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Bras, Tampons, and Other Enticing Things;

Eight Years Old: Prologue

A blond boy runs down a well-trodden path, bearing two cones of ice cream. One is banana, his favorite, and the other is orange sherbet, which is what his sister requested every time when she went to the ice cream parlor. This time, though, she is staying home to finish something up, and she sent her brother to get the ice cream for her.

The boy licks his lips as he thinks how savory his ice cream would be when he could lick it. He hungrily turns to take it in: the smooth surface, with chunks of banana poking out, streaked with white vanilla. He can barely wait until he gets to eat it.

He is so caught up in his thoughts that he doesn't notice a rock in front of him; when he does, it's too late and he trips. He manages to save his own banana ice cream, but his sister's orange sherbet is a mess at his feet. Dismayed, the boy wonders how to confront her when he gets home.

The boy takes a deep breath, picks up the ruined ice cream cone, and slowly walks home.


"Len, look what I found on Mommy's desk—" a blond girl pipes up excitedly when he enters the door, but stops short when she sees only one ice cream cone in his hands. "What happened to the other one?"

The boy, named Len, looks down at his feet. "I'm sorry…"

Rin frowns at him. "What have you done?"

"It's—" Len's not sure how to answer her, but he tries anyway. "I tripped, and then it got ruined, so I threw it away in a trash can nearby…"

Rin's squinting at him only makes him feel worse, and even smaller.

"Well," she says finally, "I guess it doesn't matter that much…" That surprises Len. He looks up at his sister, and she smiles. Rin's throat is parched, and her lips are in desperate need of soothing from ice cream, but she doesn't care for the fact that she has found a much more interesting prize. "I was exploring earlier for a dictionary, and you guess what I found on Mommy's desk?"

"What?" Len asks, his interest piqued.

Rin grins. She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a slip. "It says, 'You, Your Body', and something called 'Puberty'. And it has a ton of interesting drawings on it, but I'm not sure what they are."

Len takes a closer look at this brochure. He opens it, and a bunch of colorful pictures and unique fonts fly into his eyesight. He begins to read, but he doesn't know half of the words on there. Not letting that get him down, Len struggles his way through, tripping over words like "semen", "uterus", "adrenal", and "ducts". Finally he gives up at the last line of the first paragraph.

"I don't get this," he says, perplexed.

Rin shakes her head. "Me neither. But maybe Mommy can explain."

Len cocks a golden eyebrow. "And you are sure that Mommy will explain? It is her private things, after all."

"Tch," Rin snorts. "What's there to learn about this thing called a 'penis'?"

"Good idea," agrees Len. "When Mommy comes home, let's go ask her."


"I'm not…it's just…" Mrs. Kagamine throws up her arms in defeat. After Rin had shown her the brochure, she didn't know what to think. Perhaps her children are more skilled at finding things than she thought they were capable of. But she swears to herself that she will not let anything get into their hands for the next ten years or so.

"Mommy, what is it?" Rin asks, pouting.

Mrs. Kagamine can tell that Rin is not going to give up until a decent explanation is aimed her way. With a sigh, she sits down with a pencil and paper, and explains the least she could.


That night, Mrs. Kagamine writes in her "Puberty" journal—

Rin and Len's first brush with all that inappropriate stuff:

Age eight, with my brochure.

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