"So remind me, what the homework was…?"
"To write a full essay on our family and family history."
"And you didn't do it because…?"
"I didn't want to."
The new history teacher sighed.
"Sophie, I can't say I'm not disappointed. I had high expectations from you." He handed my book back to me. "I expect this done by tomorrow or you will face dire consequences."
"Sorry sir, but I won't- can't do it." He obviously hadn't read my file. If he had he wouldn't have set this blasted homework. I had to stay calm though. If I didn't, Rachael would get involved, mind you then he wouldn't keep on about it and-
"Sophie, this sort of insolence-"
I just lost it.
"STOP! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" I was hardly aware of the rest of the class' nervous and applauding giggles at the back of my mind. "YOU SHOULD JUST PUSH OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Naturally I was sent to the Headmaster's office for my behaviour. And due to personal circumstances I was only sent home with no other consequences. But Rachael was none too pleased.
"Sophie, your behaviour is getting worse and worse!"
"My behaviour isn't getting worse; my temper is just being tested more often." I had to smirk at that. Nobody could beat me in word battle. Well, not yet anyway!
It was then she sighed. That was how she dealt with things. If you ever feel like you are about to shout, take a deep breath and count to ten.
"Sophie, I've been thinking,"
"Perish the thought!" She sighed again. My conscience told me to stop; I was really annoying her, but it was really funny!
"Sophie, please just listen to me." She turned to face me when the car slowed to a stop at the traffic lights.
"I've noticed the change in behaviour has come when we moved you from Richmond Park to Sunny Vale."
She had that right. Richmond wasn't too bad. Sure, it was a bit rough around the edges, but inside everyone looked after each other; if a bit fiercely. I had some good friends there, then my stupid dad found me, and although I insisted it wasn't a problem, that I could deal with him; they thought it best to move to the most notorious care home for crime rate and runaways. I had probably added to those statistics in my time there, but that's not important.
"Which is why I've decided that you should move again. So I'm going to bring…"
There was no point in her talking anymore. I was too busy being ecstatic over the fact that I was leaving Vale. Finally, maybe I could actually get a decent night's sleep without having to wake up every two hours to check that my stuff was still there. I might even be able to eat without having to literally guard my food. I was on cloud nine,
and naturally Rachael had to pull me crashing back down to Earth, "so pack your things tonight and I'll take you tomorrow, yeah?"
"Uhh, yeah," there were times when I cursed myself for not listening properly "just tell me again, where am I going?"
"Elm Tree House. Weren't you listening?"

I wasn't the first kid to leave Sunny Vale with two bin bags, but probably the first to leave with her most treasured belonging. My brother's pocket watch was clutched in my hands. I pulled my feet up and rested them on my two bin bags of clothes. Most of them didn't fit me but I didn't have the heart to get rid of them. I had promised my sister all of them when she went to live that family. She was too little to remember, but when I make a promise I keep it.
"So how far away from school is it?"
"Walking distance, so closer than Sunny Vale is. I really think you'll be happy here Soph!"
"Rachael, my name is Sophie. Soph-ie." I made sure to put a lot emphasis on the 'ie'. I hate when people call me Soph, unless they're really close. Only my brother, mum and sister called me that.
"Yes, yes sorry Sophie. Well we're nearly there, it's not so far away, and you can still see your friends!"
"What friends? Most people hear me open my mouth and assume I'm some posh, stuck up rich kid."
Rachael didn't reply. She doesn't when she knows I'm right.
"We're here!" Her overly cheery mood can sometimes be very patronising. However this time it was very comforting. I collected my bin bags of clothes and made my way up to the house. Rachael has this policy of the kids introducing themselves, rather than the social worker introduce the kids. I've always hated it because it means immediate judgement. I like to pretend I can fit in for a little while.
Before I can ring the bell the door is flung open and a boy with black curly hair, a blue polo shirt and beige trousers is stood there, poised at the ready with a notebook.
"Who are you?" he barks at me. Wow, way to make a girl feel welcome!
"Sophie Timely. And you are?" Be nice Sophie, be nice.
"Gus Carmichael. I can't let you in. I need some ID."
"Why?" This kid must have a disease or condition or something. But he didn't seem to be intentionally rude.
"Gus?" A man with balding grey hair came up behind Gus. "Please tell me when you open the door! Hi I'm Mike, you must be Sophie, come on in!" He took one of my bags and led me to what I assumed was the office. Sat at one of the desks was a large woman in brightly coloured clothes.
"Hi, I'm Rachael, Sophie's social worker" She shook the woman's hands.
"Gina. You and Mike have already met?" So her name was Gina, it suited her.
"Yes that's right." Rachael handed Mike my file. "Anything we should discuss with Sophie?"
"Well, just that you're bed time is at ten, and that means lights out. And Tracy will show you your room" He smiled at me. I think it may have been the first smile I've had from a care worker in a long time.
I hadn't noticed a short girl with black hair enter the room I assumed she was Tracy because she'd picked up my bin bags and asked me if I wanted to go see my room.
"You're going to really like it here I think, I grew up here. Mike used to look after me. You said you came from Sunny Vale?" She was talking a lot.
"Well I didn't say, but I assumed correctly that everyone knew. Yes, I did. And Richmond before that. But I grew up on the Fleeting estate, otherside of town."
"Wow, you speak much nicer than most people from round there!"
"Thanks, that was kind of the idea. I didn't always talk like this, it's a long story." Like all good care workers she took that as her cue to change the subject. Luckily it was at that point that they stopped outside a door.
"This is you! Need any help?" Tracy seemed like a nice enough person, but I just wanted a bit of time on my own before meeting the other kids.

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