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Jessie sat down at her round table and placed a plate of eggs in front of the man across from her.

"If you're going to be staying here, I think that we should at least know each other's names." The man put his fork and looked at her for a moment before deciding whether or not to answer. He put down his fork and answered.


"That's your name?"

"My name is William Tavington, but you call me Tavington."

"Okay then, Tavington. I'm Jessie." Jessie stuck out her hand for a handshake and was pleasantly surprised when he took her fingers and kissed her knuckles. Jessie could feel a blush spreading to her cheeks. She hoped that William didn't notice. Jessie looked over his red jacked and dark riding boots.

"Are you planning on wearing that?"

"Of course, I have no other clothes."

"Then I should probably get you some."

"Where are you planning on getting them?"

"I'll just run down to the store and get some. You can come too and pick."

"Women and men shop together here?"


"How… interesting."

"Whatever, just get over it. We should probably go now before the store gets to crowded. Are you done with that?"

"I suppose," said Tavington as he stood up and pushed his plate towards her.

"You can just put that in the sink," said Jessie as she slipped her feet into her shoes. William walked to the sink and awkwardly put his plate in it. 'This truly is a strange place,' he thought. Jessie stepped out of the door and Tavington followed. Jessie locked the door behind her and started down her front steps to her car. As Jessie was unlocking the car door and William was examining the car like some kind of strange beast, Jessie's neighbor popped her head out of her door to say hello. Jessie was lucky that the little old lady was sight impaired and couldn't see anything other than that Jessie wasn't alone that day.

"Hello dear," called .

"Hi ," responded Jessie.

"Who's your friend?" asked as she tried to examine the scene over the rim of her spectacles.

"This is William," answered Jessie.

"He sounds handsome, you should bring him over so that we can meet eachother."

"Maybe later," said Jessie, "We have somewhere to be."

"Well, I'll see you later then," said who then turned around and went back into her house.

Jessie finished unlocking the doors and climbed into the driver's seat of the car. She peeked out the other door at William, "you coming?" she asked.

"What is this thing?"

"It's my car."

"That thing that attacked me with?"

"I did not attack you, it was an accident, and you're much safer inside of the car that out." William looked the car up and down one more time before climbing in. He copied Jessie's movements and buckled the seatbelt. Jessie backed out of her driveway and on to the road. The drive to Target was silent, but the silence caused it to drag on. When Jessie pulled into the parking lot, she turned to face William. He was looking around in awe.

"Come on," said Jessie as she swung her long legs out of the car. "Let's go in." William slowly opened his door and stepped out.

"This is the store?"

"This is the parking lot, we're about to go into the store. Just watch out for cars okay."

"I can take care of myself woman."

"Okay then. Why don't you just lead the way." William fixed his jacket and looked at the building with his nose in the air, trying not to show how nervous he was. He took a few steps forward, and was fine, until he step right in front of a car that was backing out. He was hit lightly by the back of the car and got dirt prints on his coat. He tried to wipe them off while the driver yelled at him and Jessie laughed at him. He decided to try again. The next time he was smart enough to avoid the cars and managed to make it across the parking lot. He was proud of himself, until he couldn't figure out how to work the door. Jessie just smirked at him with her arms crossed as he tried repeatedly to open the exit only door.

He was so intent on opening the door that he didn't notice Jessie slip away and go in through the correct door. She walked around the building so that she was facing him from the other side of door. Tavington looked just plain confused for a moment, but was careful not to show it. Jessie motioned to the other door while laughing. Tavington shot her daggers before cautiously trying the other door and actually succeeding.

Jessie laughed for a minute or so as the two of them walked through the store. William tried to keep his face blank, he did not appreciate being laughed at, but people were staring as it was and he did not want to do anything to draw any more attention that he already was.

When Jessie stopped laughing, she led him to the men's clothing section. The men's department was at the end, so they had to pass almost everything else to get there. Jessie couldn't help but giggle at his looks of wonder and puzzlement. When they reached the adult clothing section, Jessie led William through the women's section to get to the men's section. William looked around and found his face coloring as he spotted the women's underwear.

"What have you never seen women's underwear before?" Jessie teased.

"Of course I have, I just find it strange how shameless you all are, displaying men's and women's garments so close together."

"Well then, stop staring and let's go pick stuff for you." The two walked through the women's section until they emerged in the men's clothing area.

"You look like you're about a medium size, so just keep that in mind as you pick." William wandered off towards the shirts while Jessie looked at underwear. She figured that he would need some new sets, but could imagine him grabbing any himself. She saw a pair of Pop Eye boxers and considered grabbing them, but she didn't think that Tavington would find them quite as amusing. Jessie settled on a three pack of briefs and went to go find William. He was looking at black tee-shirts. He turned around when he heard Jessie and he instantly noticed the underwear in her hand.

"What are you doing with those, put them away," said William in a way that Jessie found funny.

"I thought that you might need some, so I grabbed these. If you don't want me holding them, then you take them," Jessie said as she held the underwear out to William. He snatched the bundle out of her hand and shoved a black tee-shirt and pair of blue jeans towards her.

"I have selected these."

"Okay, do you want to try them on."

" I suppose."

"Come on," said Jessie as she grabbed his arm and led him to the changing rooms. This particular store had an open changing area, so Jessie was able to wait right by the door. William seemed to be taking an extremely long time, so Jessie knocked on the door.

"Need any help in there?" Jessie jested. William personally did not find her funny. She was starting to get on his nerves. With a sigh, William opened the door and stepped out of the changing room.

"You look good," said Jessie' "I don't think that you need any new shoes. What you have on now should be fine." William turned to go change into his other clothes, but Jessie stopped him.

"How about you just where them out." William went back to grab his old clothes and he and Jessie set off towards the cash register.

"Wait, hold on," said Jessie as she abruptly stopped, "There's one more thing that we need to get." Jessie steered William towards the hair care section. She grabbed two bottles of axe hair and a sparkly pink hairbrush. They started to walk back towards the front of the building and Jessie stopped one more time to grab a toothbrush. They checked out and walked back to the car. When they were in the car Jessie handed William the hair products and underwear, then pulled out and drove home.