Emily and JJ are saying goodbye to Will and Helen at the airport when JJ's phone rings. She and Emily exchange a glance as JJ steps away to answer it. Helen frowns.

"What's wrong?"

Will answers before Emily. "That's the ringtone for calls coming in on the priority line from Quantico. I hate that damn tone."

Emily smiles. "Me, too. I think this means we'll have a case tomorrow."

"Well, y'all be safe. And catch whatever bastard you end up chasing quickly," Will tells her.

Emily nods. "We'll aim to do both those things," she promises.

JJ walks back up. "Em, I need to go to Quantico. It's bad."

"Okay. We'll head there next. Henry and I can play in the day care center while you do what you have to do," Emily offers.

"Sure. Okay." She looks to Will and Helen. "Are you all checked in? Maybe we can grab a cup of coffee before you fight through security?"

Will shakes his head. "Nah, y'all go on. No need for you to be waiting here."

"But, Will, I know you want to spend as much time with Henry as possible. I hate that we're cheating you out of time," JJ tells him.

"JJ, this weekend has been one of the happiest I can remember. Losing an hour with Henry won't change that."

Reluctantly, JJ finally concedes. The group exchanges hugs and the agents head out with Henry. Emily notices JJ is rather quiet on the drive. She reaches over and takes her wife's hand.

"What's wrong?"

JJ sighs. "Three little boys are dead. Blond hair. Ages 4, 4, and 5. They've disappeared the past 3 Mondays and have been found dead by Friday. A call to the cops gave up the location of the body each time."

Any time a case involved children it was hard on them all. But Emily knows the description of the child is what clicks for JJ as it clicks for her. She glances in the rearview mirror to see Henry asleep, clutching his new bear. Henry and Jack could easily be victims of this killer if he stuck to taking blonde children. Emily squeezes JJ's hand.

"We'll stop him, Jen. You know we will."

JJ just nods, her thoughts turning to the calls she will have to make to the team. "The case is in Dallas. I'm going to order the jet for first thing in the morning. I know Hotch will want to get us there as soon as possible."

Emily nods. "True. Are you sure you don't want me to come up and help you with the preliminaries?"

JJ shakes her head. "No. Keep him downstairs. For some reason I want him as far away from this case as possible. I know it's silly but I do."

Emily lifts JJ's hand and kisses it. "It's not silly, baby. I happen to agree with you. But if you need help to get it done faster I'm willing."

"Thanks, Em. But I'll be fine. I promise."

Emily just nods as she continues the drive to Quantico.

Two hours later, JJ calls Hotch.

"Hey, JJ. Will and Helen get off okay?"

"Yes. But, Hotch, I'm at the office. We need to leave first thing in the morning for Dallas." She lays the case out for him. "I've sent an email to Garcia telling her to search for like cases. This guy seems too organized for these to be his first kills."

"I agree. Okay, let the team know. I'll see you in the morning. We'll do a full briefing on the plane."

"Right. See you at 7."

She hangs up the phone. She looks at the tri-frame picture on her desk showing Henry with Santa: happy, screaming, happy again. She sighs. What must those poor parents be going through especially at this time of year?

She shuts down her computer and grabs case files for each team member. Time for family and fun was over. It was back to the grind one more time before 2010 makes it final exit.

As JJ enters the day care center to get Emily and Henry she has to stop and watch. Henry had experienced a huge weekend and, not surprisingly, the little fellow was tired. Emily is sitting in the rocking chair singing to him as he dozes in her arms. JJ can't help but be struck by a wave of love as she watches. Tears slip down her cheeks unnoticed.

Sensing her wife's presence, Emily looks up. She sees the tears and the melancholy look on JJ's face. She frowns.

"Jen? What's wrong?" she whispers so as not to disturb Henry.

JJ walks over and gives her wife a kiss. "Nothing's wrong, Em. I just…saw you sitting there with Henry and you both are just so beautiful. And after what I've just read I can't imagine what I'd do if something happened to either one of you. I love you both so much."

Emily smiles and reaches out to caress JJ's cheek. "We love you, too. Come on, sweetheart, let's get home. I called Francesca and let her know we'd probably be leaving by 6 tomorrow."

JJ nods. "Good. Wheels up at 7 so we should be good. Briefing will be on the plane."

Emily stands, bringing Henry up to her shoulder. He doesn't even wake up. JJ wraps her arm around Emily's waist and they head for home. One more peaceful night before getting back to the horrors of the BAU.