A/N: So, I'm trying my hand at slash… I've recently developed a slight obsession with it, so I felt the need to write one. Let me know how I did :)

You Like Him

We're in the library.

I can see him from our table—that sexy dark hair falling in his eyes. I know I'm supposed to be studying, but I find my time much better spent admiring him.

"You like him, don't you?" I jump in my seat, then look over at Pansy.

I try to deny it. "No!" She quirks an eyebrow.

"Draco, come on. Everyone's seen you staring." She knows me too well. I sigh.


She smirks. "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing. Why would he like me?"

"Why wouldn't he like you, Draco?" she says. "You're funny, you've changed since the war, become kinder, and let's face it, if you hadn't come out as gay, I'd be all over you for that damn sexy body of yours."

That startles me. I glance down at myself. Huh. I suppose she's right. I'd been thin, weary, worn out and ghastly looking during the war. I'd never been cut out for Death Eater work—I wasn't a killer, nor could I stomach torturing people for no good reason. I wasn't the type to make Aunt Bella proud. Guilt had plagued me. NEWTs had stressed me out as well. The stress gave me sleepless nights, and bags under my eyes.

After Voldemort's defeat, though, I'd changed for the better. I no longer had to pretend to take pleasure in death, destruction, devastation. I'd filled out again, my hair no longer lank, the bags receding (though remaining, as I had to retake my NEWT year and that particular stress had remained), my muscles toning as I started Quidditch again.

"That may be, but he doesn't like me. Why should he? He can get anyone he wants, he's a War Hero. Plus he's not even gay."

"Hmm… We'll see."

"What—Wait, Pansy, where are you going?"

She'd stood, and was striding over to him. I can see the words forming on their lips as they speak.

'He likes you.' My eyes narrow. Damn it, Pansy!

He looks up, surprised. 'Who, Draco?'

Pansy nods.

'Really?' His emerald eyes slide over to meet my silver ones. I hold his gaze for half a second, then glance down to my parchment until I feel his gaze lift an instant later. I raise my eyes just in time to catch Pansy's next sentence.

'Really. And you like him, too, yes?' This startles me.

He's shocked by this as well. 'How did you know?'

She snorts. 'Even Weasley noticed—you know, the only people who ever remain oblivious to these things are the ones actually involved.'

'He really likes me?'

'Yes. You should ask him to Hogsmeade this weekend.'

'Hmm… I might just do that.' Wait, what?

Pansy smirks, then returns to me. My eyes narrow at her. She sees me watching and stops.

"You read our lips."

"Yes, I did. How could you do that, Pans? What if he hadn't taken it well?"

"Draco, everyone knew you two liked each other. You both stare at each other when you think no one's looking. There's a betting pool, for Merlin's sake." She says, exasperated.

"Really?" A betting pool?

My eyes are suddenly caught by movement behind her. "Oh, bugger, he's on his way over." She turns to see him striding towards us.

"Draco," he says once he reaches our table.

"Harry," I respond.

"How would you like to have dinner with me in the kitchens tonight?" he asks.

I glance over at Pansy, who looks slightly startled. She had obviously expected him to just go with Hogsmeade.

I smile at Harry, then respond, "I would be delighted."

He grins back. "Great! How's seven o'clock sound?"

"Fantastic. See you then."

He returns to his table, and I start studying again with a smile.