He will be loved

Author note: I don't own Yakitate! Japan.

Warning: This is kind of AU-ish, with probably a ton of hinted spoilers for the entire manga/anime. There may be some sort of dark themes hinted in here as well... Also, if you hate yaoi, there's no point in reading this for you.

This fic was inspired by lyrics from the song 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5, and I don't own that.

Constructive criticism for this fic will be greatly appreciated. I hope you read and enjoy.

Look at him.

Look at him in all his glory, the prince full of his gracefulness, charm, intelligence.

Look at the masked prince with all his courteous kindness, responsible for his work and patient with others.

Look at the crying boy that lost his mother, the boy whose father abandoned, the boy who had to struggle every day of his childhood to feed himself and his sister.

Look at the smirking demon that nearly betrayed his coworkers, the demon that nearly beat a 16-year-old's dreams into a shambles, and the demon that hides all his darkest secrets from everyone else.

Look at the pale, broken man with the broken smile. Look at him as he wonders if anyone really does love him out there, if anyone truly cares about him besides his sister.

Ask him if he wants to stay awhile.

If you do, he will be loved.

The raven-haired man looked around silently. This was the kingdom of shattered glass and dreams, where everyone said that the prince lived.

So where was he?

Probably wandering. The prince always seemed to be searching for a place to belong, and prince always felt he never measured up. He felt either not nice enough, not strong enough, not beautiful enough...

The man swore that he wanted him to feel beautiful, because he was. If the prince could accept him for the crazy man he was, why couldn't he accept himself?

No matter how much society tried to drive him away from the prince, he would come back in time to catch the prince when he fell. He would come back in time to reassure him that he was loved, that there was someone out there that really cared about him. He would come back in time to prevent the prince from doing any fatal harm to himself.

Sure, the man had been insecure once about this sort of relationship, especially after that incident, in which the prince nearly betrayed his other companions for the sake of maybe getting his father back.

The prince failed.

But Kuroyanagi's heart had become full. He was ready to open the door so maybe the prince would come by one day.

The two knew better than anyone that life wasn't always butterflies and flowers and happiness. They knew, though; that they should live life to the fullest, not waste it away with fooling around for no reason.

At least Kuroyanagi knew that...

A knock on the door alerted the raven-haired man. Perhaps someone else was looking for the prince, too?

He opened the door...to reveal the prince himself, completely drenched by the pouring rain outside.

Did he not think he was worthy enough to stay in his own home?

Their eyes met, light blue gazing into the blackish ones. Kuroyanagi didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Do you...want to stay awhile?"

The other man, his long, blond hair somewhat obscuring his face and mask, just smiled a little, tears flowing from his eyes before the two embraced each other silently.

They would be loved, no matter what.

They will be loved.