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Rosalie POV:

"I agree with Emmett and Jasper. We should go back." I said to the family gathered in the living room. Despite the fact that Bella was a timid girl who wouldn't stand up for herself, I did miss her. She had become part of the family and I regretted taking my own values and ideas out on her. I didn't agree with her decisions but they were her decisions. I would just have to accept that. If we did go back I would make sure that she stood up for herself though, of that I was certain.

"You don't even like Bella! Why would you want to go back? We are doing her a service by not being in her life. Let's keep it that way!" Edward argued, crossing his arms and looking like a child. I rolled my eyes at him.

"I may not have liked her but that's because I never tried to get to know her. I was too busy trying to scare her away so she wouldn't give up her life for a child, like you! I was wrong to do that. It's her decision and her life. She has to make her own decisions or she'll never learn what she truly wants! She won't grow. I say we go back and if she won't accept our apologies after a while of being there we can leave. You don't even have to talk to her, Edward." I said, standing between Emmett and Jasper who nodded with my words. I knew everyone was surprised by what I said, hell, I was!

"Well, I say we put it to a vote," Carlisle said, stepping forward. "Those in favor of going back to Forks and trying to get Bella to forgive us?" Everyone's hands went up except Edward's and he let out an exasperated and loud sigh before stomping upstairs.

"Stop acting like a child, Edward!" I called after him. I got a smashed, glass something in reply.

I could tell how excited everyone was to be going back. Alice was zooming around helping everyone pack because she was packed already. She had known we were going back. I now understood the reason she had been beaming for a week. She really had missed Bella. I smiled at the thought that I might be able to get to know the human better. If she would just stop acting so helpless we would get along perfectly. If she didn't... well I'd just tolerate her and keep trying to goad her into standing up.

By the morning everything was packed up and we were on our way back. We would be back in time for the second day of school. Emmett, Jasper, and I were going back too, although just for a semester. We wanted to put up the pretense of having been "traveling".

I watched all the things fly by my window with perfect clarity, happy to be going home. Forks was one of the few places I could walk outside without worry.

Bella POV:

As I sat there watching the clock tick down the minutes I started tapping my foot impatiently. One minute and 18 seconds were left. It was the first day of my senior year of High School at Forks High. I was in a "relationship" of sorts with one of the cutest guys in school- Jace. I was a cheerleader and he was a football player, I know, cliche, right?

I had thought a personality change was necessary after being so stupid and pathetic last year after the Cullen's left. I can't believe I had gotten so depressed over a 100 something year old virgin that had control issues! I knew he cared for me and just wanted the best for me but if I wanted to make a dumb decision, let me! How else was I going to learn? It was ridiculous. So I had ventured into the living room one day and sat down next to my dad. While he was already shocked because I never ventured out of my room unless I had to, the next thing I said shocked, and pleased, him even more. I had turned to him, looked him straight in the eye, and said, "Dad, I'm done being depressed for an idiot and we are redecorating this house starting tomorrow. It's time you got over mom, don't argue, just smile and hug me!" He smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen him smile and hugged me saying, "Welcome back, Bells. Love ya. Now, I have been saving for something like this for years but never got to it. Here's the card for the account," He handed me a card out of his wallet. "Decorate it how you please, I know I'll like it."

I had looked online and went to several stores and now our house was finally updated in our style. Charlie and I were so much alike. I loved my father more than I had previously realized. That was the beginning of the summer before this year. The rest of the summer I had spent getting to know the people of Forks, connecting with new people and reconnecting with my friends. I had gone to many parties and am pleased to say that I'm over my aversion to crowds and attention. I'm not an attention seeker but I don't cringe away from it anymore. Everyone loved me. Jessica was even less shallow toward everyone after we had a huge talk. Angela, Mike, Tyler, Jessica, and Eric, along with a few others, were my closest friends. Angela, Jess, and I were nearly inseparable. Mike and I had a love-hate relationship. He still tried to take me out and I deftly stepped around him. He was better at controlling himself now. Especially since Jace was slightly protective of me.

Jace was the closest guy friend I had, besides Jake. Whereas Jake and I were close as we could be, best friends, almost siblings, Jace and me had something different. I smirked at how close their names were. I remember a few nights ago when Jace had thought I called out Jake's name. I rolled my eyes. Silly boy. Jace and I were attracted to each other and he was my first. We were dating but we weren't at the same time. Neither of us was with anyone else but we weren't officially together. We just had fun. We loved each other so much that it surprised the both of us. We knew everything about each other, and he just happened to be my neighbor. My incredibly sexy, amazing neighbor.

As the bell rung I practically flew to my locker, grabbed my bag, and walked quickly out the door. I returned the goodbyes and waves and stopped when I got about 20 feet out the door. In front of me was Jace, leaning up against a motorcycle, waiting for me. I sighed as I looked him over, then walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist, breathing him in. "How are ya, beautiful?" He asked me, a southern accent tinting his voice. He was from Louisiana. Sexy, right?

"Great! How'd you get out here so fast?" I replied, kissing him and walking to my car, him following slowly with his bike. "Got out early, I have gym," He said and a mischievous smile lit up his face. "Wanna race me home?

I looked at him over the top of my new 2008, dark gray, Mitsubishi Eclipse. The driver's door was open and I smiled at him. "The kid of the top Fork's policeman racing? Breaking the law?"

He nodded at me once, a very serious expression on his face. I threw my head back and laughed. Hard. "Bring it, loser!" I got into my car, and we both pulled up to the exit to the school. I shook my head at him as we both took off. I was so going to win.

I beat him home like I knew I would and jumped out of my car, meeting him halfway across our joined lawn. "Ha, sucker! You never win, when are you gonna learn, boy?" I teased him, poking him in the chest. He playfully rolled his eyes at me and scooped me up. I didn't even notice the car across the street from my house as he started walking toward my house. He put me down on my newly added deck and kicked open the door, my lips glued to his as he shook my black, tight, leather jacket down my arms to reveal my loose salmon colored T-Shirt. I pulled his white, long sleeve shirt over his head as my foot kicked the door closed with my tall, high heeled, and boot covered foot. As I ran my hands down his tanned stomach I heard a cough from behind us.

I froze, thinking it was my dad home early. I was confused for a second. He never got home before six on Monday's.

"Bella is naughty now." I heard a loud voice say from my kitchen. Jace pulled his shirt back on as I glared at the two guys in my kitchen. "Who are these guys, kitten?" Jace asked, standing with his arms across his well-muscled chest. He was about 6'2 with rugged and chiseled looks. He was pretty intimidating, even against a vampire.

"Old friends that left last year." I replied and he became even more statuesque. He knew I meant them.

"Hmm." Is all I got from him.

"So, Bella. Why are you so pissed at us?" I was asked. Of course he had to ask. The one Cullen I wasn't really angry with at all.

"You all left me without any explanation. Like none of you even cared. What do you want?" I replied, coolly.

"Bells, I'm going to go home and give you some privacy. Call me later." Jace said. I looked up at him and smiled. He knew I would want to have this conversation alone. I loved him even more for understanding me. I knew he would be over here in a hot second if I didn't call him, too. I leaned up and pressed myself into him, kissing his lips and with a wink to me and a glare toward my visitors he was out my front door. I turned back to the Cullen's and sat down in a chair.

"Who is that?" I was asked.

"None of your business, Emmett." I said, looking at them expectantly. I saw him sending me a pouting look and Jasper sat there looking curious. Jasper's arms were across his chest and he reminded me of Jace in that moment. They both had that same look about them- stern, unyielding, sexy. Wait- Jasper wasn't sexy! Ha! Who was I kidding, he was incredibly sexy. I looked at him for a moment and saw him smile at me. He probably felt my little surge of lust. I shook the thoughts out of my head and smiled at them. I could tell that they were wary to start talking so I leaned forward.

"Guys, it's OK. I'm not actually angry with you. I'm disappointed and hurt but I got over it. I'm sure you have an explanation and after you tell me I'll let you know how I feel then." I shrugged and started playing with the place mat on the table.

"Bella we are so sorry!" Emmett burst out, looking so sad. I nodded at him to continue and he took a big sigh. It was Jasper who answered and the more I listened, the angrier I got. Not at them, but at Edward. He was such a dick!

"So let me get this straight. He made you all leave by playing the guilt card? He brought up all the times you guys had messed up and he had to move because of it?" They both nodded at me. "That bastard! Everyone makes mistakes, he should know that! He is such a child." I was fuming. I threw my hands up in the air as I pulled a brownie out of the cupboard. They looked at it with slight disgust on their faces. I rolled my eyes and looked toward Emmett, he looked sad.

Emmett looked down at his feet and mumbled, "We stayed away because we thought we had hurt you enough and didn't want to make it worse. Edward also said that because you are his mate it was his decision. We grudgingly agreed," He looked up at me suddenly and he grew intense. "Jasper and I told everyone we couldn't take it anymore and we came back anyway. Everyone was happy to come back; they all missed you a lot. Even Rosalie. She argued the most to come back, surprisingly. Jasper and I just stood next to her nodding and looking scary. We didn't care how angry you were. We are all prepared to beg you for forgiveness. None of us wanted to leave you, little sister. I am so sorry. Please forgive me!"

I looked at Emmett and could tell he was sincere and he spoke the truth, I knew they all didn't want to leave. I had already forgiven them; I hated holding grudges and when you hold grudges it makes your life hell. You are letting that person own you. I, for one, am not owned by anyone. I won't let anyone hold that power over me.

"Come here." I demanded and pointed to the floor in front of me. Emmett walked to me hesitantly and had his hands clasped in front of him, head down. He looked defeated and yet hopeful at the same time. I threw my arms around him and said, "I forgive you, sweetie-pop!" He wove his arms around me and spun me around laughing the loudest laugh I had ever heard.

"I love you my little, marsh mellow!" He sung out, setting me on my feet. I looked at Jasper to see him smiling lightly. I came to stand in front of him and took his hands into mine. I looked him straight in the eye as I said, "Jasper what happened was not your fault. I don't forgive you because there is nothing to forgive. You are an amazing man and I can see the guilt on your face. Stop. I know your gift can be dangerous to yourself and I don't hold it against you. Now hug me or I WILL be angry with you!" His smile broke across his face as he yanked me against him and held me to him.

This was the closest we had ever been to each other and I loved the feeling of his arms around me. It felt amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before. "Thank you, Bella." He whispered in my ear, the smile evident in his voice. I felt shivers go down my spine and the lustful thoughts came back with a vengeance. Surly he didn't need to hold me so closely, or rub my back like that? He was driving me insane so I pulled away quickly before I really laid on the feelings.

When I pulled away they both looked at me, huge smiles on their faces. I could tell Jasper didn't believe me and while he still looked guilty it looked like I had taken a weight off his shoulders. I'd have to have a few more talks with him. I don't think it was just my attack he felt badly about. His eyes were also black; he was giving me an odd look and I just raised an eyebrow at him, daring him to say something. They exchanged one look, a nod came from Emmett and he burst out, "So who is the man candy? Why is the house different? Why are you different? Bella! Spill!" I laughed hard, my head falling back again.

"That was Jace. He is my... friend, I guess you would say. We're really close," Emmett laughed at this and waggled his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes at him. "I redecorated the house. I got a new wardrobe, became a cheerleader, and became happier. I'm just more confident, that's all." I told him, going to the fridge and taking out stuff to make Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner.

"Oh, friend huh? I like the new you, the new house." Emmett said while Jasper nodded. His eyes were slowly going back to the golden hue he had before, though he was still giving me that odd look.

"Yeah, we are dating but not exclusively. We both know we won't end up together in the end, so why bother changing our perfect relationship now?" I said, preparing dinner. Charlie would be home in an hour. Jasper gave me a questioning look and I answered his unspoken question.

"He's going to be a traveling Journalist. He's going to be covering dangerous countries, people, and animals. I'm also going to be a journalist and will probably end up traveling but the assignments I take won't put me in danger like that. It might be selfish but I don't want to have to worry about him more than I already will. If we got married and had children they could lose him, I could lose him. I'm not willing to risk it. Besides, we won't ever be home at the same time, who can have a relationship when you barely see your partner? Barely anyone." They both nodded at me. I assume because they both couldn't stand to be apart from their mates. Jasper looked… relieved for a minute? His expressions were bothering me, and I was probably hallucinating.

"Hmm, how's the sex?" Emmett winked at me. I rolled my eyes, no blush covering my features. "Pretty damn amazing." Was all I said and I watched their jaws drop and grinned in satisfaction. Score one, Bella.

"I'm sure I'm better," Emmett said, waggling his eyebrows again.

"Ha! That's why Rose kicks you out of the bedroom all the time." I replied, laughing at him.

"How'd you know?!" Emmett asked, glaring at me.

"I didn't. I guessed and you confirmed it!" I laughed at him again. Jasper laughed with me and raised his eyebrows saying, "No one's ever kicked me out. I'm sure I'm the best!"

"Oh, but Alice won't share, will she?" I pouted, causing them to both drop their jaws again. I smiled and turned back to my cooking. I heard Emmett muttering to Jasper and my smile got wider. They really had no idea what they were getting into with me.

We talked while I made dinner and I shoved them out before Charlie got home. Jace came over when I called him and we were both sitting at the table when Charlie walked in, right on time. 6:15 every Monday like clockwork. "Hey, kids." He said, hanging up his gun and sitting down.

"Hey, dad." I said while Jace said, "Hey, sir." My dad had told him to call him Charlie but had given up as Jace only called him sir. Charlie was secretly pleased, I had found out; he said Jace showed proper respect. After saying grace, religion was another thing I had picked back up, we dug in. Groans came from the guys and I smiled. We made light chatter as we ate and I abruptly announced, "The Cullen's are back."

Charlie stiffened and looked at me, "Oh, really? How are you feeling about that?" I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't care. The only one I have a problem with is Edward and I got over it a long time ago." Charlie was pleased with my response and went to watch T.V. while Jace and me cleaned up dinner and talked.

After Jace left I went into my room, did my homework, showered, and got into bed. I felt a flutter about 10 minutes after I closed my eyes and looked at the foot of my bed to see Alice.

"Bella! Please, please, please-" I cut her off by getting up and hugging her.

"If you ever leave without a goodbye again I will light you on fire!" I told her. She pulled away, held me at arm's length, a serious expression on her face and said, "Promise! Now dish!" I laughed quietly and started to tell her about the changes and Jace. I had missed my best friend, a lot. She informed me that they were there to stay for a while. After Emmett and Jasper said they were going to come back no matter what, the rest of the family got excited and were happy to be back. She told me that they all wanted me to come over as soon as I could so they could apologize. She also said that Edward was pissed and excited. I rolled my eyes and she said one thing when she ducked out my window.

"Won't he be surprised that you won't fall back at his feet?"

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