A lone ARC Trooper stood amongst the battlefield, his helmet cracked, his body armor broken and cut, the kama swayed in the wind with a blue flicker. The trooper walked silently, as the countless bodies were strewn across the lands. Blood stained the ground, along with numerous droids, and countless scraps of metal. This was not the soldiers first battle, but amidst the fray, he honestly believed it would be his last...but he was wrong. The wind rushed through the battlefield, the sound of static filled his helmet COM. When a voice made it's way through.

"This is Gamma Team to Alpha, anybody out there?" the Republic Commando asked, "Gamma Team to anybody do you copy, over?"

The ARC Trooper still dazed, almost in a trance, finally answered, "This ARC Lieutenant Adenn." the Commando replied, "I copy."

"That you LT, damn man, we thought you had died." one of the commando's from Gamma Team said in relief.

Adenn steadily walked through the battlefield, his WESTAR-M5 blaster in his hand, "Where is your current location...uh..."

"Sorry, the name is Vic, sir." the commando said, "We're about two miles from your position, if those EMP's didn't screw up our radar too much, that means were actually about two and a half." Vic spoke through the COM.

"Roger that." Adenn said, beginning to move to their position, running amongst the dead bodies, and rubble of the droids.

The ARC Lieutenant was no stranger to battle, in fact he had seen more than his share before, however, this was no ordinary trooper. Most Clone Troopers quickly noticed the distinction within the Lt.'s voice, as it was...well different. They were also amazed at his knack for sneaking missions, and black ops assassinations. The guy was a machine, some said that he was as deadly as Captain Ordo, if not deadlier, though that was false, as Adenn and all of Kal Skirata's Null Troopers. Especially considering that Adenn had Mandalorian heritage. His father, Darky'rad, or rather buir, in Mando'a, language, had raised him in the Mandalorian way, and for that he was grateful.

Adenn continuously made his way through the battlefield when his head started throbbing, the pain swelling up inside. "Ah." he said, putting his hand to his helmet.

"Adenn!" a voice yelled to him. Adenn turned suddenly, aiming his blaster at...nothing?

"Who's there?" Adenn asked, aiming down his sights, "Show yourself!" he yelled.

"Over here." the voice whispered again. Adenn spun on his heal, but nobody was there.

"Damn..." Adenn cursed, popping the seal to his helmet, and removing it. The young faced soldier, had a much different appearance then regular clone troopers. He bared no resemblance to Jango Fett at all. His face was much younger, although was around the age of a twenty-one year old. His face had some minor scars, the most prominent was the one his left brow, it stretched about three inches down his face. Other then that, he bared few other identifying marks. Such as tattoos.

Adenn ignored his hallucinations and continued on walking. It wasn't uncommon for soldiers to have PTSD. But this wasn't post traumatic stress syndrome, no this was something much deeper, and Adenn knew exactly what it was. Something far worse.

"Captain how close are you?" Vic asked over the COM.

"Vic, I'm not a Captain." Adenn chuckled to himself, as he pulled his helmet back on, "But I'm close enough."

"I'm sending two of my troopers out to meet you." Vic said, "Roman, Slug, go meet Lt."

"You got it." Roman said, grabbing his DC-17m, Slug right behind him.

"Are you vod'e Republic Commando's?" Adenn asked, using Mandalorian language, mostly to get a feel of what type of troopers he was dealing with.

"Elek," Vic replied with the mando'a language. "We lost one of our guys in the blast. So it's just me, Slug, and Roman."

"I see." Adenn said, "Well, I'm on my way to you three. We'll have to find a way off this planet."

"Well at least we can do it together."

One year later, 21 BBY. Planet: Coruscant.

Adenn walked through the barracks held on Coruscant, his kama swayed as he walked, dual verpine pistols were strapped to his hips, fully customized. A streak of red ran down his armor, and along his helmet. In one year he had graduated from the rank of Lieutenant to Captain, but it was not without sacrifice.

He was on his way to see Jedi General Arligan Zey, director of Special forces, and black ops missions. Although Adenn wasn't too fond of him, he knew that Darky'rad had reasons for him being in the GAR. And although obscure to Adenn at the time, he knew that their main goal would take time, so what better way to get information on people than work for special forces?

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Adenn said, walking into Zey's office.

"Adenn," Zey stood up. Maze, Zey's ARC bodyguard grunted, as Adenn entered the room, "How are you?" he asked, shaking Adenn's hand.

"I'm fine, sir." Adenn said, his helmet remained on, he immediately noticed the Jedi Master in the room, other than Zey.

"Have a seat, Captain." Zey said, sitting down.

"I think I'll stand." Adenn replied, remaining on his feet.

"Very well," Zey said, rubbing his hands together, "Captain, this is Jedi Master, Xanatos. Xanatos, this is ARC Captain Adenn."

"Pleasure to meet you, sir." Adenn said, shaking the Jedi's hand.

"Have we met before?" Xanatos asked Adenn, feeling a strong presence in the force, about him.

"I don't believe so, sir." Adenn replied, "I would have remembered."

Zey watched this exchange, and then finally spoke up, "We have a mission for you." Zey started, "It appears Xanatos' padawan, Jedi Knight, Sary'illa Halcyon has been captured by the CIS."

"Separatist forces." Xanatos spoke up.

"Correct." Zey said, "Xanatos wishes to rescue her, and asked for help. Knowing your past, I figured you'd be the right guy for the job." Zey explained.

"How deep behind enemy lines is she?" Adenn asked, intrigued.

"Were unsure, but we do know that she's being held on Felucia." Zey said.

"Are you kidding Zey, the CIS has got that planet swarming with droid bases." Adenn almost yelled, but remembered his place.

"I know..." Zey sighed, "But it's a lot more than face value."

"What do you mean?" Adenn asked, even more intrigued.

"Xanatos, would you...care to explain?" Zey gestured for Xanatos to speak. Xanatos nodded, the older man, around fifty stood up. His face was covered in a beard, it was trimmed, but quite bushy, and almost white. Rather than long robes, he opted for more of a fitting robe style. Better for combat, and quicker for the force to flow through.

"Sary'illa and I were on a mission to retrieve some information on a laboratory within Felucia. Although this was not the origins of the company, this is one of our leads. It's known as Facility X."

The name hit Adenn like a ton of bricks, he stumbled back from the mere mention of the name.

"Are you all right Captain?" Zey asked, noticing Adenn flinch.

"I'm fine sir, please, continue." Adenn swallowed.

"Facility X, is in the process of cloning force users, in hopes of creating the ultimate Jedi Killer. It is run by an unknown Sith scientist. All of his experiments, and subjects have failed. But we know he's getting closer, and closer to figuring it out." Xanatos explained. "Sary'illa and I, had a mission to recover some documents on Felucia. We succeeded...but along the way we were intercepted by some cowardly mandalorian bounty hunters, and Sary'illa was kidnapped."

"Are you sure they were mandalorian?" Adenn asked, his blood heating up from the slander of his people.

"Are there any other type?" Xanatos asked, with an ignorant tone in his voice.

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is." Adenn said, his voice abrupt, "They're called, Weequays, Zebraks, Rattatski-"

"That's enough Captain." Zey interrupted, "Continue Xanatos."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're one of them clone." Xanatos snarled.

"I am indeed...sir." Adenn replied, "You know what Adenn means in mando'a...I don't think you want to find out." Adenn placed his hand on his verpine.

"Captain, you are dismissed!" Zey yelled, "Bardan Jusik, will brief you on your mission with Xanatos at 0600." Zey said, waving his hand for Adenn to leave. Adenn saluted, and with a grin beneath his helmet, smugly walked out.

"Xanatos, I apologize for that troopers outburst." Zey said remorsefully to the Master. Referring to Adenn as trooper, hoping the insult would ease the disrespect the man had received.

"No, need." Xanatos replied, "It was interesting."

Xanatos smiled to himself, as he watched Adenn leave the room. What is he? Xanatos thought, feeling a swirling of dark force energy within the trooper.

Planet: Felucia.

Sary'illa Halcyon sat in a dark cell. Her Jedi robes were ripped, and cut, her face was slightly bruised, and beaten, along with cuts on her body. The young girl, was nowhere near the size of her assailants. She was cold, afraid, and alone. But she wouldn't be for long. Sary'illa sat in the middle of her cell, legs crossed, and eyes closed, focusing on the energy of the force.

Down the hall of the droid base, two bodyguards escorted an older Kaminoan by the name of Twan Fen through the halls. The bodyguards looked like mandalorian's with their heavily built armor, but they were far from it. Not only were the helmets not the traditional T-Slit visors as all mando'a warriors had, their armor wasn't true beskar.

"How is the prisoner?" the Kaminoan asked one of the bodyguards.

"She hasn't given us any trouble." the bodyguard on his right responded, keeping his carbine in his hands.

"Good. Has she given you any useful information?" Twan Fen asked, standing before the automatic doors, as they hissed open.

"She hasn't spoken at all." the bodyguard to his left replied, "We've tried everything."

"Everything?" Twan Fen asked, "Enthrall me."

"We've hooked her up to torture devices, beat her, whipped her, she ends up getting inside our heads and making us fight each other." the first bodyguard replied.

"Fascinating." Twan Fen said, staring out over the vast view of Felucia. Twan Fen stood atop the Droid Base. "Use any means necessary." Twan Fen ordered, "We must find those plans."

The briefing room on Coruscant.

Adenn grabbed the necessary equipment for said mission. Funny thing, was Xanatos requested of the help of only Adenn. No, other troopers, he seemed to think that Adenn was up to snuff, or he he just really wanted him dead.

Bardan Jusik watched the young Captain grab several different weapons from the rack, and equip them to his belt, and sling some across his back. The young Jedi was nervous in front of the ARC Trooper, although he shouldn't be, as he was his superior. For some odd reason he was, he felt an odd disturbance in the force.

"Are you nervous?" Bardan asked Adenn.

Adenn stopped packing, and turned his head slightly, not really familiar with small talk, "I'm a soldier, sir. I'm not supposed to get nervous."

"Just you and Xanatos then." Bardan said more to himself, then to Adenn.

"You're briefing me." Adenn chuckled, "So I assume that would be a, yes?"

"Oh, right." Bardan shook his head, "How stupid of me," he chuckled, "Yes, that's correct, just you and Xanatos will be conducting this mission."

"Haar'chak." Adenn sighed to himself, quickly noticing that Bardan was staring at him with an odd expression on his face.

"Was that...mandalorian?" Bardan asked, intrigued.

"Yes, it was. I'm surprised you're familiar with it." Adenn smiled beneath his helmet.

"Omega Team use mandalorian often, I've picked some up along the way." Bardan smiled, the guy was young, and much shorter than Adenn. But he had heart.

"Oh yeah. Darman, Fi, Niner, and Atin, right?" Adenn asked, even though he knew full well who Omega Team was.

"Yeah." Bardan looked up, "You know them?"

"My buir, is good friends with Kal Skirata, so naturally I met them." Adenn explained, "They're good soldiers."

"Yes, they are." Bardan replied. It was at this point, that Xanatos entered the room. He had a way about him, despite his age, he moved with almost an arrogant strut.

"All right Jusik, brief the Captain." Xanatos waved his hand.

"Right." Bardan said, "Captain Adenn, around forty-eight hours ago, Jedi Knight Sary'illa Halcyon was captured by what appear to be..." Bardan was going to say mandalorians...but quickly held his tongue. "Bounty Hunters working for the CIS." Bardan spoke, "She has hidden several documents that Xanatos and her retrieved on their previous mission. Your mission, along with the aid of Jedi Master Xanatos, is to rescue Sary'illa, and recover the documents." Bardan said.

"Understood." Adenn saluted, "How long will we have?" Adenn asked Bardan.

"The sooner the better." Bardan said.

"Yes, sir." Adenn nodded.

Xanatos, and Adenn boarded the LAAT/i, although Adenn and most Republic Commando's referred to the ship as a "Lartie."

"Adenn." Bardan said, as Adenn walked aboard.

"Sir?" Adenn responded.

There was a silence, Bardan wanted to apologize, he wanted to say he was sorry that he was taken advantage of, he wanted to say it wasn't right, that his life had value, he wanted to say a lot of things, but after a moment of silence, he finally spoke, "Good luck..." Bardan simply said.

"Thank you, sir." Adenn saluted, stepping aboard the lartie, and sitting down.

The LAAT/i, took off, and made it's way to Felucia.

Adenn placed his pack on the floor, and retrieving some weapons, beginning to prepare for the landing. He grabbed his WESTAR-M5, he simply called it his M5, along with dual verpine shatter pistols, in his belt. They looked much different though. Adenn had them custom made, the frames and model of the pistols were much different then the regular model. These looked more like verpine disintegrators.

Adenn was armed to the teeth, with a knife on the left side of his chest plate, and extra ammo on his right armor, he was truly terrifying. Not to mention, Adenn was the only Trooper who had ever painted some of his armor. To the small lines he carved and painted on his helmet, that made his whole helmet look like a skull. To the mandalorian mythasoar skull on the right side of his chest piece. He was barely passing regulations.

"So, this your first time to Felucia?" Xanatos asked a busy Adenn.

"No, sir." Adenn replied, "I was stationed here awhile back, me and a squad of RC's."

"What happened?" Xanatos asked.

"Sith happened, sir." Adenn replied, reliving that day over in his head. Images of his men dying, flashed in his mind. "I'd rather not talk about it."

Xanatos nodded, "Glad to have you aboard Captain."

"Good to be here, sir." Adenn replied.

The two men sat in silence, as the lartie continued on to Felucia. That strange feeling enveloped Xanatos yet again, the feeling of the force within Adenn. Either he had untapped midi-chlorians and a whole hell of a lot of them. Or...or something far stranger was at work. Either way...Xanatos was glad Adenn was on his side.