A/N: Drabble title taken from the Rolling Stones song of the same name.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble challenge/phrase: Friday the 13th. Dean keeps that Bowie knife underneath his pillow for a reason.

Warnings: Rough language. Also, non con. Male rape. Nothing graphic, but if any of this squicks you out, don't read any further.

Birthdays are bad, death days are worse. Mom's. Dad's. Sam's.


One day in particular left a mark.

Friday the 13th.

Sam was at school. The place was some skeezy motel somewhere.

Dean remembers.

Hot sulfur breath, teeth, rough hands on his skin.

"Pretty boy," the demon inside Dad rumbled, and all Dean could do was lie there and let it fuck him.

Dad was normal the next day. Never happened again, so Dean didn't say a word. He slipped the knife underneath his pillow that night.

It's not fear, it's precaution.

Even though Dean knows he'd never use it.