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Chapter 19


"No. Hell no. No, no, no, and a thousand times; no." the red headed girl quickened her pace in a vain attempt to get away from her 'father' as the others sat back and watched their leader follow her around with a pleading air about him.

"Quinn," Goliath sighed, finally reaching out and placing a heavy hand on her green hooded clad shoulder, "this is your real father's wedding that he has asked me, as well as you, to attend. It would not kill you to go with me and support your father." he said as she turned around and halfheartedly glared at the Gargoyle.

Yes, her biological father was getting married. Yes, he was getting married tomorrow night. Yes, she had nothing planned for that night. No, she was not going to spend that night over at Xanatos' home to watch the whole thing.

Quinn crossed her arms over her chest, "I am not going to support him, dad. He disgusts me. Do you not remember what he did to Fox only a matter of months ago? Remember how she almost died because of his 'gift'?" her hands sparked with little flames as she thought about it herself, she hated that man with a passion that burned brighter than the sun.

Goliath sighed and shook his head for what felt like the thousandth time that night, "Of course I remember, Quinn. It put both Victoria and I in great danger that night, how could I forget." he stated as his mind briefly flashed back to that moment up on the roof where Vivi had held him back to kiss him, "But, that is beside the point my child. Your mother will be there as well." he thought this might get the girl to go with him.

"Oh!" Quinn looked up at him with a fake happy smile on her pale face, "Oh, of course I'll go then, if my mom's gonna be there! This'll be great!" she said sarcastically before her face changed back to her 'no way in hell' look, "Your on your own, dad." she said with a tone in her voice that said 'end of story'.

Goliath sighed as Brooklyn finally stepped forward to say something, "Why do you want her to go so badly, Goliath? And why is Demona gonna be there?" he asked his leader as Quinn walked over to stand beside him, crossing her arms over her chest again.

The lavender Gargoyle sighed, "It is not that I want her to go, Brooklyn. Her birth father wants her to be there, though. As for why Demona is going, I am not sure, but Xanatos said she was going as Fox's maid of honor." he explained.

"Why would you be going at all, Goliath? I thought if Demona was going, then you'd stay as far away from that as possible." Lexington's voice piped up from his position at the computer, his talons clacking away at the keyboard as he looked up this and that from God knows where, then he paused and looked up at his leader in surprise, "Unless.. No, Goliath please tell us you aren't trying to get back together with her?" he gasped in shock as everyone turned to stare at the large Gargoyle, luckily the only people there that resembled anything close to human were Quinn and Tanya. Victoria was with Cody for college classes, and Katie was stuck at home with a cold.

The red headed girl shook her head, "Your lucky Vivi isn't here, dad. Otherwise, that would have been a very short relationship." she said as she unzipped her hood and took it off, showing off her black tank top underneath as she stretched her wings out and unraveled her tail from under her shirt.

"You do not understand." Goliath sighed and turned away to stalk up the stairs a few times, "We took vows back in the early years of Castle Wyvern. Vows that not only bound us to each other for eternity, but strengthened our feelings toward each other a thousand times over. And to have those strong feelings broken by her betrayal... I am not going to get back together with her, no; I am merely going to remind her of the promises I, as well as she, made on the wedding day all those years ago." he said before he finished going up the steps and out onto the terrace.

Quinn took in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, "He can't possibly be thinking about actually going through with this." she said under her breath, then she turned to the other Gargoyles in the room, "Should someone go and try and talk him out of it?" she asked.

"You know Goliath." Broadway started, talking over the bite of his sandwich he had made, "Once he starts thinking about something, he follows through because he's a leader and he feels like he needs to set an example."

"And what example would that be? Cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend is okay? Because that's basically exactly what he is doing to Victoria." Quinn snapped back as she turned and started stalking her way to the steps, but she was stopped by Brooklyn's arm wrapping around her middle and pulling her back towards the group, "Let me go, Brookie." she growled at him.

He ignored the growl, "You are not going anywhere near him right now, he needs to think about this." he said as he tugged her back and forcefully sat her down in an empty chair beside Lex.

Quinn glared up at him, her hands gripping the arms of the chair in a vice like grip, "Think about what exactly? Think about leaving Victoria? Think about going back to my traitor of a mother? I mean, c'mon, Brookie! You know what Demona is like, why in the world would Goliath even consider for a second, going back to her?" she challenged.

Before answering, Brooklyn looked over to his other Clan mates, Broadway had gone back to the kitchen area, and Hudson had purposefully sat down in his chair and turned the volume on the television up to block out their conversation. Tanya and Lexington were the only ones within earshot, "Do you two mind?" he asked them with an annoyed expression.

Lex merely shook his head and continued to type, "Nah, continue." he mumbled, sticking his tongue out between his teeth and looking down at the keyboard in concentration.

The blonde haired mutate shook her head at him, then grabbed him by his ear and pulled him off his seat, "We'll leave you to it." she said as she pulled a struggling web winged Gargoyle away from them.

Brooklyn turned back to the red headed girl who was waiting for him to give her a reply, "You need to think about it from his point of view, Q." he started, "If you had loved someone for as long as Goliath loved your mother, only to fall out of love all of a sudden; wouldn't you want to try and make that person feel bad about what they did to hurt the relationship?" he offered.

Quinn, who had been glaring up at him in annoyance, suddenly deflated with a sigh, her gaze moving downwards in slight shame at her outburst, "...You're right." she relented, then raised her eyes slightly to look at his black ones, he felt his heart skip a beat in his chest at the sight, "I just don't like the idea of him going to see her when he's got a perfectly wonderful girlfriend back here, whenever she gets out of classes for the night." she said as Goliath stood in the doorway on top of the stairs.

They couldn't see his face all too well, but the monotone he kept his voice in spoke volumes, "The sun is almost upon us." he said, and before anyone even got a chance to acknowledge him, he had disappeared onto the terrace again.

Brooklyn turned back to Quinn, he had been looking at his leader for a moment, "I guess it's time to sleep. That goes for you too, Q." he said, remembering how the girl had school later that day.

Quinn stood up and hugged him for a moment, "Sleep well." she said as he turned and started walking up the stairs with Broadway, Hudson, and Bronx at his heels. The red head raised an eyebrow when Lex didn't appear, "Lex?" she called, "Lexington, the sun's almost up, bro." she walked a little ways toward the area she had seen him go behind with Tanya when they left, stopping afoot away when she heard slightly heavy breathing and something that sounded like lip smacking, "What in the-?" she started as she walked the distance and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight that lay before her, "Oh. My. Buddha." she whispered in shock.

There was Lex and Tanya, the latter wrapping her arms around his neck while his were wound around her waist; their lips were locked together in a passionate embrace.

Even with how embarrassing it was to catch two of her best friends making out, she still needed to break it apart because of the rising sun; so she cleared her throat, "Um, Lex.." she trailed off as the couple abruptly pulled apart, taking multiple steps back and blushing like crazy, "The sun's about to come up, and everyone was wondering where you are.." she said.

Lex blinked, his darker green cheeks slowly fading to their natural khaki color as he registered what she was saying, "Oh. Right, the sun." he turned back to Tanya, her cheeks still a bright rosy red, "I'll see you tonight, Spot." he said affectionately before he turned, nodded at the hybrid he considered his sister, and swiftly walked away to join the other Gargoyles on the terrace.

The air between the two girls was heavily laced with embarrassment as they stood there for a few moments, then Quinn broke it, "How long have you and him been.. together?" she asked slowly.

If possible, Tanya's cheeks got even brighter, "Since last Halloween... He asked me to be his while we were dancing, it was when you and Brooklyn had your backs turned. I said yes." she said with a soft smile on her face as she remembered that conversation.

Quinn suddenly walked closer to her and slapped her in the arm, "Why didn't you tell me?" she demanded with a happy smile.

Tanya smiled sheepishly at her, "Lex and I wanted to see how long we could keep it a secret from everyone else; we felt it would be more exciting that way." she explained.

The smaller girl shook her head, but the smile stayed on her face all the same, "Glad you two got together." she said as Tanya's cheeks finally returned to normal and they walked out from behind the little space.

They walked over to the mutate's mattress, when Tanya stopped the other girl with a question, "What about you and Brooklyn?" she asked.

Quinn's own cheeks turned almost as red as her hair, "What do you mean?" she knew damn well what her her friend was asking, she just didn't want to say anything about the subject they were rapidly steering towards.

"Oh please." Tanya replied exasperatedly, "You two are practically joined at the hip, I wouldn't be surprised if you were already dating him." she said.

Quinn suddenly stretched her arms above her head and yawned a huge, fake, yawn; her cheeks burning scarlet, "Well, goodnight, Tanya!" she called abruptly as she jumped up and glided with her wings up to her loft without another word on the subject.

Tanya shook her head in disbelief ass he laid down on her mattress and curled up like a cat, "They should just get together already, before I'm dead." she muttered as her hazel eyes slid shut and her breathing evened out.


The next night...

Quinn breathed heavily through her mouth as she ran almost as fast as she could go, heading back to the Clock Tower after a long day at school. She wanted to get there before the sun went down so that she could try and talk Goliath out of going the wedding tonight, it was a small attempt, she knew; but she couldn't stand by and watch as he went to talk to her mother. Sure, Brooklyn thought that he was just going to try and make the female Gargoyle feel bad about leaving him; but, somehow she felt there was much more to it than that.

"Dammit." she cursed when the sun went down fully as she finally made it to the steps of the Police Station, only to trip about halfway up and catch herself before her face hit the concrete. Sadly, her back pack had swung off the shoulder she had put it on, and it popped open at the contact of the ground, scattering all her books out and making pages fly. She cursed again and bent down to pick everything up, looking up every so often to see if Goliath's silhouette would fly off towards Xanatos' building.

As she finally got the last of her belongings back in her bag, she looked up just in time for the giant shadow to pass over the unsuspecting crowd of people below him, "Frak me." she groaned in defeat as she slung her bag back over her shoulder and lazily continued walking up the rest of the steps, through the station, and up into the Clock Tower.

She pushed the trap door open and stepped into the light, shutting the door behind her, she turned back to the scattered beings in the room, "Hi guys.." she said in a deflated way as she dropped her bag by the door and walked over to the steps; without another look in anyone's direction, she jogged up those steps and out the open doorway to stand on the terrace.

Brooklyn raised an eyeridge at her actions, turning to look at his companions, "I'm gonna go check on her." he said before he walked up the path she had taken and out in the slightly chilly air.

She was leaning up against the concrete hand bar, an annoyed expression on her face, "You okay?" he asked as he came up closer to her and stood beside her.

Quinn sighed, "I'm fine. I just wish he hadn't gone, if not for everyone else's sake, then at least for Victoria." she said.

Brooklyn nodded in understanding, going just a little closer to cape one of his wings around her shoulders since her own wings were still trapped in her sweat shirt, "I know. I wish he could have seen how bad this idea really was, but it was his choice, Q. You know he'll get hurt when this is over, and guess who's gonna be there for him when he comes home after a failed attempt?" he asked.

The girl leaned her head on his shoulder when he drew her closer to his warm body, "Hudson?" she offered, knowing the elder Gargoyle was usually the one the leader went to for comfort when something happened.

Her beaked companion chuckled, a movement that she felt on his slightly muscular shoulder, "You." he said and she could hear the smile in his voice.

They had fallen into a comfortable silence for the time being, until a new voice broke through, "Aw, how cute!" it cried.

The two on the terrace turned their heads to look at the doorway, where Victoria was standing with a smile on her face, "Sorry I'm so late, I had to take a cab here because your brother had to go to a wedding tonight." she said as she walked over to them and stood in front of them.

As Brooklyn pulled his wing away from Quinn's shoulder, the red headed girl nodded at the brunette woman, ignoring the slight chill running up her spine, "Yeah, Xanatos and Fox are getting married tonight, Cody warned me that he'd be going to that." she said with a disappointed sigh.

Vivi raised an eyebrow, "Why aren't you going then? He's your father too, Quinn." she supplied.

Quinn gave her the best 'Not even if hell froze over' look she could muster at that moment, "I hate that man. There's no way I will ever go to something that makes him happy." she said with the same tone of voice she had used on Goliath the night earlier.

The other woman shrugged, understanding this was as far as she would get with this discussion, and choosing to change the topic to one that she had been about to ask when she first came up here, "Where's Goliath?" she asked pleasantly.

Quinn and Brooklyn shared a look with each other, before they both looked at Victoria, "Patrolling." they said at the same time.

The fair skinned woman narrowed her dark blue eyes at them, pointing an accusing finger at the two of them, she said, "You two are hiding something, and-"

"You don't wanna know what it is." Quinn cut in abruptly, "Seriously, Vivi. Please don't ask us where he is, because you're not going to get anything out of us. My lips are shut tight, and I'm pretty sure Brooklyn's beak is shut the same way." she finished this sentence swiftly, and then jogged away from the questioning stare of her college friend.

Vivi turned to Brooklyn, "What was that about?" she asked him, completely confused.

Brooklyn refused to meet her gaze, instead looking at the way Quinn had run, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." he said and swiftly stalked away from her and into the warm inside area.

Victoria blinked and watched him go, "What is going on?" she asked herself out loud as she followed them inside.


Goliath landed silently on the terrace concrete, his facial expression mirroring his dejected emotions. He had tried everything he could think of. He agreed to go back in time with Xanatos and his party. He went and found the younger version of Demona. He even got the younger female to keep the Phoenix Gate and use it to recite vows with the younger version of himself. All of that, and when he got back to the present with a passed out Demona in his arms, she was still the same way she was when they had first left.

He caped his wings over his shoulders and walked into the large room, immediately catching everyone's attention at his sudden presence.

He sweeped his eyes over the extent of the room, Lexington and Tanya were at the computer again, Broadway was standing in the kitchen making himself a sandwich, Hudson was watching television with Bronx laying at his feet, Victoria was standing behind him with her own gaze fixated on the leader, and Quinn and Brooklyn were sitting at the table with a couple of books out in front of them.

Goliath caught his daughter's eye, and he moved at a fast pace to get to her. When he was standing right behind her, he took in a deep breath, never breaking eye contact, "You were right." he said sadly.

Quinn pressed her lips together in a fine line, "I'm sorry, daddy." she replied with a sympathetic expression, beside her, Brooklyn's face mirrored her own.

Before the lavender Gargoyle could say anything, a new voice piped up behind him, "Where have you been?" turning around, he saw Victoria looking up at him with a mixture of annoyance and worry on her face, "I've been asking these guys where you were the entire night, but they wouldn't tell me anything." she said, putting her hands on her hips.

Instead of telling her what happened, Goliath bent down to her level, placed one giant hand on her waist, the other he used to point her chin upward, and he pulled her closer as he kissed her deeply.

Vivi's eyes flew wide for a moment, before they slipped closed and she wrapped her own arms around his neck to bring herself even closer to the Gargoyle who had stolen her heart.

For a fleeting moment, Quinn looked at Brooklyn out of the corner of her eye, a look of longing crossing her features very briefly, but as quick as they appeared, they vanished and she turned her attention back to the couple when they finally pulled away.

Goliath stood up straight, but kept one hand on her waist as he started to lead her away from everyone, back onto the terrace, "I shall tell you in due time, my Victoria. Please, just come with me." he said as they disappeared from view.

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