Jace POV:

I wanted to be turned. Tonight. I wanted to turn with Bella and Charlie. I needed to be turned with them. They were the only family I had left and I wasn't about to be left behind. I finished of the last Dr. Pepper I was ever going to be able to enjoy and stood up, smiling at Esme as she took my plate and washed it.

"I guess you won't have to cook anymore, huh?" I tried to joke, the smile on my face failing when I heard my voice fall flat.

"No but I sure will miss it. Are you ready then? Are you sure this is the choice you want to make? You know they will love you no matter what you are—human or vampire." She said quietly, her back to me as the splash of water was heard.

"I'm positive. I know they will stay by me and love me but I want to be a part of their lives equally, able to do everything they can do. It just makes more sense this way." I told her, turning to go to the living room. As I entered I saw Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice sitting on the couches all looking distressed. All but Alice. She was beaming and when I was behind the couch she stood and faced me,

"I'll let Carlisle know! Come on. If you want to wake up with them we need to hurry." I followed her up the stairs, my mind a a little fuzzy because of my nerves. I felt better knowing Alice wasn't worried, knowing about her power helped, and tried to calm myself down. She led me to the door at the end of the hallway and when she opened the door Charlie's screams became louder. The room must be sound-proofed. It looked like an office.

She shut the door behind us and turned to who I assumed Carlisle was. He was hovering over Charlie and checking his pulse. He finished his task and turned to us.

"Hello Jace, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Are you sure? It is irreversable," He gave me a small smile. "No eating, the first year will be hard, you won't be able to stay in one place long. The only thing you can really do is drink alcohol. I don't know why," I was nodding, a determined expression on my face. "It will hurt for three days, very badly. But we will be here for you when you wake. We will be your family and you'll never be alone unless you decide to be alone."

"Yes, sir. I am sure." I said, looking down at Alice and smiling. She was bouncing on her feet and looked excited. She looked up at me and said, "It's going to hurt but I can see you later. You're amazing."

I laughed and said, "Okay. Let's get this done. I'm ready."

Carlisle smiled sadly and motioned to the couch in his office. Charlie was on the adjacent couch and he was still writhing and groaning in pain. I laid on the couch and Carlisle leaned over me.

20 seconds later I was in the worst pain imaginable and I knew one thing for certain—I was not ready for this pain.

Attacker POV:

The door slammed behind me as we rushed into the house. The house had no lights on and was barely furnished. It was an old abandoned house outside Port Angeles and no one stopped by to trim the yard or dust or even fix the broken window. Someone had put a board over it and left the house to rot. The musty smell of moth balls and mildew bombarded me as we entered the only room a human would consider liveable.

"How are our newest recruits?" I asked, looking at the woman in front of me. Her back was to me and her hair only went to her shoulders. She looked out of place in this run down house and her disgusted expression made it clear that she didn't like being here.

"Fine. Now, how did tonight go?" She asked anxiously. She was pacing now.

"Everything is exactly how you want it to be. She is in the change as we speak." I replied, my partner staying by the door, this woman made her nervous.

"You are sure she is changing? There is no way for them to stop the change?" She asked sharpley. Stopping in front of me and piercing me with her gaze.

"There is no way. I made sure she was too far into it. I assure you all is going according to the plan." I told her, trying to sooth her agitation. Last time we failed her I was in pain for days and I did not want to repeat that experience any time soon.

"Good. I don't want any mess ups. One mess up and we can be killed. Well done you two. Now we wait. I will let him know that the plan is in motion and you monitor them. Do not let them find out. They are a talented coven. Never let down your guard."

"Yes, ma'am." I replied, watching as she folded up a piece of paper and handed it to me.

"New address. Move immediately. I will be there in two weeks at 2am. Be there." She gave me one last, sharp look and disappeared through the door.

I read the address, burned it with a lighter I carried and stomped it out with my black, snake skinned boots.

"Ready?" I asked my partner, turning to see her looking at the pair on the ratty, gray bed.

"Yes, I cannot wait for this to be over," She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and looked up at me with a hard expression. "I'm tired of doing the dirty jobs and I want to have my freedom back."

"I know but after this we will have our justice and freedom. You'll see," I replied, grabbing a body. "Help me get them into the van. Sooner we get there sooner we can go have some fun." She laughed as she picked up the other one. She was always up for a little game of cat and mouse.

Alice POV:

It had been two days and Bella, Charlie, and Jace were all undergoing the change beautifully. I couldn't wait for them to "wake up". Especially Bella because Jasper was in full on Major mode and nothing would calm him down. I had debated calling Peter, his brother in venom, but had decided against it. It would only create issues down the road and I didn't want to deal with them. Everything would be find when Bella woke up. Well, almost everything. Only Charlie would retain his full memory. Which was frustrating!

Bella was the only one who saw her attacker with clarity. Charlie hadn't seen either because he had been blinded straight away. This not know business was weighing me down and it would take a while for Bella's and Jace's memories to come back. We couldn't find any indication of who attacked them or why. It wasn't Victoria because I would have seen something. There was no way she could keep something like this from me for this long. Something would have slipped by now which led me to believe that something was coming from an unexpected direction. We would have to have our guard up more than usual with the new threats. I knew Jasper would have a plan in place as soon as he made sure Bella was alright.

I looked up when the door opened and saw Carlisle coming in to check on Charlie and Jace. I gazed back down to Jace's face and smiled sadly. I wouldn't be able to tell him for a while yet but I knew we were meant for each other. Now that he was a vampire he wouldn't be able to fight it and he would finally be able to let go of Bella.

"Alice, do you know how much longer?"

"Charlie will wake in 4 hours actually, Bella tomorrow at 5:13, and Jace won't wake up until tomorrow night at about 1 am. I just got the vision 5 minutes ago, I was going to come tell you," I replied, getting up from the floor and heading for the door. "I think I'll go check on Bella."

"Good luck," Carlisle replied quietly. "Jasper won't let anyone get near her."

I laughed a little and said, "I know. He is the Major right now. I wasn't going to try to get near her. Just look in and see how they're both doing. Let him know when she'll wake up." I walked down the hallway and paused outside the door before opening it slowly and walking in, staying by the door.

Jasper looked horrible. His hair was unkempt, his clothes were wrinkled, and his eyes were starting to get dark circles under them. Well, he didn't look horrible but he didn't look that good. All this worrying was getting to him and I knew that I wouldn't be able to convince him to go on a hunt but maybe my news would help a little. He didn't acknowledge when I came in or shut the door but I knew he was aware of me.

"Jasper." I whispered. He didn't look my way but I knew he was listening. I took a few steps toward the bed and when I was a foot away he stood and faced me, blocking the bed and Bella. I tried to peek around him and he stopped me.

"Alice, what do you want?" He asked in a rough voice with his arms crossed against his chest.

"Major," I replied, casting my eyes down to the floor though I wanted nothing more than to go to Bella and see how she was doing. I knew she was going to be beautiful and I was anxious to see her. "Bella is going to wake up tomorrow at 5:13 pm. I knew you would want to know."

"Thank you. I'll let everyone know when she is waking." He turned back to the bed and Bella and I realized I had been dismissed. It was weird to have him in control because he never was when he was with me. I was always the one who called the shots and I never questioned why a man so used to commanding would allow me to do that but now that I looked at him I knew why. He had been afraid to slip into the role of the Major again. He hadn't wanted to tempt himself into going back to his darker more instinctual self. I smiled as I walked out the door to go on a quick hunt. Things were changing and while I knew things were going to get bad, very quickly, I was happy that Jasper and me finally found our true mates.

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