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What would happen if the Avatar: The Last Airbender characters met The Legend of Korra characters?

-Aang and his friends were walking around town a year after the war and they meet a woman who tells them Azula escaped prison with the help of a masked man and they went back to the future. Now it's up to Aang and his friends to save Republic City with the help of the new Avatar.

Chapter 1-

It is one year later after Avatar Aang defeats Fire-Lord Ozai. As Azula went to jail with her father, Zuko was determined to find his mother and his friends were right by his side to help. Despite how Mai loved Zuko and Zuko loved Mai, when Mai saw her first love at a restaurant, she went back to him and at the same time, Zuko felt drawn to someone else. An old friend, actually. Her name is June, the bounty hunter, who tried to help him capture Avatar Aang at one time. Everyone was surprised at first, but respected his wishes.

Aang and Katara finally got together after the war was over. They were finally focusing on their relationship, just like Sokka and Suki were focusing on theirs now that all the chaos is over. Zuko became the new Fire-Lord and, with that, he and Aang began to rebuild the nation, together.

Recently though, Katara and Toph have been fighting over who was a better teacher to Aang. Aang, of course, wouldn't choose over his girlfriend and one of his best friends. He believes that they were both great, amazing, and smart teachers. They both taught him so much, why couldn't they both see that?

The now Ex-Fire-Lord Ozai said the last place he knew where Zuko's mother was is in a small town in the Earth Kingdom, and that is where the team is now.

However, at the moment, Katara and Toph are fighting, Aang and June went into town for some food and supplies, Zuko and Sokka are hanging out in the house listening to Katara and Toph fight, and Suki is taking care of all the animals and practicing her fighting skills.

Now, the rest . . . begins here . . .

"I'm a better teacher than you, so, get over it already!" Toph shouts as she folds her arms across her chest, followed by a loud huff.

"What?" Katara asks as her cerulean hues widen, "You are not! I taught Aang how to waterbender much quicker than you taught Aang how to earthbend!"

Rolling her eyes, she lifts her arm and points her finger at Katara, the tip inches from Katara's chest, "That's only because earth is the opposite of air, so, that's not my fault!"

"Well, if you were a good enough teacher, you would have been able to teach him!" The Waterbender shoots back as she neatly crosses her arms over her chest.

"Oh? So it's my fault he's an airhead?" She shakes her head angrily, "You know, your problem is that you think that you are better than everyone else!"

A shocked gasp escapes passed Katara's lips, "What? I do not! You just think you're the best teacher you're the youngest and blind!"

Silence emerges between the two of them as they both stare at each other blankly, well more Katara stares. A small smirk plays on Katara's lips when she thinks she finally won this fight, but once Toph begins to laugh, her smirk immediately vanishes.

"Well," The blind Earthbender chuckles, "that kinda does make me the best and pretty awesome."

Throwing her arms up in frustration, an annoyed huff flies passed her parted lips, "Ugh! You're unbelievable!"

"Oh?" Toph asks as her eyebrows furrow together in confusion, "I'm unbelievable and you're not?! You're the queen of being unbelievable!"

"You know, your problem is that you just can't have a regular and peaceful conversation with someone without getting into a fight or an argument!"

Toph scoffs, "That is not true! You just think you are always right!"

"That is because most of the time, I am right!" Katara says in a matter-of-fact tone and then adds with a smirk, "Just like in this situation, I am right!"

Toph falls in a deep silence as her mind starts searching for ideas. Katara is far too stubborn to ever admit she's wrong. The only way to get Katara to realize she is wrong is to prove it to her, right before her eyes. The corners of Toph's mouth curve upwards into a crooked grin, "Then why don't you prove it? Let's have a nice match. One on one. Earth and Water."

Katara's eyes widen at Toph's sudden suggestion. She never intended to actually get into a physical fight with the blind Earthbender. "What? No! I am not going to have a match with you!" Realizing her own voice laced with a rare type of fear, she clears her throat, "Besides, I would probably hurt you."

She's scared and Toph knows it. "Oh what? You think because I can't see I can't beat you in a match? You think you'll hurt me?" She laughs, "I can take care of myself. I want to fight you to prove otherwise! I'm going to show you that I can beat you and I am a stronger and better teachers than you are!"

Katara turns her back to Toph and shakes her head, "No! I am not going to fight you."

Toph's laughing outburst makes Katara's blood boil. "Why? You scared? Huh?"

The young Waterbender whips her head around, her eyebrows furrowed together and her face slowly turns a shade of red as she becomes angry with Toph's remarks, "Scared? I am not scared! I just- just- I just don't want to, um, hurt you! Like I said before!"

She rolls her eyes, clearly not buying Katara's lame excuse. Besides, she can easily tell with her earthbending that Katara is lying through her teeth. "Oh, give me a break. Let's go, Princess." She turns away from Katara and begins walking to the side of the house where there is an empty field.

Katara sighs heavily as she walks away from the house and follows Toph, silently hoping this doesn't end too horribly.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Zuko walks out of the kitchen with a cup of tea in his hand, and into the living room. He spots Sokka still staring out the window and he shakes his head, "So, they are still going at it?"

Sokka nods his head as he laughs, "Ooooooh yeah, they're still going at it. Now they're going to actually fight. This, is gonna be good."

Zuko places his steaming cup of tea on the table and starts heading to the door, "C'mon, let's go and watch."

Sokka sprints to the door and the two of them race over towards the empty field where Toph and Katara are.

*With Avatar Aang and June*

"Okay," June says with a satisfying smile, "I think we have everything."

Aang nods his head as he looks at all the packages the two of them are struggling to hold. "Yeah, come on, let's head ba-" He cuts himself off when he spots something, which causes his grey eyes to widen with excitement and causes a wide smile to form on the Avatar's face. "LOOK!"

June raises an eyebrow at the young Avatar as she looks around, but doesn't see anything. "What?"

Rolling his eyes, Aang drops the bags he was currently holding and grabs June's hand. Before she could say anything, he yanks her forward and drags her into a small shop.

*With Toph and Katara*

"You ready, Sugar Queen?" Toph asks with a mocking smirk playing on her lips.

She rolls her eyes and gives her an unbelievable look, "Psh, bring it!"

Before either of them could begin, they hear Sokka's shouting in the distance. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, waaaaaaaaaait!"

Katara turns around to see her brother racing towards them with Zuko trailing along behind him. She sighs in annoyance, "Ugh, what is it?"

"Hey, bonebrain!" Toph calls, catching Sokka and Zuko's attention, "You and Princess need to go away 'cause we're busy!"

Katara nods her head sharply, "You both aren't going to stop us from fighting."

Zuko raises an eyebrow and chuckles lightly, "Oh, we're not here to stop you guys."

"You're . . . not?" Katara's eyebrows furrow together in confusion. Why else would they both come running out here?

"Nope," The Firebender continues with a crooked grin, "we're here to watch."

Sokka nods his head excitedly, "Yup! So, continue on."

Toph and Katara both roll their eyes at the two of them. Such children they are. Katara turns to Toph as she shrugs a shoulder, "Whatever. Let's do this, Toph."

Zuko and Sokka both take a few steps back to get out of the way and then Zuko calls, "Okay, aaaaaaaand, BEGIN!"

Toph tightens her fists and curls her wrists up towards her chest, making rocks tear from the ground and lift in the air. She then punches two fists forward, forcing the two boulders to fly head towards Katara.

Just as the two large rocks come flying towards her, Katara leaps out of the way the last second and lands roughly on her side. She quickly scatters to her feet and, spotting the small pond nearby, she bends the water. She curves her wrists, forcing the water to whip around her body and then launch towards Toph in one quick swift of a movement.

A yelp falls passed Toph's lips as the water continuously whips against her skin, which creates painful gashes and cuts on her. She lifts her arms in an attempt to block her face, but before she has the chance to, another whip of water slashes against her face, drawing blood against her cheek.

"Ow!" She cries out as the cut on her cheek begins to sting. Toph squeezes her eyes shut and tries concentrating on Katara's movements so she can figure out where her next attack will come from. She lets out a frustrated sigh as she slams her foot on the ground, making the ground bend upwards and create a earth shield around her body.

Katara rolls her eyes as the satisfied and cocky smirk still plays on her lips, "Oh come on, Toph! Come out here and fight!"

To herself, Toph mutters under her breath, "Oh, you want a fight? I'll give you a fight." She licks her lips and takes one last deep breath before kicking the rocks that were protectively shielding her, and she aims them right at Katara.

The rocks go flying towards her and there are too many to dodge. Katara tries to jump back and dodge them, but one skims across her leg and another crushes into her knee. She cries out and temporarily falls to her knees. Just when she stands back up, Toph lifts another rock that is twice the size of her, and she flings it right at the Waterbender.

The rock slams into her stomach, making her double over. "Ah!" Her left arm flies to her stomach and she holds her middle painfully as she uses her other hand in an attempt to defend herself.

"You wanted a fight." The blind Earthbender mutters as she bends the ground beneath her and lifts two sharp boulders into the air. She has both of her arms extended out, holding the two boulders in place. She slightly curves her left wrist inwards and throws one rock towards Katara, which hits against the arm that she was using to defend herself, and then she throws the other rock, forcing it to slam into her right shoulder.

The cry is stuck in her throat and everything seems to be happening in slow motion for the Waterbender. One minute she was confident she was going to win and the next, she feels her body painfully collide with the ground. Her eyes roll in the back of her head as the pain engulfs her body.

"I soooo win!" Toph smirks as she places both hands on her hips.

Katara glares up at her and despite the extreme amount of pain she's in, there is no way she is giving up this fight. She was so close to winning and she'd be damned if she didn't win and show Toph who's the better Bender.

"The . . . the fight isn't over just yet!" Katara says through clenched teeth as she forces her body to stand up on shaky feet. She raises her arms, making the water in the pond rise as well, and she wraps the water around Toph's body. Slowly, she turns the water into ice and she slowly begins to tighten the ice around the young Earthbender.

Toph feels like she is suffocating as the ice painfully tightens its grip around her body. She tries to struggle out of it or break the ice, but her hands are frozen and she can't move; she can't bend. Her breathing increases along with her heartbeat as she feels the ice begin to rise, forcing her body upwards.

The second her feet are off the ground, the panic erupts inside of her. She can't see. Everything has suddenly turned black on her and for once, she truly feels blind. And helpless.

"Stop!" She cries out as she squeezes her eyes shut in order to calm herself down and in an effort to ignore the aching pain her body is suffering from. "Stop, Katara! Put me down! I can't see up here!"

Honestly, she doesn't know what she's doing. All Katara knows is that she needs to prove Toph wrong. She needs to prove them all wrong. She shakes her head and laughs, "Not so tough now, are ya?"

The young war hero has her hands in tight fists, keeping the ice wrapped around Toph's body and in midair. With one quick movement, Katara releases her hold and Toph falls; her small frame collides with the hard ground, making a loud, painful crack.

Toph screams the entire way down until she feels the impact with the ground. Once her body lies on the ground, she winces and groans in excruciating pain.

"Toph!" Sokka and Zuko both yell in unison to their friend as they rush over to her.

"What's wrong with you?!" Zuko snaps as he kneels down beside Toph, checking to see how bad her wounds are.

"What got into you, Katara?" Sokka asks with furrow eyebrows as he shakes his head at his sister and then turns his attention back to Toph.

Katara stares blankly at Toph as her mind slowly processes what she just did. How could she do that to Toph? Just to prove she's a better teacher? A better Bender? She shakes her head as a quiet gasp escapes her mouth, "Toph . . . Oh my Spirits . . . Toph!"

She sprints to Toph's side and drops to her knees beside her. "I am so, so sorry! I- I don't know what happened . . . why- why I did that. Let me- let me heal you!"

Toph's eyes widen in alarm and she quickly shakes her head, "No! No, stay away from me! Ow! I think- I think you broke my ankle! Go away, Katara!"

"Here," Zuko lifts her up in his arms, "let's get you back in the house. Maybe my Uncle will know what to do."

"Just let me heal her-" Katara tries, but Sokka puts up his hand and stops her.

"Please, Katara, just . . . don't." He shakes his head as he and Zuko both head back towards the house, leaving Katara alone with tears quietly streaming down her face.

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