the pastry and nibbled on it for a second, "They should have Halloween more often." he said happily as Tanya smiled at him brightly.

Brooklyn looped his arm around Quinn's shoulders and pulled her closer, "I agree." he replied, grimacing when Broadway took a giant bite out of the pretzel he was holding and deliberately chomped rather loudly on it, "Though we should leave certain Gargoyles home." he muttered under his breath.

Quinn laughed at that, before the sound of screaming caught their attentions and people started running out of a building shouting, "Monster!" multiple times, "Whoa, what's going on?" she asked her companions.

"I bet it's that monster you were telling us about earlier, Quinn." Broadway responded.

The red headed girl started to move Brooklyn's arm off her shoulder to go and get the beast, when a large, lavender hand stopped her from moving, "We will handle this." Goliath growled as he, Victoria, and the man Quinn didn't want anything to do with, ran inside the building.

Xanatos looked down at the tracker he held in his hand, "She's definitely in here." he said, just as an animalistic growl sounded from the cat walk, and Fox jumped down from the metal landing and towards Victoria and Xanatos.

Vivi's eyes widened in fear as the beast jumped down at her, but that fear was short lived when Goliath moved her away from the landing area at the last minute.

Xanatos fell to the ground with a thud and a groan as Fox pounced on him, trying to claw him to shreds. She would have succeeded when something of much more strength barreled into her and pushed her away from the fallen man, gripping her almost painfully.

Goliath growled as he grappled hands with Fox, she was much stronger than she looked when the Eye brought out her true form, he hadn't expected this to be it.

As Xanatos shook off the trench coat, Vivi brought out the bo staff she hadn't given back to Quinn yet, you don't wanna know where she had hidden it; the man reached over, grabbed the metal weapon, and crushed it with a metal glove.

He handed it back to the shocked woman, "You do realize, that was your daughter's weapon." she said as she held the bent up piece of metal that would definitely not work now.

Xanatos shrugged, "I can replace it for Quinn later." he said as Goliath tossed Fox away from him, over towards the exit.

Fox stood up and growled at them all, before she turned around and raced out the doorway, making multiple people scream at the sight of her.

Quinn watched as the beast jumped onto the hood of a car and used it to climb up the wall and onto the rooftop, disappearing from view, "The frak?" she asked as Goliath did the same thing, following the beast.

Brooklyn held her back, this wasn't her fight no matter what she thought at the moment, and it looked like Goliath and Xanatos had it handled, "You are staying with me, Q. Let them fight it out." he told her when she looked like she was going to demand being let go of.

As Xanatos got ready to take off, Victoria wrapped her arms around his neck, "After what you've done, I don't trust you, but I will help in any way I can." she said. The man nodded his thanks as her wrapped her waist in one arm and shot off into the air and onto the rooftop; leaving behind multiple people shouting out different stuff regarding this 'show'.

They landed on the rooftop and Xanatos let go of Victoria, sweeping his dark gaze around the length of the roof that he could see, "Where are they?" he asked mainly himself as he looked down at the scanner, which was showing no kind of life that they could see.

They moved to walk around the little shed of the roof, when a growl sounded, and Fox jumped down from the top of it, teeth bared, and frothing at the mouth as if she had rabies.

Xanatos quickly put the scanner away and took a cautious step towards the beast, "Fox, its David. You know me, as much as I know that somewhere in there, your still there. Just come back, Fox. Please." he pleaded.

'...David...' a voice inside Fox's fogged up mind whispered longingly at the sight of the man she had fallen in love with, 'I'm here, David... I'm here.' it said, starting to grow stronger, when her eyes shifted to the pretty brunette woman a little ways behind him. She started out as a brunette at least, until her face and hair changed suddenly into the mirror image of her human form, grinning smugly at her, 'IMPOSTER!' she growled as she leaped into the air, claws aimed right at the other woman.

Victoria shrieked in fear as she held her hands up in front of her when Fox jumped at her, shouting the one name of her knight in lavender armor, "GOLIATH!" thinking that she would surely die at the claws of a woman who had been turned into a monster, and she never go the chance to tell Goliath how she truly felt about him.

As if a prayer for God had been answered, Goliath jumped right in front of Victoria, wrapping his arms around the beast and falling in a different direction, straight towards the electric sign of the building; leaving the woman dressed in white unscathed and alive.

The great, lavender Gargoyle pinned Fox by her arms and held her in place on the shocking sign, she was screaming in agony through her were wolf voice at the sensation of the shock. Goliath, however, merely grimaced and shut one eye at the pain, "Now, Xanatos!" he shouted to the man behind him.

Xanatos ran and jumped onto the leader's back, reaching forward, he grabbed the Eye of Odin and pulled with all his might, yelling out when he was shocked as well as the other two beings. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the Eye was forced off Fox's neck and both Gargoyle and man were shoved roughly away at a great distance as Fox fell to the ground with a loud, scream.

Victoria rushed over to Goliath and grabbed his arm when he was standing; Xanatos as well, and all three of them were forced to watch as Fox slowly changed from the great, hairy beast she had been, to the beautiful woman that would become both Quinn and Cody's step mother within a matter of time.

Fox gave a strangled cry of agony as she collapsed, unconscious on the cold ground, uncovered and in the form of the way she had been born: nude.

Victoria gasped as Quinn suddenly shot out from behind her and over to the fallen woman, "How did- oh, that's how." she turned around to see Brooklyn standing there with Lexington, Broadway, and Tanya right behind him, they had apparently decided to join the fun after all.

Quinn ripped off her half jacket and draped it over the length of Fox's body, covering all the vital parts from other's eyes. It wasn't much, but it was all she really had to offer at that moment. Of course, upon removal of the jacket, she showed everyone how she had her wings hooked on the tops of her shoulders and they disappeared into her top, it looked extremely uncomfortable.

Xanatos watched his daughter for a moment more, before he turned to Goliath, "I cannot thank you enough, Goliath. How can I ever repay you?" he asked the leader.

"Leave the Eye with me." the Gargoyle responded simply.

"Ah, yes." Xanatos looked down at the old necklace he still held in his hand, "Fair trade?" he asked, dropping the artifact into the Gargoyle's awaiting palm.

"Let's just say, I don't trust you with it." Goliath replied as his hand closed around the necklace.

"So, now you know my weakness." the man had his gaze back on Quinn and Fox.

Goliath sighed in disappointment, turning away from the man, "Only you would regard love as a weakness, Xanatos." he sighed again, "I think it is time to go home." he told his clan and started walking away when Victoria held him back.

Xanatos, not wanting to stick around anymore than he had to, walked over by Quinn and Fox as a helicopter light shown down on them, thank God for Owen's punctual timing.

He looked at his daughter as Owen put the helicopter on the roof and stepped out with a blanket, "We need to talk, Quinn. Don't say anything right now, just know that while you hate me now, I will always love you no matter what. It may not seem like I don't care about you, but I do, and I want to talk to you whenever you feel ready to talk to me." he told the girl as the blanket Owen had brought was wrapped gently around Fox.

Quinn looked up at him with cool, calculating blue eyes, "You'd better be prepared to wait, Xanatos. Because that day is not coming anytime soon." she got up and crossed her arms together at the autumn air, "I may be your daughter by blood, but until I decide you deserve it, you will never be called my father by any means necessary." she finished with this statement, before she turned around and walked away from them; her real father watching her go all the time.

The tan skinned man sighed heavily as he reached down and picked up the still unconscious woman now wrapped in both his daughter's sparkly yellow jacket, and the blanket his assistant brought with him. He turned around in time to watch as Quinn was carried away by Brooklyn, who shot him a menacing glare as he went back towards whatever home they stayed in, Lexington, who had removed his jacket and discarded it somewhere; flew to his left with Tanya close beside him, and Broadway was on Brooklyn's right, he had cut slits in his trench coat where his wings could pop out.

Goliath and Victoria remained on the roof, but since Xanatos had already said his thanks, the man simply turned and started in the direction of the helicopter, "If I may, sir;" Owen started, "you have never looked more heroic." he said with a smirk.

Xanatos blinked and looked down at Fox, then back at Burnett, "A momentary lapse, I assure you." he said dryly as Fox stirred in his arms and cracked her eyes open in the slightest.

"What happened?" she groaned.

Xanatos smiled gently at her, "Just a bad dream, dear. And it's all over now." he said as she smiled back and drifted off into a better sleep as they moved into the helicopter and started towards home.

Goliath looked down at Victoria, "Are you not ready to go home, Victoria? I thought you would have been tired after tonight." he stated.

The woman smiled sweetly at him, "Trust me, I'm exhausted. But, I wanted to say thank you, Goliath. For, well, everything you've ever really done for me, or anyone else. And after what happened tonight, when Fox was going to attack me; I realized something." she said, suddenly blushing very heavily at the thought of what she was about to do.

Goliath raised an eyeridge, "What would that be, my Victoria?" he asked her with a confused expression.

Victoria took a deep breath, "This." she replied and jumped up to wrap her arms around his neck, bringing her face closer to his own startled one, she placed her light pink lips right on his own and kissed him, her eyes slipping closed at the sparks that she could feel upon contact.

It took him a second to compose himself and realize just what she was doing, before his own eyes slipped shut and he kissed her back, moving his hands to rest on her waist and hold her against him.

As they expressed everything they felt for each other in that one kiss, Victoria silently applauded herself. She had gathered up enough courage to kiss the Gargoyle she had grown to love. She was incredibly proud of herself for accomplishing the one thing she thought she'd never get a chance to do again.

….Now, all she had to do was explain to Quinn why her metal bo staff was broken..

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