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Chapter 20

A little surprise

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Vivi! Happy Birthday to you!" Victoria smiled happily at Quinn, Tanya, and Katie as they placed a beautifully designed cake in front of her with blue icing in the form of 23 as well as that many candles around the number.

It was about a month after Fox and Xanatos' wedding, as well as Goliath's failed attempt to get Demona to go back to him; which everyone who knew about it, so everyone besides Victoria, were still angry at him over. It wasn't fair to even mention talking to the female Gargoyle, let alone actually try and go through with it.

"Thanks you guys!" Vivi said to her female friends. They were doing an all girl's party for her at the moment, then when the sun went down, they'd go back to the Clock Tower and celebrate with everyone else. The brown haired woman leaned forward to blow out her candles, then winced and leaned back, one hand flying to her stomach in the process, "But, it looks like I won't be eating any of this cake..." she sighed in disappointment. Her stomach had been acting so strangely lately, giving her great discomfort at various times during the day, it was starting to frustrate her because she couldn't eat any of her favorite foods without getting sick.

Quinn frowned in concern, "You okay there, Vivi?" she asked her, coming over to sit down next to her on the couch in her apartment.

"Yeah, you keep holding your stomach like your in pain." Katie agreed as Tanya bent down to blow out the candles for the other woman; instead of blowing them out though, she froze them with her breath.

"Whoa!" Quinn cried in surprise when the flames were covered in ice, "How'd you do that, Tanya?" she asked the mutate.

Tanya blinked, "I have no idea.." she said, then looked at Victoria, determined to point the conversation at the birthday girl instead of her new-found abilities, "How long has this been going on?" she asked.

The dark blue eyed woman blinked, trying to remember when the first part of this sickness started, "I don't know..." she bit her lip, "Maybe a month ago.. About a week after Xanatos' wedding." her cheeks suddenly turned a dark crimson color at the memory of what she and Goliath had done after he had told her that he'd been gone to that.

"You got a fever or something, Vivi?" Katie came closer and put her hand on the woman's forehead.

Along with her crimson cheeks, Victoria's face suddenly split into a worried expression, and then she really looked like she'd blow chunks, "Uh, yeah... Just... Remembering something..." she said in a distant voice, then shook her head to clear it, "It's probably nothing, why don't we watch some television, huh? At least until we go back to the tower?" she offered and reached over for the remote.

Quinn raised an eyebrow, "Don't you wanna open the presents we brought?" she indicated the little stack of gifts they had gotten her earlier.

Vivi looked at them for a second, then shook her head, "No, I think I'll wait until we get to the tower." she responded.

"Speaking of which; Quinn, we should probably head back home and get the place ready for the party." Tanya addressed her smaller friend as she tugged on the long trench coat and black hoodie over her original jeans and t-shirt she had on. They were still in the daylight at the moment, and they both feared that if they glided right at that moment, they'd be spotted and everything would go to hell. So, to ensure that her appearance was masked as well as her wings, she hid under a hood.

"Alright." Quinn sighed, she wasn't looking forward to decorating, she was never really good at it, "We'll see you two in a little bit." she said to the other two girls being left in the apartment as she got up and walked out the door with her newly hidden mutate friend.

Katie looked at the way they went, then turned back to Victoria, she was staring at a blank television screen, seeming to be lost in thought, "Okay, Vivi," the elder woman turned her head slightly towards the other brunette, a sign that said she was listening, "what's up? A minute ago, you were happy; and then you started thinking back to a month ago, and now you look scared. Tell me." Katie said as she put her hands on her hips and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

She saw Victoria take in a deep breath, then let it out slowly to bring her more time to answer, "I'll tell you after I do something... Would you be willing to go to the nearest drug store for me?" she asked the surprised girl.

Katie looked taken aback, "What do you need at a drug store?" she asked in perplexity.

Victoria bit her lip, "Well..."


"Quinn, could you please hand me that thing of streamers?" Tanya called down to her companion as she gripped the wall with one clawed hand, the other held an empty streamer roll. When she received no answer in return, she looked down to see the little red headed girl with her back turned, and the little balloon blower out and pumping air, "Quinn? You-who, Quinn!" she tried to get her attention, but the girl just wouldn't look up, instead she was swaying on the spot, her lower back length, dark red hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail, moving from side to side with her body.

Annoyed, the mutate raised her free hand and threw the empty roll at the other girl's head with all her might, "Quinn!" she yelled when it bounced off her head.

Quinn turned around swiftly, startled enough to actually look up at Tanya and blink, "Oh, sorry!" she called up to her, then looked down and pressed a button on her mp3 player, taking out one of her ear buds, "I guess I had my music up too high." she explained sheepishly before she looked down at the empty roll that had hit her head, "Need more streamers?" she asked.

Tanya looked at her, unamused, "That's kinda why I threw the empty one, Q." she said in response, then glanced at the large Clock face, "I think the sun's almost down." she remarked, then let out a surprised gasp when a fresh roll of streamers hit her in the forehead.

Looking down, she stared at Quinn in shock, her mouth gaping open and her eyes wide in disbelief, "Did you just-?" she asked.

Quinn was smirking up at her, a smirk that showed her fangs, "I might have." she responded, then put her ear bud back in her pointy ear, turned around, and continued blowing up the balloons without a care in the world.

Tanya pursed her lips and seemed to think of things she could do to follow that little attack, "Okay, Stryker. You had this coming." she said, before she turned herself around on the wall, and launched herself off.

Poor Quinn didn't even get a chance to move when a mass of a cat like female landed right on top of her, causing a chain reaction that somehow popped almost all of the balloons she had blown up when she and Tanya fell on them.

She swiveled her head, her long, lower back length hair falling out of the loose pony tail she had put it in, "Did you seriously just jump on me?" she demanded the smug looking mutate on her back.

Tanya merely grinned down at her, "Am I heavy?" she mocked and leaned down, placing her newly crossed arms across the back of the hybrid's shoulders, laying her body fully across the back of Quinn.

Quinn grimaced at the extra pressure that came with this move, then twisted her head around as much as she could and glared up at her, "Bitch, you might be." she ground out through clenched teeth.

The sound of Tanya's laughter filled the spacious room, bouncing off the walls and coming back to hit the pale skinned girl's ears, much to her annoyance, "Would you fraking get off me, T," she pushed up by her forearms to emphasize her sentence, "we need to finish the decorating before Vivi, and Katie get here. Cody has yet to find a way to get here, his car broke down." she explained when Tanya opened her mouth, "And now, thanks to your little jump, I have blow up all the balloons that we popped; which will take longer than you think it will because half of them I had to use my own lungs for." she said in irritation.

"We could probably help with that." both girls looked up, slightly startled at the sound of a new voice, and both blushed heavily at the sight of all six of the Gargoyles standing there on top of the stairs, fully awake, the light of the sun completely disappeared from the position it had been before the jump. Three were struggling with holding their laughs in.

Goliath, who had voiced the suggestion, smirked at their faces, "Or if you would like, we could leave you to do...whatever it is you're doing right now." he chuckled as their blushes deepened.

The two on the ground looked at each other, Quinn craning her neck to look at Tanya, and Tanya staring down at her with her high braid falling forward and barely brushing the other girl's forehead; then, as if they had been burned, they broke apart from each other and stood on their feet once more, the blushes deep, and hands frantically swiping their sleeves to get rid of 'dust'.

Quinn cleared her throat and picked up her fallen mp3 player, "That would be much appreciated, dad. Thanks." she said hastily as she moved a little ways away and grabbed a new bag of balloons from the table in the kitchen. They had placed all their supplies there when they had gotten home.

As the other girl got situated with the balloon blower again, Tanya turned to her secret boyfriend, no one besides Quinn knew about the two of them, and she was kind enough to help them keep it a secret since they weren't quite ready to tell anyone else yet, "Lexie," she called him by the nickname only she was allowed to call him, "maybe you could help me with the streamers." she indicated the wall behind her where a lone streamer hung from the point in the middle since the walls were so high.

"Alright, Spot." he replied, getting himself together faster than his Rookery brothers, who were still trying to keep from laughing at the position the girls had been in mere seconds before; then he ran to catch up with her, she had already scaled the wall and was holding the streamer back in place.

"If anyone needs us," Hudson spoke up, "we'll be at the television." he said and started walking with Bronx over that way, when Quinn's voice called him back.

She held one ear bud out from her ear, it was blasting music out loudly, allowing everyone else to hear what she was listening to; she was looking up at the eldest Gargoyle, "Actually, Hudson, I was going to ask if you'd go out to pick up Cody, his car's in the shop and if he walked, it would take too long to get here." she remembered the conversation she had with her brother earlier that evening.

Hudson grimaced at the task, wishing he hadn't said anything about anyone needing him, but nodded nonetheless, "Alright, lass," he sighed, "I'll get yer brother." he said before he turned and stalked back the way they had come when the sun went down.

"Thank you!" Quinn called out to him when she heard his wings beat against the wind, then she put her earphone back in and started blowing up the balloons again, her body moving slowly to the music.

Brooklyn, who had finally managed to calm himself enough to look around, turned to his other Rookery brother, "I'll help Quinn with the balloons if you get started on frosting the cake you made the other night." he said and jumped down from the top of the stairs to meet the red head, who was oblivious as to where he was.

Broadway licked his lips once as he started toward the kitchen, "Mm, cake... Quinn, are you sure she likes chocolate? For some reason, I had her pinned down to vanilla." he called out to her. When he received no answer, he turned to look at her, "Quinn?" he called again.

Goliath looked down at his daughter with one eyeridge raised, "Why does she not answer him?" he asked Brooklyn, who was closest to her.

"She's probably listening to music again." Tanya supplied, hanging up another thing of streamers with Lexington holding the end she didn't have, "That's what she was doing earlier when you guys walked in. Only then, all I had to do was throw an empty streamer roll at her. Then she threw one back at me..." she turned to look down at the other girl, "Quinn! Broadway is trying to talk to you!" she shouted, annoyed.

Brooklyn looked over at the pale girl, "Q." he said, raising one hand and pulling out the earphone in one pointy ear, "Broadway asked you something." he chuckled at her.

"Oh." the girl chuckled sheepishly and turned her head towards the kitchen, "What did you say, Broadway?" she asked.

"I said: are you sure she likes chocolate?" he clarified, placing the cake on the counter.

Quinn pursed her lips and nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she said 'As long as it isn't white or pink, I'm okay'. So, I'm guessing she wanted chocolate." she responded, "Hey!" she said in protest when Brooklyn suddenly pulled her mp3 player out of her pocket and wound the earphones around the device.

The red Gargoyle raised it above his head when she reached for it, "You'll get this back when we're done." He turned his head towards Bronx, who was still standing where Hudson left him, "Bronx, catch!" he called and threw the player at him.

The guard beast opened his mouth and caught it with ease before he turned and padded happily towards his usual place by Hudson's recliner, and layed down, lazy as ever.

"We really need to get him to go out for exercise." Lex said and raised the streamer above his head when Tanya asked him to.

His statement seemed to go unnoticed by everyone in there besides Tanya, "I'll help you with that, Lexie." she had replied; as Quinn turned to Brooklyn and halfheartedly glared, "I was making great progress with my music, you didn't need to do that." she said, blowing up another balloon and throwing it at him.

Brooklyn laughed when the inflated object bounced off his arm harmlessly, "People kept trying to talk to you and you were listening to your music instead of talking back, it was justified." he threw another balloon back at her.

This time, her lips formed a slight smile when the balloon bounced off her shoulder, "But was it really necessary to have Bronx hold onto it? I mean, he's probably going to chew through the wires of my headphones and then I'll have to go get a new pair." she threw another one at him, "And right now, I don't have enough money for one." she mumbled as Goliath walked down to where they were and started helping with the balloons.

Brooklyn raised an eyeridge, "You could just ask your-ack!" he cried in protest when Quinn suddenly jumped on his back and rubbed his snow white hair down with the balloon she held in her hand, "Get the hell off me!" he shouted and tried to push his wings out to shove her off, but she had her legs wrapped firmly around them both. When she finally pulled away the balloon and jumped off of him, his hair was so puffy, it could be considered a cotton ball on his head.

His eyes were wide as he turned a looked at her in an angered way, his hands on his head and trying to flatten down the puff.

Quinn looked at him with her eyebrows drawn downward, her gaze icy, "Don't even think about calling him my dad, I can't believe you almost said that." she said.

Brooklyn, who had finally gotten a majority of the puffiness down, put his hands on his hips, "Well, excuuuuuse me, Princess." he told her defiantly.

Quinn rolled her eyes at him, "Whatever, Link." she said and turned back to blowing balloons up. At least, that's what she was originally doing; at least until her arms were held back behind her by a strong hand, and her hair tie was cut in half by a talon, "Hey!" she swiveled her head and looked at her father behind her, "What are you doing?" she demanded when he picked up a balloon.

"Oh, nothing." he responded and started rubbing the balloon on her newly freed hair, "Just helping Brooklyn." he finished as he rubbed her head rigorously as she struggled to get away.

Quinn tried twisting her head this way and that just to get away from her father, "Dad! C'mon, this isn't fair! Your much bigger than me!" she cried in outrage as he chuckled.

When he finally pulled away again, she jumped out of his hand and turned to glare at him, then Brooklyn laughed out loud, "You look like your mom, Q!" he gasped through his laughter.

Her eyes widened, "What?!" she shouted, then turned and ran to the kitchen, grabbed up a silver bottomed pan, and held it up to her face to inspect her image. Sure enough, her hair was so wild, if she were blue skinned and had a tiara on her forehead, she could be the spitting image of her mother.

Quinn turned her head swiftly to look out at the rest of her family when they had started laughing at her as well, "Shut up!" she yelled.

Tanya held her free hand over her mouth, "That's a good look for you, Quinn." she giggled out.

Quinn rolled her eyes at her when she started laughing again, "You do realize that at the same time, I could have my mother's temper." she reached into her pocket and grabbed her newly remade bo staff, extending it to it's full length as she smiled wickedly. Looking almost exactly like her mother.

"Oh my God." Brooklyn said in mock shock, "Demona's in the room. Quick, Broadway, the bucket!" he shouted to his Rookery brother that was closest to Quinn.

Quinn didn't have time to move when she was suddenly doused in a bucket full of water, instantly flattening her hair as well as drenching just about every inch of her. She turned to look at the big blue Gargoyle in shock, retracting her staff to it's tiny size a putting it down on the counter, "Did you seriously just dunk water on me." it wasn't a question, the bucket and her wet clothes told her all she needed to know.

As everyone started laughing at her, she moved her wet hair from her face and chuckled, "Alright, you got me that time." she said as she unzipped her soaking dark green jacket and took it off her body, "You got me that time." she repeated as she rung out the material over the sink and took her wings and tail out of her shirt, wrapping her wings around her shoulders.

Brooklyn walked away from the balloons and stood across from her, "I wish you didn't have to hide your wings, you look better with them showing." he said.

Quinn looked at him and blushed profusely, moving her head ever so slightly to get her wet hair back in her face to hide the red coloring, "Thanks, Brookie, but you know I can't do that." she said.

The red Gargoyle shrugged, "I know, but a Gargoyle can dream, can't he?" he asked and turned to walk back to the balloons where Goliath was still trying to blow up another one, his hands were just a little too big to hold the blower.

"I swear," everyone looked to the stairs at the sound of this new voice, only to see Cody standing there with Hudson standing behind him, "you two should just kiss already, you know you want to." he said and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, he had told Broadway that he would help with the icing.

Quinn glared at him, "Shut up, Cody." she responded, leaning over the sink and ringing out her hair.

Cody smirked as he grabbed up a tube of icing and started helping Broadway with the cake, "So, where's the birthday girl? And Kit-Kat." he asked without looking up.

The red headed girl looked up at Tanya, who had turned around to look down at her, "We don't know." Quinn said.

The mutate looked over at the clock in the kitchen, "They should have been here a little after you all woke up." she supplied, just as the trap door opened and closed and Katie came up, a huge smile on her freckled face, "There you are, where's Victoria?" Tanya asked.

Katie looked absolutely ecstatic, "She's not far behind, but listen you guys, there's something she needs to say and it's gonna be a little bit of a shock to you all. I mean, right now, she's a little scared, but she's excited about it at the same time, so just listen." she looked at Goliath, who looked a little wary, "It involves you, so pay extra attention." she warned him.

A second after this was said, Vivi came up the stairs, her face looked a little paler than usual, but she had a smile on her face all the same, "Hey guys." she greeted when she was standing up straight again, "So, there's something I need to tell you all." she started.

"Well, what is it, Vivi?" Quinn asked as she walked out of the kitchen and stood next to Brooklyn and Goliath.

"Yeah," Tanya said as she and Lexington crawled off the wall and joined the other three, "tell us." she finished as Hudson, Broadway, and Cody came over to join everyone. Bronx was sound asleep at the chair.

Victoria looked to her boyfriend, beckoning him closer with a wave of her hand, "Goliath," she started when he was standing right in front of her, she took in a deep breath, and exhaled slowly, calming her nerves. She looked up at him, "I'm pregnant." she told him.

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