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Stevie's Pov

I was giving the last customer a kiwi smoothie when Zander with his ukulele,like always, came over and sat down on a seat across from where I was standing.

"Uhhhhgg". Zander groaned.

"What's wrong". I asked.

"When I was playing my uke outside of the mall, NO GIRLS came to give me some money". Zander cried.

"At least you don't have real problems". I said.

"What's wrong, baby". He asked.

"I just hate working and don't call me that". I said angrily.

"Oh I got you something". Zander said while getting a letter out of his pocket.

"What is it". I asked.

"A love letter". He said. I glared at him. He looked back at me.

"Ohhhhhh...um it's not from me". He said while grinning.

"Then who is it from". I asked.

"I don't know. Open the letter". He said while walking up behind me.

"It's from-". I said before Zander cutting off my sentence.

"JUSTIN". He screamed while he was looking over my shoulder. I turned around facing him.

"I can't believe Justin, my crush, WROTE ME BACK!" I screamed.

"You mean your OLD crush, right". He asked.

"No I mean my OLD NEW crush". I said while hugging him to death.

"Yay". He said while letting go.

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