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Dear god.

I stood in front of the numerous lemon and honey products, all claiming to be the best. In my frustration, I gripped my unruly hair with my hands, pulling it roughly. The pain did nothing to sharpen my mind; what I needed was Bella. I cringed again as I remembered why I was grocery shopping.

Bella was sick. All because of my idiotic, thoughtless mistakes. She was being punished for my actions, and in this moment I have never felt more unworthy of her.

Growling in my ill mood, I snatched up a bottle of honey. The plastic crumpled beneath the force of my hand, moulding to its shape; I started and quickly hid it away before anyone could see.

Taking more care, I picked up another bottle. It read 'Acacia honey'. I vaguely remembered acacia as a type of flower; how was it used for honey? Turning the bottle around, I scanned the back.

Well, it seemed good enough for Bella. It was the most expensive bottle out of the displayed; expensive generally meant better quality. Only the best for my Bella.

But I could never be sure that it was the best. I grabbed another bottle and proceeded to examine it, trying to determine its value. It was useless. I was useless. My sweet love was sick and I couldn't even do a simple, mundane task as buying a bottle of honey!

Frustration and panic over her state overwhelmed me. I had to hurry back to my love; she was the only one who could calm me. The only one who could kiss away my scowl, make me forget everything with just a stroke of her hand-

I felt disgusted with myself. My love was sick and here I was, fantasising about her touch. How my skin sang to her warmth-

Stop! I shook my head violently. I reached and snapped up all the different types of the cursed food. They clattered down into my basket, and the loud noise attracted the attention of someone who I had never wished to see again.

Whoa…is that…can it be…

Nah, my mind's playing tricks. It can't be Cullen…

Newton. The bane of my existence; and at such an ill time. I wanted, needed to get back to my love and have her safe in my arms again. I briefly toyed with the idea of running off at a vampire speed, to have him think that it was all an illusion. It was a useless thought; too many people were present. People would notice.

"Cullen?" he asked incredulously, taking cautious steps toward me. I gave him a curt nod, hoping to be rid of him soon. I knew it was a useless hope.

"What are you doing here?"

"Grocery shopping, Newton. We're in a supermarket in case that escaped your attention," I retorted, deliberately misinterpreting his question.

"Why?" he asked again, his mind befuddled from my sudden appearance.

"To buy something for Bella. She's sick," I told him, hoping that the information would aid in my speedy escape. "If you'll excuse me…" I snarled when he blocked my way, and considered ripping his head off.

"Whoa, not so fast. Tell me why you're buying something for Bella, why she's sick and where she is," he demanded. I gritted my teeth and counted to ten in my mind in nine different languages.

Did she take him back with open arms? The bastard…

His thoughts were vicious. I glowered at the child. I saw no reason to answer his queries; why should I, to this vile boy? He was one of my hated competitors in pursuit for Bella's affections. All things considered, it was a mercy undeserved that I chose to spare his life. However, I knew that if I didn't answer him it would cause more troubles in the form of rumours. I also knew that my lovely Bella would suffer the most from this.

"She is sick with a common cold, nothing more," it seemed wrong to speak of her illness as if it was something to be treated lightly. Anything that meant harm to Bella, however miniscule, meant the world to me.

"Bella is staying at my house as she needs Carlisle's constant supervision. Esme asked me to fetch some lemon and honey to brew tea." I finished, and elbowed my way out. He winced from my rock hard shove; he would have purple bruises tomorrow.

At his house? Wait,…

I didn't care for his thoughts, instead shoving all kinds of lemon that I could see into my basket and taking off to the furthest counter. He was dazed by my speed, looking around like the blinking idiot he was.

The cashier shrieked in surprise at my sudden appearance, and her eyes widened again when she saw the huge pile in my basket. I tapped my shoe impatiently and glared at the poor girl, startling her. Fumbling with the items, she calculated the cost wrong and my receipt claimed me fifteen dollars more that my right price. I did not care for the money as well; snatching the plastic bags from her clammy grips and rushing off to see my love.

I ran through the thick forage, various animals scattering off wildly as I made my way. It was one of the longest runs of my life.

I burst open the door, nearly taking it off its hinges; and was finally granted the sight of my precious love, lain on the bed. My heart cracked, shattered into a million pieces when I saw the tear tracks on her porcelain cheeks. I hurried to kiss them away.

"Here Esme, I bought the honey and lemon for the tea," Esme was delighted at being able to finally brew the tea; she left immediately for the kitchen, followed by Emmett. He forced a smile at Bella and patted her head; worried for her.

Is she okay? She was crying, Edward…

I chose to not answer his questions. I didn't know if she would be fine, although I had Carlisle's reassurances; my unrelenting fear devouring my whole.

"Why…so much?" my sweet love asked, her voice cracked and hoarse from the coughing. I took her tighter into my embrace.

"There were so many kinds, I didn't know which you would prefer. I just bought them all in case," she seemed amused slightly by my bashful expression, the ends of her lips curving up in a slight smile.

Tears still pooled in her eyes. I softly wiped them away with my fingertips, pressing a reverent kiss to each of her eyelids.

As always, Bella pursued my comfort before hers. Always unselfish. I closed my eyes when her warm touch finally gifted me peace. My skin sang at her touch; sparks igniting and a warm glow saturating into the very flesh. I couldn't help but lean further into her palm, holding it to my face in fear that she would take away this glorious touch.

"Don't worry so much," she whispered softly, and I completely broke down. The hidden pain and concern was visible to my ears; Bella was comforting me when she was the ill one.

Whatever I did, however long I lived, I would never deserve this godly angel.

"I cannot," I replied simply, unable to express the tender feelings I held for her. The wild craving for her body was burning through me; I had to have her. Burying my face to the blanket, I felt her warmth through the thin sheet. It comforted me wholly.

My love's hand ran up to my messy hair, lovingly running through it and scratching my head. I purred and shuddered from the sensation; she always undid me. When I felt her fingers still I knew that she had entered her slumber; looking up, I took her small hand in my large ones and kissed the soft skin of the back.

"Sleep, my beauty." My prayers finished, I once again resumed my sleep with her.

My head, lying on her stomach, rose with each breath. The soothing rhythm calmed me and let me slumber with her; I relaxed completely.

She began to whimper and thrash, breaking me out of the trance. I sprung up and cradled her face anxiously, the cheeks flush with her illness.

"No…please…" my love murmured, and clutched at the air. In raw panic, I was torn between the choices of waking her up from her obvious nightmare or letting her resume her sleep.

Let her sleep, she needs the rest. Even shallow sleep is better than none.

Carlisle advised. I followed his words like a blind man; kneeling down next to the sleeping angel and praying for her nightmare to pass. My cold touches and soft kisses didn't seem to work; she began to thrash more in her nightmare, sheets tangling and hair wildly strewn.

"No! Don't go, please...the shock, guilt and heartache all hit my family at once. Jasper crumpled from the force, face scrunching up in agony.

"Shh, shh-it's alright, sweetheart. I'm here…I won't ever leave you again," I whispered, crushing her to my chest. She sobbed lightly into me, tears soaking my shirt. My heart broke.

I cradled her frame gently, rocking us in an even rhythm. Her crying quietened and she once again drifted off into a peaceful slumber. I reverently kissed her forehead and held her until the sun broke the horizon, casting a deep red aura around us.

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