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The sprinklers at my school are less sprinklers; more waterfalls. I had the unfortunate circumstance of being stood in the perfect spot of being soaked, as did my work. I tried to get out-of-the-way before anymore damage could be done, but deep down I knew it was too late. I could feel the paper sagging from the weight of the water and my hair was confirmation that I was soaked through.
Almost as soon as they started the alarms and the sprinklers went off, they stopped. Mr. Mockings still ushered us all outside. Liam caught my eye and looked as guilty as sin, but I wasn't in the mood to fight; I was far too upset to deal with him right then but if he had anything to do with it then he would most certainty feel sorry for it later.
We weren't the only class to continue with the safety procedure after the alarms stopped. We all lined up, but there was an excited chatter among everyone. It was still raining so I shoved my project up my jumper to try to shield it, but I knew it was in vain. I focused my attention on making sure I didn't cry, but I vaguely noticed someone approach me.
"Sophie?"I looked up and saw Liam staring reproachingly at me and the corners of the work poking out from the top of my jumper. I glared at him and turned my back on him.
"Fuck off Liam."

We were sent home not long after. The prep school wasn't damaged so they had to continue with lessons. The teachers swore that they would find out who it was and who was involved by any means. Elektra and Johnny all but ran back to the dumping ground but I wanted to take my time. It was still pouring with rain and I was ambling along the pavement; my project was already ruined, I didn't care now.
It took me a moment to recognise the boyish laughter behind me, but there was the unmistakable laugh of Liam O'Donovan.
"They have no idea!"
"I know! You really did it this time mate!"
"Boys, when you're as skilled as I am, you don't need to worry about getting caught: it's like an instinct! In't that right Liam?"
"Ha, yeah," I thought that sounded rather half-hearted for Liam, but I knew exactly what they were talking about. I spun around and pointed my finger close the boy in the middle's face.
"It was you!" I vaguely recognised him as Gary, Liam's best friend in school. "You set off the sprinklers!"
"Yeah? Got us a day off school didn't it?"
"Just leave it Sophie." Liam was looking at me warily.
"Why? He was the one who ruined my project- and you knew!" Liam's face was the picture of sin, but all the others burst out laughing.
"So what you gonna do 'bout it?" The whole sprinkler thing aside, I already knew I didn't like Liam's friends; especially Gary. I dropped back a bit and folded my arms.
"Well, I think that at the next opportunity I'll inform the teachers, then they will probably proceed to contact the police and as I know this isn't anybody's first vandalism offence then I would imagine that severe action will be taken." I don't think I'd even finished my sentence before I was pushed up against the wall.
"Listen you little know-it-all bitch, you say one word about this to anyone-"
"Let her go Gary-" It was slightly comforting that Liam was helping me. Didn't stop me from shaking and squeezing my eyes tight shut though.
"I got this Liam. Then we're gonna do a hell of a lot more than push you up against the wall. Look at you; making threats like that but when we show you the consequences you can't take it!" Gary suddenly threw me down. "Run home, little girl." I just sat there and stared at my knees as they walked away.
"Sophie?" I looked up at Liam. I thought he'd gone with the rest of them. I tried to send him and angry disapproved look, but I think it came across as a pitiful desperate look because the tears that were threatening to fall had spilled over onto my cheeks. "I'm really sorry."
"For what?" I snapped. "For ruining my project or what just happened?"
"Both." He offered his hand and I took it, hauling myself up. "You alright?"
"I think so, just a bit shaken up." I picked up my bag and started walking back towards the Dumping Ground.

"Liam O'Donovan, where have you been? And where is Sophie?" Mike pounced on Liam the moment he walked through the door. I was a few steps behind him but I could hear his struggled replies.
"I'm here, and he was with me. I'd waiting back at the school to see if I could salvage anymore books - you did hear about the sprinklers, right?- Well, I couldn't, but Elektra and Johnny had already come back without me, and I got lost on the way back. So I texted Liam and he came and met me in the middle of the park, but it took so long because he was almost back when he got the text." Both of them were looking at me with wide eyes.
"Uh, okay. Thank you Sophie." From behind Mike's shoulder I saw Liam beckon me up the stairs.

I didn't particularly want to go to Liam's room. I followed him to go up the stairs and into my room. But as I passed his door he pulled me in. And I didn't particularly want to talk to him either. But as soon as he opened his mouth I stopped him and said:
"I don't care what you're going to say, I'm going to the head first thing tomorrow and reporting them-"
"Not me?" Liam asked, perplexed.
"Well, I- you stayed and made sure I was okay. And you already apologised, and-"
"I can make sure Gary won't hurt you."
"Well... maybe." I looked down. In a strange way I felt defeated.
"What's up Sophie? Usually you're outgoing and determined. With everyone else you're happy and chatty-"
"Everyone else? No one likes me Liam! No one talks to me and everyone thinks I'm weird!"
"Oh for fuck's sake! That's a lie and you know it! Everyone here loves talking to you and everyone at school loves you in history because you stop them from having to embarrass yourself! And after all that and you think no one likes you then..." He paused before sighing then quickly pressed his lips against mine. It wasn't long but it was enough to make my mind up about Liam. "...Now you know I do."
Unsure about what to do next, I fleetingly looked at him then quietly left his room and all but ran to mine.

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