There was little else that interested Sherlock when Calico came into the vicinity, John noticed one day while conversing with his eccentric companion.
The small red haired woman could walk into the room unnoticed by everyone else, but if Sherlock saw her, he was no longer a part of the conversation. He was too focused on her and every little movement she made to do anything other than grunt occasionally.

And if Calico spoke to Sherlock, you could forget about even trying to communicate with him.

While yes, Calico was an attractive young woman (John was always the first to point this out), there were plenty of others who had tried - and failed - to get the detective's attention.

So why was Calico so special?

"Holmes, what is your... your obsession with my wife's friend?" John asked the moment he walked into the kitchen. Sherlock turned his head slightly, his teacup inches from his lips.


"Your strange obsession with Calico Sullivan. Why does she fascinate you so much? I figure you'd be bored with her by now." John said, furrowing his blond brows. Sherlock smirked.

"Why? Are you jealous, John?" he teased. John groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Stop dodging the question! Why Calico?"

"Because she's so unlike your fiance, despite being her friend. Unlike any woman I've met, really." Sherlock mumbled, taking slow sips of his tea. John stared blankly at him for a moment.

"Care to explain?"

"Well, where your fiance - because she's not your wife yet - is dull, grey, and normal..."

"I resent that!"

"... Calico is smart, but still... beautiful, I suppose the word is. She can nearly match wits with me. She's small and easy to mistake for a gentle woman, but I recall her punching drunkards out on numerous occasions. I don't understand why she's so interesting, John. She's just... spectacular. I want to keep her for myself." Sherlock rambled, catching John off guard.

The blond then brought his hand to his face, surprised he hadn't noticed the simple answer before.

"You love her, you twat!" John exclaimed, chuckling at the baffled expression his friend gave him.

"Excuse me?"

"You love her!"

"Love who?" Calico poked her head into the kitchen, her plump cherry red lips pulled into a confused pout. John and Sherlock exchanged glances. John smiled evilly, causing Sherlock's cheeks to redden slightly. Calico seemed not to notice, though.

"Oh, but you should know already~!" John sang, tilting his head to the side. Calico shook her head, her short red curls bouncing adorably.

"Oh, goodness no! Just tell me already! It's that Irene Adler, isn't it?" she said, placing her hands on her full hips and smiling almost sadly. John opened his mouth, but Sherlock quickly cut him off by clearing his throat and rising to his feet. This action drew Calico's large silver eyes to his figure.

"Well, Miss Sullivan, I'm sure that you shall finding out soon, won't you? Good heavens, you're a genius in everything you do, but when it comes to people's emotions you're clueless." Sherlock said, forgetting his tea and walking up the stairs. John laughed, leaning on the chair his friend had left. Calico continued to stare up the stairs, her pout returning.

"I don't understand..."

"Now Holmes, you should be the last person to accuse someone of that!"

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