The Arsonist
It takes a match to light a fire,
fuel to take a flame,
a hero's heart,
filled with desire,
to take the throne again.
The throne he takes on midnight wings,
in the moon's spotlight,
little does he know then,
something isn't right.
The hero lays down his noble head,
In his plan, he was caught.
Though the Arsonist is dead,
a brave fight, he fought.
It takes a match to light a fire,
an arsonist to light it,
when the world trusts in fire,
no fireman can fight it .
Try as they might , they won't succeed
forget their evil plans,
no matter how much they plead,
the Flame has spread through all the land.
From the sky the Arsonist watches the Flame spread,
He's proud of his first and last,
to the Flame He's never dead,
The Flame is spreading fast.