14. Chapter 14



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Cornelia was preparing her Gloucester for deployment while her Euphemia made herself comfortable in the cockpit. "Dalton, Guildford, I want you to lead four groups to counter this ambush. Gottwald, I want you to take charge of the defense around the G-1. Major Kururugi, you know what to do." Cornelia instructed fiercely.

"Yes, your majesty." The four answered fiercely.

"I will join the battle as soon as my business is done. Guildford, I trust you to take charge while I'm gone." Cornelia instructed before her Gloucester was propelled from the G-1. Euphemia did her best to not fall over her sister in the cockpit.

"Milady," Guildford called as Cornelia rode off behind the G-1. "May I ask you where you're going?" Guildford asked politely.

"Personal business my Knight and that is the only thing you need to know." Cornelia answered with a firm tone. "Just trust me on this."

"Always, Princess," Guildford replied with a nod. "Shall we now take care of the trash?" Guildford asked with a small yet vicious grin.

Cornelia smirked at that. "Save some for me, my Knight, I have something to test later when I return."

Guildford nodded at that before cutting the communication link between him and his princess.

Cornelia could hear the sound of Knightmares and tanks deploying as she sped away from the G-1 mobile base toward her supposedly dead brother.

"Euphy, brace yourself." Cornelia told her sister as she pressed several controls. Instantly, her Gloucester unsheathed two MSV swords from the side of her cockpit. "This may be a bumpy ride." Cornelia warned as her scanners detected two enemy Knightmares across her and another four coming from the sides.

With swift and subtle movement of her controls, her Gloucester cut down those Knighmares with ease before accelerating away from the explosion. That explosion triggered a chain reaction as several Knightmares began to pursue her. "Euphemia, hang-on tightly," Cornelia advised as several Burais appeared in front of her, rifles blazing as they tried to shoot her down.

Cornelia skillfully and gracefully dodged the projectiles fired towards her as she weaved left and right with the use of her Landspinners. With a flicker of her controls, her Gloucester cut down one Burai before using her Gloucester's Slash Harkens to take down two more. With her masterful control over her Knightmare frame, and her superior piloting skills, she was able to dodge all the bullets that were fired behind her while simultaneously cutting her enemies down. In a matter of seconds, all of the Burais in front of her as well as behind her were destroyed, some of the pilots were lucky enough to eject while some were not so fortunate and perish as their frames exploded into oblivion.

As Euphemia watched her sister dismantle her enemies, she could not help but be in awe with her sister's skills with the Knightmare. She was truly a fearsome enemy and she wondered how dangerous her sister would be if she truly has a Knightmare that can fully utilizes her skills.

She was no fool, she knew that a Gloucester, a customize issue or a standard issue; can no longer bring out her sister's true skills. She needs a more advance frame, like the Lancelot, to bring out her full potential.

'I wonder if Lelouch would give her just that.' Euphemia thought as she felt the frame shifting to the side.

Cornelia groaned as she felt more pursuers coming from behind. Normally, she would face them head on and she would execute them as swiftly as possible. That would be a norm for her in normal circumstances, but sadly, that was not the case today. Euphemia was with her, and fighting recklessly while her sister was with her was out of the question. She cursed silently; she needs to lose her pursuers before meeting up with Lelouch. Having insects following her is not ideal for a family reunion.

Her musing was cut short when her scanners detected a fast moving projectile heading her way. She quickly performed evasive maneuvers with her Gloucester as two missiles passed her by. Cornelia and Euphemia heard two explosions as the missile took down their targets.

"Cornelia stay low," The distinct voice of Lelouch ordered as several more missiles pass her Gloucester by. Cornelia was baffled, her scanners detected the missiles that her brother was firing but she could not detect where the missiles were coming from.

"What has that boy been doing for the past seven years?" Cornelia wondered out loud. Euphemia chuckled uneasily at that, wondering what her reaction would be at the fact that his brother has two girlfriends that he seems to be sexual active with them.

"Cornelia, are you okay over there?" Lelouch asked, his voice lacking concern.

"I could have handled those trashes." Cornelia commented as she gazed at the scrap metal that were the remains of Burais, courtesy of Lelouch's missiles.

"I know you could, but your Gloucester's movements are a bit sloppy." Lelouch said in a sharp tone. "When you're going out for a big operation, at least make sure that your weapons have all of their upgrades finish properly." Lelouch exclaimed with a rather disappointed tone.

Cornelia merely shrugged at that. "That annoying earl worked on my Gloucester last, but at least it's still operational." Cornelia replied bluntly. "Where are you anyway, my scanners can't detect you?" Cornelia asked rather curiously, checking her scanner one last time.

She regretted asking that question when she heard her brother laughing, pride evident in his voice. "It works, it actually works!" Lelouch said with glee.

"What works, Lulu?" Euphemia asked, curious at what would make her brother so happy.

"I'll show you," Lelouch said over the communication link. They were confused at the meaning of those words until a large cargo jet suddenly appeared in front of them.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Cornelia shouted as she almost attacked the jet with her MVS sword.

"Mirage Colloid, a new piece technology that I've created, it bends different forms of energy to make one invisible." Lelouch explained as he opened the cargo door. "Get in, I've used all my missiles to destroy those Burais so I am out and I refuse to let you fight in a Gloucester that isn't properly calibrated." Lelouch told her as he turned off the communication link.

"When did he become so bossy?" Cornelia wondered out loud while Euphemia chuckle in amusement. Her Gloucester carefully entered the large cargo jet, which was ten times the size of her Gloucester. As she entered the hangar, she instantly notices two gigantic machines in the hangar. One was the Knightmare Frame that her brother showed her and the other was an unknown machine covered by a huge tarp, the only reason Cornelia knew it was a machine was because of the metallic wings that sprouted out through the tarp.

"Sister, I think it's safe to get out now." Euphemia said, feeling a bit uncomfortable in the small cockpit of the Gloucester.

Normally, Cornelia would have waited for Lelouch to be out in the open but the sight of the golden Knightmare that her brother promise to give her piqued her curiosity. She cautiously opened the cockpit of her Gloucester before slowly descending to the ground, her sister just besides her. As they reached the ground, Cornelia let go of Euphemia and approached the Golden Knightmare. As she gazed at the Knightmare, she could not help but be impressed at how formidable it looked and the armor that looked like it belonged to Joan of Arc was a very nice touch. She began to wonder when her brother developed a knack for irony. It was well known that the Witch of Britannia and the Witch of Orleans were bitter enemies, having the enemy Knightmare look exactly like the armor of the Witch of Britannia and having her future Knightmare look exactly like the armor of the Witch of Orleans was like seeing the two fable warriors fight in modern times.

"I know it's ironic. The most hated villain in our country's history will fight to protect it against our county's greatest hero." A familiar voice snapped her attention from her own thoughts as she turned around and found herself, for the first time, face to face with her supposedly dead brother. "Cornelia," Lelouch greeted with a curt nod as he stood besides Euphemia.

Cornelia saw him on a screen just earlier in the evening, but seeing him right in front of her was something out of a dream. His ebony hair that he inherited from Lady Marianne and his violet eyes that he inherited from their father, he was somewhat scrawny, having little muscle, and being rather thin, which made her wonder if he was eating right in his self-imposed exile.

After a moment of silence, she spoke. "You look like a skeleton with skin, have you been eating right?" Cornelia said, much to her younger siblings' amusement.

"We hadn't seen each other for more than seven years and the first thing you say to me, face to face, is that I look like a skeleton?" Lelouch replied with a small smile as he slowly approached her.

"The first time I've heard of you in seven years was from a terrorist." Cornelia said bluntly as she folded her arms over her chest. "Do you enjoy nurturing terrorist? The one you made is annoying and formidable, a very horrible combination." Cornelia commented as she walked towards Lelouch until they were merely two feet apart.

"Good to see you, Cornelia."

"Good to see you too, little brother."

(Scene Change)

"You know, Dalton, as much as I don't want to admit it, but that kid is good." Guildford muttered as he took down an enemy Knightmare with a swipe of his Gloucester's Lance-type MVS (similar to the Vincent's).

Dalton laughed gruffly as he took down four enemy Knighmares with the use of his rifle. He was better at long range combat, in contrast to Guildford and Cornelia. "I am starting to think that this country is the producer of the best Knightmare Pilots in the world." Dalton commented goodheartedly as he exchange his Knightmare's rifle for a cannon and proceeded to fire cannon shells at the upcoming enemy. "That Eleven pilot that Zero has was able kick our asses and our very own Eleven pilot is showing us up." Dalton added as he watched the Lancelot spearhead the counter attack.

It was a sight to be seen, as Suzaku carved through the JLF's forces with the simplest of ease. The Lancelot was currently bulldozing through countless Burais, performing amazing feats of acrobatic skill, swinging its MVS swords with such finesse, that with every swing, a random Burai was cut in half. Suzaku was not even fazed when the enemy began to concentrate their fire at his frame; the Blaze Luminous was enough to block the simplest attack such as rifle fire. The Slash Harkens that the Lancelot had were also used for defense as it deflected several bullets and push back several Burais that came close to his frame.

As Suzaku dismantle every enemy Knightmare in front of him, Guildford and Dalton were eliminating those who were fortunate enough to avoid his onslaught. It was quite fortunate in their part to be warned about the ambush beforehand, it gave them the element of surprise, allowing them to sweep the JLF's attacking force in one swift move.

"Dalton, I'll go right, you take left." Guildford exclaimed loudly as he and a dozen other pilots turned right.

"Roger!" Dalton answered as he turned the barrel of his Gloucester's Bazooka to his left; several Knightmares also turned their weapons to the left as well and began to open fire, mirroring Dalton's movement. Several charging Burais were caught in the gunfire and were force to take cover behind the forest trees, but their cover didn't last long against the artillery of Dalton and his men.

Guildford led the charge and cut down several units that tried to blindside them from their right. Guildford may not want to admit it, but the crazy earl did a wonderful job in customizing his Gloucester; the movements of his Gloucester was increased significantly and the MVS weapons that Lloyd had equipped to his Knightmare were a major upgrade from the jousting lance that his Gloucester originally had.

With a simple flicker of his controls, he was able to skillfully cut down four enemy Knightmares in quick succession while the group of pilots that followed him were able to take one a piece.

"Kururugi, update on your energy filler." Guildford demanded as he fended off three enemy Knightmares with at once.

"I have at least sixty-five percent, sir." Suzaku answered dutifully as he took down four more enemies before grabbing his Lancelot's VARIS-rifle. Suzaku took aim and let loose four shells, instantly taking down four charging Knightmares.

"Nice shooting boy," Dalton complimented as he took down the last enemy Knightmare. "And that's the last one." Dalton commented in a rather bored tone.

"Good, let's proceed to Kyoto and be done with it." Guildford ordered through the open link.

"Aren't we supposed to wait for Princess Cornelia?" Dalton inquired, but followed Guildford's orders anyway.

"Her Highness said that she had something personal to deal with, I do not want her to rush her business just because of these measly peasants." Guildford explained regally.

(Scene Change)

"Katase, what is happening?" Kirihara asked as the members of the Six House of Kyoto watched the first wave of their forces get systematically dismantled by the Britannian Army in less than thirty minutes.

Katase bit his lip as the first part of his plan failed. When their intelligence gathered that Princess Cornelia will lead an army, a smaller army compared to the army that she led during the incident in Narita, he and Tohdoh quickly formed a plan to repel the attack as well as capture Cornelia at the same time. The plan was simple enough; set up a defensive line around Kyoto while sending a small ambush force at Cornelia.

The Ambush Squad was suppose to attack the Britannian's G-1 mobile base and force Cornelia out to the battlefield. When she had joined the fight, they would focus their attacks on her until they overwhelmed her, it was a simple enough plan.

The plan was supposed to catch the Britannians off guard, so Katase did not bother to create a Plan B, Tohdoh had tried to talk him into devising a backup plan, but he thought that it was unnecessary, he thought that the Britannians would not be able to recover from the initial attack, no one could have known that they would catch the JLF during mid-ambush. Now, after watching the Britannians basically destroying the Ambush Squad that he sent, he could not help but wish that he should have listened to Tohdoh.

"Should we be worrying now?" Kaguya asked in a drawled tone. She was unimpressed with General Katase's plans and she was quite put off that she and the rest of the Kyoto House were force to watch the JLF's latest failure.

Before Katase could speak, Tohdoh appeared on the screen, an army of Burais and one Raikou behind him. "General Katase, permission to deploy?" Tohdoh requested as he stood on top of his custom made Burai, the rest of his Holy Swords at his side with their Burais.

The members of the Kyoto House, as well as General Katase were startled at his request, while Kaguya looked curious. "Do you think you can turn the tide of this battle, Lieutenant Colonel?" Kaguya asked with a small, childish smile.

Tohdoh merely gave her a curt nod. Kaguya chuckled at this. "Will the permission of one of the Six House of Kyoto be enough for you, Colonel?" Kaguya asked with a rather cheerful smile.

Tohdoh smile at that, Sumeragi Kaguya was the craftiest politician he had ever met in his long life, a fitting quality for the Mistress of the Six House of Kyoto.

Thirty minutes later…..

"So we have our marching orders," Asahina muttered as he, together with forty Burais, was deployed to the eastern side of Kyoto.

"Finally, I've been itching for a fight." Urabe exclaimed as he and sixty Burais were deployed to the western side of Kyoto.

"Remember the plan boys," Senba barked as he, Tohdoh, and Chiba, together with three hundred Burais were deployed to the northern side of Kyoto.

"Of course," The two youngest members of the Four Holy Swords said in unison as they proceeded to go to their designated positions.

(Scene Change)

Cornelia was sitting in Aria's cockpit, a keyboard in front of her as she analyzes her Knightmare's weapons and specs while Lelouch was tailoring the Operating System for her personal use. "Are you sure its main defensive weapon will work?" Cornelia asked as she studied Aria's left arm.

"Call it Aria, Cornelia. And as for your question, I'm sure of it." Lelouch assured her as he placed the finishing touches to Aria's OS.

"And this Atmospheric Converter, are you sure it could be used in battle?" Cornelia asked with a skeptical tone as she analyzed the functions of the sword that would function as main offensive weapon of the Knightmare.

"Do you remember the two cannons of the Magdalene, the cannons that can use wind, lightning, and ice?" Lelouch asked rhetorically. "The Atmospheric Converter is a technology that I developed for a multi-functional weapon. The Atmospheric Converter converts the atmosphere around the unit to a desired form of attack. The Magdalene's Atmospheric Converter could convert the atmosphere into three forms and can attack in three ways; ice for long-range, wind for mid-range, and lightning for close-range. I do not have to remind you how destructive those attacks were." Cornelia inwardly shuddered at that, remembering how much destruction they caused to her soldiers.

"Now, as for the Atmospheric Converter that I have attached to Aria, it is only limited in converting the atmosphere into lightning, because I designed Aria as a close range unit." Lelouch explained as he uploaded the finished OS to Aria's computer. "Aria's main offensive weapon, Bloody Mary; it has both the Quantum Electronic Cutter and the Atmospheric Converter integrated into it. The Quantum Electronic Cutter will generate around 50,000 volts of electricity in the first stage, but you can increase the voltage all the way up to 250,000 volts if you want to, while the Atmospheric Converter will convert the atmosphere to increase the electric output as well as for long range attacks." Lelouch elaborated as he closed his portable supercomputer.

"Did you just call the large white sword 'Bloody Mary'?" Cornelia asked, bewildered by her brother's naming skills.

"Yes, yes I did." Lelouch answered with a shrugged.

"And what about this Active Inertia Canceller and this Magnetic Manipulation System, where the hell did you get the ideas to create these things?" Cornelia asked, as she analyzed the main features of her Knightmare.

Lelouch did not reply as he sent a video recording of the Battlefield to her. "The JLF are launching their counter attack; they are encircling your main force." Lelouch informed her. Cornelia frowned as she watched her forces in disarray as they tried to fend off three hundred enemy units; the one hundred and forty five units that she deployed were fighting against three hundred enemy Knightmares in a stalemate, much to Cornelia's relief. The most noticeable fighters were her knights and Major Kururugi. Cornelia noticed that Kururugi was fending off three Knightmares that she saw in Jeremiah Gottwald's report.

"The attack is pretty much a frontal assault." Cornelia commented. Lelouch answered by showing her the two enemy forces that were moving from either side of the main battlefield.

"Your forces are able to fend them off because of the technological gap, but with this surprise attack, they won't last long." Lelouch said, causing Cornelia to growl.

"Lower this jet," Cornelia commanded as she closed the cockpit of her Knightmare.

"Of course, your majesty." Lelouch replied jokingly as he dashed off towards the cockpit. The cargo jet may be huge, but the distance between the hangar and the cockpit was short, short enough for him to run without getting winded. As he reached the cockpit, he noticed Euphemia looking at the controls curiously.

"Hey Lelouch, did you made this jet yourself?" Euphemia asked curiously.

Lelouch smiled as he nodded. "I had a lot of free time." Lelouch told her as he motion for her to sit in the co-pilot seat. "Now if you would be so kind, Euphy, our dear older sister is going out to battle."

(Scene Change)

Asahina didn't know why but he suddenly felt anxious. His grip on his controls tightened slightly as he heard nothing but silence within his cockpit. Usually, when he was heading to a major battle, Asahina felt excited to prove himself in the eyes of his superiors but today, he felt anxious, nervous even. "Get a hold of yourself, Asahina." Asahina berated himself as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Hey Asahina, you okay over there?" Urabe asked with a smirked on his face. "You look a bit peeved, maybe you should go back." Urabe teased, much to Asahina's amusement.

"Me? Going back? No chance," Asahina replied coolly. "By the way, don't screw up like you did in Narita."

Urabe scowled at that reminder. "That Britannian bitch just caught me from behind, unlike you, he who almost got impaled in half."

"Key word being almost." Asahina retorted with a smirked. "Because I was not forced to eject, unlike you."

Urabe growled at that before chuckling. "When we reach the battlefield, I'll show you that I'm still better than you."

"We'll see," Asahina replied before they cut off the communication link, feeling a little bit less anxious after his conversation with Urabe. His good mood was short lived as his scanners detected a fast moving object descending upon them.

Before he could warn his comrades, a yellow beam went past him, hitting the Knightmare beside him. The yellow beam was able to then pierce through two more Burais, destroying three Burais in one shot. Asahina's squad was force to separate to avoid the explosions.

Asahina's attention was then brought to a golden Knightmare that landed in front of them. "What the hell is that thing?" Asahina wondered as the 57 remaining Burais aimed their rifles at the unknown enemy.

"Hey Lelouch, what do you call the rail cannon on Aria's shoulder?" Cornelia asked as she deactivates Aria's snipping system.

"Xiphias Rail Cannon, it can fire an electric beam at the speed of Mach 8." Lelouch informed her.

"Nice," Cornelia complimented as she eyed her opponents with excitement. She pressed a control causing Aria to grab the sword that her brother called Bloody Mary. The circular devise on the base of the sword began to rotate, causing the pure white sword to turn pitch black with a tint of violet as it sparked with electricity.

Asahina saw that action, and instantly labeled the new Knightmare as an enemy. He began to bark out orders. "Fire," Asahina shouted as he took the rifle of his Burai Kai and opened fired at the golden Knightmare. There enemy did not even bother dodge, instead, it thrust its right arm towards the hail of bullets, its bronze hand glowed brightly and much to their shock, the bullets stop at midflight, ten meters from the Knightmare.

"AIC, Active Inertia Canceller emits an electromagnetic inertia negating field that effectively stops any projectile and attack directed at you." Lelouch said before Cornelia could even ask. "You can send those bullets back at them with three times the speed by the way."

"I owe you an apology." Cornelia muttered in excitement. With a flick of her controls, Aria's middle finger flicked, sending back the bullets back at their shooters. Her opponents were force to take cover as the bullets pierced through some of them. "Very nice," Cornelia muttered again as she charged towards her enemies. She had to hand it to her brother; her new unit, Aria, may not have Landspinners but it was many times faster than her Gloucester.

Normally, a large sword would be heavy for Knighmares to wield, but for Aria, its main weapon weighed like a feather. Aria swung its giant sword, and with the electric current that the sword was discharging, the sword's cutting power was beyond anything the armor of a normal Knightmare could withstand, the simple attack from Aria was able to cut two Burais in half from the waist, while grazing a third Burai, and because of the electrical discharge by the sword, the damaged Knightmare became momentarily paralyzed.

"What the," The Pilot muttered as he tried to force his Burai to move but to no avail. "NOOO," He cried as his unit was cut in half as well by the golden Knighmare.

"Surround that thing, and fire at it from all directions." Asahina ordered in a frantic voice. That thing just destroyed six Knightmares with simple ease.

Cornelia (as 54 Knightmares surround her) smirked; she could finally test out the weapons her brother attached to the Knightmare that he gave her. "Let's see what Bloody Mary can really do." Cornelia said in excitement as the circular device on the Bloody Mary increased its rotation, causing the sword to be surrounded by a thick layer of blue electricity. Aria then swung Bloody Mary, causing the sword to release a massive blue wave of electricity towards the Burais that surrounded her. The wave of electricity was able to hit three Burais. The attack electrocuted the three Knighmares as well as their pilots before their Knightmares exploded. Cornelia smiled at the destructive capabilities of her new Knightmare, increasing her lust for battle in the process as she went on the offensive.

Asahina gaped at how much damage that last attack did, but he didn't have the time to ponder anything else as he noticed the Golden Knightmare charging at them with amazing speed. "Spread out and watch out for that sword!" Asahina shouted as he unsheathed his Burai Kai's Revolving Blade Sword and prepared for combat.

With Aria's superior speed, Cornelia was able to dodge the barrage of bullets fired at her with great ease while maneuvering around her enemies simultaneously. When she was near enough, Cornelia struck down two Burai's with one swift strike of Aria's large sword. Aria then jumped in the air to avoid the hail of bullets fired at it from behind, before sending a wave of electricity from her sword to her attackers. The attack was as fast as lightning, none of them were able to dodge in time; there Knightmares were electrocuted before exploding like the others.

Cornelia landed in the middle amongst ten Burais, before any of them could react; Cornelia thrust Bloody Mary into the ground and sent over a million bolts of electricity coursing through the earth, causing the ground to crumble beneath the Burais. All ten Burais lost their footing, giving Cornelia the opportunity to the Aria's AIC to repel half of them away as she dismantled the other half with a single horizontal slash strike. She then fired the small cannon on Aria's left forearm at the five who were being held by the AIC. A blue beam of energy shot out of the small cannon but did not cause any damage to them; instead, the blue beam surrounded them, freezing their Knightmares motionless in the process. With a simple motion of Aria's wrist, the five Knightmares were levitated from the ground and was moved in front of her, just in time to block the barrage of bullets that was fired at her.

"The Magnetic Manipulation System or MMS is a tractor beam that paralyzes and attracts any metallic machine from a distance." Lelouch explained through the private link. "Unlike the AIC, the MMS is for long range and its limit is five Knightmares at one use, the same goes for the AIC." Lelouch added thoughtfully.

"Thanks for the warning," Cornelia muttered as she deactivated the MMS and reactivating the AIC to repel the five destroy machines towards their comrades. The five machines exploded and the resulting smoke was able to block the view of her enemies temporarily. She used this to her advantage as she use the Rail Cannon mounted on Aria's shoulder and fire five consecutive shots; Aria's Sniping System possessed a special Passive Infrared Sensor, giving her a perfect aim of her enemies even though they were surrounded in a cloud of smoke. The five shots that she fired took down around ten enemy frames.

Asahina groaned in despair, the sixty Knightmares that were assigned to him were now reduced to six, and what was worst, all of the pilots were dead. "Damn it, all of you cover me, I'm charging in." Asahina commanded at the six remaining frames. They did as they were told as they position themselves behind their commander and gave him cover as he accelerated towards the Golden Knightmare that destroyed their group like they were nothing (which they were).

Cornelia watched the heavily customized Glasgow (she refuses to refer to the Glasgow rip-off as a Burai) with a rather bored expression as she deflected the bullets fire at her with the Bloody Mary. Whoever was the commander of this Battalion was not very observant. She raise Aria's left arm and when Knightmare was close enough, she activated the AIC, stopping the Knightmare and the bullets in their tracks.

Asahina froze in dread as he tried in vain to move his Burai Kai from the invincible force that seemed to paralyze his machine. "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT," Asahina muttered in dread as he pushed and pressed every button in his cockpit to try to force his Knightmare to move, but it was to no avail as his Burai stood still, frozen in place in front of the Golden Monster. He froze in fear when he notices the barrel of Rail Cannon pointing at the cockpit of his Burai. "Shit," Asahina cursed one last time as he waited for the enemy to take his life.

The shot did not come; the remaining Knighmares under his command came to his aid and surrounded the Golden Knightmare, firing from all sides. Asahina was unnerved that the bullets were not even scratching the armor of the Knightmare, but it seemed to have at least diverted its attention from him. The unknown force that was stopping his frame, repelled him with such force that it crushed his frame from the inside, rendering it all but useless. He crashed a couple of meters from the Golden Knightmare and was force to watch his remaining men perish in front of him.

Cornelia wasn't faze by the bullets that were being fired at her Aria, it retrospect, those bullets were not even able to scratch Aria's armor, but Cornelia did not wait for them to actually scratch the paint. After all, Aria was a gift from her brother, her only bearable brother. She once again thrust Aria's sword into the ground and once again sent a huge amount of electricity into the earth, only this time, Cornelia sent the maximum output of electricity that the Bloody Mary could generate, which was roughly 250,000 volts. That caused the ground to explode, sending large pieces of debris to fly everywhere and electricity to burst from the ground. The unorthodox attack caught them all off guard as there frames were trashed by the flying debris and were scorched by the streaks of lightning that was erupting on the ground.

Asahina was fortunate enough to land out of the attack range, but he felt completely helpless as he watched the six remaining Knightmares under his command explode right before his eyes. He began to shiver involuntarily as he glanced at the state of the battlefield; the once wide clearing was now a field of blackened Knightmare parts and craters. He stiffened when he saw the Golden Knightmare walking towards him slowly, its black sword carving into the ground beneath it. "Move, move, move," Asahina panicked as he tried to force his Burai to move, but it was still to no avail. The inner mechanics of the Burai was too damaged to respond. "Damn it," Asahina cursed as he punched the eject button.

Cornelia watched the commander eject from his ruined Knightmare with a pitying expression. "Hey Lelouch," Cornelia called through a private channel.

"Yes, Cornelia," Lelouch answered expectantly.

"This Knightmare, Aria, it's mine right?" Cornelia asked hopefully.

"It's all yours." Lelouch answered with a chuckle. "Consider it seven years worth of birthdays."

Cornelia chuckled gleefully as the Aria stood behind her slaughter, its sword shining brightly with lightning.

(Scene Change)

The six house of Kyoto as well as the leading officers of the JLF cannot help but smirk and cheer as they watch Tohdoh surround the Britannians. For the first time since Tohdoh's miracle all those years ago, they finally have those damn Britannians in the corner.

Kaguya on the other hand, did not join the celebration; instead, she was looking at her watch, waiting for the time Britannia's newest weapon to grace the battlefield. She was informed beforehand that Britannia had developed a new Knightmare Frame that surpasses the overall performance of the White Knightmare that her cousin was piloting. Her Zero-sama had told her that the Battle of Kyoto would be the last battle that the JLF would ever fight in Japanese soil. He told her that after tonight, Cornelia would put the final nail in the JLF's coffin.

Truth be told, Kaguya did not hold much love for the JLF. It is not that she hated the organization, she just hate their methods of fighting their conquerors. The JLF, through the years, became nothing more than a terrorist group that does not care for the civilians whether it be Japanese or Britannians.

Supporting the Japanese Liberation Front is a lost cause. They've became obsolete.

Kaguya's musing was interrupted when a familiar general spoke. "Sumeragi-dono, rejoice for this night, we will achieve great victory." Katase said with a triumphant smile.

"General, save the celebration for later. The battle is not yet over." Kaguya commented maturely.

"True, but without Cornelia, our victory is assured." Katase stated with confidence.

"And that is what worries me, General." Kaguya mumbled loud enough for Katase and Kirihara to hear. "I'm worried because Cornelia is not leading her own army to battle. No matter how major or minor the battle, she usually leads her forces into combat, and her absence in this fight is very unnerving." Kaguya stated, repeating the lines that Zero told her to say in front of them.

"Don't worry hime, Cornelia is probably still recovering from that beating she got from Zero." Katase chuckled bitterly at that. "We are not the only one who lost in Narita." Katase mumbled with a frown.

"We owe Zero a lot for crippling Cornelia's forces." Kirihara commented silently.

"But still, we cannot trust a man that hides behind a mask." Katase stated firmly. "What integrity does he possess if he has to hide under a mask in order to fight?"

"Maybe because the Japanese people needed a symbol, and his mask became that symbol." Kaguya answered silently. "For our nation to rise we needed a symbol and he provided us with one."

"But the Japanese people already have a symbol, Tohdoh."

Kaguya choose not to comment as she hid her smile. The Golden Knightmare had just appeared.

Let the plan begins now.

(Scene Change)

For a person that enjoys combat, Cornelia was having the time of her life.

Lelouch on the other hand was infiltrating Kyoto with the use of a hijacked Burai. "Jeremiah, is Euphemia safely in the G-1?"

"Yes milord, she is currently helping the wounded." Jeremiah reported, the sound of fighting could be heard in the background.

"Excellent," Lelouch complimented smugly. "Rolo, are you in position?"

"Yes brother," Rolo answered swiftly. "Brother, shouldn't I be doing the infiltration? I am well qualified to infiltrate any base and I could kill anyone with or without my Geass." Rolo stated with a worried tone.

"I am well aware of your abilities Rolo, that's why I station you there so that you can take over after I am done with the my deed. I want you to watch my back and you are the best sniper in the Black Knights." Lelouch told him calmly. "You are the only one, aside from Kallen, that I will trust my back to in the battlefield, do you understand?"

"Yes brother, I will not fail you again." Rolo assured him. Lelouch turned off the communication link before smiling. Everything is going according to his plan. Cornelia is currently decimating the JLF with Aria and the combat data that he was getting is beneficial for finishing the Magdalene's new weapon. Because of the battle taking place outside, Lelouch easily hijacked a Burai and infiltrated Kyoto. Knowing Kaguya, she had prepared everything that he requested her to.

"Thank God for small graces." Lelouch muttered with a grin. Using Kaguya's admiration towards Zero, he was able to manipulate her to set several contraptions all around Kyoto. Kaguya also prove her usefulness by evacuating all the civilians living in Kyoto.

"I was the one to put the final nail to the JLF in the original timeline, I might as well end them with their heads held up high, that's the least I could do for them." Lelouch mumbled with a malicious tone before parking the Burai in a nearby building. "Rolo, scan the area within 20 meters of me, if there is anyone within five meters of me, shoot them down." Lelouch ordered as he entered several codes in the Knightmare's Operating System.

Rolo did as he was told and scanned the area with the use of his scope. It took Rolo a minute to fully scan the area. "Brother, you are clear to go."

Lelouch then left the Burai before pressing his phone, causing the Knightmare to burst back to life and move away from where Lelouch was standing. "I need to do this quick, I have five minutes." Lelouch mumbled before entering the buildings.

(Scene Change)

Cornelia was ecstatic as she ripped through enemy Knightmare left and right. For the first time in her life, she finally found a Knightmare that exceeded her expectations. She cannot describe the rush Aria was giving her, she felt like no one could beat her. She felt like Aria was her own body.

"Is that all you got, you Eleven dogs?" Cornelia mocked as Aria stood above a pile of scrap metals that used to be Knightmares. When Cornelia intercepted the second batch of reinforcement of the JLF, in a matter of minutes, she had hacked through roughly half of them with ease. The worse part about this for her enemies is that Aria still has seventy percent worth of energy left.

Urabe was sweating bullets at the carnage that he witness courtesy of the Knightmare across him. That Golden Knightmare that came from out of nowhere and ravage half of his forces like they were nothing. All the attacks that they threw at the Knightmare was stopped by some kind of invincible force field, fighting close range is impossible thanks to that sword that it was wielding, long range is out of the question because of that railgun on its shoulder and that strange tractor beam, and retreating was going to be difficult because of the speed that Knightmare possesses. In short, they were screwed.

The remaining thirty Burais did not take that insult from Cornelia well and charged at her, guns blazing. "Don't, you fools." Urabe shouted through a public link but it was too late, they had already charged at the Golden Knightmare.

Cornelia laughed at their futile attempts to touch her Aria as she activated the AIC once again. Aria raised its right arm and erected an invincible magnetic field that stopped the bullets in their tracks and with a flicker of a finger, fired the bullets back at Cornelia's attacker. They were able to dodge it but that only made Cornelia happier. She charged at them, Bloody Mary buzzing with an intense electrical surge. With a wide slash, Cornelia cut down three Burais with ease before once again using the AIC to push down the Burai near her. She then took aim before Aria swung Bloody Mary, unleashing a gigantic arc of blue electricity towards her enemies. The attack instantly destroyed six Burais that was in the front line, which made the remaining Knightmares to break ranks.

Cornelia could not help but smile at this, with her enemies broke formation; it gave her the perfect opportunity to attack the leader. Using Aria's full acceleration, which is five times faster than her old Gloucester, she charged at the commanding unit.

Urabe tried to back away but the speed of the Golden Knightmare was too much for his Burai Kai to handle. In a matter of seconds, the Golden Knightmare that decimated his forces appeared in front of him, its sword ready to strike. Urabe, knowing that dodging was impossible considering the difference of speed between his Knightmare and his attacker and the distance between them, had no choice but to eject, just in time to save himself when the Golden Knightmare cleave his frame in half.

With the leader now gone, the remaining Burais panicked and attacked Cornelia recklessly, just what Cornelia wanted. She easily weaves through the attacks thrown at her while using the Xiphias Rail Cannon to shoot them down. With accuracy that would put any snipers to shame, Cornelia accurately shoot down anyone within her cannons range while dancing through the attacks that they were firing at her.

The exchange lasted for roughly five minutes before the attacks seizes. The result was Aria standing unscratched and the sixty strong Knightmare force led by Urabe reduced to nine crippled Knightmares with their weapons either destroyed or out of ammunition.

Cornelia quickly grabbed hold of Bloody Mary, which was resting on Aria's back since the start of the long range confrontation, and charged at the remaining Burais. The pilots of the Burais, knowing that they have no chance against the Golden Knightmare, tried to run but Aria's speed prove too much for them. A blue light shined in the clearing where Cornelia was fighting as the electrically charged sword cut through nine fourth generation Knightmares like they were made out of butter. Cornelia started to walk away as a tower of flames erupted behind her. Aria was standing proud behind its handy work, its armor not even receiving a scratch.

"The data that I just gathered is excellent, good work, Sister Cornelia." Lelouch complimented through a public link. Cornelia raised an eyebrow at the sound of her brother's voice.

"Do you doubt me, Lelouch?"

"It's not that I doubt you, it is more that I'm surprised that you could use Aria so well." Lelouch replied nonchalantly. "By the way, you should head back to the G-1 Base, Euphemia called a retreat two minutes ago when Tohdoh withdraw." Lelouch informed her.

"Wait what! Euphemia does not have that kind of power in my army." Cornelia said in surprise, startled that her men would follow another aside from her. "Did Guilford and Dalton agree with Euphemia's decision?"

"Yes, but in their defense, they didn't have a choice." Lelouch told her with a small chuckle, much to Cornelia's irritation. "Tohdoh took a page out of Napoleon Bonaparte's book, firing that coilgun of his in pointblank range. If my estimation is correct, and it is correct, you lost roughly sixty percent of your attacking force, and the only reason Tohdoh isn't going for the kill is because you singlehandedly decimated his reinforcement."

Cornelia was taken aback by that news as she turned Aria a complete 180 degrees and made a dash towards her base of operation. "Are my men aware of Aria?" Cornelia asked, not wanting her own soldiers attacking her.

"Euphemia had informed them so you don't have to worry about friendly fire and if they did attack you by mistake, Aria's armor is strong enough to withstand those normal attacks. Only the V.A.R.I.S rifle and MVS Blade have enough power to actually give Aria considerable damage, if we are talking about Britannian weaponry." Lelouch assured her, pride evident in his tone.

Cornelia narrowed her eyes at the mention of the two main armaments of the Lancelot. Those weapons were strictly confidential and only a few in the Britannian Army knew of their capabilities. The fact that her brother knew of Britannia's newest weapon and its armaments is surprising and suspicious.

"I'm afraid to even ask this, Lelouch, but how do you know this? Only a handful of Britannian official knew of the Lancelot's existence, even most of our siblings are not aware of the development of the Seventh Generation Knightmare." Lelouch could not help but chuckle when Cornelia said siblings. It was like she was spitting a foul taste out of her mouth.

"Nelly, Nelly, Nelly, you seem to forget that this brother of yours is actually way more useful compare to those 100+ siblings that our moronic father spawned." Lelouch said and Cornelia could feel the smirk on her brother's face, the arrogant smirk filled with confidence. "Remember this, Cornelia, I am still Lelouch vi Britannia, the ex-prince of Britannia and the former seventeenth in line for the throne, I have connections and I also have resources, befitting my former rank." Lelouch stated and Cornelia could not help but shiver in fear.

Most of their siblings did not notice or refuse to admit it but Lelouch vi Britannia was always the wild card in the royal family, Schneizel and Cornelia admitted that the moment Lelouch open his eyes for the first time in his life. His eyes were not that of an innocent child or a person raise by nobility, no, his eyes were that of a calculative demon that promised a horrible end to those who crossed him.

Cornelia didn't know why but she was suddenly thankful that she and her sister were close to the vi Britannia siblings.

(Scene Change)

Rolo Lamperouge entered the stronghold of the JLF in Kyoto, a pile of dead bodies behind him as he casually walked towards the JLF's command base. "Brother, I have successfully infiltrated the enemy base." Rolo reported courteously. He noticed that one body was still moving, making him frown. Rolo raised his pistol and fired a bullet directly to the skull of the moving soldier, permanently killing him.

"Very good, Rolo," Lelouch commented with a voice above a whisper. "Remember, stick to the plan, you have fifteen minutes to get those six out of their before I unleash hell."

"Understood, brother, I will not fail you." Rolo assured him firmly.

"I know that is why I have additional orders for you. If you are in a pinch, tell me and I will bail you out. Seraph's cannon is useable, after all." Rolo's eyes widen at this. "And if you are in a pinch, if you have to choose between your life and theirs, pick your own life. Kaguya is the only one relevant to my plans, and I do not want to lose my best assassin as well as my brother." With that said, Lelouch hung-up, not knowing the effect of his word had on Rolo.

Rolo gripped his pistol tightly, he will not fail his brother, he refused to fail is brother, not again. In the original timeline, because of his screw ups, he forced his brother to commit suicide to achieve his dreams for the world. 'The grand act that was called Zero Requiem came to be because of the mistake of the men under brother's command, and that includes my insubordinations. I am flattered that brother gave me a second chance, a chance that most of those Black Knights do not deserve. I will not fail you brother, I would die first before failing you again.' Rolo swore as he quietly walks towards the command center of the JLF while dialing a new number.

"Hello," A childish voice echoed into his ear. 'Good, she kept the phone.'

"Sumeragi-dono, this is Night, I came to get you." Rolo reported in a whisper, using the codename that C.C. had given him. He didn't know why but his brother was adamant to give him a code name to hide his identity.

"Night-sama, thank Kami-sama you called, I cannot withstand this old men talking and complaining any longer." In the background, Rolo could here random ramblings, which sounds like complains echoing in the background. Rolo could not help but sigh at the incompetence of the JLF. Unlike the JLF, that has a council of Generals to decide what move they would do next, the Black Knights only have one person responsible in the decision making, which made the Order of the Black Knights a success.

"Remember, stay close to the other members of the Kyoto group, I have only one chance to do this, I do not want to screw up." Rolo told her before turning his phone off; he did not want to compromise his mission.

"Understood, Night-sama."

(Scene Change)

"Is she always like this?" Lelouch asked humorously. He was quite amuse at the sight of his sister verbally lashing at her subordinates.

"Milord, for the record, she is actually in a good mood." Jeremiah answered in a whisper, asking himself who was the idiot who invited his lord to attend this briefing. They are giving him valuable Intel without them knowing.

"Good mood, huh, I wonder how she is when she is in a foul mood." Lelouch mumbled, wondering what kind of state she was in the original timeline, when Zero was a bit more psychotic.

"I cannot believe that all of you allow our forces to get decimated like that!" Cornelia roared in anger as both Dalton and Guilford bowed their heads in shame. The skirmish they had with the JLF was a disaster. The JLF had the numbers advantage but they were able to neutralize the numbers game with their superior technology and skill, and that Eleven Pilot, Kururugi, had preoccupied the enemy commanders, making it easy to decimate the opposition. The thing that turned the tide of the battle to the JLF's side was their secret weapon, the coilgun that they called Raiko. They fired the massive coilgun at pointblank range, decimating their forces with ease.

They would have been overrun but Kururugi and his Lancelot was able to destroy the large coilgun before it could finish destroying his somewhat allies. That and Cornelia decimating over one hundred enemy Burais with a new Knightmare was miraculously broadcast, destroying the moral of the JLF, making them falter. With two superior Knightmare by their side, the JLF were force to retreat.

"But that is beside the point, can we conduct an attack with what remains of our forces!?" Cornelia asked, glaring at her war counsel.

"I would not advise that, Princess Cornelia." One of the officials said with a cautious tone. "The 200 Knightmares that we brought was reduced to a mere 70 in that skirmish, if we launch an attack right now, we may suffer more casualties."

"In terms of numbers, the JLF now outnumbers us in a considerable margin, if we pursue now, we may lose the Lancelot and that new frame of yours, your majesty." Another official commented. Lelouch took that that as a cue to speak.

"That may be true, but in terms of Knightmare strength, you guys have the advantage." Lelouch commented, earning him the attention of everyone in the room.

"Everyone leave, Dalton, Guilford, Gottwald, Euphemia, stay, and will someone call Kururugi to the briefing room, that boy is more useful than a Knightmares Squadron from the mainland." Cornelia ordered as she motion for them to get out of the room. Knowing the mood that the Princess is in, all of them complied. "So what is in your mind?" Cornelia asked as she eyed Lelouch with a small grin. That confused her Knights. Cornelia never grinned outside the battlefield, or combat for that matter.

"Let's wait for Suzaku, he will be instrumental in this attack." Lelouch commented with a calculating look as he gazed at the screen that showed Kyoto and the forest that surrounds the city.

Guilford narrowed his eyes at Lelouch, for some reason, the Knight felt uncomfortable around the teen. "Princess Cornelia, who is this guy?" Guilford asked while pointing at Lelouch, the distrust in his eyes could be seen by everyone.

"I'm an old friend of Princess Euphemia and the late Prince, Lelouch vi Britannia, my name is Rolo Lamperouge." Lelouch introduced himself, using the name of his adopted brother. He had already told both Euphemia and Cornelia that while he was here in the G-1, he would use a different name.

"Lamperouge, isn't that the maiden name of Queen Marianne?" Dalton asked loudly, giving Lelouch a suspicious look as well.

"I'm surprised that you notice, yes, my name is similar to the former Queen but we are not related, it just happens that we have the same last name." Lelouch faked a shiver that was so convincing to those around him. "You guys have no idea how awkward it is sharing the same name with a dead Queen, trust me, it is not, in any way shape or form pretty." Lelouch faked a shudder once again, amusing Cornelia greatly.

'Always the Drama King, aren't you Lelouch.' Cornelia hid her amusement by faking a cough. "He is also the one who design and built my Knightmare Frame, Aria." Cornelia informed her two knights. "But that still doesn't excuse you for selling that other machine of yours to Zero of all people." Cornelia scolded and that made the two Knights wary of Lelouch. Guilford was in the process of drawing his sword.

Lelouch let out a sigh at this; he knew this conversation would come. "What choice do I have, unlike you or anyone that comes across him; I know what the guy is capable off. Prince Lelouch, Zero, and me, we grew up together…" That fake revelation made the two knights gasped in shocked while Cornelia and Euphemia were impressed with their brother's acting skill. Jeremiah on the other hand, was trying hard not to laugh. "And I will tell you this right now, your highness, the only person who could actually stop Zero is Lelouch, and he is dead now and that alone is the very reason why Zero is rebelling against Britannia."

"Wait a minute, are you telling us that Zero is a Britannian?" Dalton asked, shocked by this revelation.

"Yes, and he is one pissed off Britannian." Lelouch took a deep breath after that before continuing. "Zero is a piece of work, even when we were children, that guy has been crazy. He is a psychopath that possesses one of the best military minds this world will ever see, and he is a nut job, the only person who could control that guy is Lelouch, and that's the reason why his doing this Black Knight crap." Lelouch told them before leaning to his chair.

"Do you know the real reason why he is doing this?" Lelouch asked them with a grim tone. "It's not to 'liberate' this country, it is not for that justice crap that he sprouts whenever a camera is pointed at him, he is rebelling against Britannia for revenge." Lelouch told them with a convincing tone that if Jeremiah did not know the whole truth, he would be convinced with the lie that his lord was saying.


"Yes, revenge, revenge for the death of the person that he respected, revenge for the death of his best friend and the only person whom he would sacrifice his very life for, he is trying to destroy Britannia to avenge the death of Lelouch vi Britannia." Lelouch told them with his best lying tone, even fainting a sight of frustration. "And that is stupid of him, Lelouch, knowing that guy, would not like this, that guy is too much of a peace loving fool to agree to a war." Lelouch groaned loudly peaking on the faces of the two knights and was delighted at their convince expression.

"Milord, like always, you outdone yourself." Jeremiah complimented trying hard not to laugh out loud.

"Hey, if I could convince the world that I am a power hungry bastard bent on taking over the world, I could sure as hell convince two elite knights that I am who I am not." Lelouch replied casually.

Before their conversation could go further, the door opened and Suzaku entered. "What do you need of me, you majesty, Princess Cornelia?" Suzaku greeted with a salute but his firm expression suddenly faltered at the sight of Lelouch.

Lelouch gave him a passive signal to stop speaking, which Suzaku complied confusedly.

"Major Kururugi, take a sit, so we can begin the debriefing." Cornelia ordered as she motioned for Suzaku to occupy the sit besides Jeremiah.

"Princess," Suzaku cannot help but mumbled in surprise. Cornelia li Britannia never used numbers to join her in combat; she doesn't even use them as meat shields. Suzaku, being the first number to be a part of Cornelia's war council was both surprising and flattering.

"Take your sit boy, with don't have all night!" Cornelia snapped, prompting Suzaku to rush to his chair. "Rolo, what do you have in mind?" Cornelia asked, formally starting the war council.

Suzaku raised an eyebrow at that. 'Rolo, where did Lelouch get that name from?' Suzaku wondered as he stared at Lelouch as he connected his laptop to the large screen in the middle of the room.

"Okay, currently, Kyoto is the JLF's stronghold. The entire place is a fortress, only one way in or out –unless you've learn to fly." Lelouch said as he showed them an overview of Kyoto's defenses, from the eight coilguns that surround Kyoto to the Knightmares strategically position inside and outside the city.

"There is no way we can punch our way into Kyoto with our current forces." Dalton muttered as he analyzed the defenses mounted by the JLF around the city. "How did you get this kind of Intel?" Dalton asked curiously.

"I scanned the city before I escorted Princess Euphemia back here." Lelouch answered nonchalantly. "Now as you said, punching your way into the city is not an option considering the limited resources you guys have and stealth is not an option because of the terrain, so we go with plan C."

"And Plan C is what, boy?" Guilford asked with a suspicious tone.

"Security office on the far side of the compound, artillery and repair building to its left, and a command center north of that, all three are heavily guarded." Lelouch said, pointing at the three building that was logically the number one target in the stronghold. "Now, to answer your question Sir Guilford, the plan is simple, you guys are going to do what they taught you in the Britannian Military Academy, kill them all." Lelouch then showed them a device.

"You guys can't enter via hammering your way in or by stealth, so let's enter via sky…." Lelouch trailed off as he eyed Suzaku and Cornelia with a grin. "What would you two say if I give the Lancelot and Aria the ability to fly?"

(Scene Change)

Rolo navigated his way into the JLF's command center, using the uniform that was prepared for him for the mission. The JLF was currently in an uproar because of the destruction of 100 of their Burais by a single unit. They were currently regrouping and Rolo used this to get sneaked into the command center, a gun in hand as he killed those who suspected him. His Japanese is not that good yet.

Rolo as he allowed two soldiers run pass him before sneaking a peak on the phone that his brother gave him. The phone showed the overall layout of the base and Kyoto in general. Rolo focus on the red dot in the farthest corner of the base. "I wonder what kind of mentally those fools have for having someone so young and so childish joined them in a military debriefing." Rolo wondered before activating the other function of Kaguya's tracking device.

[…Tohdoh, why didn't you finish those Britannians off, you could have finished them there and then.] Rolo shook his head at that. They were fools if they think even for a second that his brother would allow them to get out of this battle with a victory, or alive much less.

[I will not risk the lives of my men.] Rolo was impressed with the firm and serious tone of the Japanese hero and wondered why those fools did not hand over the complete control of their rebel group to him in the beginning. They would have a better chance against their colonizers if Tohdoh was in charge.

[And if that Knightmare join the fight, our forces would be decimated.] Rolo cannot help but smirked at this. It seems that his brother was able to give their insurance to the Second Princess of Britannia. [Fighting that machine is impossible, all the attacks my group fired at it was stopped by some kind of invincible force field, nothing, and I mean nothing could touch that thing.]

[Close range or long range, it is impossible to fight that thing, an invincible shield that stops any kind of projectiles from its tracks, a sword that emits high electrical charges that even being graze by the weapon could be fatal, a railgun that can go thought a Knightmare easily, and a tractor beam, I don't even know HOW a tractor beam could be consider possible.]

[And I thought that White Knightmare is bad enough.]

[Speaking of which, the pilot's fighting style is similar to ours...]

[Of course it would be similar to ours, that boy is the pilot of that machine and he is the finest student that I have ever taught.] Rolo raised an eyebrow at this.

"So the geezer figured it out, not bad." Rolo complimented as he glance at the two dead soldiers that he disposed for questioning his identity. Convincing them would take too long. His acting skill is not that good.

[You know who the pilot is, Tohdoh-sama.]

[Does the name Suzaku Kururugi rings a bell?]

The yelling began after that.

(Scene Change)

"Suzaku Kururugi, Lancelot launching." Suzaku shouted as the G-1 caturpult propelled him with such speed that he was push back into his seat. The Lancelot was propelled twenty meters in the air but instead of crashing, the device equipped on the back of his frame burst into life, making the Lancelot float in the air. "By God, this thing actually works." Suzaku muttered in surprised as he overlook their base several hundred feet above.

Below him, another scene is taking place.

"Okay, the machine flew, you two, pay up." Jeremiah demanded as he extends his hand towards Cornelia's knights.

The two knights grumbled under their breath as they emptied their wallets and handed their well earned cash to the Margrave.

"How could such a small device like that make a Knightmare fly?" Dalton muttered, surprised that a small floatation device could make a Knightmare fly. Hell, the floatation device is so small that it could actually be used in combat.

To their left, Lloyd was already writing a check to buy the piece of technology from Lelouch, his eyes gleaming like a child while Lelouch and Cecile were having a conversation about the device that he equipped on the Lancelot.

"For me to minimize the Floatation Device so that it could be used in combat, I use the principle of electromagnets and gyroscopic stabilization." Lelouch explained nonchalantly as he checked on the Lancelot. "Princess Cornelia, you can launch now." Lelouch informed his sister.

Cornelia nodded inside her cockpit before deploying as well. The catapult launch Aria the same distant as the Lancelot but instead of falling to the ground, Aria floated seventy-five meters above the ground with the use of the floatation device. Cornelia was greatly impressed with her brother's creation. "Le- Rolo, you would not mind if we mass produce this Float System?"

"I won't and it's for the best, knowing Zero, he would have duplicated the Kuro hōō's ability to fly by now. With you having the Float System, the war would be even for a while." Lelouch stated calmly, something that made Cornelia raised an eyebrow.

"Tell me, old friend, what's your ideal ending to this war?" Cornelia asked, wanting to know what her brother is thinking right now.

Lelouch let out a sight at this. "You destroying the JLF, I have no problem with that, after all, they are a counterproductive group and they are better off dead, no offence Suzaku."

"None taken, you're right after all. In order for this country to change, we must remove every kind of terrorism here." Suzaku replied with an emotionless tone.

"Now, as for the issue with the Black Knights, I can't believe I will say this, I would prefer your war with the Black Knights to end in a stalemate. My ideal ending to this war to control this country is for Britannia and the Black Knight to beat each other up until the two can no longer continue to fight each other. That way, the only option is to talk." Lelouch said with outmost seriousness. "If that is not an option, then both the Black Knights and Britannia would be in a last man standing match, and I do not want to see that."

'Of course, I would win that match; I just don't want Cornelia to fall from grace.' Lelouch added in his thoughts.

"I will apologies beforehand then because I would prefer to have that last man standing match with Zero than fold to his will." Cornelia exclaimed sincerely.

"I know you would." Lelouch muttered, in a somewhat depress tone. "You should finish this conflict with the JLF then; it's about time to put them out of their misery."

"Yeah, it's about time." Cornelia agreed with her brother. "Kururugi, my brother and sister trusts you but if you falter, I will strike you down."

"I understand." With that said, the two Seventh Generation Knightmares flew towards Kyoto, using the clouds for cover.

As they flew to the horizon, Lelouch turn his chair around and glance at his sister's knights. "You two, let's give those two some back-up." Lelouch said as he stood up and approach them. "Let me show you two how Prince Lelouch would have fought a war and how Zero fights wars." Lelouch added as he gave the two men a tap on the shoulder.

They didn't know why but the two knights suddenly feel sorry for the JLF.

(Scene Change)

"Is everyone in their respective position?" Lelouch asked as he sat in the middle of G-1 Bridge, overlooking the position of everyone deploy for the assault via there IFF.

"I can't believe Princess Cornelia allowed this." Guilford muttered his breath. "K1 in position."

"K2 is in position." Dalton muttered, feeling a bit strange at following someone's command that is not Cornelia's.

"R1 is in position." Jeremiah reported with a passive tone.

"P2 is in position."

"B2 will arrive in position in thirty seconds."

"P3, in position."

"P7, in position as well."

"Good, Cornelia, Suzaku, you may begin." Lelouch ordered with a small smirk.

"Let's go Kururugi." Cornelia shouted as she took aim with Aria's Xiphias Rail Cannon.

"Yes, your majesty." Suzaku replied as he took aim with his Lancelot's V.A.R.I.S, set on burst mode.

In unison, the two machines unleash a barrage of attacks; aim at the coordinates that Lelouch send to them. Like lightning, the JLF's secret weapons that were stationed strategically around Kyoto were destroyed because of the barrage of electric cannons and beam like bullets. That attack was so sudden and done so quick that the Knightmare surrounding the Raiko did now what hit them before eight of their strongest weapons were destroyed right in front of them.

Before they could react, Lelouch made his move.

"K1, move 10 meters and surround the enemy and bombard them with the chaos mine."

"P2, 40 meters forward and start firing."

"B2, cover their escape route."

"K2, move twelve meters forward before attacking."

"R1, you may now descend."

"P3, give K1 cover fire, P7, support B2."

With that chain of command, the one hundred Knightmares stationed outside Kyoto were annihilated in a matter of seconds. They did not expect such well coordinated attack to happen so fast that none of them were able to eject or to send out a distress signal to warn their commanders. They just died in the span of one minute.

"Did we just annihilate one hundred Knightmares in under a minute?" Guilford muttered, surprised at how quick the battle started and ended. "I know how good we are but usually, it would take us ten minutes to clear that many Knightmare in one go."

"The kid ain't half bad." Dalton commented, impress at the boys tactics.

"Thank you, Lord Dalton," Lelouch said through a private communication link. "Suzaku, I want you down right now, you will act as our bait." Lelouch ordered calmly.

"What are you planning?" Cornelia asked, curious at what plan her brother conjured in his mind.

"Nothing much, I will just show you guys how Zero defeated Clovis in Shinjuku." Lelouch said nonchalantly before taking his phone out of his pocket and pressing the send button.

Several explosions shook Kyoto, much to everyone's surprise.

"But first, we need to have chaos to mask the destruction."

(Scene Change)

The commanders of the JLF hurriedly deployed the Knightmares as the explosions ravage the city. They did not expect the Britannians to attack them after the casualties they've received in the last skirmish.

"What is the status of the patrol squad?" Katase demanded as several soldiers tried to contact their comrades.

"We could not reach them sir."

"Sir, communications have been severe with Yashihito's group."

"Narusagawa's group is not responding, we lost all form of communication with them."

"Our radar cannot detect Keitaro's group."

"Shit, Shu's group is under heavy fire."

"Sir, Niwa's group is requesting for reinforcement."

Several grimmer reports followed as the Britannians began to enter the city. And in a matter of minutes, Kyoto was overrun.