Not exactly crack, but a bit out there. Inspired by the following song of the same name. ...Just, what the hell?

Song: Digging my Potato by the Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop OST 1)
Word Cout: 272
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It had been an unusual request, but nonetheless they accepted it. Their mission; catch a criminal. Now, if they had known they'd be stuck on a planet, in really uncomfortable disguises, completely flat broke, well, they might have reconsidered the task. Though, they did manage to scrounge up a few credits working various jobs and street pedaling, but that didn't mean they'd have a five star meal anytime soon.

"What's dinner tonight, Bones?" Kirk asked, shuffling into the cheap shack that was their temporary home. He shrugged out of his blue coat and fell face first into the ratty couch.

"Bell peppers and beef," McCoy answered.

The two of them were particularly qualified for this mission. Given Kirk's hell raising days and Bones being, well, Bones, it was assured that they would be able to catch this guy. The only trouble was tracking him down, and so far they only found out what city he currently lived in; that was also the largest city on west side of the planet. It's been one month since they started this stupid quest. They deserved a pay raise for what they've had to go through, having to be close to the criminal underground and all. At least twice a night they were threatened to be killed.

Kirk turned his head as a soft clink of a chipped plate on a breaking table sounded. He soon raised an eyebrow,

"Uh, Bones?"


"I think you're missing an ingredient. Namely the 'beef' part of 'bell peppers and beef.' So, now you really wouldn't call it that, would you?"

"Yes I would."

"But it's not!"

"It is when you're broke!"

I don't even know anymore.