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Once upon a time, the land was not Europe, nor France, Germany, Italy or any other name. There was no Asia, or Africa, and the New World was still foreign to most humans. Instead of this disruptive, divided place there was only one land. This land had no name, for why would you give something a name if you had nothing to compare it to? You couldn't say I live in this state, or this country, because they were all the same land. You could say I live in the north, in this village, or I live in the west, a mile outside of Drakford, take a right at the second mountain. But there were no countries or states. There was just The Land, because there was peace. There are no need for boundaries if you are at peace with your neighbors.

In this time, the witches were happy to sell medicine, the elves built the finest weapons, the trolls were content in the hills, and most importantly, the dragons were left to hunt and mine for gems and learn in peace. Humans grew crops, elves made swords, and dragons left everyone alone. People feared the dragons and kept their distance, and there was peace. To watch over this peace was the Queen. She was the queen because she herself was part dragon. There was no more powerful beast in the land than the Queen who had the abilities of a dragon, armies of wolves, and the magic of a witch. She was kind and benevolent and loved her subjects. Her reign was happy and joyous and the land prospered.

Then the vampires came.

No one, not even the Queen, knew how they were created, or why one day they just came into existence. Some think it was a spell gone wrong, or that a demon had a child with a mortal and that they are the spawn of this pairing. Is it possible to know for sure? No. But regardless, villages began to knit together, separating one from another out of fear and mistrust. Fighting forces were built and suddenly there was not peace. Drakford was no longer a brother to Thimbold, and Geranin no longer would trade with Burk. No, the Queen had to negotiate treaties and designate farming land, while managing armies and fighting vampires herself. The elves and dwarfs and trolls were either wiped out or retreated far away from the humans and their quarrels.

When the people of the land thought that nothing could get worse, something even more horrible happened. A large group of vampires killed a dragon hatchling. These vampires became nigh indestructible, and most importantly, invincible to fire. Only the Queen could slay them, and between the human wars and quarrels, there was chaos. Humans began to hunt and kill dragons because they were the source of the vampire's supreme power. Now the dragons were no longer left to be peaceful, and they laid waist to much of the land. Eventually, one day, her most faithful servant approached her.

"My liege... The world is in chaos. From the north to the south, east to west, there is famine and disease and sadness. These vampires must be stopped... at any cost. I think it is time."

"But my precious dragons... What will I do, Mav? As long as there are vampires, there can not be dragons. As long as there are dragons, there can not be vampires."

"You and your dragons must remain dormant until history has forgotten you. Until you are nothing but myth. You've had the prophecies; you will be needed in a different era, a long ways away from now. Sleep, and emerge when you are needed."

A tear leaked down the Queen's cheek. "I will miss you dearly..."

"As I will you." Mavrik, her most faithful warrior, padded up to her. His tail drooped and he buried his muzzle in her neck as she bent to embrace him. "It is time."

"I... I want you to come with me. I will need a companion."

The large black wolf blinked at her in surprise. "But, my liege... It would not be proper for one as lowly as myself-"

"Nonsense. You are the king of wolves, and it would not be right for you to die fighting a useless battle. Your kind will need a king too, when the time comes."

He sighed. "I would be honored to accompany you."

"It's settled then." The Queen rose, her dark hair falling over her shoulder as she strode down a long hallway, her wolf staying close at her heals. Mavrik was a hulking creature, the largest wolf she herself had ever seen, which is why she had made him the captain of her guard. Long ago he had saved her life, but nearly died. She had healed him, dragons blood freely given, and now he would live for as long as she did. People in the halls bowed to them as they passed. The Queen strode out of the castle grounds and into the stable, swinging bareback onto her most faithful horse. Girl, Horse, and Wolf traveled for three days until they reached a large cliff that faced the sea. The Queen dismounted, bid her horse a gracious farewell, and together her and her companion climbed down the cliff until they found a cave.

Inside they sat as the Queen searched her memories. Her mother was a powerful witch. The knowledge of a witch is passed down through the generations. She knew every spell that her mother, grandmother, and all the witches in her lineage knew. Her father had been a dragon. At will she could take on his form, she had his strength and intellect. Now, she combined the two. She found the life fire in herself and in the wolf that lay beside her, and she wrapped it in a spell. Enchanted as they were, they would sleep without aging a day until they were needed. The Queen left it up to fate to decide when that would be. Until then she, and all of her dragons, slept. That day would be a turning point, as the world of the supernatural faded away, and the humans and all of their problems were given dominance that they did not deserve. Don't get comfortable... the Dragon Queen thought. I will return one day.

The very last thing she heard before drifting off into her slumber was the voice of her long dead mother. 'You will not remember much, my dear. You will wake up incomplete. Only when you have found your missing pieces will you be at your strongest. When all of your powers finally return, they will be merely tools. Use them to defend that which is far closer to your heart.'

They slept undisturbed for many, many centuries.

-Thousands of Years Later-

"Bella, wake up!" I jolted out of my dream with a gasp, then a groan. I stretched and rolled over, looking at the alarm clock. Two in the morning, just perfect.

"Jake, what the hell?" I whined, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I looked up to see the large boy standing in my doorway, his expression worried and eyes wide. Well, at least he hadn't woken me up for some kind of stupid reason.

"It's... Seth."

"Oh," I mumbled, sadness clouding my heart. "Not him too."

Jake grimaced and looked away. "Yeah, him too. He's having trouble changing back. Us guys were wondering if maybe... you and Mavrik..."

"Yeah, I'll be down in two minutes."

"Thanks, Bells."

Mavrik, who had been curled up in the corner looked at me from where his massive head rested on his massive paws. He hadn't moved from where he slept, but his eyes now peered at me, amber pools of the same sadness I felt. Poor kid. I swung my feet over the wide of my bed and began to get dressed. Some mortals might think that having a second form, being immortal, was a gift. Not everyone saw it that way, though. I knew most of the boys here didn't. I didn't know how I felt about it, but if me groaning and moaning along with them made them feel better, well who was I to deny them? Life wasn't the same after it, sure, but few of them took the time to wander if maybe it was a better life. Basketball shorts covered my legs down to my knees, and I wore a hoodie over my pajama shirt. I slipped on my chucks and was off, Mav at my heels. Jake waited anxiously for me in the woods edge, already in his second form. He bent a leg, lowering his shoulder for me, and I vaulted on.

"Lead the way," I said.

He took off into the woods, running very fast, but nearly silent. I could smell his musky woods smell, and I could smell the scent of the other wolves as we neared them. I hear the shouts of several human voices, namely Quil and Seth's sister Leah, along with the growls, whines, and whimpers of wolves. I heard Sam, the alpha, commanding Seth to calm down, but I could also feel Seth's fear and alarm, how his adrenaline was overriding the alpha's commands and just confusing him more. He just wanted to run home, to run away, just to get away from this place and this confusing thing he had become.

Jake skidded to a stop in the clearing, but I jumped down long before he came to a halt. Using some of his momentum, it only took me two steps to cross the small (recently flattened) clearing. In one swift motion I placed two of my hands on the sides of Seth's massive head, forcing him to look at me. "It's okay, pack brother." I murmured. He stopped thrashing and lunging, and just looked at me.

Mavrik slunk up behind me, and sat in front of him. Mav was half of Seth's size, a third of some of the bigger wolves' size, but he was alpha above all others and commanded immense respect. "Indeed, my son. We are not here to harm you. We are your brothers. Remember who you are, and come back to us."

I felt Seth relax under my hands. "That's right. Do you remember who you are, Seth Clearwater? Your mother Sue, and your sister Leah? Do you remember who I am?"

"Bella..." His wolves' voice was raspy, not used to speaking, just making sounds.

"That's rights. I know you don't understand what's going on now, but this body you're in is still your own. You should be proud that your genes are so strong as to carry such a handsome young wolf inside. Why don't I let you go, and we'll find a nice calm pool to gaze in, and you can have a good look for yourself."

"But... I can see me. It's just- I don't" He shook his head, trying to clear away the thoughts of the other boys.

I turned to them. "I can take it from here. Why don't you shift back?" They did as I said, though I knew many weren't happy about it. I turned back to Seth. "Is that better?"

He nodded, body now quivering with exhaustion.

"Come on then. I'll explain everything while we walk."

It took two hours of coaxing before I got Seth to shift back. He was so embarrassed to be naked in front of me that I ended up having to give him my basketball shorts, which made him blush, so I tied my hoodie around my waist. Modesty was something he would have to get over sooner or later, being in the pack. I returned him back to his house, where his mother and sister waited anxiously and with tear stained faces. Leah and Sue gave me quick and grateful hugs and I left them, knowing that this was no place for me. I was looking forward to tomorrow, when everything will have returned back to normal. Seth will be shaken, and things will be quiet, but we'll still be laughing and joking around, being goofs like normal.

As soon as the sun rose later that day, though, I knew I was wrong in my assumption. My gut feeling was reassured when I got up and looked over to the opposite side of the room, where Jake usually slept, and found his bed empty. Quietly I rose and walked over to the empty space to feel the sheets. Cold. I wasn't sure if Jake had returned to bed at all. I looked over to see Mavrik laying on the pile of blankets that served as his bed, looking up at me.

"Where's Jake?"

"Something important has happened," was all he would say.

I sighed and stood, throwing on a pair of baggy gray jeans, black and white DC sneakers, a dark blue tank top and a black and white striped zip-up hoodie. Yeah, yeah, notice a theme? Black and white is kind of my thing, because it compliments me. My skin is pale, and I mean pale. There there's my hair, which is black with streaks of white that occur naturally. Leah is always yelling at me that is further washes out my naturally creamy skin tone, but I've learned to ignore her over the years.

Downstairs Billy sat at the table, newspaper in hand, plate of food before him. He hadn't touched his breakfast and his eyes were still as if the paper in front of him didn't even exist. I stepped down on the last step before hitting the floor, one I normally skipped because it creaked, so he would look up. I said nothing, just met his eyes, and he sighed. "They're at Sam's."

"Thanks." Mavrik and I were out the doors and jogging across lawns and down the road in a second. I heard shouting long before I entered the house and was wincing as soon as I did.

"Well, what the fuck are we going to do about it? Sit around like a bunch of limp dick lap dogs?" Paul roared, resembling an angry bull. His chest heaved and his eyes flashed. He had been one of the first wolves to change, but still had one of the worst tempers. They hadn't noticed me yet. Seth sat near the door in a small folding chair, and was quivering. I sensed that his control was loose, so I came up behind him and laid a soothing hand on his shoulder. My movement brought attention to me and they calmed down.

"Please, don't stop on my behalf. I rather enjoy the feeling of my ear drums throbbing." I grinned a little bit, raising one eye brow.

Paul let his breath out in a harsh woosh, half sigh and half snarl. "And what the hell do you want?" He growled.

I sat on the armrest of a sofa next to Jared, reaching my hand into a bowl of fruit, popping a grape in my mouth like I hadn't a care in the world. "Well, I woke up to the strangest sound this morning. Silence. Since Jake wasn't snoring away, Billy didn't have the radio on, and Leah wasn't dragging me down to the beach I thought that at the very least the apocalypse had begun. I feel justified in my concern." My tone was lax and easy, I shrugged it off, but my eyes held Paul's without blinking, daring him to use that tone with me again.

He huffed, but turned away.

I looked to Sam. "Since fireballs aren't streaming from the sky, what did happen that has your hackles up?"

Sam grimaced, his eyes darkening. "The Cullen's have returned."

"Hmm..." I said, eyes narrowing. "Well, that is a problem. And that's why you've begun shifting again?"

"Duh!" Paul roared again, no longer able to contain it.

"And what is your plan of action?" I directed the question at Sam, clearly leaving the others out of the equation. Paul irked me.

Sam sighed. "That's what we were, uh, discussing when you walked in."

"Some discussion. Well, it's obvious isn't it? Just arrange a meeting, reinstate the treaty, and be done with it."

"The problem some of us are having," Jacob spoke for the first time, directing his words at Paul with narrowed eyes, "Is that back in our grandfather's days, there were only a few of us that shifted. Not nearly as much as we have today. It's a larger disruption, and we don't know why. Some of us want to oust them before more of us shift, if any more will."

"And how do you feel?" I cocked my head, generally curious. Jake was a generally kindhearted individual, but he also had the mindset of a true alpha.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I'm not sure. I'm no leech lover, not by a long shot. If it was up to me, they wouldn't be allowed to come within five hundred miles of our land. However, all we have a say in is our land. These particular leeches didn't harm anyone in the past, and while I hate them, it just doesn't seem right to oust them without a cause. If our forefathers could put up with it, why can't we?" He shrugged, finishing his small speech to the approving nods of most of his pack mates.

Sam nodded. "I agree with Jake. We haven't seen the signs of the change in any other kids on the Rez, and those bloodsuckers do help to keep other true vampires away."

Paul seethed. "I can't believe I'm listening to this bullshit right now!" He shouted, jumping to his feet, quivering.

I stood as well, feeling the situation was about to get out of hand. "Well believe me, you're more than welcome to leave."

He whirled on me. In his defense, I'll just assume that he forgot exactly he was talking to, where he was, enshrouded as he was in his anger. He raised his fist, ready to start a fight. He let it fly. In an instant my skin was covered with the start of shimmering white scales, harder than diamonds. My eyes blazed an icy blue color, my hair became snow white in color all around, and my nails elongated into short claws. I had to forcibly restrain the wings that wanted to spring from my back, (couldn't very well ruin another shirt, now could I?) and caught his fist in my now steel-like vice grip. Mavrik seemed to swell, his fur puffed out, bringing him to the size of a small bear. He snarled at Paul, teeth flashing.

"Paul, calm down." My voice was... very different in this form. My half and half form. It was deep and rich, seductive though not by intent. It was also raspy like I smoked a pack a day. I felt sprinkles of magic wrap around my voice, making my intent practically an order. He was caught in the serpent's gaze, pale and terrified and entranced.

I released his fist and he stumbled backwards.

I pulled my second form back into the ether and sagged, flipping and errant strand of hair over my shoulder. "Well, that was pleasant."

Leah snickered at Paul's pale complexion and generally stunned visage. Most people on the other end of what we had affectionately dubbed my 'Serpent's Gaze' were. "Jeez Paul, want Jared to go fetch you some new boxers?"

Quil guffawed. "Looks like you need 'em, dude!"

"Stuff it." Paul grumbled.

Embry grinned. "Bro, you had it coming. You did try and give Bella the right hook. You tried to hit Bella, what did you think was going to happen?" Now everyone was chuckling and throwing out their two cents. Paul just grumbled and stormed out.

"Quick Sam! Make a decision before he gets back!" Quil joked, causing the alpha to exhibit the rare and elusive 'grin.'

"We'll reinstate the treaty. Still though, I'm worried. I don't trust them, not at all, especially if they're causing so many wolves to shift now."

I found it peculiar that even though the Cullen's had just arrived, the wolves' bodies knew when to activate the gene, but let it slide.

"Maybe there are more of them now?" I threw out, eye brows raised.

Sam growled. "If they turned anyone, they will have broken our agreement and we will attack them."

"Hmm," was all I said, bringing up my thumb nail and chewing it thoughtfully. Bad habit, I know.

"So is that that?" Jake asked. "We cool?"

"That's that," Sam said. "I'll call them tomorrow to set up a meeting. Jake, Embry, Quil, Leah, and Jared, I want you there. I'll be human so I can talk with them, but I want you there to back me up."

"What if there's more than five, like Bella said?" Leah asked. "I don't really want to bring the young 'uns but we might need them."

"I'll come." I said, tilting my head to the side. "If you'll have me that is. I'm curious about these vegetarian vampires."

Sam looked on the edge, iffy about bringing someone who technically wasn't a pack member to a strictly pack meeting.

"Sam, she can breath fire for God's sake, let her come." Jake said, rolling his eyes.

"I guess so." The alpha grumbled. "Just let me do the talking, alright?"

I smiled sweetly, popping another grape into my mouth. "Don't I always?"

He scoffed and turned away, amidst chuckles from the others. Seth smirked and walked out of the room for just a second before returning with my shorts. "Hey Bella, here's your shorts. You forgot them last night, you can swing by for your panties later, I wouldn't feel right about pulling those out in public."

His crude sex joke resulted in a cuff around the ears and howling laughter from the other boys, some laughing at his words, others laughing at him as he slouched and rubbed his stinging skull.

"See if I ever help you out again!" I grinned, happy to see things were already pseudo normal.

It seemed like barely any time passed between that hectic morning at Sam's house and the border meeting with the Cullens, but as these things are wont to do, I had barely blinked an eye before I stood at the border line, darkness surrounding us. Sam leaned against a broad tree, the wolves stood behind him in a rigid line, completely still except for when the wind ruffled their fur. The tension was giving the night an eery tune. I sighed and ran my hand through Mavrik's fur.

"They're sure taking their sweet time, huh?"

"Well, we are forty-five minutes early." He grumbled, slumping down.

Sam looked over at me, an amused glint in his eyes. "What did he say?"

"Um, that you are very punctual." I grinned.

"Bella, I went to the dentist the other day and he told me my teeth were so rotten I'll need dentures by the time I'm thirty. I blame you and how you're always expecting us to swallow your sugarcoated bullshit." He joked, his deep voice hiding a chuckle.

"Eh, what can I say?" I shrugged as a new scent caught on the breeze. I perked up. "They're almost here."

Jacob and Leah looked at me quizzically for a moment before turning their muzzles experimentally to the wind. It was a moment before they recoiled, having finally smelt the scent as well.

"God, that is rank." Leah muttered.

"Really?" I asked, inhaling again. I figured I still had a moment before they arrived so I allowed my body to slip into my demiform, and inhaled again. My senses were sharper still in this form, but I still couldn't classify their scent as bad, per say. Just kind of mangled. Each of them had a very unique scent, and jumbled up as they were it was hard to decipher them, but every now and then I would get wind of something in particular, like lemon or lavender or patchouli, none of which I would classify as unpleasant. Just confusing. I brushed it off and reigned in my demiform just as they appeared through the trees.

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