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"So this is what death fells like," Lelouch vi Britannia thought with a small smile as the blade pierce through his heart. 'I have no regrets, Zero Requiem is finally complete, I will die and I will take the world's hatred with me, leaving only the peaceful world that my dear sister wanted.' Lelouch smiled sadly as he felt his life slowly living him.

'Looking back, I live a fulfilling life, I had my revenge, I conquered Britannia, I met a beautiful yet annoying witch, I had beautiful and wonderful queen fighting besides me, and I made a peaceful world for those who had fought besides me and against me, I made the dream world of my sister.' The former demon emperor chuckled as blood spilled from his lips. 'I have no regrets,'

A shadow moved in the corner of his waning vision, Nunnally, his precious little sister, the one that had first denounced him as a demon and the source of his inspiration of doing his rebellion, now looking on in disbelief as he laid there, a smile on his face. 'It's over, Nunnally, it's finally over.' he wanted to tell her, but he couldn't even turn his eyes to look at her, he didn't know why, he didn't know whether he was too afraid, too ashamed to look at her innocent and pure sister or because his body was slowly shutting down.

"Big Brother, I love you!"

Those words, four simple words that, to him carried with them a greater meaning compare to everything he had done in this lifetime, those words gave him the assurance that his life was meaningful. His lips parted, eyes turning upwards into the growing light, his life flashing before him as he gripped on her sister's delicate hands, relishing the last feeling that he would have in this lifetime. "I know, believe me, I know." He whispered, smiling all the while, even as the light gradually faded "Destroy worlds…to Create worlds… the one thing I really regret is that I wouldn't see you grow in to a wonderful lady, my dear sister."

And with that, Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th emperor of Britannia, passed away, his eyes shutting beneath the shining sun of his homeland. As he died, one thought run through his mind. 'I may not regret anything but if fate gave me another chance to redo my revolution, I promised every deity up there in heaven and down in hell, I will do my revolution right this time.'

"If that is your wish, it shall be done." A thundering voice echoed in his head as a bright flash of light enveloped him.

(Scene Change)

"DON'T KILL HIM," A familiar voiced echoed in the background causing the once emperor to absurdly open his eyes. The scene before almost made him gasped. This was the exact scenario of the time and the place where he acquired his Geass. His thoughts was then diverted to the green haired witch that had been the source of his annoyance, and amusement in his past lifetime as she fell to his arms, blood soaking his Ashford Uniform.

"Well now, what a shame," The leader of the soldiers muttered, smirking up at him as he pointed his gun at him. "You look like a Britannian but I am under orders to kill anyone who comes across this little project, so any last words." The leader asked in a mocking tone as guns were suddenly pointed at him.

Lelouch on the other hand, ignored the words of the annoying soldier, he had heard those words before and hearing them the second time was rather annoying, instead, his eyes were fixed to the girl in his arms. 'This is exactly like…Impossible…But…Geass.' Lelouch thought as reality dawn to him. "Looks like fate is strangely on my side, how annoying." Lelouch muttered as he felt his Geass shined in both his eyes. "All of you die." Lelouch ordered with a cruel smirked adorning his face.

The soldiers suddenly stopped their movements as their eyes became dazed. "With pleasure, your majesty," The soldiers echoed as they pointed their weapons at each other and fired, killing themselves in the process.

Lelouch chuckled as he bare witness, yet again, to the deaths of what makes his country rotten to the core. "This sure brings back the memories." Lelouch muttered as he felt some probing in his head.

'So I see you already have a contractor, disappointing.' The familiar voice of his, once and only contractor echoed in his head causing a warm smile to spread on his face.

"On the contrary, Cera." Lelouch whispered to her with a loving tone. "You are my one and only contractor, you may do well to remember that, C.C..." Lelouch added with a slight mirth in his tone and he could instantly felt his contractor's body tensed at the mention of her name.

'How did you…' She was cut-off when she felt a pair of lips on hers, kissing her tenderly. Her eyes snapped opened as foreign memories suddenly flooded her mind, memories that were to realistic to be an illusion. Then the face of the boy, no man that was kissing her suddenly flooded her thoughts.

'Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch vi Britannia,' C.C.'s thoughts echoed as she wrapped her arms around her favorite person, albeit she will never admit it out loud, and return the kiss with as much passion and wanting as he was giving her.

Lelouch broke the kiss as he held her tightly. "So, you up for a redo?" Lelouch asked her as a smirked crossed both their faces.

"Why of course, after all, you had yet to fulfill my wish in your last lifetime." C.C. said with a small yet coy, smile.

(Scene Change)

"Are you not going to kill her?" C.C. asked as she rested her head on Lelouch's chest. "She did annoy you a lot in your last lifetime." C.C added with her usual tone of voice. After having returned her memories of her in the future, she had instantly reverted back to the good-old witch that Lelouch had come to know and love.

It had taken but a moment for Villeta to turn up and like last time, Lelouch had use his Geass to trick her in surrendering her Sutherland and firearm and unlike last time, he actually knows how to pilot the thing, so it made it easier for him to drive and navigate the Knightmare around the decimated ghetto.

"As tempting as that sound, I cannot kill her no matter how annoying she is. As I recall, Ohgi have some kind of relationship with her and even if that still hasn't happened yet, I will give the man a chance for happiness." Lelouch muttered as he analyzed the area. "Now, where is Q1?" Lelouch muttered as he tried to find his ace pilot.

"So I see you had taken an interest in that little red queen of yours." C.C. said with a taunting smile. "She is rather pretty, ravishing even."

"Shut it, witch." Lelouch hissed but the tone used was amusement. "But do tell, why are we relieving my two year rebellion and why do you have your memories of your past lifetime?" Lelouch asked rather curiously.

C.C. chuckled a bit at that question as she gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. "That little kiss of yours gave me enlightenment, and why we are relieving your ingenious Revolution of yours, is beyond me." C.C. said with a rather flirtatious tone.

"I see," Lelouch muttered but not yet convinced, making a mental note on looking onto this later, but for now, he has a battle to win and the sight of his red queen was truly the sight for sore eyes. "Here we go again," Lelouch muttered as he grabbed a communicator and contact that most deadly and the most skillful, and not to mention the most beautiful pilot he ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kallen Stadtfeld was not having a good day for several reasons, first of all, her step-mother was bitching around all day, second, she had once again bear witness at how weak her mother had become, third, their operation failed and she had lost a dear friend because of the failure, and lastly, she was now being chased by a standard issue, Military Sutherlands which outclass her one armed, and not to mention damaged Glasgow. Those new Knightmares were more agile and more powerful compare to her own Frame and it was hard for her to keep up as the energy of her machine was slowly dwindling.

"Naoto, looks like I'm going to join you sooner than I expected," Kallen muttered with a soft whispered while glancing at the power reading of her machine. "Damn it, thirty minutes left." Kallen muttered as she dodged several gun shot from the Sutherlands that were chasing her.

"The West Entrance," An unfamiliar voice ordered, snapping Kallen's attention, wondering who was this person using her group's communication frequency.

"Who is this?" Kallen demanded as she looks for an exit route. "And how do you know this code?" Her voice this time was lace with anger and suspicion, even if she was busy dodging several attacks from her pursuers.

The voiced, after hearing her words, chuckled heartedly, annoying her a bit as the voice began to speak again. "My dearest Q1, you haven't yet change, as fiery as I remember, regardless, if you want to win, you're going have to trusts me and follow my command to the letter."

"Win?" Kallen muttered under her voice, wondering if this man was sane or not, as the very idea of turning the odds at her current situation, and against Britannian Forces no less, seems staggeringly impossible. Also, from the way he spoke, it was, as if, he knew her from somewhere.

Still, as much as she distrusts this man, she doesn't have a lot of options left, so she merely followed the voice. Following the advice of the mysterious voice, she went to the west entrance while constantly dodging the rain of bullets from her pursuers. Lelouch smiled, she was as skillful as he remembers

"Very good Q1, now when you reach the train, jump on top of it and do not worry, I'll cover you." Lelouch exclaimed as he took aim with his Sutherland's rifle.

"If my memory serves me right, you suck at piloting Knightmare's." C.C. commented airily causing Lelouch to glare at her.

"Only at close range, I am quite a capable pilot in long range." Lelouch retorted as he fired two slash harkens at the Sutherland that was about to jump on the train. Kallen's eyes widen as she followed the anchor back to one of the destroyed building, where she spotted another Sutherland.

"Shot by friendly fire?" Jeremiah muttered, his confused yet outraged voice sounding over the intercom. "You there, what's your name and unit? We're after the one armed Glasgow-" Jeremiah was stop at mid-sentence as a hail of bullets rain upon him, forcing him to back away before his unit sustain any more damage.

"Sorry Jeremiah but the plot must stay in course for a while." Lelouch muttered, feeling a bit of regret as he was force to attack one of the most loyal subordinate that he had during his last lifetime. He smiled once again as Kallen, in her damaged Glasgow, was able to land a hit on Jeremiah;s frame, forcing him to eject before the final blow hits.

"You save me," Kallen mumbled with a grateful tone as she glanced at her savior. "But how did you get your hands on a Sutherland?" Kallen asked only to find her savior was long gone.

"What, where did he go?"

"KALLEN," Ohgi, the current leader of the rebel group of his late brother, called as he and the rest of the member of their rebel group run towards her. "What the hell was that radio message earlier?" Ohgi asked in a clearly confused tone.

"What, he contacted you too?" Kallen asked in a rather disturbed tone. If he was able to contact her other comrades, then what are the other things this guy is capable of.

"Sure did," With that said, the radio began to crackle again.

"Ohgi, Tamaki, good to see you two alive and well." Lelouch said over the radio and took great pleasure at hearing them gasped at the fact that 'this mysterious voice' knew their leader and one of his comrades. "I present to you the cargo in that train over there; there tools for your victory. If you want to use them for your victory, then follow my orders." Lelouch ordered as he heard them gasped at the sight of several Sutherlands inside the train.

"This brings back several good memories, don't you agree?"C.C. muttered and Lelouch could only chuckle in agreement.

"Yes, yes it does." Lelouch muttered as he wrapped an arm around his favorite witch's shoulder.

"And I see you learned how to lighten up a bit," C.C. commented with a catlike smile.

Lelouch laughed softly at that as he opened the line between him and his future knights. "Kallen, refill your energy filler, you're going to run as decoy. Recharged your energy and in the next ten minutes, I'll give you your next instructions." Lelouch instructed, earning another round of gasped of shocked.

"Okay, who the hell are you and how the hell did you know?" Kallen asked in a shocked yet angry tone. "And how do you know me?"

"How do I know you?" Lelouch chuckled sadly as he remembered the kiss that she gave him in the hallway. "One day, I'll tell you but for now, we have a battle to win, I suggest we concentrate on that for a while, Kallen, Q1." Lelouch exclaimed as he turned off the communication link, leaving a very confused and flustered Kallen.

(Scene Change)

Clovis la Britannia, third prince of the empire and the third line for the throne, sat in his command center, watching the battle in the safe confines of his base with a bored expression with a hint of annoyance as he listen to his tacticians discuss the course of action to smoke out the filthy Elevens that dared irritate him in the middle of a party no less. He was beginning to feel a bit irritated at the fact that it was talking too long to get rid of those worthless insects.

"Remember, I want her capture dead or alive." Clovis muttered and instantly, Bartley assured him that it would be done.

"Enemy sighted," One of the soldiers reported.

"A feint, how utterly pedestrian of them." Clovis mumbled with a voice of annoyance. "Take it out." Clovis ordered in a bored tone.

That attitude of his changed when two Sutherlands were suddenly taken out of commission. "What, an ambush?" Clovis muttered in shock.

From that point on, all hell broke loose at the command center as squads after squads of Sutherlands were taken out.

(Scene Change)

"An IFF signal could be used as a double edge sword." Lelouch whispered the same words that he said during his first battle. "P1, P3, P7, move a hundred meters to the right and fired your slash harkens at three o'clock."

"R2, fire anchor,"

"B7, use Chaos Mine,"

"N group, you'll continue your advance."

(Scene Change)

"Good afternoon!" Lloyd greeted the group of men with a smug smile. "I'd say, it's time to deploy the A6 special weapon."

"We've no time for this right now!" Clovis stated regally as he approached his tacticians that were panicking at the lost of yet another squad. "Bring up Quincy's squad!" That instantly caused Bartley to protests but was silence quickly. "Reinforce the breach in the encirclement with some of the forces guarding me; all we know for certain is that enemy forces are HERE."

(To Lelouch)

"My foolish brother, this is so stupid of you the second time around." Lelouch muttered as he contacted his favorite pilot. "My dear Q1, you should have an area map, if I am not mistaken."

"Yes," The red haired muttered as she danced around the opposing Sutherlands with her Knightmare while her comrades took them down from a far, one by one. "I have a map but it doesn't have any current landmarks." Kallen exclaimed earning her a chuckled from the voice who was leading them to victory.

"That'll do my dear that will do." Lelouch assured her with a soft chuckled. This was the exact same situation where he achieves his first victory over the Britannians.

(With Clovis)

"Okay then, send in Burts and the others too," Clovis ordered with a smile as he glanced at his advisor before glancing back at the monitor. "Concentrate our forces there, surround them." Clovis added as he glanced at a specific dot.

"The enemies' main forces are that in the center dot. Finish every one of them all!" Clovis ordered as he watched most of his forces gathering at that dot.

(To Lelouch)

"I should thank you my brother, you made this so easy." Lelouch muttered as contained a chuckled. "With this, I call check." Lelouch smiled and at the same time, his knights or future knights unleashed their slash harkens on the support beams of the surrounding road, causing the road to collapsed under the army of Sutherlands, burying them and at the same time, buildings fell upon them ensuring the deaths of the pilots.

"That was easy the second time around." C.C. commented she cuddled closer Lelouch's chest. "Now, what do you intend to do with regards to your favorite Knight in shining armor? Do you intend to stick with the plot or change it entirely?" C.C. asked in a rather curious tone.

"My dear Cera, I will change the plot but I need the debut of the Lancelot to be as glorious as before so….." Lelouch then opened the transmission. "Deploy,"

"Yes your majesty,"

Lelouch then opened the line to his favorite rebel group, who was still celebrating their victory. "Do not let your guard down." His voice echoed in the airwaves. "The battle isn't over yet, our Britainnian friends had yet to deploy their little toy."

"Toy?" Kallen question as the celebration died down.

"Yes, their new toy, a brand new Knightmare frame that outclassed the Sutherland in every aspect and the pilot is also extremely skill." Lelouch exclaimed with a small frown. "Retreat, I'll cover all of you. Try to save as much civilian as you can and hide the Sutherlands, you may need it in the future." Lelouch instructed in the airwaves.

"How could we trusts you, we don't even know you?" Tamaki snapped in a very irritated tone.

"You guys followed every command that I gave, hence you guys trusted me unconsciously and I the same, and I asked all of you again, trusts me with your lives as I trusted you with mine and I promised I will not disappoint." Lelouch stated with a determine tone.

"Who are you anyway?" Kallen asked as curiously as he heard Ohgi urged his companions to retreat.

"My dear Q1, one day, I will tell you who I am but for now, you can call me Zero, the man who will destroy this corrupt world and create a new." Lelouch said, quoting his last words in his last lifetime. "Tell your leader, tell Ohgi that I'll be in touch and Kallen, treat your mother well, she has her reasons for staying." And with that, Lelouch hang up.

"That was quite cruel of you, playing with her mind like that." C.C. stated with a small chuckle.

"Well, you are a great influence in my past life." Lelouch said in a nonchalant tone as they drove towards Clovis's mobile base.

(Scene Change)

"Attention all forces, cease fire at once. I Clovis la Britannia, third prince of Britannia and royal Viceroy of Area 11, hereby command you; all forces are order to cease fire at once. You will also cease destruction of any building or property. All casualties, whether Britannian or Eleven must be treated equally and without prejudiced, in the name of Clovis la Britannia, you are hereby, ordered to cease fire at once, I shall allow no further fighting." Clovis announced in a publicly and instantly, the sound of gun fired slowly decrease until it completely stop.

"Are you satisfied?" Clovis asked with a narrow tone. He could not see the man who had killed his tacticians and advisors but he could tell that this man was extremely dangerous. He cursed Bartley at his cowardice for running away when the first gunshot was fired, if he lived through this, he made a mental not to kill that man.

"Very, well done," The man replied as a spotlight was cast upon him and Clovis. Clovis almost growled when he gazed at the man wearing a Britannia Military Uniform.

"And what shall we do next, sign a few lively ballads or perhaps a game of chess." Clovis said with a very sarcastic tone.

"Chess, now that's a familiar ring." The soldier said as he removed the helmet and threw it to the floor. "Don't you recall, the two of us used to play chess together as boys, of course I would always win?"


"Don't you remember, at the Aries Villa?" The figure asked in a mocking manner.

"You, who are you?" Clovis almost spat as he glared at the man in front of him.

"It's been a long time, big brother." Lelouch said as Clovis stood at the sight of him. "The eldest son of the late consort, Marianne and the seventeenth line for the throne, Lelouch vi Britannia." Lelouch introduced himself in a rather dramatic fashion, even kneeling in front of his brother.

"Lelouch," Clovis muttered in shock. "But I thought….."

"That I was dead," Lelouch cut him off with a small smirked. "You were wrong, I have returned, your highness and I come back to change everything."

Clovis was shocked at the sight of his youngest brother; he thought he and his sister died when Japan was brought into the fold. He was about to say something when a soft laughter echoed in the room.

"Bravo Lelouch, bravo, you truly are the master of dramatics." C.C. exclaimed with a delighted tone as she appeared in front of Clovis and the very sight of her caused the said man to jump to his feet.

"YOU," Clovis shouted and instantly, a bullet was shot to his head, courtesy of Lelouch.

"I do not take kindly to people that have the nerve to yell at my witch." Lelouch said as his brother fell to the ground, dead. "I apologies, my brother, seeing that fate had given me a second chance, I thought I'll do the same for you, but you yelled at my witch and I cannot have that." Lelouch exclaimed with a sinister tone as he threw the pistol at his brother's dead body and at the same time, a pair of arms was suddenly wrapped around him.

"When did I become yours, boy?" C.C. asked in a rather amuse yet slightly flattered tone.

"You remember what happened between us before the completion of Zero Requiem because I haven't forgotten yet." Lelouch exclaimed with a small blush and to his comfort, C.C. as well blush at that memory. "I never thought you were a moaner though." Lelouch added with a rather perverse tone.

"From a guy who was at the bottom for the majority of the intercourse, I'll take that as a compliment." C.C. retorted with an equally perverse tone, damaging Lelouch's pride as a man. "Let's get out of here before anyone spotted us and if my guess is right, you have a lot of questions to ask me." C.C. as the two headed to the nearest exit.

"Right but first," Lelouch grabbed a communicator and contacted Kallen and her group. "Q1, pick up." Lelouch all but ordered.

"You," Kallen's voice echoed in the communication device, a voice of disbelief lacing her tone. "You're the one responsible for the cease fire, right?" Kallen asked in a very awe tone.

"Yes, I did say that you and your group could trust me." Lelouch said with a passive tone. "But enough of that, are you people in a safe location." Lelouch inquired in a worried tone.

"Yes we are, thanks to you and we also managed to evacuate some civilians to a safe location." Kallen stated in an assuring tone.

"And the Sutherlands?" Lelouch asked, wanting to know about the status of his gifts.

"They're in a secure location." Kallen answered honestly.

"Good to hear and by the way, I will contact you and your group again." Lelouch said with a blissful smile as he heard Kallen grumbled in the other line. "This may be the start of a beautiful relationship." And with that, he hanged up before destroying the communicator.

"You like her, do you?" C.C. asked in a rather knowing tone.

Lelouch chuckled bitterly at that question as they exited Clovis's mobile based. "I regretted a lot of things during my last lifetime but my greatest was that I carelessly broke the bond between us so foolishly." Lelouch said with a bitter tone. "I will not let that happen again. My Rebellion will be done right this time, no more unnecessary death, no more unnecessary casualties, this time, I will do this right, that I swear Cera." Lelouch whispered passionately as the two disappeared in the sunset.

"And I'll be there with you to the very end, my emperor."

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