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Chapter 95-

"Are you ready to leave the Spirit World and go back home?" Raava smiles sweetly at them as she raising eyebrow. She explained her plan to them and she is hoping that it would work out, for all of their sakes.

Korra cannot help, but grin widely at the mention of home. Oh, she can't wait to go back home and see her family and friends. She and Aang have only been gone for a little while, probably a few hours at most, but it seems like forever. Now with Amon defeated, she wants to see Republic City at its peace.

"I think we're more than ready." Aang smiles, "And let's all pray to the Spirits that your idea works. If it doesn't . . ." His voice trails off, not wanting to even think about what will happen if it doesn't; he can't even think about actually going through with the mirrors plan.

"It should work," The Spirit calmly says as she turns her back to them, her head slightly tilted upwards as she gazes up at the blue sky, "and if it doesn't, then we will cross that bridge when we get there."

"We . . ." Korra breathes out, slightly dazed at that, "Raava, why are you bothering to help us with all of this? I mean, like you said, you're the spirit of light and peace, what does this have anything to do with this situation?"

Aang and Korra both notice how Raava suddenly falls into a deep silence. With her back to them, neither could see her expression, but they watch her body tense at her unexpected silence. The two Avatars exchange a confused and worried look, but before either one of them could comment or ask her what was wrong, she finally speaks in a strained voice.

"It has become my business when I was received with some . . . news." Her words are hesitant, almost afraid to give away any information she might have.

"Raava," Korra begins cautiously with furrowed eyebrows, "what are you talking about? What news?"

"News that are not any of your concern, for now, anyways." She slowly turns around to face the two confused Avatars. For a split second she thinks about telling them what she knows, but she stops herself. They will know when the time comes and the moment is right.

"Should we be worried?" Aang looks up at her with a scared look lingering in his grey eyes. He doesn't know how much more fighting they could take. Although with him and Korra being in the Spirit World they don't feel the psychical or emotional pain yet, but he has a good idea when they wake up, all their energy will be drained.

In all honesty, he doesn't know how much more either of them could take after that long, exhausting battle they all just endured.

"I will send you both back." Raava changes the subject, not wanting to be forced to say any more on the subject. She has already said too much and she barely said anything.

"Raava, please," Korra pleads, "we need to know if we need to prepare ourselves for whatever we're up against. Tell us what you know."

Raava shakes her head and her eyes change automatically, now appearing cold and bitter rather than warm and sweet, "Do you realize the position you are putting me in? I cannot tell you what holds in the future for the two of you, but what I know for certain and what I can tell you is simply this: if you both were to lose your memories of each other and this adventure, it will only hurt you both when a certain time comes. You are both connect and share a special bond I have never seen before in my thousands and thousands of years of living."

"Just know," The Spirit of Light and Peace continues with an intense stare, "it is confusing now, but within time, you will understand."

"Ugh! We will understand what, Raava?! Just tell us! Please!" Korra yells, losing her patience. Raava is only confusing her even more and neither she nor Aang have time for this. They need to know what is going to happen so they could prepare now and not be blind-sided.

Raava knows when to pick and choose her battles and this is not one of them. She doesn't need to be specific or give away anything she definitely is not allowed to, but she can say one thing that will hopefully be enough for the two anxious Avatars.

"Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang, what you and the entire world may believe is over, it is not. Do not be fooled, where you believe the world is finally at its rest, at its peace, it is not."

She watches Korra and Aang both look at each other, confused and uncertain about what they just heard. She can see the fearful look shining in Korra's eyes and the panic flickering in Aang's wide ones. They want more information, more details, but with another heavy sigh, Raava's icy sapphire eyes shift between the two Avatars before giving them one final hint of what she knows.

"There is an oncoming storm that will arise that neither one of you nor this world could out run."

. . .

The wooden chopstick stabs violently into the dumpling and then the food gets shoved into Bolin's mouth. The scowl on his face is noticeable to everyone at the table, but nobody comments on it. They all just continue to eat their dinner in a deadly silence; the only sound being heard is the sound of chewing.

Mako glances up from his food a few times to eye his brother suspiciously. His brother is not the type of person to be angry and certainly not take it out on the food . . .

"Bo," The older brother says cautiously, "what's up?"

"Nothing," Bolin mumbles as he stabs another dumpling, "absolutely nothing."

Mako's eyebrows furrow together in confusion as he watches his younger brother glare at his plate of food that he hardly touched, just mostly stabbed.

"You do know instead of just stabbing your food you could possibly . . . eat it?" Suki says from across the table from Bolin as he pops a berry in her mouth. Bolin has only taken a few angry bites out of his food, but hasn't really eaten anything; his dinner plate is still full of steaming food that is slowly turning cold.

"Not hungry." Bolin says under his breath as he stabs his Komodo sausage one – two – three times.

"Didn't know that was even possible." June smirks as she takes a bite out of her dumpling. She frowns that the dumplings are stuffed with vegetables and not meat, but she eats it anyways.

"Well some people's behaviors can be very surprising at times." Asami mumbles to herself as she stabs her own food with her chopsticks. She looks up from her plate to send a glare at Bolin before looking back down at her plate.

"Well maybe some people act a certain way people some people overreact!" Bolin raises his voice as he snatches his cup off the table and takes a long sip from it. When he's done, he slams the cup back onto the table, nearly scattering it.

Asami rolls her eyes and violently shoves a vegetable in her mouth, "Oh! Well, maybe sometimes people have the right to overreact because some people can be merely inconsiderate and unbelievable!"

"Ha! Maybe it's those kinds of people who tend to be unbelievable when they turn something into something it's not!"

"Or maybe some people are so clueless they don't even understand how stupid they sound when they become so unbelievable and jealous!"

Bolin shoots to his feet and his fists slam against the table, "JEALOUS?!"

"Bolin!" Mako yells at his brother when he watches him suddenly sprint to his feet, but before he could scowl his brother or say anything else, Asami climbs to her feet as well and folds her arms neatly across her chest. A frown mixed with an annoyed look is plastered on her face as she narrows her lime, green eyes at the Earthbender, "Yes, jealous!"

"Uh, can someone please explain what in the Spirits is happening?" Suki asks calmly as she slowly stands up and looks between Bolin and Asami, who are having an intense stare down.

"Yeah, come on, guys, what's going on?" Katara softly asks with her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, "We just stopped a huge war between Benders and Nonbenders; the last thing we should be doing is fighting."

"Oh, who says we are fighting?" Asami snatches her plate and starts heading for the kitchen. On her way, she throws over her shoulder with a huff, "Nope, just a small disagreement because Bolin can't keep his jealously to himself!"

Bolin's mouth falls open as he watches his girlfriend stalk out of the room and into the kitchen. He opens his mouth several different times to say something, but only a frustrated howl escapes his mouth as his hands pull at his hair, "Ugh!"

"Girl troubles, I take it, Bolin?" Sokka laughs as he looks up at Bolin who is standing next to him. He shakes his head, still laughing to himself at the situation, and just as he is about to take another bite out of his sausage, Bolin grabs it out of his hand.

"Wha- hey!" Sokka frowns as he watches Bolin shove the sausage in his mouth before storming out of the room without another word. Pouting, he crosses his arms over his chest, and mutters to himself, "Rude."

. . .

Slowly Toph's eyes crack open, a mumbled groan spilling out of her mouth. Her head is spinning and she feels her brain throbbing violently against her skull. She shifts her body and only then does her mind register that she is lying on a soft bed.

What in the Spirits happened?

Her hands rub against her eyes as she tries to remove all the sleep from her. She still feels mentally exhausted and everything still seems so fuzzy to her. Everything that happened before waking up on this bed is a blur.

Why does her head hurt so badly?

"Ugh . . ." She manages out as she screws her eyes shut, waiting for the shot of pain that is shooting up and down her body to pass. Her body aches only slightly, but her head feels as if it is burning from the inside out.

Her body feels warm and she feels like she is going to be sick at any given moment. Whatever she ate previously is slowly climbing up her throat and she has to clench her teeth together to hold it at bay.

Opening her eyes, but her vision is blurry, which only confirms that she is lying on a bed and off ground. Pushing herself up off the bed, she feels a wave of nausea racking through her body and she feels very . . . faint.

Before she could push herself fully off the bed, she feels a gentle, but firm hand push her back down. She gasps and her body immediately tenses at the sudden connect. "Hey!" She rasps out, her throat feeling dry, "Where am I?"

She's tired and still a little disoriented, but she still knows how to remain strong, even when she is feeling weak. Although she complies with lying back down, she wants to know where she is and who is with her. She remembers nothing.

"Calm down." A man's voice, who sounds to her that he is around her age, says in a soothing voice. "You're safe now."

"Don't feel very safe." She mutters under her breath as she closes her eyes and pulls the thin, white sheet back over her body and up to her chin. "What gives anyways? Who are you and where am I?"

"Oh, uh, me?" His voice comes out shaky, hesitant.

Toph frowns, "I know I'm blind and all, but I'm pretty sure you're the only one in the room besides for me, no?"

"Er, uh, yeah, um, right." He rubs the back of his neck nervously and chuckles, "I'm Kanan, by the way."

"Kanan?" The blind Earthbender questions, taking note of the way his voice is shaky and almost . . . unsure?

"Uh, yeah," He nervously chuckles, "and you are?"

Toph hesitates at first, not sure whether she should trust him or not, but figuring by the way he is extremely nervous, she doesn't take him as a threat. "Toph Beifong."

"T- Toph?! As in the Toph Beifong?! Like, the Blind Bandit?!" Kanan's eyes widen with excitement, "I- I can't believe I didn't notice that before!"

Wow, she hasn't heard that title in a long time now. A part of her even started to forget about her famous title as the Blind Bandit.

"Uh, care to explain? And while you're explaining, care to explain how I ended up, uh, here?" Toph questions with a raised eyebrow. Who is this Kanan guy and what in the Spirits happened?

"Oh! Well, firstly, I am a huge fan of the Blind Bandit – uh, I mean, well, you of course!" He smiles widely at Toph although she is facing the ceiling. "When I first heard that you arrived in Republic City, I couldn't believe it! It's incredible that you're here an' it's even more incredible that you're actually here in my room!"

Toph abruptly sits up perfectly straight in the bed and she has her eyes narrowed at Kanan, "Okay, slow down. Why don't you start telling me who exactly you are and where am I already?" She's losing her patience and, weak or not, she will storm out of here with whatever energy she has left.

Kanan falls into a deep silence, not sure what to say. He doesn't want to upset her, but he also believes she should rest a bit more before explaining to her what happened. When she continues to stare him down, he sighs. She may be blind, but her deadly glares could scare anyone. "Um, yeah, I should probably start from the beginning, huh?"

Clearing his throat, he runs a hand through his tousled brown hair and then deeply sighs, "I was walking through the streets, which were empty, an' I was looking around for one of my friends an' that's when I saw you in a short distance. I hid behind a building before I was spot an' I saw three figures following slowly behind you. You were on your guard, but I don't know, they managed to knock you out by bending part of the sidewalk. The concrete hit your head pretty hard, by the way."

"That certainly explains the throbbing headache." Toph groans as she subconsciously rubs the side of her head, feeling a small bump. When her fingers brush against the bump, she winces and immediately pulls back her hand, "But whatever, so, go ahead."

"Uh, right." Kanan rubs the back of his neck, a clear habit he does when he is nervous. His emerald color eyes flicker to the floor, "So, I watched one of those three figures knock you out and wow . . . you were out cold. I ran over to help, but they ran off before I could see who they were an' what they wanted."

"Soooo, you're a bender?" Toph guesses with a raised eyebrow as curiosity sets onto her face.

"Yup!" He rubs his left arm and glances up at the plain ceiling, "I'm an earthbender, like you!"

"Uh, yeah, like . . . me." Toph has never left more awkward than she does right now with Kanan. He's very . . . different compared to all the people she has met in her life. The thing that confuses her is that it's not a bad different. She . . . likes it? No. She can't. Or can she?

"Yeah so anyways, I ran up to you an' you were knocked out completely. So, I carried you back here! I cleaned up that gash on your head, too. It wasn't that bad, but I cleaned it out an' all for ya'." Kanan smiles despite how she cannot see it.

"Thanks." Toph says with a small smile, but the smile only lasts a few seconds before it vanishes as a wave of pain erupts inside of her. "Ah . . . ugh, my body aches."

"That could probably be because one of those people kicked you a few times before running off." He says quietly as he scratches his head, but then he adds with another lopsided grin, "But on the bright side, you could have gotten hurt a lot worse!"

"I guess." She shrugs and then begins to sit up again. Alarm and panic sweeps through Kanan's eyes and he jumps up, "Wha- what are you doing?! You're still recovering!"

"Like you said," She narrows her eyes, "I could be a lot worse and besides, you said the gash on my head wasn't that bad. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself from this point on."

"Oh . . ." If she didn't know any better, she would have thought she heard disappointment in his strained voice, "I just- you know what, yeah, I probably shouldn't keep you any longer. You probably have'ta get back to wherever you were heading to before."

Toph nods slowly as she climbs out of the bed and stands on shaky feet, "I was on my way to the Police Station to meet up with my daugh- er, Lin Beifong and General Iroh." She mentally yells at herself for almost slipping that Lin Beifong is her daughter. That would probably be weird if that conversation was brought up . . .

"Oh, wait! Aren't you Chief Beifong's, uh, mother?" He questions with his eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

Mentally slapping herself on the forehead, she heavily sighs. He just had to bring that up. Of course, he would know, practically everyone knows, but it's still an awkward thing for all of them.

She nods her head with slight hesitation as she shrugs a shoulder, "Um, yeah, she is. I have her a lot later though!"

"Right, right, right, riiiiight!" He nods his head viciously, "You're from the past an' all, got it." Why did he have to mention it?

Toph turns around and begins heading to the door, she does need to get going. Everyone is probably worrying about her and wondering where she is right about now. "I should really get going. My friends are probably questioning where I am. I was supposed to be there a while ago and, well, you know how Lin could be."

"Ha, yeah, the Chief scares me a little, but she's a good woman. A hero, actually." Kanan says with a sad smile colored on his face. His eyes glance down at the ground as an old memory sweeps across his mind.

Toph can easily tell by the way he called her a hero that he knows Lin personally and by the way he called her a hero with such admiration, she could tell that Lin was probably his hero in the past. She most likely helped him when he gave up on everything and everyone else.


Instead of questioning though through Kanan, she decides to simply wait until she sees Lin. Maybe she will tell her if she remembers ever helping a boy named Kanan. Worth the shot, according to Toph's curiosity.

As Toph heads out of the small building and into the empty streets of Republic City, she hears his voice calling out to her, stopping her in her tracks. When she feels him standing behind her, she turns around and raises her eyebrow at him, "What?"

"Listen," His voice is oddly soft and lingering with nerves, which makes her wonder why he is so nervous, "I don't mean to bother you, but I was just wondering . . ." his eyes drop down to his feet, embarrassment clearly exposed on his face and in his anxious eyes, "maybe I could . . . walk you to the, uh, Police Station?"

Toph blinks at him, surely wasn't expecting that. She tilts her head to the side and opens her mouth to speak, but surprisingly, nothing comes out for the first time in her life.

"I know you don't know me that much an' all, an' I know you could take care of yourself, but I don't know." He stares at her with a pleading look in his eyes, but when Toph doesn't say anything, he frowns and takes a step back, "Uh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude or anything. I should, um, probably get goin'."

Just as he turns around, Toph rolls her eyes, "Hey, wait!" He stops, but his back is still to her. She sighs, "C'mon, let's get go. The company could be nice and I have no idea where I am anyways."

Grinning, he sprints over to Toph and jokingly salutes her. He chuckles lightly, "Let us be on our way, then!"

As he leads the way, Toph shakes her head and follows him. He's interesting and is sweet, but certainly different. At least she has someone to keep her company as they head to the Police Station. She doesn't need to be ambushed a second time.

Now, as they walk the silent path to the Station, her mind wanders off to who exactly was the person behind knocking her unconscious.

. . .

Zuko sighs heavily as he sits down on the soft sand under the night sky. He looks out at the calm waves of Yue Bay, seeing the large statue of Aang in the middle of the water. A cold, harsh wind sends chills down his spine as he silently sits there, his mind wandering.

He still cannot believe after everything, Azula still decided to run away, just like the criminal she is; just like the coward she is. He thought she actually changed, considering she did help them defeat Amon. She fought alongside them and she seemed like she actually wanted to be part of their team.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Shaking his head, Zuko punches his fist against the sad beside him and growls out in frustration. He should have known! He knows his sister better than anyone else does; he should have known she had no real intentions of joining their side. She will always be the enemy; she always has been and always will be the villain in this story and he just needs to accept that.

He runs his hand through his hair and screws his eyes shut as his mind overcrowds with thoughts. All Azula knows how to do is cause pain, ever since she was a little girl, that's all she did. She doesn't care or love, no! She enjoys watching people suffer, especially if they are suffering from her hands, and she enjoys playing with people's minds.

"I hate her . . ." He whispers as he thinks about his younger sister who has caused nothing, but pain and destruction. She could have destroyed the future just because she had the chance to become powerful. She because she was power-hungry.

"I do hope, brother dear, that you are not talking about me. Wouldn't want that." Her familiar chuckle rings through his ears and echoes in his head. Truth be told, he never thought he would see or hear her again, at least, not for a long time or until the next conflict arose.

The anger just by hearing her voice burns in his veins and the hatred and flames erupt in his golden eyes. He shakes his head and shoots up to his feet. He turns around and his eyes are immediately glaring into a familiar pair of golden eyes that match his own.

Azula stands her with her signature smirk plastered on her red lips. She remains silent as the two of them stare into each other's eyes, the silence between them so thick a razor-sharp knife couldn't cut the tension. She watches with cautious eyes the way his body tenses at the sight of her and she notices his hands curl up into tight fists by his sides.

A disgusted look crosses Zuko's face as he stares at his younger sister. His sister who has caused him so much grieve- so much pain. What could she possibly want? She can't seriously want a fight right now, although it wouldn't be surprising to him if she did.

He rolls his golden eyes and bitterly asks, finally breaking the deadly silence, "What could you possibly want, Azula?"

She looks hurt, almost offended by his comment. What in the Spirits did he mean by that? She narrows her eyes at him, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You're not welcomed here." He doesn't miss a beat as the words come out with venom pouring out of his mouth. She is lucky he didn't merely attack her the second he knew she was standing behind him.

She clenches her jaw and her voice comes out annoyed, almost like a growl, "Excuse me?" Since when wasn't she welcomed? She helped them, switched over to "their" side and now all of a sudden she's not welcomed? The damn nerve.

"Exactly that." He snaps at her as the familiar anger boils inside of him again just as he was slightly calming down a bit, "Why did you bother coming back here?"

Azula folds her arms across her chest, cocks her head to the side, and speaks through clenched teeth, "What kind of question is that, brother?" She says "brother" in a warning tone, almost daring him to make another stupid remark like he just previously made.

She shakes her head and slants her eyes as her eyebrows furrow together in concentration, "I thought we already established that I was on your . . . team now." It still feels weird saying it aloud that she is now on the "good" side. Not something she is so familiar with.

"We did," Zuko coldly says before tearing his eyes away from her and back to the steady waves, "but that was until you decided to run off without another glance back at us."

A simple, blank stare crosses the Firebender's face as she stares at her brother, confusion clearly showing in her golden eyes that stand out in the darkness of the night. The thick, tense silence rests between them once more, neither one of them daring to make a single sound.

A flicker of rage erupts in her eyes, her golden eyes turning to ice that is filled with plain annoyance, "You thought I pretended to switch sides in order to escape Amon's clenches and be on the winning side only to leave at the end?"

"You act surprised that the idea even came to mind." Zuko humorlessly chuckles only when she glares at him for the remark, "Well, can you blame us for thinking that? For me thinking that?"

"I helped you fight Amon."

"And then you ran away without another word."

Azula clenches her jaw and curls her hands into tight fists, "I had to take care of something and I did not need any of you following me due to lack of trust or restrain me from going. I did what I needed and now I am here, end of story."

"Where were you?" He asks her with curiousness lacing in his voice, mixed along with distrust and suspicion. Does she just expect him to buy that story? She may have been able to fool him in the past, fool him when they were children, but not now. He is done buying her constant, deceiving lies.

He doesn't plan on letting this one go, that she can easily tell by how their conversation is going. She could hear it in his voice how much he doesn't trust her and the thought has already came to her mind, wondering if he would ever trust her after everything. Probably not and even if he did, he shouldn't.

"There was something I needed to deal with." She says flatly, trying to stay as vague as possible. Why couldn't he just let this go?

That isn't good enough. "Azula," He warns, "where did you go?"

"It's none of your business." She annoyed says, shaking her head. It isn't any of his business where she went.

"It is now that you're on our side apparently and when it comes to you." Zuko callously says; his words bitter and cold, showing her just how much he truly does not trust her.

"You don't trust me that much, Zu-Zu?" She asks with a smirk, but it drops when he glares at her through narrowed, pointed eyes. Take that as a no. "Fine. You really want to know, brother of mine?"

He isn't going to let it go unless she says something. "Fine," She turns her gaze towards the City across Yue Bay as she speaks quietly, "I went to the old building where Amon and his followers stayed."

Just as he opens his mouth to ask her why she bothered visiting there, she beats him to it, "Relax, brother, it's not what you think. I went there to simply burn that building to the ground. I wandered a bit, ran into some . . . interesting events, and then came straight here." She glances over at him with a smirk, "See, no harm done in any of my actions. You could relax."

"Interesting events?" He questions and that falters her smirk immediately. Of course, that would be the first thing he comments on. Why couldn't he just leave things alone?

She falls into a deep silence, not even bothering to look at him. Her eyes remain glued to the City and she doesn't make a single sound or move a muscle. Her nails are digging into her arms and her jaw is clenched and Zuko can easily tell that something major happened; otherwise, his question would have received a different response from her.

She is about to say nothing, but stops herself immediately. Her brother would never leave this alone if she simply said "nothing". Nope, he wanted a direct answer and wasn't going to stop until he got it.

Instead, the lie slipped out of her mouth before she had a chance to think it through, "I ran into some remaining Equalists. Nothing major and nothing I couldn't handle." She looks him straight in the eyes as she silently thanks herself mentally for being born with the gift to lie so effortlessly. Again, she repeats, "See, Zu-Zu, no harm done."

"Azula," Zuko starts, his voice low and . . . unsure? "I need to know for sure. Are you on our side or is this some kind of mind trick and simply one of your twisted games?" He needs to know. No more games. He just needs to know the truth.

"Tell me you are joking." When answered in only silence, she rolls her eyes, and sighs, "No, this is not one of my 'games'. I am on your side, shocking as that is, and that is where I plan on staying."

A part of him is telling him not to trust her, telling him that she is still up to no good. A part of him is telling him to ignore her lies and realize she is still the manipulating sister she has always been. Another part of him, however, is telling him that she changed. She helped the battle with Amon and she wants to fight alongside them, not fight with them.

The two sides of him fight in an emotional battle before Zuko snaps himself out of it, choosing to listen to one of the two sides. A heavy sigh escapes his mouth as he hesitantly nods his head, "Okay."

Just like that, he picked to believe her. Azula couldn't believe it, but a smile of gratitude forms on her face. She never thought he would believe her, trust her, and finally accept her as part of the Gaang, part of the team.

Never in her life did she ever think she would work with them, not against them. Never in her life did she ever believe she would ever be a step closer with her brother.

If only he knew. If only he knew the truth. If only he knew the truth behind Azula's smile and the truth behind the warmth in her eyes.

She watches him head back to the house and, as she continues to stand there, her eyes fixated on her brother's back, she can only close her eyes and sigh.

If only he knew.

. . .

Tenzin holds Korra's hand tightly in his as he heavily sighs. He is so tired, so exhausted, but he refuses to leave Korra's side. He refuses to leave Aang's side. The two of them have been like this for hours now and there has been no signs of improvement; no signs of change from either of them.

He glances across the room to see Kya and Bumi sleeping in their chairs beside Aang's bed. They were wide-awake up until an hour ago when the adrenalin slowly left their bodies and left them in pure exhaustion.

"Please wake up," Tenzin whispers to Korra's unconscious body, "please open up your eyes and come back to us." He doesn't know if it was exhaustion that made Aang and Korra go unconscious or if it was another reason, a Spiritual reason, but either way, he sits in a small chair, worried sick.

Aang, despite the awkwardness and despite how he is the younger version of his father, he is still his father and Korra is like a daughter to him. He needs them to wake up and be okay.

The old Airbending Master closes his eyes as another tired sigh escapes his passed his lips. Oh, he would give anything to have the two Avatars awake from this deep unconscious state.

He tightens his grip on Korra's hand, "I am here for you, Korra. I am here and I just need you to wake up. Please. Oh, please, Spirits . . ."

The tears form in his grey eyes, but he refuses to let them fall. He needs to be strong, for everyone here in this house. He needs to be the strong one, even though all he wants to do is break down as fear consumes him.

What if they never wake up?

Korra and Aang may have not killed Amon, just as they promised to Wan Shi Tong, but banning Amon's spirit to the Spirit World . . . does that count as killing him? What if the two Avatars are now trapped in the Spirit World . . . forever?

Tenzin tries to breathe in and out slowly, taking long, deep breathes to calm his nerves. He needs to stay calm or the panic in him will drive him mad. They will wake up; they have to. He tries to stay positive, but the negative still lurks inside of his mind.

Just as Tenzin begins to stand up to fetch himself a cup of hot tea, he spots in the corner of his eye, Korra's eyes twitch. They are still closed, but he watches as the eyelids move, almost as if they are fighting to open.

"Korra?" He breathes out and, when he glances over at Aang, he sees his eyes are doing the same. "Korra," He begins to shake her, "Korra, wake up!"

Kya and Bumi both jolt awake from Tenzin's screaming, neither one of them understanding what is going on. With a scowl on her face and narrowed her eyes, Kya huffs at her youngest brother, "Geez, Tenzin, what gives?"

"Look! Look at their eyes! They're waking up!" Tenzin shouts over his shoulder as his eyes remain on Korra's face. "Try shaking Aang!"

"Well it's about time they wake up!" Bumi claps his hands together, excitement taking over, as he watches Kya begin to shake Aang's body awake.

"Korra," Tenzin firmly says her name, hope lingering in his strained voice, "Korra, can you hear me? Korra, wa-"

He doesn't have time to finish his sentence before a strong burst of air pushes him back into the nearby wall. He falls to the floor and looks up with wide, panic, but hopeful, eyes as he watches Korra's eyes snap open.

Aang's eyes flutter open slowly and a small smile graces his face as he looks up at Kya and Bumi, glad to see the familiar faces of his family.

The smile on Tenzin's face that Aang's eyes are open and he is awake only lasts a few seconds before he notices something different with Korra. While Aang appears to be normal as he slowly regains his consciousness, Korra, on the other hand, is waking up differently.

She abruptly sits up on the bed and, when she looks over at Tenzin, her eyes connecting with his, he notices the difference in her eyes.

Korra's eyes aren't the familiar blue that resembles the waters of Yue Bay and her face isn't full of emotions and full of life. Instead, her face is expressionless and her eyes are pure white and glowing.

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