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What would happen if the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender met The Legend of Korra characters?

A full year had gone by since the Hundred Year Old war had ended and harmony had been restored to the world. Avatar Aang and his friends were walking around the town one day when they came across an old women who informed them Azula escaped from prison with the help of an unknown masked man. Somehow they managed to travel to the future and no one had seen either one since. Aang and his faithful friends now must save Republic City and protect the future with the help of the new Avatar.

Background –

It had been one year since Avatar Aang defeated Fire-Lord Ozai. After Azula was locked away in her jail cell for the rest of eternity along with her Father, Zuko was determined to find his Mother with the help of his friends. Despite how Mai loved Zuko just as he loved her, when Mai saw her first love at a restaurant, she couldn't stop herself from falling in love with him with all over again. As much as it pained her, she left Zuko and moved on with her life. However, even though Zuko's heart would always keep a special place for Mai, he also felt drawn to someone else. It was an old friend, actually. Her name was June, the Bounty Hunter, who tried to help him capture Avatar Aang once upon a time ago. While everyone was initially surprised, they respected his wishes and welcomed June into their family.

Once was the war was over, Aang and Katara finally started to see each other romantically. It had been a long journey, but Aang knew he loved Katara with all of his heart, and he nearly collapsed with joy when he found out she felt the same way about him. They were finally focusing on their relationship, just as Sokka and Suki were on theirs now that all the chaos was over.

Zuko became the new Fire-Lord and, with that, he and Aang began to rebuild the nation – together.

However, with their lives, it seemed they could ever simply enjoy the newly restored peace. The Hundred Year War may be over, but recently Katara and Toph had been arguing over who was the better teacher to Aang. Aang, of course, refused to choose his girlfriend over one of his best friends and vice versa. He truly believed that they were both incredible and smart teachers that helped him with his skills at bending tremendously. They both taught him so much. Why couldn't they both see that?

After Zuko discovered the last place Zuko's Mother was seen was in a small town in the Earth Kingdom, the Gaang moved there. They all have been living in small house for a few months, but they have made little to no progress in finding Zuko's Mother. Yet, that all seemed to be little of importance as currently the Gaang was struggling with their own issues.

Katara and Toph were fighting, and it was only a matter of time before one of them got severely injured or even killed. A few hours ago Aang and June went to gather some supplies and food since they were dangerously running out, and they still haven't returned. Sukki was taking care of the animals while practicing her fighting since she hasn't had really any time to herself. Zuko and Sokka... well, they were hiding in the house as they avoided the battle scene that took place outside because when they did try to break up the fight, Sokka nearly lost his eye and Zuko was almost crushed by a rock Toph had thrown.

Now, the rest of the story begins here...

Chapter One –

"Oh, just get over it already!" Toph shouted. She folded her arms across her chest, followed by a loud huff of air that tumbled past her lips. "I'm a better teacher than you! Is it that hard for you to admit you're wrong?"

"What?" Katara asked as her cerulean hues widened in disbelief. "You are not a better teacher! Do you even realize that I taught Aang how to waterbend much quicker than you taught him how to earthbend? You may be a good teacher, but I was the one who really helped Aang the most."

Toph rolled her eyes. Why did the Sugar Queen always have to be right? She lifted her arm and shoved her finger violently against Katara's chest. "That's only because earth is the opposite of air. That is not my fault!"

Katara snorted a humorless laugh. "Well, if you were a good enough teacher then you would have been able to teach him!"

"Oh? So, it's my fault that he's an airhead?" She angrily shook her head. "You wanna know what your problem is?"

Katara shifted her weight onto one foot and neatly folded her arms across her chest. She couldn't wait to hear this one. "Yeah? Please, enlighten me on what my apparent problem is, Toph."

"It's quite simple, actually! You think you're better than everyone else!"

Her arms fell to her sides as a shocked gasp fell from her mouth. "What? I do not think that! You have it backwards. You're the one that thinks you're the best possible teacher just because you're the youngest and you're blind!"

Silence suddenly emerged between the two of them as they both stared at each other with blank expressions plastered across their faces. The world around them seemed to have stilled, and neither said a word. Time slowly past, and it wasn't long before Katara's lips curved upward into a small smirk when she thought she finally won the argument. Yet, she couldn't have been more wrong. Once Toph began to laugh almost uncontrollably, her smirk immediately vanished.

"Well," the Blind Earthbender chuckled, "that kinda does make me the best, and pretty awesome, too."

Throwing her arms up in frustration, she heaved a loud, annoyed sigh. "Ugh! You're unbelievable!"

"Oh?" Toph asked as her eyebrows furrowed together. "I'm unbelievable and you're not? Please. You're the queen of being unbelievable!"

"You know, I think I finally found out what your problem is." With an annoyed shake to the head, she continued, "You just can't have a regular and peaceful conversation with someone without getting into some kind of fight or an argument!"Toph scoffed, "That's not true. You just think you're always right! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Or rather how annoying you are?""You just can't handle the fact that I am right most of the time," Katara said in a matter-of-fact tone. Then, with a smirk, she added, "Just like in this situation, I am right!"Toph fell into a deep silence as her mind started to search for ideas. They were getting nowhere, and knowing the way the both of them were, they would never stop bickering back and forth. Katara was far too stubborn to ever admit she was wrong. The only way to get Katara to realize that she was wrong was to prove it to her right before her very own corners of Toph's mouth curved upward into a crooked grin. Why hadn't she thought of this earlier? This morning when they got into the fight she angrily and carelessly tossed a rock toward Katara and right then and there she should have gotten the idea. "Then," she began, "why don't you prove it? Let's have a nice match. One on one. Earth against water. What do you say?"

At Toph's sudden suggestion, Katara's eyes widened. She never intended to actually get into a physical fight with the Blind Earthbender. Although she nearly took out her brother's eye this morning when she sent shards of ice toward Toph in the heat of the moment, she didn't want to actually harm her friend. "What? No! I am not going to have a match with you. That's just childish, and it surely wouldn't solve anything!"

When she realized her own voice sounded like it was laced with a rare type of fear, she cleared her throat. "Besides," she straightened her posture, "I would probably hurt you."

She was scared and Toph knew it, and it seemed she wasn't going to drop it either. "Oh what? You think because I can't see that means I can't beat you in a match? You think you'll hurt me?" She laughed. "I can take care of myself, Sugar Queen. I'm not fragile. I want to fight you so I could prove just that to you. I'm going to show you that I can not only easily beat you, but I'm also a stronger and better teacher than you are!"

Katara turned her back to Toph. She wouldn't do this. This was beneath her, and, quite frankly, it wasn't worth it. She took a deep breath before she simply said, "No, I'm not going to fight you."

As much as she tried to ignore the way Toph's laughter was making her blood boil, it was to no avail. She just kept going and going, knowing she would eventually snap.

"Why? You scared?" Toph lazily stretched her arms behind her back; a satisfied smile rested upon her face as she waited for Katara to take the bait. "Huh?"

The young Waterbender suddenly whipped her head around. She frowned at Toph, and her eyebrows angrily scrunched together. Her face slowly turned a shade of dark crimson as her temper overwhelmed her. Toph's remarks were getting to her, and the fire inside her was just ready to burst. "Scared? I am not scared, Toph! I just... I just don't want t-to hurt you! Like I said before, okay? So drop it."

"Ha!" She wasn't buying Katara's lame excuse. Plus, it seemed Katara forgot that she could tell with her Earthbending that Katara was lying through her teeth. "Oh, give me a break. Let's go, Princess." She threw her thumb over her shoulder and said, "This way. There's an open field that would do just perfectly." She spun around and started to head into the direction of the empty field that was located next to the house where they were staying.

Katara heavily sighed and, without really much of a choice, she moved away from the house and followed Toph. She silently hoped this all didn't end too horribly.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Zuko walked out of the kitchen with a cup of tea in his hand and headed into the living room. He spotted Sokka immediately as he was still staring out the window like he had been for the majority of the day so far. He shook his head tiredly, "They are still going at it, I take it?"

Sokka nodded his head. "Ooooh yeah, they're still going at it." He couldn't help but chuckle as he excitedly rubbed his hands together. "Now they're going to actually fight. This... this is gonna be good."

"Yeah, good," Zuko mumbled. He gently placed his steaming cup of tea onto the table and headed for the door. They wouldn't be able to stop Katara and Toph, but they might as well stay close in case one of them get seriously hurt, since he knew that was going to happen at the end of all this. "C'mon, then. Let's go and watch them tear each other apart."

Sokka instantly sprinted to the door, and the two of them race over toward the empty field where Toph and Katara were.

– Avatar Aang and June –

"Okay," June said with a satisfied smile plastered across her face. She quickly glanced at everything they had gathered while they were out, then nodded. "I think we have everything."

Aang nodded his head as he tightly gripped onto the several packages he was struggling to hold. The two of them were carrying way too many bags of supplies, and he was finding it more and more difficult to keep the items they bought from falling to the ground. They needed to get back to the house. "Yeah, come on. Let's head ba-" He cut himself off mid-sentence when he suddenly spotted something. His grey eyes widened with excitement as a huge smile appeared on his beaming face.

He sucked in a long breath of air before he shouted as loud as he possibly could, "LOOK!"

June jumped as his scream went right through her ear. Two of the bags she was carrying slipped from her grasp, cans rolling away from where she stood. She raised an eyebrow at the young Avatar when she glanced around and saw nothing of importance. She eyed him angrily and asked through clenched teeth, "What?"

Without thinking, Aang dropped the bags he was currently holding and snatched June's hand. Before she could say anything, he yanked her forward and dragged her into a small shop, leaving their supplies abandoned and long forgotten.

– Toph and Katara –

"You ready to do this, Sugar Queen?" Toph smugly asked, tapping her foot anxiously.

Katara rolled her eyes. "Bring it!" She honestly couldn't wait to wipe that stupid smirk off her face. Toph always had to play her ridiculous games, and this time, Katara was going to do everything in her power to make sure Toph knew who she was messing with.

Before either of them could begin, they heard Sokka's shouting in the nearby distance. "Wait! Wait, wait, wait, waaaaaaaaait for us!"

Katara spun around and immediately noticed her brother racing toward them with Zuko trailing along behind him. She rubbed her hand over her face and and muttered to herself, "Ugh, what is it now?"

"Hey, Bone Brain!" Toph yelled once she felt that he was close. She waited a moment until she knew Zuko was nearby as well before she said, "You and Hothead need to go away 'cause we're a bit busy here."

Katara crossed her arms over her chest and nodded her head firmly. "You both aren't going to stop us, so just go back inside until we're finished."

Sokka raised an eyebrow at his sister and chuckled. She clearly didn't know him well enough. "Stop you? Oh, no. We're not here to stop you guys from fighting."

"You're... you're not?" Katara looked at them with a confused expression written all over her face. They had tried earlier on to get her and Toph to make peace, why the change now? Why else would they then be both running out here?

"Nope," the Firebender confirmed. "We're actually here to watch. We figured it's also better to stay close by in case you both do some serious damage to each other."

Sokka excitedly nodded his head. He could barely keep himself from jumping up and down. "Yup! So, continue on!"

Toph and Katara both roll their eyes at the two of them. Men. Such children they were. Katara twisted her head to the side, glancing down at Toph. She shrugged a shoulder and then said, "Whatever. Let's just get on with this, Toph."

Zuko and Sokka quickly took a couple of steps back until they were sure they were in the safe zone. Neither one of them knew how the match was going to go, so they needed to make sure they weren't caught in the crossfire.

Sokka waited until his sister and his friend were both in position before he cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "And... BEGIN!"

Toph tightened her fists and curled her wrists up toward her chest, making rocks to tear from the ground and lift into the air. She then punched both of her fists forward, forcing the two heavy boulders to fly across the field and aim where Katara was standing.

Just as the two large rocks came toward her, Katara leaped out of the way the last possible second and landed roughly on her side. She quickly scattered to her feet before she ran toward the small pond that was close to the barn that was near their house. She curved her wrists, allowing the water to rise from the pond and whip around her body. Toph was being smart – she continuously moved around, which was making it hard to have a perfect aim to strike.

She narrowed her eyes, watching Toph's movements carefully. She calculated every single move before she suddenly bent her fingers, turning the water into ice in a blink of an eye and launching the attack toward Toph in one swift movement.

A loud yelp tumbled from Toph's mouth as the ice shards sliced her skin, creating painful gashes along her arms and torso. She lifted her arms in an attempt to block her face, but before she had the chance to do so, a whip of water slashed against her face, drawing blood against her cheek.

"Ow!" She cried as the cut on her cheek began to sting. Toph squeezed her eyes shut and tried desperately to concentrate on Katara's movements so she would be able to figure out where her next attack would come from. She let out a frustrated huff of air as she slammed her foot down hard enough to make the ground bend upward and create an earth shield around her body.

Katara rolled her eyes as the satisfied and cocky smirk found its way onto her lips. "Oh, come on, Toph! Come out here and fight! Isn't that what you wanted?" She couldn't help but laugh as she threw her arms in the air. "Or do you just plan on hiding for the remaining of the fight?"

"Oh, you want a fight? I'll give you a fight," Toph muttered under her breath, her voice low enough so that only she could hear. She licked her lips and took one last deep breath of crisp air before she kicked the rocks that were protectively shielding her, aiming them directly at Katara.

The rocks break into various pieces of different sizes, and they slam forcibly into Katara's stomach, making her double over in pain. She screamed in agony while she helplessly dropped to her knees, her left arm instantly moving to cover her stomach as she used her other hand to try to defend herself with. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead and into her eye, and her vision blurred for a moment.

"A bit rough there, don't you think?" Katara panted, fighting to balance herself back onto her feet.

"You wanted a fight," the Blind Earthbender simply stated. She bent the ground beneath her and lifted two sharp boulders into the air. They were two enormous chucks of the earth that were hovering over her small form, waiting for the perfect moment to strike at her opponent. Within seconds she slightly curved her left wrist inward, throwing one rock toward Katara, which violently slammed against the arm she was using to defend herself.

Then, without giving any opportunity for her to recover, Toph threw the other rock, forcing it to hit into Katara's right shoulder. The cry is stuck in Katara's throat, and suddenly everything seemed to happen in slow motion for the Waterbender. One minute she was confident she was going to win and then the next she felt her body painfully collide with the ground. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as pain washed over her entire body. It was as if the blood caught on fire, and her insides were slowly and tortuously burning.

"I so win!" Toph exclaimed triumphantly. She placed her hands on her hips and kept her chin held high. It was often a lot of people doubted her skills, especially since she was blind. Yet, she knew she was an incredible Earthbender, and she also knew nothing could stop her if she set her mind to something. She never really cared if people admired her or not, but she did care when people merely dismissed her.

Katara glared up at the young Earthbender and, despite the extreme amount of pain she was in, there was no way she was going to give up the fight. She was so close to winning and she would be damned if she didn't come out victorious in this, showing Toph who really was the better Bender.

"The... the fight isn't over j-just yet!" Katara growled, using every bit of energy to force her body to stand. She was hunched over and her legs were shaking, but she carefully raised her arms and made the water in the pond rise. She skillfully moved her body in such grace and didn't stop until water completely surrounded Toph's body. She sharply pulled back her fingers, creating the water into ice, and then slowly began to tighten the ice around Toph.

Toph felt as if she was suffocating as the ice painfully circled her body, squeezing every bit of air out of her. She tried to struggle out of the tight hold and she did her best to try to break the ice, but her hands were frozen and she couldn't move. She couldn't bend. Her breathing increased along with her heartbeat as she felt the ice rise, forcing her body upwards.

The second her feet were off the ground, the panic erupted inside of her. She couldn't see a thing. Everything had suddenly turned black on her and for once, she truly felt blind. Anxiety coursed through her veins as she came to the realization that she was, in fact, helpless.

"Stop!" Toph desperately screamed. She squeezed her eyes shut and did her best to calm herself down. She fought to ignore the aching pain her body was suffering from, but everything was becoming far too much. She needed it all to stop. "Katara, please! Stop! Put me down! I can't see... I-I can't see up here!"

Honestly, she didn't know what she was doing. It was as if her mind turned off and it became impossible for reason to reach her. All Katara knew was that she needed to prove Toph wrong for whatever stupid reason. She needed to prove them all wrong. She shook her head and, as much as she hated herself for doing so, she laughed. "Not so tough now, are you?"

The young War Hero had her hands in tight fists, keeping the ice securely wrapped around Toph's body and in midair. Then, with one quick movement, Katara released her hold and watched as Toph fell. Her small frame collided with the hard ground and all Katara heard following the impact was a loud, painful crack.

Toph's screamed echoed loudly, and Katara was almost completely positive that the entire town must have heard her. How couldn't they have? Her cries pierced Katara's ears, and guilt immediately washed over her. What did I do?

Toph was lying there weakly, groaning in excruciating pain. Tears prickled her eyes when she realized she couldn't move.

"Toph!" Sokka and Zuko both yelled in unison as they rushed over to their fallen friend. They had never seen her look so... so broken.

Zuko dropped to his knees beside Toph, cradling her head in his lap as he checked how badly injured she was. He glared up at Katara for a single moment before he turned his attention back to Toph.

"What is wrong with you, Katara?" Zuko yelled without bothering to look at her.

"Katara, seriously?" Sokka sadly shook his head at his sister. "Do you have any idea what you just did?"

"I... I don't..." She didn't know what to say. There was absolutely nothing she could do to make any of this right. She blankly stared down at Toph as her mind slowly processed what she had just done. How could I do that to Toph? Just to prove I'm a better teacher? A better Bender? It wasn't worth it. Nothing was worth making her friend this badly hurt. She closed her eyes as a single tear escaped her left eye and slid down her bruised cheek.

"Toph..." Katara placed a hand over her mouth. What had gotten into her? She wasn't this kind of person – she wasn't. "Oh, Spirits. Toph, I'm so sorry!"

She sprinted over to Toph's side and without thinking she dropped to her knees. "I am so, so sorry! I... I never meant for any of this to happen. You have to believe me, Toph. This... I don't know what happened. I don't know why I did that, but I'm sorry. Let me... Just let me heal you a-and I-"

"No!" Toph yelled. She didn't want Katara anywhere near her after what just happened between them. "No, stay away from me! I think... OW!" She grabbed her ankle when she felt a shooting pain. "I think you broke my ankle! Just go! Go away, Katara!"

"Here," Zuko gingerly lifted Toph into his arms. "I'll get you back in the house and everything will be okay, alright? My Uncle will know what to do."

"No, wait!" Katara gripped Zuko's arm. She needed to make things right. "Let me just try to hea-"

Sokka pried Katara's fingers off Zuko and pulled her to the side. When she went to go follow Zuko, Sokka put up his hand, stopping her instantly.

"Please, Katara." He sighed. This was bad, and he honestly wasn't sure how much worse this was going to get. "Just, don't, okay?" He shook his head, not knowing what else to say to his sister. He loved her, but sometimes she went too far. He opened his mouth, wanting to say more, but instead he simply turned around and headed back toward the house, trailing behind Zuko. With that, he left Katara alone with tears quietly streaming down her face.

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