Battlestar Ares

Season 1: the Guard

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Summary: Battlestar Galactica: 2003 AU. What if another battlestar besides Galactica and Pegasus survived the fall of the twelve colonies? Fallow it as it finds other ships and eventually meets up with the colonial fleet. OC (Liara Cain) x number eight (Vivian).

"Hi" someone is talking.

'Hi' someone is thinking.

"Hi" someone is talking over comms.

Episode 3: Promotion, Last Orders, and Saying Goodbye.

It had been a day since Thomas had woken up, the doctors where not letting him because of the injuries. He spent most of his time with his family, but also got things in the fleet ready for after his time had come.

"So Liara it looks like we got extremely lucky." said Thomas.

"Your me telling, sir." said Liara.

"From the list you gave me we have two constructstars, a supplystar, a medstar, and an academystar." said Thomas.

"The medstar Apollo has been working overtime with the wounded and academystar Athena has already setup a plan for schooling kids and training recruits." said Liara.

"Good to hear that you are taking care of your fleet." said Thomas.

"Sir this is your fleet I am just babysitting or you." said Liara.

"You won't be babysitting after tomorrow." said Thomas.

"Why do you say that sir?" asked Liara.

"Well doc says that with all the hits that I have taken over the years; all of the old injuries opened up with the hit that knocked me out. So will be giving my last orders tomorrow from the CIC even if the doc doesn't like it." said Thomas.

"Understood sir I will have everything set up." said a sad Liara.

"Don't be sad Liara I am leaving the fleet in your hands and I am also promoting you." said Thomas.

"Are sure that is wise sir?" asked Liara.

"Yes I am, I know that you will protect everyone in the fleet. I need you send for three commanders and a priest or priestess to witness" said Thomas.

"Very well sir would you like me to send for your family?" asked Liara.

Thomas nodded that he would as Liara left the medbay. She found his family and sent them in.

As the next day arrived, Liara meet with Chris, Mira, Carmine, and the priestess in the medbay.

"Good you are all here. I need all of you to sign this and the priestess to witness and make everything official." said Thomas.

After everything was signed the priestess picked up the paper an started to read it to make it official.

"Do you Liara Cain take command of this fleet as ordered by Thomas Shawn?" asked the priestess.

"I do." said Liara.

"Will you lead your people be they humans our rebel Cylon to safety and to a new home; even if it takes us to places no man has gone before?" asked the priestess.

"I will." said Liara.

"Then by the power given to me by the twelve lords of Kobol, I pass the command and safety of this fleet to you Rear Admiral Liara Cain." said the priestess.

With the announcement made the priestess and the commanders left to go back to their respective duties.

"Sir-" Liara started to say before she was interrupted.

"You no longer have to call me sir Liara. Take me to CIC so I can make a full announcement of your command and promotion." said Thomas.

"Let me get you a chair." Liara said without thinking.

"No. I will do this on my own. If I am going out today I will do it on my own two feet." said Thomas.

As Thomas and Liara walked to the CIC they set the plans for his funeral and his family's safety.

"Admirals on deck!" shouted someone.

Everyone stood at attention.

"At ease, give me fleet wide communications." said Thomas.

As people went back to their jobs Hannah said, "The fleet is listening sir."

"Men and women of the fleet many of you have been through a rough and sad few weeks, but as always we have prevailed and you always will. But I will be meeting with our brother and sisters who have fell in battle all those weeks ago and when I find them I will tell them that we survived and that you all will live on. As this is my last order as commander of this fleet I hear by give command to Rear Admiral Liara Cain. She has will lead you through safe times and through whatever lies ahead, that is all." said Thomas.

"Sir you should be getting back the medbay." said Liara.

"I don't think I will make it-." Thomas started to say before he fell to the ground.

"Get a fraking medic in here!" Liara ordered.

As the medics rushed in they started looking for a pulse when they could not find one the asked for Tauron flag to cover him up.

"Admiral your orders?" asked Alex.

"Get the fleet ready to jump let's find a safe place to have his funeral. Get his body to the morgue." said Liara in a sad voice.

As people went about their jobs there was an air of sadness on the Ares that would take a while to go away.

As the next day rolled around an air of sadness passed not just through Ares but through the whole fleet. The majored of the crew of the Ares was in a hanger bay to say their goodbyes to their former CO who many had only a few years to learn from during their military career.

"Today is day is a day of great lose not just for us here on Ares but for this fleet. Many of us were taught by Admiral Shawn in his own way, it is up to us to take what we have learned from him and to teach others his lessons. For in what we teach our children they will then teach their children Admiral Shawn's lessons. And by teaching every generation on we keep his memory alive on every one of us. So for today we mourn the loss of another fallen brother, but we will go on. So say we all!" said Liara.

"So say we all!" was repeated not just on the Ares but on every ship in the fleet by every adult.

"I want all us who meet or talked to Admiral Shawn to remember what he helped us or what he taught. But we must go about protecting the people and the cylons loyal to our fleet safe, so tomorrow it is back to work we have people to keep safe and hopeful other to find." said Liara.

With that final announcement Admiral Thomas Shawn was given full military honors.

A/N: You may be wondering why I made Liara a Rear Admiral well you see she is in command of the Ares and the Ares was and still is the flagship BSG 56. That is why she was promoted. So in BSG 56 you have the Ares, Odin, and Zeus. Joining them is Apollo, Athena, Dionysus, Heimdall, Hephaestus, Neptune, and Vulcan. Read & Review.