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Chapter 4

Spyro watched as his class slowly poured into the training room, a grin on his face as the students filled up the stands that had been added during the Temple's reconstruction.

'So much has changed,' he mused to himself, his eyes gliding over the dragons and dragonesses, many of whom were laughing and chatting excitedly, 'but some things never do.'

He chuckled at the looks that some of the dragonesses gave him, despite his being almost two decades older their senior as we as being taken already didn't detract from his 'air of attractiveness,' as Cynder called it. He couldn't blame them after all, as he'd certainly only gotten better looking through the years.

He'd grown to the height of his former mentor, Ignitus, and could almost chuckle at the thought of how the old Fire Guardian and his colleagues used to dwarf him in size. His scales still shone with the purple hue that made him easy to pick out of any crowd, though here and there he bore scars from the war and they only seemed to add to his notability. He'd grown another, smaller set of horns below the two he already had that were the same golden color as the larger ones as well as his underbelly as well as a single one that almost resembled a beard with the way it was placed on his chin. And even though he wasn't surrounded by constant danger anymore, Spyro still trained to keep his skills and body in good shape and the effort certainly showed.

Once all of his students had taken their seats, he couldn't help but be amazed at the number of students he had to teach. The class was actually both Basic and Advanced Combat classes, meaning that the bleachers were nigh full. Quickly getting over this, though, he shouted over them, "Alright, everyone, quiet down!"

Almost immediately, all conversation died and the purple dragon spoke again, only as loud as was necessary for everyone to hear him, "Good. Now, as you've all been told, I will be filling in for Terrador until he is finished with the preparations for the new Fire Guardian. Meaning both Basic and Advanced Combat classes will be taught together instead of separate until further notice. So, what will be taught today is continuing-"

Spyro paused as he noticed the door to the training room slowly opening. The entire class followed his gaze to watch the door open to reveal none other than Annie and Azure standing there. As they walked into the room, heading toward the calm-faced purple, all was silent save for the sounds of breathing and their paws hitting the ground as they walked.

When they came to a stop, Annie looked up at the older drake and said, "Sorry we're late, Dad."

"It's my fault, Master Spyro, I slept in and forgot to wake Annabelle up," Azure said quickly, his words causing whispers and giggles to break out in the stands. The purple raised an eye ridge at this and almost immediately the two adolescent dragons reddened at the realization of what it sounded like. Hurriedly trying to clarify his statement, the blue male said, "I mean, because you have to teach Master Terrador's Advanced Combat classes, Annabelle needed someone to wake her up in time for class, so-"

"That's enough, Azure," Spyro said amusedly, a wry grin on his face, "Since the two of you are late, disregarding the reason why, you may as well assist in my demonstration for today's lesson. Place your bags down and proceed to the sparring circle in the center, if you would."

The two drakes did as they were told and placed their bags down at their teacher's feet before walking over to the circle. Once there, they each went to one side of the circle and glanced nervously at each other before turning to look at Spyro. By this time, all was quiet once again.

"As I was saying, what I will be continuing is a lesson from Basic Combat so it will most likely be review for those in Advanced: Elemental Redirection," he said, beginning to pace slowly in front of the class, "Elemental Redirection is both an offensive as well as a defensive maneuver, making it a vital skill for all to learn. Can anyone tell me how this can be applied in a combat situation?"

Almost immediately most of the class's paws shot up, desperate to gain the attention of their teacher. After a moment of consideration, Spyro motioned to a dragoness sitting near the front, saying, "You, Fera, right?"

"Yes, Master Spyro," the crimson-red female responded, nodding, "Elemental Redirection can be used to either deflect or send back a physical Elemental attack, such as a stone or a fireball. It can also be used to change the direction or your own physical Element."

"Correct, very good, Fera," the purple commended, causing the female to beam at the praise, "Now, your classmates Azure and Annabelle will demonstrate the defensive aspect as I launch various Elemental attacks their way."

And then, without any other warning, Spyro spun around and launched two large fireballs at the two students. Reacting quickly, they both turned to face the oncoming attacks, falling into defensive stances. As soon as the fireballs were close enough, they acted. Annie used her tail like a bat and spun, sending the attack to the side while Azure leaped into the air and used his own tail to knock the fireball down onto the spot he'd been standing in moments before.

Not giving them time to recover, Spyro then launched balls of stone and electicity at them. Azure used his paw to knock the stone over to Annie, who then used her tail to send it flying into the ball of electricity and both were obliterated.

And then, Spyro shot a giant ball of ice at the two. Moving in unison, the two ran at the frozen projectile and leaped, striking the ball with their tails and sending it off to the side, only to find a smaller stone that was behind it hurtling toward them. They couldn't get out of the way fast enough and were hit by the boulder, sending them back to hit the ground hard, rolling a bit before they stopped.

As they groaned, Spyro made his way over to the two. He came to a stop when he reached them, examining them for any serious wounds. Finding only superficial scratches and injured prides, he chuckled.

"You two handle yourselves well in a team, but you forgot to discern from distraction and actual attack at the end. That can be a fatal error, both in training and in actual combat," the purple told them, his eyes shifting between the two of them.

"I thought we were just demonstrating, not having an actual training session," Annabelle complained, getting to her paws slowly.

At this, her father chuckled again before he said, "Maybe next time you won't be late. Go get your things and have a seat, up front if it's not too difficult; I might use the two of you for more demonstrations."

Annie and Azure could only groan more at the thought before they did as they were told.


When Pyra opened her eyes, she found herself standing in front of a door with the number 1 stamped on it. She looked around and saw she was alone and there was no other way out. She couldn't even find the source of the light that illuminated the room.

"This is certainly odd," she quietly mused to herself, "Better find Aesir quickly."

As she began to walk over to the door, she noticed that she was moving in slow-motion. Frowning, she looked down at her paws and saw strange shackles that were glowing with a white light around her ankles. She brought her left forepaw up so she could get a closer look at it and noticed there were symbols for the Elements engraved into it, some of which she was unfamiliar with.

"Even more odd," she said, putting her paw back down. She thought for a moment before managing to realize that this was a mental test so she could move as fast as she believed she could. When she took a step this time, she moved at normal speed.

Letting out a sigh o relief, she continued on to the door. When she reached it, she made to open it with her paw, a strange feeling of unease settling in her gut when it made contact. When she opened it she only saw a murky blackness. And in the middle of it, a pair of eyes watched her.

"Aesir? Is that yo-?" she was cut off as her eyes rolled up into her head the moment she crossed the threshold, a memory that didn't belong to her clouding her vision.


Aesir felt empty as he looked at the burning warehouse. He could see the broken window that he'd been thrown out of to escape the spreading blaze. Inside, the dragoness who saved him six years ago, had given him a name and an identity, the dragoness he'd fallen in love with, she was dying.

Bero and his thugs had grown tired of the two of them not bending over to kiss their asses and even go out of their way to cause trouble for them and had finally decided to end them once and for all. They had attacked them at the place they'd called home and set it ablaze while Bero and several others went in to subdue them until it was too late for the two of them to escape. But, she had figured this out and threw him out of the closest window and into the street.

It'd hurt and a shard of glass had pierced his shoulder before he pulled it out. He'd been about to run into the building when the room he'd been in just moments before suddenly erupted in a ball of fire. It was then that he'd felt all emotion drain from him and he fell back onto his haunches.

From behind him he heard a malicious voice say, "Looks like you're all alone again, runt. No one to keep you safe, anymore."

Aesir looked over his bleeding shoulder with empty eyes to see a red dragon with bone-white markings on his forelegs and under his eyes walking toward him.

"Bero wanted to kill you and your little friend by himself, but I'm sure he'll get over it if I say you attacked me first," the dragon said, grinning evilly as he stalked toward the smaller drake. Aesir simply turned away and continued to watch the building burn. Slightly irritated by this, the red drake spoke again, "Don't ignore me you little shit! I'm going to rip you apart and make you suffer!"

Aesir paid him no mind as he desperately hoped to see any sign of the blue scales of the dragoness in the blaze. But he knew it was pointless, she was gone and it reminded him of the promise they made to each other.

"If something happens to one of us," he whispered, looking down at his paws, "the one still living will live for both of us."

When the red drake leaped at Aesir to attack the smaller dragon, the silver spun around faster than the red could react. Aesir's claws went through the red's throat like butter and the older dragon hit the ground hard, gurgling and choking on his own blood. Aesir looked down at the dragon dying by his own paw, his face emotionless as tears started to trail down his face. He heard a loud crash of thunder and turned his watery gaze to the sky to see droplets of rain beginning to fall.

"I'll live for you, Talea," he whispered, his voice shaking, "And I hope you'll be able to forgive me for what I do until I see you again. I…I love you, Talea, and I always will."

As he finished speaking, he looked back to the red dragon bleeding out at his feet. The blood had spread to Aesir's forepaws, coating the bottoms of them as well as the tips of his claws in more of the red liquid. With a single movement, the silver took his bloody paw and crushed the older drake's skull under foot, blood and bone and brain matter splattering his form.

Without a word, he pulled his paw from the gory mess and walked away, his tail dragging on the ground. He didn't worry about the trail of blood he was leaving as the rain would wash it away, and he didn't look back at the burning building that had once been a home and had become a grave.


Pyra gasped as she was pulled out of the vision. She felt weak and had tears trailing down her face from the overwhelming emotions the vision had brought on.

"What…was that?" she wondered aloud, breathless and shaky.

"That was the day Aesir ceased to be a child," a female voice said quietly, her tone full of remorse.

"Who said that?" the red female demanded, trying to get herself under control as she searched for the origin of the voice. The pair of eyes that had been watching her slowly moved out of the shadows, revealing the dragoness they belonged to.

"My name is Aethrea," she said, coming to a stop just in front of the to-be Fire Guardian, "and I have come to see that you and Aesir pass your tests and gain entrance to the Dragon Temple."

"Why? What do you have to gain from helping us?" Pyra questioned cautiously.

"To see that you no longer witness anymore of his memories, for they are not for you to know unless he wishes you to," the silver answered, her blue eyes full of pain, "And should he gain entrance to the Temple, he will be safe until it is time for him to confront his destiny."

"'Destiny'?" Pyra echoed, confused and intrigued, "What do you know about his destiny?"

"I have said enough already," she said quietly, turning around, "Follow me, I shall take you to Aesir."

The silver dragoness started to walk and the red female warily followed. There was one question that the fire dragoness had as she followed her strange guide. Was this 'Aethrea' part of Aesir's mind…or something else entirely?