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Chapter One: Hiding in plain sight.

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The Undercity of Corscant. Those four words were rarely mentioned up in the higher class parts, down here it was the wild west. You had a gun, you made the rules, someone had a bigger gun they made bigger rules. To Lynch that was a perfect life. The bright lights of the Undercity flashed and flickered; the illuminating glare was ever present on Lynch's face. The young Bounty Hunter didn't look a day over twenty...but the slight scar down his jawline showed that he had been...well, experienced, I guess you could say, in his craft.

On the corners of the streets, prostitutes took clients, and drug deals were made. This place was not for the faint of heart, but it was for the lost.

Lynch scratched the stubble that grew on his chin, and neck. His hands were rough, and cut up somewhat. However, the fingerless gloves covered that. Lynch was waiting, waiting for his client to show, it wouldn't be hard to find him, especially in a bar like this.

"Lynch." the comm in Lynch's ear flickered with static as a voice spoke through his ear. "Come in Lynch."

"Buir?" Lynch answered, somewhat surprised. The confusion on Lynch's face was obvious, even to people who passed by.

"Oh come on Lynch." the person over the comm responded, "You didn't think I was gonna let you get out of my sight without some guidance. Did you?"

Lynch chuckled aloud, "No, I suppose not Dark'buir."

Darky'rad, a notorious Mandalorian bounty hunter, but also a mentor within the Grand Army of the Republic. He was also a member of the Cuy'val Dar. Training clone troopers on Kamino, and teaching them basic skill sets. However, he fled after a few...incidents.

Darky'rad, was close to Lynch, in fact, Lynch considered him a father. Mandalorians said that bloodline wasn't always thickest, and they were right. After training Lynch in the ways of a Mandalorian, Darky'rad adopted Lynch as a son, giving him an actual Mando'a name as well. However, due to Lynch's job, and Darky'rad's wanted status. The two hardly spoke, let alone saw each other. So Lynch having his father's voice encourage him, was a rare treat.

The bar counter was littered with scum, and other underworld losers. But Lynch didn't mind them, he stared down at the drink on the counter, his drink. "How'd you know I was in the Undercity?" Lynch asked, remaining casual.

Darky'rad chuckled, "I taught you everything you know, di'kut." Lynch's father replied, "So when I saw that scar across that jawline, and those tattoos on your neck...well, I know my son." Darky'rad explained.

Lynch smiled to himself, "Well, it's good thing not everybody knows what I look like right?" Lynch chuckled.

Lynch looked young, far younger than the average bounty hunter. He thought that gave him an edge, and to some extent, it did. Nobody expects a twenty year old looking, scraggly young guy to be brandishing dual verpine shatter pistols. Or weaponry of that sort. After all, the leather jacket, and average looking BDU pants made him look as if he had been in the military. They weren't too wrong about that.

Suddenly, Lynch caught a glimpse of something, and it all started clicking.

"Look at little man over here!" one of the drunken weequay's slurred. The non-human was harassing one of the patrons within the bar. As was the custom of most non-humans in the Undercity to do.

"I don't want any trouble." the human replied, "I'm just looking for a friend." he said, pushing up his spectacles and trying to move away from the harassment. No, such luck.

"Whoa now!" the weequay stopped him. "Surely you don't think that me and my friends can just let you walk right passed us without paying the toll...do you?"

The human started backing away, "Please, I don't want any trouble..." the patron repeated. He slowly started to move backwards out of the bar.

"Here we go." Lynch sighed, as he took the last swig of his alcoholic beverage. The liquid burned the back of his throat as he swallowed.

Lynch moved from the chair he was at, and made his way over to the ever escalating encounter with the human, the weequay, and his friends. "Is there a problem here?" Lynch asked, as he slapped his hand on the back of the weequay.

"Who the hell are you?" the weequay slurred. Turning to face Lynch, the weequay backed off, as Lynch's imposing demeanor was ever eminent within his scarred face.

"A better question would be who the shab you are?" Lynch smiled. The expletive Lynch used in Mandalorian immediately caused the human to turn.

A Mandalorian bounty hunter... The human thought quickly, Is he who I hired?

The weequay made a motion to strike Lynch, but Lynch pulled back his leather jacket, revealing his verpine pistol. The startled weequay stumbled as he moved backwards, "Okay..." he stuttered, "I'll leave your friend alone." the weequay hiccuped, scampering off with his tail between his legs.

The bright lights, and the thumping music made the rest of Lynch's interaction with the human challenging, but bearable. "You must be Jem?" Lynch asked.

The human nodded, as he pushed up his glasses yet again, "Yes..." he stammered. He felt Lynch grab his arm, and walk him to the door, moving swiftly to the quiet, and more dangerous outdoors.

The streets of the Undercity were filled with criminals, and other thugs. But it made conversation easier than bars, and clubs.

Jem continued to follow Lynch, until they were mostly secluded, walking down the streets of the Undercity side by side, "So, you have a job for me?" Lynch asked.

Jem swallowed hard, and then nodded vigorously. The idea of hiring an assassin wasn't really...kosher, I guess you could say.

"Relax, pal." Lynch chuckled, "I come highly recommended." Lynch smiled, "Now what kind of job do you need me to do for you?"

Jem glanced behind his shoulder, and then in front of him, he wanted to make sure no one saw this, not a soul. His hand reached into his pocket, and pulled out a document, "You realize this mission is completely top secret?" Jem reminded.

Lynch nodded, "I sort of figured that, especially when you're glancing over your shoulder ever five minutes." Lynch chuckled.

Jem coughed, "This is straight out of the GAR military files." Jem said, handing him the document, "Several months ago, an ARC Captain brought down a droid facility somewhere in Felucia." Jem explained.

Lynch opened up the document, and scanned the pages, "Isn't that a good thing?" Lynch asked, slightly confused.

"That's a great thing." Jem replied, "There's just one problem." Jem continued with his glancing, checking in front of him, and behind him.

Lynch held back the urge to roll his eyes, then asked, "And what's that?"

Jem rubbed his hands together, "He went MIA that same day, we don't know if he's dead...or if he somehow decided to go AWOL."

Lynch smiled, and suddenly realized what he was being hired to do, "You want me to hunt this guy down." Lynch finally said.

"We want you to bring him in...dead or alive. Preferably alive." Jem replied, "Can you handle that?" Jem asked.

"What's the pay?" Lynch asked, as he continued to scan through the document.

"Let's just say it's too much to give you at once." Jem said, trying to sound convincing. "So what do you say? Will you do it?"

Lynch sucked his teeth, "You've got yourself a deal Jem." Lynch said, reaching out his hand, "How long do I have?"

Jem shook Lynch's hand rapidly, "I'll be briefing you soon." Jem replied, "Keep in touch." Jem answered, "And keep a low profile, the GAR never hires bounty hunters to bring in their own. But this situation is different."

Lynch saluted, "Copy that." Lynch scratched his jaw, and then leaned forward to speak with Jem, "Now, I think you should get out of here before anybody starts getting suspicious." Lynch winked.

Jem nodded, "I'll contact you in the future." Jem said, departing from Lynch's presence.

Lynch and Jem both went their separate ways.

Lynch continued walking down the streets for a few more minutes, before he came to his apartments, "Dark'buir?" Lynch said over the comm, "Did you get all that?" he asked his father. His comm was on the whole time.

"Oh yeah." Darky'rad chuckled, "I got the whole thing." Darky'rad smiled, "This isn't gonna be easy you know?" Darky'rad explained, "You need to prepare. Bringing in a live target is always complicated, but a live ARC Captain, they're basically trained the same as you."

Lynch laughed, "That's the funny thing Dark'buir." Lynch said as he continued scanning over the files, "Because the ARC Trooper I'm supposed to bring in alive..." Lynch held up the picture of the helmeted ARC Captain. "Is me."