A/N Oneshot; prompt was 'fleet lands on Earth in a different time period'

"We shouldn't interfere."

"Why?" Saul snapped, "so they can resent us later?"

Bill shifted uneasily. Truth be told, he wanted to. If there was something to bring to these people, knowing that death was not the solution to those who were different was it. It certainly was a lesson to be learned before they got their hands on dangerous technology.

"It's in the treaty, no interference, we aren't Gods to control these peoples fates."

"We aren't gods," Saul agreed, "we're frakking human beings."

Bill stared across the table at his oldest friend.

The Colonel stood straighter under the scrutiny. "And those who aren't still got a better idea of right and wrong, an actual conscience; unlike that man."

Bill stared down at his hands, brushing his thumb over the empty space on his ring finger, the skin paler than the rest of the hand. "Call Lee. Inform him that if Romo Lampkin cannot broker a peace with Adolf Hitler, our military is moving into Germany."