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Story Summary: Bored with her life, Hermione decides to proposition Lucius Malfoy to create some excitement. What she hadn't counted on was falling for his son in the process. HG/LM at first, HG/DM ending.

Warnings: This story includes lemons (graphic sex), Strong Language, OCC characters, and very little plot.

Story Dedication: ThornedHuntress, this story is dedicated to you. :-)

By: TycheSong

Chapter Three: The Balcony

(In which a purpose is found for some books on tax law)

The tip of him was velvety and smooth. The softest skin she had ever encountered wrapping the furthest thing from soft she could imagine. It caressed her gently, dragging across her skin and nestling briefly in the cleft between her buttocks. He grunted almost inaudibly, and thrust a little in the crease, enjoying the feel of her.

A small drop of moisture smeared across one cheek as he pulled away, and almost shakily tried to enter her. Even bent over as she was, her calves trapped in her skirt and unable to do anything but react, Hermione felt empowered. Lucius Malfoy wanted her. He wanted her badly enough that he was not only about to have sex with her, but was actually trembling minutely in his haste to get inside her. The thought was slightly intoxicating.

The thick head of his cock nudged at her entrance, and paused. He shifted again slightly, and pushed, only to have Hermione shift a little, too. She couldn't seem to arch her back and hips high enough for him, and she desperately wanted him in. She felt more than saw him bend his knees, and nearly groaned as his cock rubbed enticingly against her clitoris but still didn't enter her.

He let out a frustrated huff of laughter. "You're too short for me this way, pet. Wait right here. I'll be right back." His heat left her then, and Hermione squirmed. She was more than ready; she actually felt herself dripping a little down the inside of one thigh. She squirmed again, uncomfortable, and winced as her cold and slightly sticky knickers slid back into place against her.

He was back a moment later, kneeling down by her leg and his breath sighing just under knee. His breath was warm, and it sent tingles up her leg and straight to her groin again. The arousal within was in direct juxtaposition of the cool shop air against her thighs and exposed sex. Hermione let out the barest of sighs.

"Lift your foot a bit, pet."

She did so, and felt him lifting her skirt with it, helping her as she wobbled and had to brace herself more firmly against the railing. He gently guided her right foot back down…several inches higher than her left. A book. No…two. He actually had her standing on books. He moved to the other side, and helped brace her again as she lifted herself up and was replaced at an even height again.

"Those better not be important." She breathed, and whimpered slightly as he bit the back of her knee in punishment.

"Tax law." He murmured back. His mouth was licking up the inside of her spread thighs, delicately, almost like butterfly wings. Hermione bit back a throaty moan and tried to step wider, nearly tripping over her skirt and off the books in the process.

Lucius paused, and tsked under his breath. "Hermione, I told you to stay still. Honestly, pet, this will be much easier if you do." He carefully lifted her knickers away again, and she nearly groaned again in relief. He didn't just move them out of the way this time, but actually slid them down her thighs to join her skirt, stretched to their utmost around her calves.

"What a pretty, pretty cunt you have, Hermione; it's all ripe, wet, pink and waiting for me. I do apologise for neglecting it these last few minutes." His voice was just barely audible against her, his breath tickling her overly sensitised nerve endings.

Hermione felt herself clench a little, and a fresh line of moisture leaked from her. He chuckled lowly, and suddenly his tongue flicked out again, and caught it. He licked up her slit and Hermione fought to keep her knees from buckling. One hand came up and began to lazily thumb at her clitoris, his other steadying against her bare hip, while he meticulously, methodically drove her insane with his tongue.

She came hard, biting her lip to keep from screaming, her nails digging little crescents into the finish of the wide railing. She would have stepped down then—her knees felt decidedly unstable—but he stayed her with a hand. He rose to his feet swiftly and deftly thumbed his still-open trousers down again behind her.

"Now, pet. You didn't think I had retrieved the books to ease my neck, did you?" He positioned himself carefully, and with a determined, twisting thrust, finally wedged the head of his cock inside of her. Hermione gasped, and tried to ease the sudden penetration with a small rocking motion. Lucius hissed between his teeth and grasped her hips in his hands, holding her still.

"Fuck. Still, not quite…" He muttered, and hauled her up onto her tiptoes, tilting her even higher. Her modestly high heels dangled uselessly in the air, and one of the books on her left side slid a little as she scrabbled for purchase. He nudged it back into place with a kick and another faint oath then ordered, "Brace yourself, pet."

He pushed himself into her adamantly, relentlessly. He was far thicker then she was used to. About the same length as Anthony, she judged, but much wider. He stretched her to the point of discomfort, not pausing to let her grow accustomed until he was seated fully inside her. His balls brushed her delicate folds even as the head of him pushed up against the inside of her, setting off little jolts of sensation.

Hermione shuddered around him, feeling herself flex involuntarily as she took him, desperately trying to relax around him. It wasn't easy with her legs held only a short distance apart, and she let out a low whimper.

"Shhhhhhh. Remember?" He admonished. "No noise. You must be very quiet." His voice was sinfully wicked; it seemed to caress her nerves as much as his cock was as he slowly—almost unbearably slowly—pulled out. She felt the loss keenly; her sense of emptiness was awful after feeling almost intolerably full only moments previously. Lucius had almost entirely extracted himself from her when he suddenly thrust forward, slamming home again with a soft moan of approval. He took her with long, firm strokes, setting an even and demanding pace.

Hermione felt a low wail rise in her throat and tried to squelch it, actually holding her breath in the effort. A particularly powerful snap of his hips jarred it out of her a few moments later and she gasped in air again quickly. She let out a breathy, frustrated groan when she felt the books under her toes start to slide again from the force of their motions, causing his angle to change slightly.

He was now hitting her just a touch higher, and it was unravelling her quickly. It was heaven, like fucking lightening itself, raw and hot and electrifying. His breath was coming in short pants, and a quick glance over her shoulder showed her that his eyes were tightly shut and his teeth clenched as he pummelled into her in a steady, hard rhythm.

She felt deliciously, exquisitely stretched; sparks were igniting along the inside of her skin and she could practically feel her magical energy responding to his. Her thighs were burning a bit from the combined effort of remaining bent over on her tiptoes and the quiet slap of his thighs against hers, but the thick glide of him felt so sublime that any thought of protest was ridiculous.

Hermione felt stimulated to an almost critical need; her whole body was slowly incinerating from the inside out, and any moment she just knew they were going to get caught. She felt herself contract around him in automatic reaction to the thought, and couldn't help but groan softly as his responding thrust was just a touch harder than his previous.

"Lucius…" She breathed out, and his eyes flew open and locked on hers. His expression was raw; the dark lust in his eyes shot a bolt of fire through her blood and made her spasm briefly around him. Whatever he saw in her eyes made his narrow and glint with satisfaction, and he grit, "I will not be able to hold back much longer, pet. Come for me."

Oh, Founders, she wanted to. She was almost there. She could feel her orgasm building to an almost desperate pitch; she just need a little bit more…! "More." She gasped out. "More, I need more. Harder." She begged.

His fingers dug almost painfully into her as he did as she asked, and she came with a scream that she only barely choked off in her throat before it became audible. Her knees did buckle, then, and he only barely caught her from cracking her skull into the railing as she stumbled off the books.

He growled at her in frustration and lifted her onto all fours impatiently, swatting her rear sharply. His knees bracketed hers, and he was on her again, in her, ramming her with sharp, erratic snaps. She would feel this afterward, she knew. He was so much larger than what she was used to, and already her abdomen felt like it was taking a beating from the inside. It was the most delicious ache she had ever felt in her life.

He seemed entirely unaware of his surroundings now, or of anything but the blissfully hot friction between them. His methodical rhythm had been completely abandoned in favour of simply trying to fuck her as hard and as fast as he could, slamming into her with a force that nearly gave her knees rug burns. A hand fisted around her braid and drew her head back firmly, holding her in place and helpless at the same time. Hermione felt the tension in her stirring again, wrenched to life by his unexpected roughness.

The way he held her, powerless to do anything but accept his rough possession of her was titillating in the extreme. It was wonderful, and it was astonishing; she had never imagined that she would enjoy this sort of almost brutal carnality, but Lucius was driving her harder and faster into multiple orgasms than she had thought possible. She doubted she would be able to reach the edge a third time before he did, however, and instead closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the very proper Lucius Malfoy losing control.

He came with a husky groan, his right hand holding her braid so tightly she was forced to look at the ceiling, his left gripping her hip like a vice. His hot semen flooded her in heavy pulses; his orgasm lasted far longer than she expected. Lucius shuddered slightly, and let go of her hair to carefully cage her rear with his hands. He stroked her gently; almost sweetly as the last surges of his orgasm shuddered through him.

They collapsed together haphazardly on the floor, both of their clothes still about their ankles. It was especially incongruous looking on him, with his shirt and waistcoat still perfectly, pristinely buttoned.

Hermione glanced over her shoulder at him, and started to giggle at the image. His hair was in disarray, and he'd lost his walking stick at some point. Lucius lifted an imperious brow and then, wryly smiled as well, willing to be amused at the ridiculous picture they made.

"You dare laugh at your lover following your first sexual escapade?" He teased in a mock-dangerous tone.

Hermione snorted again, and started tugging her skirt back in place, wincing slightly at the wrinkles. She pulled her knickers off entirely, intending to stuff them into her handbag—they would be uncomfortably cold from her earlier arousal—only to be stopped short by Lucius peremptory outstretched palm.

"Your unmentionables, Miss Granger." He requested, in a tone that brooked no argument.

"You want my knickers?"

"You weren't going to wear them anyway. Besides, they're mine." He offered her a handkerchief he had procured from somewhere, which she gratefully accepted.


"Mmmm." He responded, and managed to pull out another handkerchief to meticulously clean himself. "Mine. By right of conquest."

Hermione laughed, unable to help herself, and handed her knickers over. "Just how did you know we wouldn't be discovered up here?"

Lucius shrugged, a wicked look in his eyes. "Maybe I didn't." He laughed softly. "People never look up. Besides, I had both a subtle Repelling Charm and a Silencing Charm in place."

Hermione felt her jaw drop slightly. "You mean…the whole time…no one would have heard me anyway?"

"Of course not; it's more fun though if you don't know that. I very much enjoyed watching you try to remain quiet. The truth is, however, I am a generally a cautious man." He pulled his shorts and trousers up over his still-softening erection with a discernible wince, and started fastening his belt. "Are you, Hermione?"

"What?" She had been distracted by watching him, and now she glanced up just in time to catch the amused look on his face. It quickly turned serious however, as he repeated the question.

"Are you careful?" He sank back down to the ground next to her, his back to a bookshelf and regarded her seriously.

What he was really asking sank in a moment later, and she nodded lazily, sagging against the same bookshelf. "Yes. I've been on the potion for years. There is no chance of any...accidents."

He nodded, looking slightly relieved. "That's good. That's…very good." He said frankly. "Just so we are clear, I have no intention of ever marrying you, or of paying for any mistakes that you make during this…affaire, Hermione."

Hermione snorted softly, and lifted one eyelid to peer at him, too exhausted to do more. "No offense, Lucius, but I'd sooner die a spinster than a Malfoy. We're very clear." Her lashes dropped shut again. "Not that I didn't enjoy myself; that was delicious."

"I'm going to have to buy you some of those ridiculously high heels. Far more practical for this sort of fucking then those awful mum-shoes you have."

"Buy away if you must, but next time, darling, I'm pulling your hair."

His only response was a surprised and genuinely pleased sounding chuckle, then a moment later, "Where the devil is my walking stick?"

A/N: This story was begun as a personal challenge to myself: I have a hard time writing the Malfoys for some reason, and a hard time writing lemons... I think I'm getting over both of those fairly well, don't you?