[That night]

The Justice League and Titans were, indeed, treated to a "feast" in their honor. Sadly for several of the Titans, the food was Tamaranian and they were wary of it.

Edward was one of those that was able to enjoy it, as well as his son, Cyborg (for the most part), Terra, and the Justice League members.

The goblets were the largest Edward had ever seen and filled with some sort of Tamaranian drink. Galfore raised a toast to his new friends.

"Well," Edward said, "Looks like to drink this, I have to adapt a bit." He chuckled and morphed to a variation of his mini-dragon form that did not require the use of his wings.

David also had to morph to taste the drink and after Galfore thanked his new friends, they drank.

Edward took a long drink and when he was done, commented, "An interesting taste. It's actually pleasing."

David tasted his and said, "I can't place the taste, either, but, it's quite good."

The other stronger members of both teams were able to take a drink and they were impressed.

The core Titans, though, were still wary of the native drink, but, they managed.

The food was brought out and while the Tamaranians, Hawkgirl, Superman, the two dragons and Cyborg were chowing down, the others were left in the dust.

"Guys," Edward advised, "This might not be my cooking, but, it's a long flight home. Might as well try to eat. It's not as bad as you'd think."

Beast Boy held up a dark blue with purple item and said, "Does this look vegetarian to you?"

"It wasn't bad last time, BB," Cyborg said.

Edward took it and said, "Tastes like sushi mixed with ice cream!" Terra choked before busting out laughing!

"That's what Glorg tastes like to me!" she said giggling.

Well, while the Titans and the others were not impressed with the table manners, it wasn't their place to say anything. They did try a few things, mainly to be polite.

Edward tried something with what appeared to be worms in it and Cyborg said, "NO!"

By then, though, Edward had consumed some of it and turned greener than Beast Boy!

"Excuse me," he managed to get out and raced for the nearest window, David and Raven trying to keep up. They saw Edward's wings emerge as he crashed through the window to the outside air.

Raven and David also leapt out and saw Edward heading to the gorge that Terra had yet to close.

[Ew!] Raven said as Edward landed and proceeded to lose the contents of his stomach.

"Damn!" David said, "I've never seen Dad get ill like this."

It took several long minutes but, finally, Edward was able to stop "praying to Ralph".

"No more Tamaranian food for me," he groused, "I haven't gotten sick like this in centuries. Ugh!"

By then, the other core Titans had arrived. Starfire looked saddened.

She went over to Edward and hugged his rather long neck.

"You all right, friend Edward?" she asked.

"I was until I ate that pie. What in X'hal's name is in there?" Edward asked.

Starfire told him and Cyborg said, "I feel your pain, dawg. I ate it and also was praying to Ralph for a while."

Edward didn't have the heart to get angry. His stomach was still doing weird gyrations.

Superman landed besides Edward and said, "Drink this. I had a feeling that someone would end up ill."

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"Real Ginger ale," Superman said. Edward morphed and drank the contents of the bottle. Within a few moments, Edward felt like a switch had been turned off as the spasms stopped.

"Whew!" he said, "Thanks, Superman."

"You're welcome," he replied.

Edward reached into his pocket and handed Superman a couple of dollars, "For the remedy," he said.

"Keep it," Superman said with a smile, "It's on the League."

Edward wasn't going to quibble with the Man of Steel. He nodded and said, "Fine with me."

They headed back in and apologized to their host. Galfore was understanding about it so the matter was dropped.

The teams headed back to their quarters and went back to bed.

Edward was getting a massage from Raven and the subject turned from the recent activities and towards their impending wedding.

"You know," Raven said, "We still have to get the wedding invitations out. Do you know who we should invite?"

"Well, all the Titans, core group or honorary," Edward said, "the Justice League as they are allies. I don't want this turning into a circus, though. Maybe one or two trusted members of the press."

"What about the remaining members of my order?" Raven asked.

"I would like the monks who have been taking care of the children there, but, I have no objection to those of your order who want to come," Edward replied.

Raven smiled and gave him a chaste kiss, "Thanks, sweetie!"

They fell asleep later, though. In fact, had Beast Boy flown through all the rooms as an insect, he would have seen everyone sound asleep. But, Beast Boy was next to his lithe girlfriend, both sleeping.

[Next morning]

Both teams had politely declined breakfast citing the need to get back to Earth.

The Justice League provided transportation for the Titans East and the T-Ship was given to the core Titans, meaning that Terra and Edward were catching a ride with the League. Edward didn't mind as it gave him time to get to know some members of the League better.

Terra was worried, though. The League members were wary of the young terrakinetic as they knew her history from Robin. Batman had gotten a good read on Terra, though, when she defeated Clayface several weeks ago and he was satisfied that she was no longer a threat to his former ward's team.

They left Tamaran shortly before high sun and headed home. Terra had taken the time to create several land bridges to cross over to the castle, hence the delay.

The Justice League members finally got to see Terra let loose with her abilities and when the land bridges were completed, she was feeling a little light headed, but, no petrification issues this time around.

As they broke orbit, Superman said, "That was a good job back there. I'm impressed."

"Thank you," Edward replied.

"Edward, can I talk to you in private?" Superman asked.

Edward stood up and said, "After you."

They headed towards a room and after Superman opened the door, they went in.

"There's a couple of things I would like to talk to you about," he said, "I might as well get the not so good part out of the way."

Edward winced inside, even he knew that when the Man of Steel needed to say something he didn't want to hear, there was a reason.

"We're concerned, Edward," Superman said, "The League has been keeping an eye on you for a long time and while we're convinced that you are on our side, we're worried about your recent anger issues. We'd like to help you, if you'd let us.

"We're concerned that at some point, you might actually kill someone without meaning to. Robin's got that 'No Kill' rule on the Titans for a reason. It's something that Batman insisted on the League adopting as well. I'm also in agreement here."

"Whoa!" Edward said, "Something that the League might not be aware of here. Outside of self-defense, I will only use the amount of force necessary to cope with a threat. Sometimes, yes, that includes lethal force. When Raven was attacked by her first love, I tried not to kill him or have him killed in this instance. Had he accepted the butt kicking he received from me in Raven's mind and gone elsewhere, I would have let it go. Malchior would not have stopped, though.

"Trigon was a lethal threat to the planet, Superman. He kidnapped me, tortured me physically, mentally and emotionally. He almost subverted Raven. I have no regrets about taking him out for good.

"If you've studied me, it wasn't that good. I do my best to preserve human life, even though I AM A DRAGON! You do the same even though you are from Krypton. Starfire doesn't like the idea of killing and she's from a planet of warriors. Superman, I could have been absolute ruler of the Earth hundreds of years ago. I chose to hide what I am for most of my life because I didn't want to go down that dark path. That's why I fight for freedom. Freedom for Tamaran in this case, freedom of a dear friend. Freedom for my fiancée as well."

"Blackfire didn't need to be blasted to the point that her sister had to intervene," Superman said sternly.

"Tamaranians are quite hardy, as you know," Edward replied, "but, you're right. That's not an excuse, and I apologize."

"Thank you for that," Superman said, "Just be more careful in the future. You're a great guy and you impressed Batman recently. He's hard to impress and you managed to do it."

"Terra deserves the credit, though," Edward said, "She took Clayface down when Rae was threatened."

"Speaking of your girlfriend," Superman said, "How is she coping with things that happened recently."

"She's bounced back," Edward said, "I haven't sensed any major nightmares through our link in a while. She had a minor setback when those reporters were killed, but, that lasted only for a couple of days."

"When is the wedding?" Superman asked.

"In a couple of months," Edward replied, "Rae and I talked about it last night: The Justice League is invited."

"The entire League or just the founding members?" Superman asked.

"The founding members for certain," Edward said, "If anyone else wants to attend, I have no problem with that. The wedding is going to be at Wayne Manor."

"I know," Superman replied, "It's a good place and the League can provide security if needed."

"I'm not going to invite too many members of the media," Edward said, "I've been advised to invite Clark Kent, though."

"That leads me to another issue," Superman said, "Batman told me that he trusts you with knowing he's Bruce Wayne."

Superman spun in place for several seconds and when the spinning stopped, Edward recognized Clark Kent standing there as he put on his glasses.

Edward smiled and held out his hand, "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Kent."

"Please," he said humbly shaking Edward's hand, "My dad was 'Mr. Kent'. It's Clark to you. You see, Clark is who I am. Superman is what I do."

"Understood," Edward said, "I'm the same in that respect, I guess. Oddly enough, I prefer this human form most of the time. Being a dragon has it's advantages, of course. But, If I spent most of my time as a dragon, I couldn't get to know what it's like being human.

"Sometimes, it's not easy to suppress those instincts, though. Those are the instincts that would rather kill than show mercy towards an enemy. It's my time as a human that's taught me to be merciful. Many of the enemies the Titans have fought even since my arrival might have gotten their rumps kicked, but, they are still around. Even the gang bangers who tried to kill me are still alive."

"And Slade?" Clark asked.

"Off the record?" Edward asked.

"You have my word," Clark said, "Off the record."

"Terra wanted to kill him a second time," Edward said, "She killed him in self-defense a few years ago. When her powers triggered a volcano, she made sure he was cremated alive.

"From what the Titans told me, Trigon brought Slade back as an undead skeleton and later reneged on a deal to give Slade a flesh and blood body. That didn't sit well with Slade, obviously, and betrayed Trigon. He later fought alongside the Titans, earning a 'free pass' from Robin.

"We rescued Terra a few months ago and when she found out that he was alive, she freaked out badly. But, I had realized that she still had some major issues and we were talking about those. She asked if she should seek revenge and when she got the chance, she only broke some bones, and smashed his…"

"Never mind," Clark said, "I saw the report from Robin. A softball sized rock to the groin would hurt."

"It didn't sound good, that's for sure," Edward replied.

"His son joined the team, we heard," Clark noted.

"Jericho's a good kid, Clark," Edward said, "He has to live with his dad's arrogance the rest of his life and is nothing like Slade. Rae and I would not have voted to give him full membership had there been any doubts."

"True," Clark said, "We should head back out. Quick question: Would you allow Lois to attend."

Edward nodded, "On business or pleasure?"

"Both," Clark said, "She knows that I'm Superman and can deflect any questions about Clark not being there."

"I'll send her an invitation, then," Edward said, "Let Perry White know that the Planet is getting the exclusive. I trust him to not spin the story for the sake of readership and I trust Lois to tell the story right. Should I send it to her at the Planet?"

After a quick spin in place, Superman stood tall once more. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down his address.

"I'll guard this with my life," Edward said.

"Thanks," Superman said and opened the door.

They exited and Edward was relieved. Yes, Superman had taken him "to the woodshed" out of concern. Edward understood why.

Terra was catching a nap in a spare chair, so, Edward opted to do the same. It was still a long flight back home.

[12 hours later]

Both spacecraft had finally returned to the Sol system. Sadly, there wasn't time for the "Grand Tour" so, they headed straight back to Earth.

They weaved a path through the asteroid belt and once more, went by Mars. Edward still marveled that he was blessed to have even been on another planet, despite the reason why.

"Titan 1 to Justice 1," Robin called.

"Justice 1 here," Green Lantern said, "Go ahead, Robin."

"We're going to head back to the Titan Tower," he said, "The guys are hungry."

"We can have something ready for you at the WatchTower, if you'd prefer," Green Lantern said, "Our folks are hungry as well."

"Could we get that to go or take a raincheck?" Robin asked.

"I think we can get you Titans plenty to take home," Green Lantern said, "We'll send Edward and Terra with enough for a few days."

"That'd be great, Green Lantern," Robin said, "It's been a long couple of days."

"It has," Green Lantern replied, "We'll see you guys soon, I hope."

"Sooner than you think," Edward said, "I'm inviting you folks to my wedding in a couple of months."

"Tying the knot," Wonder Woman asked.

"I am," Edward replied, "Raven's my fiancée."

"Congrats!" Wonder Woman replied. Hawkgirl smiled and Edward thought, Man, she's got an awesome smile!

[Yes, she does,] Raven replied via their link.

[You've got a great smile as well, dear,] Edward said, [When you do smile, the whole team knows it's from the heart.]

Raven smiled to herself. She wasn't going to be jealous of Hawkgirl, period. There was no reason. Raven sensed Hawkgirl's heart belonged to Green Lantern.

They approached Earth orbit and saw that Jump City was on the other side of the planet from them and the middle of the night. Robin considered stopping at the WatchTower, but, he wasn't quite ready to face Batman in case he was actually there.

Robin had the AI of the T-Ship plot a course to the Titan Tower and they headed off.

The Justice League craft headed for the WatchTower and entered the hanger bay.

"Welcome to the WatchTower," Superman said, "If you'll follow me, folks, we'll get you squared away. I know that you'll be needed on Earth pretty soon, but, I hope you have time for a quick tour?"

[Rae? Ask Robin if he needs us back right away, please?] Edward asked.

There was a pause due to the distance, but, a few seconds later, she responded, [He doesn't have a major problem with that, but, be quick, dear. I'm sensing Garfield's getting nervous and, well, I want you back pretty soon as well.]

Edward detected a smile from his girlfriend, though.

"I take it Robin has no problems," Superman said.

"How did you know?" Edward asked.

"Robin said that you tend to focus inward when using that telepathic link,' he said with a chuckle, "It's pretty obvious. Be careful using that in a fight as your enemies will put it together pretty quick."

"I know," Edward said, "Hard to avoid, and, you're right, using the link in a battle is risky enough as it is. Raven can't focus on the link and her powers at the same time, so, that somewhat precludes using the link in a fight."

"Hey," Terra said, "I don't know about you, but, it's been a while since we've eaten."

"Don't worry," Superman said, "We'll take good care of you while you're our guests. We eat pretty well here."

He led them to the mess hall and sure enough, there was plenty for both Edward and Terra.

[45 minutes later]

Terra had eaten her fill of the good food at the WatchTower, as did Edward. Once again, Edward was amazed at what she could eat. It's gotta be her metabolism.

The head cook came around and asked, "Good stuff, huh?"

"Quite good, actually," Edward said, "I've been around a long time and for me, this was a very tasty meal. What do you think, Terra?"

She smiled broadly, "Beats Tamaranian food, that's for sure. It's really close to your cooking, Edward."

"You cook?" the guy said.

"I usually do the cooking for the Teen Titans," Edward said.

"You're their two new folks, right?" he said.

"We are," Edward said, "I'm Edward Barnes and my friend is Terra."

"Nice to meet you two," he said, "Name's Jim Smitherton, US Army – Retired."

"Pleased to meet you," Terra said.

"You're the gal that can move the ground?" he asked.

"That's me, the rock and roller," she said with a laugh.

They talked for several more minutes, exchanged email addresses and Jim had wrapped up a sizable amount of what Edward and Terra enjoyed.

By then, Edward had noted that the East Coast of the USA had come into view.

"Awesome," he said, "Truly awesome. The pictures beamed back from the ISS just don't do this justice."

Terra looked as well and she had tears in her eyes.

"You OK, Tara?" he asked.

She nodded, "I'm OK. You're right. This is an amazing view."

"You know, we have to head back," he said quietly, "The team is awaiting this meal."

Edward looked around to make sure that there was enough room to shapeshift and luckily, there was.

[No need to teleport] Edward heard in his head, but, it wasn't Raven.

[Who is this?] Edward asked.

[The Martian Manhunter] was the reply, [Follow my directions to the teleportation room and we'll send you home.]

[Thanks!] Edward replied.

"The League will teleport us back," Edward said a moment later.

"They have a telepath, remember?" Terra said, playfully smacking Edward.

"I know," Edward said with a laugh, "He just contacted me. Let's rock."

The Manhunter did telepathically give Edward directions and about five minutes later, they were at the room in question.

In fact, the core members of the League were there to see them off.

Superman introduced the two Titans to the others that were not on the mission, and Edward had the first Dragon-Martian handshake with the Manhunter.

"You Titans are always welcome here," the Manhunter said aloud, "Just give us a call when you want to visit."

"I wish I could say the same," Edward said sadly, "I'd be stepping on our leader's toes if I did. But, like I told Superman, the League is warmly invited to my wedding to Raven."

"You're marrying that half-demon?" a woman asked.

"I am, miss?" Edward asked.

"Zatanna," the woman said.

"Well, Zatanna," Edward said, "You do not know Raven as I do. Yes, she's half-demon. I'm a dragon and I have no doubt in my mind or heart that this is the right decision. Rae told me you were the one that advised the League to not help her when she told you that Earth was facing a threat from her now deceased father. It took Rae and the love between her and the Titans to bring that guy down. Without the Titans, we'd all be statues and sharing what should have been Terra's fate. You convinced the League not to associate with Raven."

As he spoke, his eyes started glowing yellow. A fact noticed by Terra.

"Easy, big guy," she soothed, "That's in the past. The Titans would want to stay on the League's good side. So what if Raven's a half-demon, right? That side of her helped bring me back."

Edward took a deep breath, letting his eyes return to normal in the process.

"Edward," Zatanna said, "I was wrong to advise the League to turn their backs on Raven. We were also affected during that time and, well, I owe your fiancée an apology."

[Tell her, 'Apology accepted',] Raven said.

"Rae said that she accepts the apology," Edward said.

"Telepathically linked, I see," Zatanna said.

"Thanks in part to this little lady beside me," Edward said, "Raven and I became linked during Terra's rescue. I like it, so does Raven. It comes in handy at times."

Zatanna smiled, "I know it does. J'onn is linked to all of us, you see. That way, he can communicate to all of us and relay messages."

"We to need to head back, though. It's been fun," Edward said as he stepped over towards the pods.

Terra stepped over to the other pod.

"We'll set you down on the Tower roof," Superman said, "Have a safe trip."

"Take care, friends," Terra said.

Superman stepped over to the console and hit the commands to teleport the two home.

[Tower roof]

There was a shimmer of light as Edward and Terra finally set foot on the roof of their home.

They went down to the Ops center and put the goodies in the fridge seeing the lights were off.

A quick mental touch allowed Edward to discover that the team had arrived home, but, had gone to bed for a while.

"Might as well catch a nap, Tara," Edward said, trying not to yawn himself.

"Sounds like a plan," she said, "Thanks for keeping me company."

"You're welcome," he replied, heading down the hall to the room he shared with Raven. Terra headed for Beast Boy's room (now having to be kept much cleaner since Terra was allowed to move in).

Both laid besides their loved ones and called it a night.

Starfire writes…

Blackfire sought the revenge against me and my family but, she did not succeed. She is still my sister, even though I fear I will never see her again. We received word from Galfore that she was given a long sentence for her deeds and while it broke Galfore's heart to do so, he has decreed that should she be released, she is under a death sentence from Tamaran for breaking her exile.

Unlike the last time she was in jail, she's been fitted with a device that took away her powers.

But, I tire of our enemies coming back for the revenge. We've done the kicking of the butt many times and they want more. So, we keep kicking their butt.

Friend Edward has forgiven me for having to use the starbolts against him, but, I couldn't allow him to kill my sister. I hope I don't have to attack him again. He's gained the use of starbolts anyway, but, he knows that they only can be used when he's got the anger of righteousness.

But, for now, I think we can do the relaxing. Time to volley the ball or go to the Mall of Shopping? Maybe get friend Terra and sister Raven to do the braiding?

The End…for now.

Yay! Story's finally done. I'm going to be posting "Terra" soon. This will be the "backstory" on the geomancer. It will be partly based on the comic book version. Also, I will be starting work on "A Titan Wedding" (working title...Might be changed) as well.

Terra's story will take a while to tell, mainly because her comic book counterpart was intentionally designed to be a short-lived character, so, there wasn't much in a background for her except that she was more unstable than the cartoon version.

Speaking of our Terra...looks like she might be back in the new Teen Titans Go cartoon! Tara Strong and Greg Cipes posted a picture with Ashley Johnson (Terra) on Twitter! No promises as Ashley might be voicing a different character.

See you soon :)